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No Strings Attached - Chapter Four

Tags: office, sex, oral
In this chapter you come to my office and the adventure continues
Chapter Four Sex At The Office

I leave you asleep in bed as I head off early for some morning meetings and a business lunch. This trip cannot be all play.

It's a balmy afternoon. The sun is shining brightly through the window of my borrowed office at our local company as I clear my emails and make some calls.

The phone rings. I pick up and Alana, the pretty girl on reception, tells me that I have a visitor. I am not expecting anyone, but I say to show them the way and send them in.

A couple of minutes later the office door opens. A smile spreads across my face as you enter. You stand motionless for a minute or two while I drink in the view. You look stunning in a light and flimsy floral summer dress. Your hair falls loose around your shoulders, your bronzed skin a dark contrast to the light material of the dress.

You push the door shut and walk purposefully towards the desk where I am sitting. Standing beside me, you look straight into my eyes. You bend a little, reach up under your dress and slide your panties down your legs, over your shoes and off. Still with your eyes fixed on me, you open the top drawer of the desk, drop the flimsy white garment in and slide it closed.

I push back in my chair to move myself a little away from the desk. Kicking off your shoes, you step in front of me, raise the back of your dress a little and sit down on the desk. With your bare ass half on the desk you raise one leg and place your foot on the arm of my chair. As you do the same with the other leg I cannot help staring at your soft smooth thighs.

Very slowly you start to inch your dress upwards gradually exposing more of your thighs and eventually a glimpse of your pretty pink pussy. It is perfectly smooth, having been carefully shaved in the morning. Holding your dress up with one hand you slide the other down across your thigh and start to softly stroke your pussy lips. As you do so, you spread your legs a little wider and the lips part slightly.

I am content to watch intently as you begin to work your pussy, fingers brushing over and then between the folds.

Before long a glint of moisture appears and you spread it with your fingers. You start to focus on massaging around your clit. A pink blush starts to spread across your thighs and pussy and I hear you start to breathe a little faster and deeper.

I continue to watch as you get wetter and wetter. Now you are sliding slippery fingers up and down along your soaking slit. I hear a slight moan as you slowly slide one, then two fingers deep into your pussy. I see your muscles clench and I can hear the wet noises as you pump them in and out of that hot tunnel. While your fingers are deep in your pussy, your palm is massaging your mound and clit. Your ass is making small circles on the desk as you bring yourself close to orgasm.

Then you sit up a little and put your wet fingers to your lips - softly licking them, smiling at me and inviting me to share.

I lean forward, push your legs wide apart and press my lips to your hot pussy. My tongue pushes into your hole andslides up and down your slit. You put your hand on the back of my head, pushing my face hard against you. My tongue finds and circles your clit time and time again. Then my lips seek out and settle around your clit and I softly suck like a baby feeding, as I continue to run my tongue around it.

Within a minute I feel the spasms through your body as you reach your orgasm. I sit up and watch you recover, as your breath returns and you slowly open your eyes.

I unbuckle my belt, unzip my pants and slide them down past my knees. My cock is standing stiff to attention and in urgent need of relief.

You take your feet off the arms of my chair and place your legs either side of me. You slide down off the desk and guide my cock straight into your wet pussy as you straddle me.

With your hands on the back of the chair, you use your legs to move yourself up and down. Over and over, you slide my dick almost out of your pussy before sinking back down and burying it to the hilt.

Your dress is up around your waist and I am able to slide my hands up your belly to your breasts. Pushing your bra up, I am able to massage your firm boobs and play with your swollen nipples. After a while you get up, turn around and bend over the desk. Your legs apart, your arms spread across the desk, you are fully exposed.

Standing up from my chair, I put one hand on your hip and slide the other slowly from your delicious ass, up your back and neck and into your hair. I pull gently. You arch your back and I slide my hard cock into your slick pussy. As I continue to thrust slowly in and out, I lean over so that I can kiss your neck and ear.

In this position we can both see the shadows and shapes of people in the office outside as they move past the opaque glass of the door. They are all completely unaware as I start to drive deeper and faster into your pussy.

Soon I am hammering my pelvis against your ass and my balls are banging against your legs. You gasp as another orgasm sweeps through you. I can feel your pussy squeezing me tight. I pull out and smooth your dress back down over your ass as I fall back into my chair and sit back.

As your orgasm subsides you turn and kneel in front of me. Taking my shaft firmly in one hand you push the head into your mouth and start to run your tongue round and round. You start to slide your fingers up and down. The combination of this movement, your warm mouth and your active tongue on my most sensitive area soon has me reaching my own climax.

As I come, I feel you clamp your mouth firmly around my knob and suck as the come flows freely. Swallowing hard and then licking your lips, you stand up from the desk, slide open the drawer and reach in.

Slipping your feet back into your shoes, you turn and walk to the door, one hand in the air with your panties dangling from one finger.

“See you tonight at my place!” you say, as you close the door behind you.

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