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No strings attached part 2 (months later)

After more unsuccessful relationships Matt is finally back with Chaz
After breaking up with Louise for a second time I invited Chaz in to my bed. It was Chaz's fault why things hadn't worked out but I was desperate for sexual attention and she was the only one available. I didn't care about her though. She just satisfied my sexual frustrations and that was all I wanted.

'I’m so glad we’re back together!' Chaz said whilst we were in bed.

'Yeah. Whatever.' I answered.

'Don’t you? We make a great couple. Why don’t you move in with me?'

'I’m only with you for sex.' I replied bluntly.

'So you’re using me?'

'What if I am? It’s not like I care about you.'

'But I love you!'

'You’ll get over it.'

'Why are you so cruel?'

'Cause you fucked up my life!' I shouted, flinging her away from me and got out of bed. 'Louise left me because of you.'

'I’m sorry!' She said tearfully.

'Sorry isn’t good enough. Just leave me alone.'

I went towards the bathroom but Chaz flung herself at my feet and clinged on to my leg.

'Please don’t be like this. I’d die for you! Don’t leave me. The first time we slept together at my party was amazing. Why can't we have that again?'

'Just fuck off. You’re always on at me about having to care for you. Now get up and piss off.'

She got off her knees but then tried to kiss me so I pushed her aside. She lay on the floor crying, calling out my name as I walked away to the bathroom. I locked the door and lit a cigarette shakily. Chaz then started banging on the door.

'Get out here you fucking coward!' She screamed.

'Go away!'

'No. Why do you always run away?'

“I'm not running away. I just don't want to be near you.'

'Stop being so childish.'

'I don’t care.'

'You can't stay in there forever.'

'Oh whatever,' I replied then unlocked the door.

She came in then slapped me across the face then kissed me.

'You make me so angry!'

'I know', I laughed, my face stinging. 'Promise me you’ll get angry more often. That felt good.'

I pushed her over the bath and begun to fuck her. My hand reached for the taps, turning on the shower head. We climbed in and I bent in front of her to lick the parting between her spread out legs. Her hands grabbed my soaking wet hair pulling me painfully upwards so my lips met hers. Fervently I kissed her neck and her collar bone and then nuzzled her breasts, playfully tugging at her nipples with my teeth. She slapped my face again making me hungry for more. I kissed her again allowing my tongue to roam around her mouth before she started to suck on it. Her teeth nipped my lip and I tasted the blood in my mouth. I couldn't wait any more and took her up in my arms against the wall my hands firmly holding her buttocks with her legs straddling my waist. I forced my cock in to her whilst teasing her clit relentlessly until I felt myself about to come and let myself explode against her leg where it washed away. I covered her mouth with mine and inserted my cock back inside as a moan of pleasure erupted from her lips, feeling her cunt contracting around me.

Afterwards we fucked again on the bathroom floor before laying in a tangled heap. 

'You're mine now.' She said simply.

'I’m your slut? I thought you were mine.'

'Nope. You’re my slave. I own you.' She answered.

'What would you have me do Mistress?'

'Have sex with me again.'

'Anything for you Mistress.' I whisper.

Plunging my throbbing cock inside I cry out in ecstasy as she bites my shoulder and digs her nails into my back.

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