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Not Big Enough Part 1

My girlfriend finds that bigger is better
My last girlfriend, Sarah, was a wonderful girl. A dazzling smile, beautiful blue eyes and a slim but supple body. Her brunette, shoulder-length hair was so soft. We met in a bar and I couldn't believe that I was taking this stunning girl home. After a few dates, she allowed me to roam her pert 32A breasts, kiss and caress them and her navel, building up to entering her. The sex felt amazing, but she insisted I wear a condom, as she didn't want to get pregnant.

We both loved nature, trekking and outdoor life in general. There was nothing better than some trekking and a quick embrace, which often led to outdoor sex in a secluded area. We shared the bills in a rented house and had months of paradise. She was into fashion, loved to buy me clothes and helped me improve my appearance and my confidence. She always seemed happy during sex and satisfied, though she was less vocal than my previous girlfriend. She liked me to be fully shaven in the pubic area for hygiene, but being bowled over by her, I didn't object.

Everything was fine, until a trip to the beach. She bought me some Speedos to wear. I protested because I didn't want to feel exposed, but she had always been proven right about clothes in the past and won me over. She chose a skimpy bikini for herself. It was a warm, sunny day at the beach and we giggled as she wrapped herself with a towel to change, while I hid behind her. The bright blue Speedos were snug all round. We went for a swim and then sunbathed for a while.

I became aware of two young women watching us, both were very well endowed, their firm, buoyant breasts straining the fabric of their skimpy tops. Their sun-kissed bodies were slim with curvy butts and while Sarah slept, they came over and invited us to a barbecue, introducing themselves as Amy and Fiona. They said it was on the nudist beach area, and Amy asked if I was okay with that, with a whimsical look at the little bulge in my Speedos.

"I guess you have the guts to wear Speedos, so please baby, get naked for us."

Sarah had woken up and was annoyed at me talking to the girls, my eyes drawn to their impressive cleavages. I explained about the barbeque, as two tall, sun bronzed men approached and also invited us. She then seemed a lot more enthusiastic. Both Mark and Phil had great abs and were far more muscular than me, but the thought of girls getting naked excited me.

We walked the mile down to the nudist beach and saw the barbeque set up in a secluded bay. Amy, Fiona, Mark and Phil were there, but were still clothed, saying they'd strip later. Two other girls arrived, two brunettes with cosmetically perfect bodies. Amy offered me a coke. I noticed the seal on the bottle was open but she said she only had a sip earlier.

All the girls clapped and chanted, "Off! Off! Off!"

Enjoying the attention, I lowered my Speedos. Amy and the two brunettes sniggered at my rather small flaccid penis, while Fiona put her arm round me.

"Hey, we can't all be perfect. He's got a cutie."

Sarah looked confused, "That's normal... isn't it?"

"Oh honey, I hope he's a real grower," smirked Amy.

After finishing the coke, I began to feel stimulated. Standing up, it would be impossible to hide my erection. Carefully planned after checking their watch, Fiona and Amy stood in front of me and dropped their tops. With Sarah looking on, I became fully erect in seconds.

"He likes what he sees," Amy said, as they gently caressed their breasts.

I was mortified and humiliated in front of Sarah. I was rock hard and throbbing.

"Looks like his little one wants to penetrate me," said Fiona.

"Naughty, naughty, desire is also cheating. Maybe Sarah wants to play too?"Amy invited.

Mark and Phil dropped their trunks in front of Sarah. Mark's impressive flaccid was bigger than my erection, while Phil's wasn't far off. Sarah looked stunned, her mouth gaping. The two brunettes smiled at each other. Meanwhile Fiona was rubbing her now naked ass on my cock, while chatting casually to Amy. Her soft flesh on my cock was highly arousing, but even I was surprised as I shuddered and came on her ass cheek.

"Oh, you're all done baby! Look Sarah, he's cum on me. I didn't do anything! I think you need revenge."

Sarah was furious and hugged Mark and Phil.

Amy and Fiona put their bikini tops and bottoms back on, their golden cleavages keeping me erect. Fiona sat on me to restrain me, while Amy got me another Coke, this time not concealing crushing a viagra up and placing it the bottle.

"Drink up, sweetie," taunted Fiona. "You've got to be fully stimulated as Mark and Phil do the same for Sarah."

After I'd drunk, Fiona and Amy gripped my arms tight. My cock was throbbing and they giggled as Sarah had been seduced by Mark's 8 inch erection

"I want to feel you inside me!" She exclaimed.

Mark asked if she was sure.

She said, "Yes," and lay naked on the sand, spreading her legs.

As Mark entered her, she groaned deeply, then screamed in ecstacy, as Mark slowly slid back and forth, pounding her. Amy felt me shudder and laughed as cum dribbled from my cock and ran back to my balls.

"Strike two," smiled Fiona, rubbing her breasts against me.

Mark was thrusting and Sarah reached an orgasm, screaming, "I love it!"

Mark pulled out just in time, shooting cum over Sarah's chest and stomach.

"Well," smiled Fiona. "She has a taste for something bigger now!"

Sarah lay there trembling, while Mark re-entered her.

"Shame we don't want sex with that little peewee," laughed Fiona, who left my side, stripped and jumped on Phil's erect cock.

Fiona's incredible breasts shook as Phil pounded her. She screamed and groaned as his thick, meaty 9-inch cock stimulated her to orgasm, while Mark shook off his final cum and Sarah beckoned me to lick it from her breasts, stroking my head. We lay there while the others got dressed and wandered off.

"Now I know how good it can be," groaned Sarah, still breathless. "Never... knew... it could... feel so good..."
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