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Northern Winds

A lovingly exhausting evening
The cool wind blew in through the open window slowly, gently caressing her bare back till she awoke with a shudder. The nights had gotten crisper in this Northern region than what she was used to. She jumped up out of bed to close the window and couldn’t help but lovingly admired the moonlight that was splashing over the view of his nakedness. His breathing was even and rhythmic as he lay in a deep sleep. Her heart fluttered as the memories from earlier that evening flooded her mind. She took in a deep breath and held it for a moment, letting the warm sensations spread over her body once again.

Should she awaken him, she thought to herself. It had been a lovingly exhausting evening and she knew he had to go to work in a few more hours. She quickly dismissed the thought and focused back upon the glorious moon that was out in the late night sky.

She stretched her arms letting the moonlight gently caress her body once again. As she did so, she could not suppress the urge to allow her fingers to retrace the areas that his tongue had traveled earlier.

His soft kisses upon her neck, his lips suckling at her nipples…these thoughts recaptured those erotic moments and the re-emerging sensations began to cause her feel the sweet feeling of the deep throbbing ache within her. She moistened her finger with her own tongue reminding her of his cock in her mouth earlier. Tingles went through her as she traced around her own lips.

Tilting her head back, she made a fist of hair at the back of her neck letting the memories of dominance flood back through her mind. She couldn’t resist as she felt the moisture begin to escape once again from between her thighs. Her fingertips retraced the outer region of her cunt and began to flick her clitoris to heighten her already stimulated state. Gently she rubbed, sliding her fingertip back and forth until she felt her hips push upward towards her own hand. She began to pulse her fingers and move to the rhythm that was beginning to form.

Purposefully she lifted her leg to be able to reach deep inside herself and experience the feeling of the smoothness inside of her. She felt her body spasm as she passed her fingers over her favorite spots. She began to play herself like a musical instrument where each note flowed together to play a familiar symphony. Her now wet hand tapping in beat to the rhythm, the entrance to her ass. This sensation put her over the edge and her body began to shudder and explode. A quiet moan escaped her lips and she looked over quickly at the bed to see if she had awoken her man with her ecstasy.

As she looked at him with satisfaction still glimmering in her eyes… she noticed his tousled hair, his beautiful lips and his eyelids shut in what she thought was a deep sleep. She would not wake him. She would let him dream his peaceful dream.

Gently she slid back into bed as not to arouse him. She stretched out on her side with her head resting upon the comfortable pillow that she loved. Her back facing him, she was just about to fall into a deep slumber when she felt his arm reach out for her and pull her in tightly to him. A deep resonate growl reached her ears with the sensation that only his voice against them could create. The swollen cock pressed against her ass was evidence that he had not been asleep at all. He had witnessed her in the moonlight and it pleased him deeply.

He gently slid his swollen cock between her legs into the wetness that was still there and began to create a gentle rhythm until a moan expelled from her lips. As he tried to reach the deepest points within her she bent forward to allow him full penetration. He pushed deep within her and held himself there as he rolled them over onto her stomach. Now face down into the pillow, Alora knew she was once again at the mercy of his desires and loved it.

She shuddered and spread her legs apart to receive him. He firmly raised her ass up to meet his passion and began to pound into her. Her pulled her head back by the roots of her hair and lifted her backwards to her knees. He slapped the sides of her buttocks causing her to jump and squirm all the while his cock was pulsating within her. The motion increased as he fondled her breasts and gently twisted her nipples until she came hard on his cock. The juices from her body now flowing down the inside of her leg. He scooped her up tight against him and finally allowed himself the pleasure of the conquest. He held her firmly and tightly as their bodies shook violently with his passion. The pressure between her legs exploded with joy until all her strength seemed to leave her.

He was spent and exhausted as he let her fall from him back onto the bed. He bent down and gently kissed the back of her neck. “Sweet dreams” was the only words she heard from him as he once again made himself comfortable to drift off to sleep.

Alora lay there for moment letting the pleasures slowly drift from her body. The room was hot and fragrant from their lovemaking and she breathed it all in deeply. She got up grabbed her cigarettes and walked back over to the window. She opened it and once again let the cool breeze back into the room. As she stood there smoking, a smile crossed her face as she thought to herself that she could definitely learn to love these Northern winds.

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