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No Strings Attached - Chapter 6

The sex adventure of two strangers continues with a trip to the beach
I work again the next morning, but I am free for the afternoon. We decide to drive to the coast.

The sun is glorious and the hour’s drive with the top down is fantastic. Your long brown hair is flowing out behind you as we make our way down the road. You are wearing a short denim skirt and a large floral silk scarf wrapped around you and tied behind your back to form a halter top.

The breeze as we drive presses the silk tight against your body, molding it around your chest. I can clearly see the shape of your beautiful breasts and the outline of your pert brown nipples, almost as if you were naked.

We pull up at a beach store. Having left on the spur of the moment we have brought nothing with us. We go around the store picking up a couple of beach towels, a rolled-up thin foam mattress and some sun cream. We move to the clothing section. I pick out a couple of pairs of shorts. You select a bright yellow bikini that will set off your deep, brown-green eyes.

We ask if there is somewhere to try on the clothes and the owner points us to a small curtained area at the back of the store. We enter and pull the curtains behind us. You untie your top and drop the material onto a low bench. As you bend down I see your breasts swing forward as they show their weight, but hold their nice rounded shape.

You stand up and are starting to pull on the bikini top when you see me staring at you. You drop the top and stare back at me, cupping your breasts in your hands, running a finger or two across the nipples, which start to harden immediately.

I move towards you. Putting my hands either side of your face, entwining my fingers in your hair, I kiss you full on the mouth. Immediately your lips part and our tongues seek each other out. We kiss for a full minute or two. Your arms around my back, your breasts now free, brushing against my shirt. Without undoing the buttons you pull my shirt up and over my head.

I move my hands down from your hair and onto your full and rounded breasts. Pushing you back a little, I start to kiss around your neck and bare shoulders, then down to your breasts. I fasten my lips around one nipple. I am sucking softly and flicking my tongue across it, while massaging the other breast with my hand. After a moment my hand drops down to your waist. I pull down the zipper and your short skirt drops to the floor.

I start to massage the front of your panties with the palm of my hand. Your thighs part a little, allowing my hand to get in between your legs and onto your pussy. I am still kissing and sucking on your breasts and it’s not long before the front of your panties start to get a little damp. I slowly lower myself to my knees and slide your panties down your legs and off of your feet. You lift one leg and put your foot on the bench beside you. I can now see your pink pussy lips and I slide my hand under you to press my fingers down your wet slit, up and into your pussy.

You let out a little moan as my fingers enter and spread your pussy wide. While I move my fingers up and down in your pussy, my thumb presses down on your clit. Within a minute or so my hand is soaking wet from your sweet pussy juice.

I stand and turn you around. Pressing gently on your back I bend you over. You place your hands on the bench for support. I drop my pants and my rock hard dick springs forward. With my hands on your ass, parting your buttocks, I line my cock up with your pussy and push firmly forward. It slides into your wet pussy with hardy any resistance. I start to press in and out, going as deep as I possibly can. At the same time I flex my knees so that I am also moving up and down, pressing my cock hard against the walls of your pussy as I start to build up the speed of my thrusts. My balls bang against your legs as I start to pound harder and faster.

You soon reach a climax and put a hand over your mouth to stifle a moan as the orgasm sweeps over you. A few more strokes and I am soon releasing my load deep into your pussy as I pull your ass hard towards me.

We get our breath, dress and gather up the beach clothes. We head to the cash desk to pay, without ever having tried anything on.

We park the car by the beach and walk across the road. We turn and head off down the beach until we find ourselves a nice secluded spot where we are unlikely to be disturbed. We set out the mattress and towels on the white sand. We change into our swim clothes. The bright yellow bikini looks as good on you as I knew it would. We run into the water to cool off and refresh ourselves, spending 20 minutes just playing like kids in the waist-high water.

Still laughing we dry off. You pick up the sun cream and throw it to me. I start applying it to your neck and shoulders, massaging it into your soft skin. I untie the back of the bikini top to spread the cream across your back.

Standing behind you I slide a hand round in front of you and onto your firm breasts, massaging more cream over them and your stomach. Pulling you to me, you can feel the bulge of my erection in my shorts as it starts to develop. You reach behind you, grasping the shaft through my shorts and start to squeeze – bringing me immediately to a full hard-on.

You turn to face me and take the cream from me. Your bikini top is hanging loose over your boobs. I take it off over your head and run my hands over your perfect tits. You squeeze some cream into your hand and reach down into my shorts. You grab my dick and spread the cream up and down the shaft.

For a while we stand there. I am gently stroking your boobs and playing with your nipples, while you slowly but firmly jack me off. You pull my shorts down and I step out of them. You remove your bikini bottom and we lie down on the mattress – naked in the afternoon sun.

We are lying side by side. Supporting ourselves with one arm and using the free one to run a hand up and down each other’s body. I run my hand from your hip, round to your ass, up your spine to your shoulder, round your neck and back down your front, over your boobs.

Silently you push me over onto my back. You get up onto your knees and straddle yourself over my face. Your sweet pussy lips are only an inch or two from my lips. I lift my head a little and run my tongue up and down your pussy. I can taste the saltiness of the sea water as I wriggle my tongue between the folds of your vagina.

Looking up and down the beach to see that no-one is in sight, you bend forward and lower your mouth over my cock, which is already standing proud again. Taking the head in your warm mouth, you swirl your tongue round and round it. At the same time you begin to move your head up and down a little so that your lips are rubbing time and time again over the ridge between the shaft and the head.

As you bend forward, I watch as the holes of your pussy and ass become fully exposed above me. I part your pussy lips with my tongue and run it up your pink slit to the clit, over the sensitive budthen all the way back down the slit to your ass. I tickle around that cute little ass-hole with my tongue once or twice before beginning the journey again, and again.

The salt-water taste is soon replaced with that of your pussy as our level of excitement increases. I feel close to bursting and start to push into your pussy harder with my tongue. Then I flatten it against the top of your pussy and your clit and start to lick from side to side, really hard.

You are also very close to coming. You turn around and reposition yourself above my rock-hard cock. You position the head between your pussy lips, hold for a moment and then drop hard down on me, driving my dick deep into your hole. You circle your hips a few times moving my dick round and round in your pussy and grinding your clit against me. I reach up to caress your breasts, your nipples are rock hard.

With the sun directly behind you I can only see you in silhouette as you throw your head back and enjoy the climax that is flooding through your body. As you continue to grind against me, I too reach the point of no return and my body jerks as my cock releases another load into you.

We lie back together and cuddle up again naked, listening to the sound of the waves and the cries of the birds above the surf. We stay there, quiet and content until the sun slowly sinks down over the horizon, spreading a mellow orange across the sky.

The end of a perfect day.

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