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Not Your Usual Shopping Trip...

Matt walked through the shop, stopping occasionally to look and smile at the products on the shelves. He turned around to look for Wendy, only to see her intrigued by a particularly large item. He walked over to her, gently grabbing her ass while he stood over her shoulder, staring incredulously at the size of the dildo she held in her hands.

“You cannot be serious,” he joked. She arched her head so her big, beautiful green eyes looked into his, a playful look on her face.

“Nahhh, of course not,” she giggled, “I was just imagining what it would be like to experience a big cock”. She giggled some more as Matt walked away in mock disgust to look at the collection of magazines on the back wall.

“I didn’t mean it,” she purred in his ear once she had caught him up, her hand brushing against the crotch of his jeans, which was beginning to be pulled taunt by his slowly swelling cock. Noticing this, she leant in closer to his ear, asking him in a whispered voice if he wanted to get out of here. Noticing the look on her face, and the glint in her eye, he quickly agreed, following her out of the store and into a nearby alley.

They started getting off with each other almost immediately, Matt pushing Wendy back against the alley wall as his hand grabbed her ass roughly. His other hand was running through her hair and over her neck, holding her still as they passionately kissed.

After a few minutes of this her hand began to slide down the front of his body towards his cock, which was growing by the second. She fumbled with his flies, taking a few seconds before they came undone, her desire making her clumsy. She managed it after a few more seconds, taking his rapidly expanding cock into her hands, as they continued to get off with each other.

They moved away from the wall and further into the dark alley so as not to be disturbed by the busy street, her hand never once leaving his now throbbing dick. Once they were safely out of sight, she began to massage his cock with more vigour, causing him to moan lightly in pleasure.

Matt’s moan seemed to spur her on, and she picked up the pace a little, before crouching down so his cock was at face level. He pushed his cock gently into her mouth, and she didn’t need a second invitation, greedily sucking on his member. Her hands expertly stroked his cock in time with her cock-gobbling, causing him to moan even deeper. She began to deep-throat him, gagging ever so slightly on his considerable cock, until she heard a soft clearing of the throat.

They both looked around to see a cop standing there, a none too amused look on his face.

“Uhh, it’s, it’s not what it looks like, officer,” Matt stammered, his face instantly flushing red. The cop, still not saying a word, advanced a little closer as Wendy continued to stay crouched, Matt’s rock hard dick still in her hand. 

As the copper began lecturing them on his ability to have them arrested on the spot, Wendy decided to throw caution to the wind and began to stand up. She walked the step or two over to the cop, taking his hand and placing it on her right breast. He began to protest, but only lightly, and sensing her opportunity she dropped her hand to his crotch, roughly stroking his slowly stirring cock.

“I ‘spose I could let you off, considering,” he murmured softly as Wendy continued to massage his crotch. She grabbed Matt’s cock and dragged him closer while, with her spare hand, undoing the cop’s flies and grabbing his cock also. She began to crouch down as she had before, taking the copper’s cock in her mouth while wanking Matt off. She kept this up for a few minutes, swapping the cocks between her mouth every 30 seconds or so, teasing both men.

Standing up, yet keeping one hand on the coppers hard dick, she whispered a few words into Matt’s ear, causing his face to erupt in a sexy smirk.

She bent herself over in front of Matt, taking the copper’s dick in her mouth once more as she did so. Taking his cue he lifted her thigh length skirt up onto her back, unveiling the lace tops of her sheer black stockings and the almost non-existent thread of material that was her black thong.

His strong, rough, fingers deftly moved her thong to one side, allowing him to feel just how wet she had become. Unexpectedly, he crouched down himself to lick her pussy from behind, which caused her to start to moan lightly. Feeling her desire but wanting to tease her a little longer, Matt used his index finger to gently play with her engorged clit while his tongue ran in and out of her wet pussy.

Knowing she could take it no longer, he stood up behind her and, ever so gently, slid his cock into her now dripping pussy. Despite having the copper’s dick in her mouth, she moaned noticeably as his big, hard cock effortlessly slid all the way into her pussy. He began to fuck her gently, at first, although he was quick to go harder and harder, until his balls were slapping hard against her pussy on every thrust.

Despite being effectively gagged by the other cock filling her mouth she was still moaning quite loud, her pussy only getting wetter from the pounding it was receiving. He kept this pounding up for as long as he could, straining his body and using all his available stamina to fuck her hard and long, much to her sexual delight.

When Matt could give no more he pulled out completely, slapping her ass hard with his palm as he did so. She glanced up at the copper with her big green eyes and motioned towards her ass. He didn’t need a second invitation, withdrawing his cock from her mouth and shuffling around to her recently fucked pussy.

Matt took up place in front of Wendy, who proceeded to suck him off with great enthusiasm, grateful for what she had just received. The copper began to fuck Wendy from behind, his smaller, yet still impressive, cock working her out some more. They kept up this spit-roast until the copper could give no more, at which point he too pulled out and came round to Wendy’s face.

Ignoring the second cock in front of her momentarily, she fingered her used pussy for a few seconds, bringing herself to a very quick climax; her fourth in just the half hour or so they’d been in the alley.

Once her body had recovered sufficiently she took the second cock in her hand and began to suck both of the men off once again. After just a few minutes of this she could sense both men were ready to finally come, and so she began to wank harder. Turning to the copper first, she offered her face to his cock, which gratefully obliged her in just seconds, his hot spunk flying all over her face.

Not pausing to even try and clean herself up, she turned to Matt, placing her mouth directly over the tip of his cock, waiting for him to come directly into her. It didn’t take him long either. Her face recoiled slightly with the force of his orgasm, a big smile rising on her cum-stained face as she gleefully swallowed his load. As she knelt on the floor, sucking the cum from her fingers that she was running over her face, the copper put his cock away and left, without a word.

Matt offered a tissue to help Wendy clean herself up and, after she was done, they made to leave the alley, their clothes rearranged to their previous state.

“That was fortunate,” Matt said, clearly relieved that they wouldn’t be spending the night in the cell.

“It was more than fortunate,” Wendy retorted, a glint in her eye, “it was fucking brilliant,” she laughed, as they walked to catch the tube home.

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