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No strings attached part 3

Matt gets a surprise
Chaz threw a party at my house later that week. She’d invited all her friends, mainly alcohol and drug fuelled twenty something year olds. Now I was twenty-one and a father to a daughter with Louise. I wasn't really interested in what was going on. I didn’t feel like being social and sat in the corner smoking whilst everyone else was raving away off their faces. I had even seen a few people taking coke in the bathroom. It made me feel sick to see how my life had turned out. Justin and Becka had come around a little earlier but left shortly after arriving. Justin had said he was worried about me as he went out the front door but I just shrugged him off.

'Hey Matt!' Chaz called out, waving at me.

'What?' I replied holding back from calling her mistress. 

'Why don’t you come upstairs with me?'

'Ok. Sure.' I replied.

I made my way upstairs to the bedroom and sat on the bed. Chaz came in moments later with two girls. They only looked about eighteen, but were dressed up like Chaz, in a short skirt and lacy basque.

'These are my best friends Stacey and Anna.' She said.

'Hi.' I answered.

'He's well fit! Don’t you think Anna?' Stacey said.

'Yeah. He’s fucking gorgeous!'

'What’s going on Chaz?' I asked uncertainly.

'I thought you could have a threesome.' Chaz laughed.

'What!?' I yelled.

'Well Anna still needs to lose her virginity.'

'So what’s that got to do with me?'

'Cause you’re good. And you’re my bitch so I’m lending you out.'

'I’m not a fucking male whore!'

'Oh come on! Pretty please?'


'Ah. Let’s just go. We’ll find someone else,' Chaz said as she ushered them out and sent me a dirty look.

Chaz led me back upstairs later to have sex with me. I was drunk by then and she seduced me easily. She tied me to the bed and I didn’t mind her using me. I woke up that morning with a massive hangover. I wanted to get up and have a cigarette but Chaz had left me cuffed to the bed still. I then heard gigging outside my door. The two women had come back and walked into the room and locked the door.

'Leave me alone!' I shouted.

'Chaz told us we could play around with you for a bit.' Anna said.

The next hour was torturous. Both of the women had no idea what they were doing and treated me like a bit of meat. They were clumsy and kept kneeing me in the stomach and crotch making me cry out in pain. Nothing they did felt good and I just wanted it to end.

'Look, why don’t you un-cuff me and then we can all have some fun.'

'Why? Don’t it feel good?' Stacey asked.

'No. You’re hurting me.'

'Chaz said you liked that?'

'Not the way you're doing it!'

'Well If I let you go will you teach us how to do it proper?'

'Yeah. Whatever. Who wants a go first?' I sighed.

I was beyond caring. Sex was sex no matter who it was with. Although if I remember rightly, Chaz had mentioned that Anna was a virgin. I would deflower her and let her feel my wrath as well. 

'Me first?' Stacey asked timidly.

'No. I want Anna. You should leave.' I demanded.

Stacey went to argue but must have seen something in my expression that scared her. She left without a word which was wise. I locked the door behind her.

'What should I do?' Anna questioned.

'Can you submit to me? Can you follow my orders without question? Otherwise I have no use for you.'

'Yes,' She breathed uncertainly.

'That’s yes Master!' I yelled in her face.

'Yes Master.'

“Strip. Slowly.” I ordered.

She obliged and I watched intensely. Her eyes were lowered and her cheeks were blushing whilst clumsy fingers fumbled to undo the buttons on her corset. She was too innocent but it was fuelling my anger more. I was getting impatient. 

'Stop!' I shouted when she was standing in her underwear. It wasn’t even mildly sexy. I didn’t want to continue until she was wearing something uncomfortable. I crossed the room and rummaged around in my drawer for the skimpy blue lingerie I had brought Chaz. I snapped the tags off and chucked them across to Anna.

'What’s wrong?' She asked.

'Did I tell you to speak? Put these on.'

She did as instructed. I grabbed her hair and pushed her down to crouch in front of me.

'Suck it bitch!' I growled and pulled her face to my cock. She licked it gently and unenthusiastically. 

'I told you to fucking suck it!' 

I shoved myself down her throat and she nearly gagged. I didn’t relent and only stopped when I felt myself nearly coming. I wasn’t going to let it end that easily. I withdrew quickly.

'Get on the bed.'

'Yes Master.'

She laid against my pillows expectantly knowing what would be coming next. I took the handcuffs next to the bed and restrained her on my bed. I was going to desecrate her virgin pussy however much I wanted. My hands roamed up her legs and squeezed her thighs before travelling up to rest on her panties. I could feel the wetness seeping through. She was ready for my cock. She wasn’t going to have it. Not yet. My fingers caressed her clit briefly through the material and a soft moan escaped her lips.

'Don’t stop.' She sighed.

Part of me wanted to continue. To abandon my plan of making her feel sorry for being here. It wasn’t her fault other women had fucked with me. I steeled my resolve. She would surrender herself to me. 

‘I did not say you could talk. You have disobeyed my orders twice.’

‘I’m sorry.’

‘I am sorry Master!’

‘Sorry Master.’ She repeated with her eyes downcast.

‘You need to be punished.’ I muttered reaching under the bed. 

I pulled out Chaz’s riding crop. I enjoyed having it used against me. Anna’s eyes pleaded at me. I brushed it against her leg, up her body and over her breasts still encased in the see through bra. Her nipples reacted to the touch and her chest was rising and falling rapidly. I lowered it to her panties and she gasped again.

‘Please fuck me Master.’

‘You have such a filthy mouth!’ I replied and stuck her across her legs playfully. I couldn’t bring myself to hurt her.

‘Do it again Master.’ She breathed.

I hit her across her breasts and she cried out making me aroused. Snagging her panties with my teeth, I tugged them down to reveal her feminine core to me. Embarrassment flashed across her face but I allowed my eyes to linger. This was harder than I thought. I un-cuff her. 

‘Get on your hands and knees.’

She obliges and I enter her tight pussy from behind thrusting deeply inside her past the resistance making her cry out in pain. A knot rises in my throat. The pain couldn’t have been helped. Finally she relaxes so I strike her across her back and she clenches around my cock. I quicken the pace and tear the bra straps off to allow my hands to roam her breasts and pinch and tug the harden nipples. I couldn’t hold back anymore and reached to her clit to finish us both off. Her body thrashes beneath me, her cunt tightening around my member again until I finally come inside her and rest my head on her back. I should have controlled myself more.

‘I better go now.’ Anna finally says.

‘I didn’t say you could leave.’ I replied picking up my phone.

‘Sorry Master.’

‘Put your number on my phone. I’ll call you when I want to continue this.’

She nods, types the number in and passes the phone back then dresses quickly.

I let her out my room and find Chaz standing there.

‘Bye Chaz!’ Anna whispers passing by.

A huge smile is etched on Chaz’s face. 

‘So you got my present then?’ She grins.

‘You mean Anna?’



‘That’s thank you Mistress to you.’

‘Thanks Mistress.’ I reply bowing my head.

‘Your insolence needs to be punished!’ She growls picking up the riding crop, flexing it in her hands.

‘Yes Mistress.’ 

Bending over the bed I can’t help to smile whilst she thrashes me. 

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