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(Not) Just Another Monday

How a blah Monday spices up after a knock on the door.
Good old Monday again. Nothing much going on today except getting caught up on some of Tom's correspondence. He went out the backdoor this morning to fly up to DC for meetings and I have to stay put in case he contacts me to fax him anything and also to listen on line to the various meetings. Our home office is equipped by his company. I work for the company too and just log my hours.

Weather has really sucked lately but finally today had cleared up and the sun was warming up. I had just slipped on one of my shortie sundresses so while in and out between the patio and the office I could enjoy the welcomed rays of the sun.

About noon the doorbell rings and I open it to a gentleman saying he came to service our office equipment. When I questioned him about the fact he was scheduled to come tomorrow he stated that he didn't think it would take long so he was just going to get our appointment taken care of during his lunch hour.

I suddenly remembered what I had on as he did a poor job acting like he wasn't looking me over. I led him back to our office room.

Returning to the kitchen I began cutting up leftover chicken to make some chicken salad for my lunch.

Just then the service technician came to the kitchen and said he was finished. "That's it?", I said. "Yes, Ma'am, only had to do a quick download."

Speaking without first giving it some thought I said to him that if this was suppose to be his lunch break would he like to have a sandwich and dish of fruit. He thanked me and accepted and pulled out a chair and sat at the corner of the table.

I stood at the counter fixing lunch while we continued chit-chat small talk. My kitchen cabinets have glass doors and glancing frequently I watched his reflection. I became so amused at how he studied me over while he thought I wasn't looking.

I noticed that the name on his uniform shirt said "TOM" and I becamed humored at the thought "Hmmmmmm one Tom out the back door and another Tom in the front door".

This guy was handsome, polite, cleancut, mild aroma of cologne, and rather charming. Watching him look at me was starting to arouse me and stimulate my mind to a level of excitement to the point of wanting to tease him.

As we continued to talk I knew he had that number one male thought of wondering if I had panties on so I opened a cupboard and stretched onto my left toes and reached high with my right hand to get something off the top shelf. My reach was enough to allow my short dress to pull high enough to reveal briefly the skimpy matching panty that I was wearing. Again watching his relection in the glass I new he didn't miss the discovery.

It was becoming even more and more arousing to me as I watched him stare at me. I could feel his eyes touching me as though they were his hands. Up my legs and around my waist and continuing up my breasts. Heat shivers were shooting through me as I felt his eyes kissing my neck.

I turned and leaned against the counter and facing him I asked , "Well, how about some lunch?" He confirmed that he did and so I pushed some bread down in the toaster.

I pulled another chair out and sat down directly in front of him and crossed my legs. My hem was half way up my thigh. I made direct eye contact with him as he lifted his eyes from my legs. We focused a stare at each other for a couple seconds.

It all began in me wanting to tease him and in doing so aroused my erotic thoughts to where I couldn't control it any longer.

Without cue or thought I dropped down onto my knees between his knees. I reach both hands forward onto his belt buckle and began to unbuckle it and pull down his zipper. Without being told he raised his his shapely butt so I could pull his trousers down to his ankles. His cock sprang forward and his balls hung low.

Nothing is said as he sits and stares at me with lustful eyes as I take his cockhead into my fingertips and lean forward to lick up and down his shaft. I kissed and sucked his balls as they began to tighten. His shaft and balls were shaven making it so smooth to my lips. Nothing still being said except his breathing becoming heavier.

Lifting my head to look him in his eyes I said, "Did I cause this ?" In affirmation he nodded his head and I responded ,"Then it belongs to me."

Returning my focus to his love muscle I stared wanting to memorize the sight. Leaning forward kissing the head of his patient cock then slid my tongue up and down his stiff shaft. Oh how I love to touch my lips onto the soft skin of a hard cock and savor the flavor of a man in need. The mild scent of his cologne even between his thighs becomes of itself a memory.

My pussy is aching for it's turn but I haven't finished feasting on my lunch. I take him into my mouth and begin pumpimg him with my face. He placed his hands on both sides of my head to steer my motion. His increasing gasps and heavy breathing excite and motivate me even more. The sweet nector of his pre-cum I can taste on my tongue.

I glance up at him again and become so mesmerized in thinking that this man who only moments before stood in my front door now sat in front of me under my complete control as I worked the instrument that controled every move of his body and every sound from his lips.

I suck and pump him more rapidly until I feel him swell and he stiffened his legs. I quickly stopped and said,

"Oh please don't cum yet!"

Throwing his head back and gritting his teeth me manages to hold his load until again I begin to forcefully suck and pump him all the more. The sound of his breathing and gasping become louder and again he begins to swell and again I remove him from my mouth.

"Oh not yet please, please don't cum"!

I stand up and straddle myself in front of him. He slides the fingertips of his right hand up the inside of my left thigh. With his index finger he hooks my panty and slides it to the side barely brushing against my wet opening sending showers of heat throughout my body.

I lifted up my dress and began to lower myself down to where his left hand wrapped around his cock was waiting for my arrival.

As my wet pussy touches his twitching hardness I lower ever so slowly taking in it's head. Oh the soothing touch of his experienced muscle. Slowly up and down I move with each down a little lower. Filling me, filling me ever so much, ever so slowly. Satisfying the need that I had been yearning to have fixed. He reached both hands to the tie strings on my shoulders and pulled them so that the top of my dress dropped down around my waist.

Once seated onto him I began the up and down motion that wets me more. He placed his hands under my ass cheeks to help me thrust as a weightlifter performing curls.

Frantically I unbottoned his shirt and pushed it down over the back of his shoulders so that as I continue riding his cock our chests slide against each other. Both of our levels of passion rising as I place each of my hands on each of his shoulders. I pump faster and faster and I feel the mamoth beast within me begin to swell rapidly and I quickly stop.

"Oh Baby, please don't cum yet !"

I said begging him as his breath becomes so heavy and hot.

Again I begin riding him knowing that this would have to be the last ride before the finish line. My legs were becoming numb but much more then that I wanted his love juice to fill my need. Faster and faster I rode his shaft with long precise strokes wanting to please this man as much as he was pleasing me. Faster and faster and our breathing harder and our gasps were now becomeing soft screams then becoming louder and louder. Feeling him swell and swell this time saying,

"Oh Baby please give it to me now !! Please give me all your love !!"

We both released together that which we both had worked so hard for. Shot after shot of his hot cum fired into me. Like a cannon with an endless supply of shells. I rode and rode untill I new we were expelled.

I stayed seated all of the way down on him so that he couldn't remove his magnificent muscle. I wrapped my arms around his neck pulling his face tightly agaist my breasts and let my hair hang down over both our heads hidding us from the rest of the world.

Our bodies against each other bonded by a passion made sweat and both of us wrapped tightly around each other. Still hidden under my hair I tightened my body to squeeze any remaining hot juice that he may have been withholding from me.

Catching our breath I slowly stand up feeling me pull myself away from him. Oh how I hated to feel his cock drop out of me.

He began to stand up and I handed him his close and pointed to where he could go to dress and freshen up. As he did I dressed myself in the kitchen and waited for his return.

He returned to the entrance of the kitchen and I walked over to him and stretched my body to reach and place a kiss upon his neck. He smiled and turned towards the front door and made his exit.

I watched him get in his van and as he put it in gear he turned and looked at me standing in the window. We both smiled and I waved goodbye with my fingers and he drove off.

Still in a daze I wandered into our office and sat down at the computer with the intention of getting some work done. As I sat there a very slight afterscent of his cologne remained.

Without any control over myself I closed my eyes and reached down to touch myself and..............
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