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No Strings Attached - Chapter 7

The next morning of the adventure. We explore the hotel facilities,
It was late by the time we got back to the hotel from the beach. We collapsed into bed and fell asleep almost immediately.

At 8:30am I wake to the sound of the water splashing in the bathroom. I am sitting on the edge of the bed when you come out of the shower and walk into the bedroom with one towel wrapped around your head and another around your body. As you come close to the bed, I stand up and tug at the lower towel. It falls away. You turn towards me and I can’t help but stare at your gorgeous, naked body.

I am stunned by the simple beauty of your face, with no make-up and with your hair hidden in a make-shift towelling turban. Your plump but firm, young breasts are crowned with soft pink , oh-so-suckable nipples. The flat stomach leading down to your velvet soft, fully shaved pussy and your long, smooth, slender legs.

I take your hand and pull you gently towards me. You wrap your arms around my neck and hug me tight. Your lips find mine and your tongue darts into my mouth like an eel. I wrap my arms around you and pull you tight to me. I run one hand up your back, between your shoulder blades and up to the back of your neck. The other hand heads south, across the small of your back and over your smooth buttocks.

The blood begins to flow to my prick and it starts to swell. I start to manoeuvre you towards the bed. You feel my dick starting to press against you and my movement towards the bed. You break off, turn me around and with a hard slap on my ass, you propel me towards the bathroom.

“Later”, you say with a wicked grin on your face.

I head into the bathroom to freshen up. You pick up the phone and order cereal, fruit and coffee for breakfast to be sent to the room.

Fifteen minutes later I emerge from the bathroom, feeling great. There is a knock at the door and you let in the room service waiter with a trolley of breakfast. He wheels it to the table. I tip him well and he turns to the door.

As he is leaving, a thought occurs to me. I ask him what time the hotel spa downstairs opens. He says it usually opens at 10 am, but due to staff shortages it will not be attended today. That suits me well. I ask and he confirms that we can still use the facilities, but that no treatments will be available.

We sit down and polish off the breakfast. I hadn’t realised how hungry I was. After breakfast, we relax for a while drinking our coffee. Then we pull on the thick white robes provided in the bathroom and make our way to the elevator. We ride down to the basement and make our way to the spa area.

Once there, we switch on the sauna and leave it to heat up. We make our way to the huge, square spa bath, drop our robes and climb over the side. The water is warm and welcoming. I hit the button to turn on the air and the water starts to move and bubble as if boiling.

I sit down on a ledge in the bath and close my eyes enjoying the warmth and the agitation of the water. A few minutes later, I open them and see you to the side of me, pressed against the wall of the bath, facing out. Your eyes are open but you have a faraway look on your face.

I realise you have positioned yourself directly in front of one of the water jets. It is sending a warm stream of water rushing over your pussy and through your legs. Your hands are below the water, pulling the lips of your pussy apart, allowing the jet direct access to your clitoris.

I move to be behind you and reach round to massage your breasts. You are lost in your own world and jump a little, surprised to be interrupted. But you immediately relax again and return to your enjoyment. You stay in this position for another few minutes, while I continue to stroke your tits and massage your nipples.

Then you turn around to face me. You run your hands over my chest, then down my body until they reach my prick. One hand cups my balls and begins to slowly massage them. The other takes my shaft and begins to rhythmically squeeze it. The effect is like pumping up a balloon. Within a minute my dick is fully erect.

You rest your back against the wall of the bath and spread your arms out sideways, holding on to the edge. In this position you allow your legs to float up to the surface. I take them and pull them apart. On my knees I position myself between your thighs and slide my stiff cock into your pussy.

With you now floating and holding on to the side of the bath, I am able to gently ease you back and forward on my cock, fucking you with minimum effort. This feels so good and is so relaxing that we continue just like that for ages.

Eventually, you release your grip on the side of the bath. Pulling you with me, I move to sit back on one of the ledges. You put your arms around my neck and pull yourself up so that you are sitting astride me. We are still coupled with my dick deep inside you.

You start to move up and down on my dick. Small movements that mean I am going just a couple of inches in and out. To enable greater movement you get up and turn around so your back is facing me. You sit back on my lap, sliding my dick back into your pussy.

Now with your feet on the floor of the tub you lean forward a little and are able to slide yourself up and down the full length of my shaft. I reach out and hit the control buttons so that the air and water jets cease. As the water clears I get a great view of my rampant dick sliding in and out of your tight snatch under the surface.

After a few minutes you lean back against me. Now instead of sliding up and down you are rolling back and forward, forcing my dick up against the walls of your pussy. I slide one hand up to your tits and the other down to your clit and start to massage both. Within minutes you are whimpering a little as you orgasm. Just as your pussy contractions subside, I feel the familiar sensation of the spunk coursing through my cock and pumping into you.

We climb out of the spa and make out way to the sauna, which is now hot. You sit on one side of the benches, I sit on the other. I ladle some water onto the stones. Steam hisses out and the temperature rises a degree or two.

We sit facing each other. Our naked bodies are already coated with a film of perspiration. Looking me straight in the eyes, you lean back against the wall and spread your legs a little. You place your hands on your breasts and start to massage them. You squeeze them in your hands. Because they are so wet, the flesh slips through your grip. With one hand you continue to knead your tits, occasionally squeezing on your nipple. Your other hand slides down your body and over your stomach. It slides between your legs and over your pussy. You slide it up and down, pressing down hard on your pussy with the flat palm of your hand.

Now your other hand moves down from your boobs to join the first. The two hands grip the inside of your thighs and pull them wide. Using one hand to pull your pussy open from one side, you put the other to your mouth and lick the middle two fingers. Then you slide your hand back down and slide both fingers into your vagina. You start sliding them in and out of your pussy, which is clearly already very wet. Sliding them faster and faster you frig yourself to another climax.

I watch your face as you come. Your eyes flutter and you gently bite down on your lower lip in pleasure.

Afterwards, we leave the sauna and put our robes back on. We are walking back to the entrance door when you spy the massage table in a side room. You take my arm and lead me to it, taking my robe and telling me to lie down on my stomach.

I climb onto the table and you immediately begin to massage my neck and shoulders. Your technique is pretty good and I start to relax. You move down my arms, then back up to my arms to my shoulders.

You find a bottle of massage oil on a nearby shelf and pour a lot of it into the small of my back. You spread it all over my back with your hands and down over my buttocks and thighs. You start to massage my ass hard, digging your fingers into the muscle.

Then, slipping off your robe you climb up onto the table. Kneeling between my legs you lay your body down on mine and start to slide up and down. I can feel your tits rubbing easily up and down my back due to the slickness of the massage oil. You move one of your legs across and outside mine. Trapping my thigh between your legs, you start sliding your pussy up and down my leg. I can hear the sound as your pussy lips move across my slippery flesh.

Underneath me I can feel myself getting hard now. You get off the table and tell me to turn over. I do so and my dick is standing stiffly to attention. Your hands are still covered in massage oil.

“Happy ending sir?” you say as you wrap both hands round my cock.

Starting slowly, you slide them up and down the shaft. Gradually you increase the pace, gripping as hard as you can with your slippery fingers. You sense the moment I am going to come and hold my dick tight as I grunt and shoot my milky liquid high into the air and over my stomach.

Finding some wipes, we clean up and make our way, in our robes, to the elevator and back up to the room. After another shower, you dress and leave for home, while I take an afternoon nap. We have a big night planned.

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