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Nothing Except Your Tongue On My Young Body

This story is a foreshadowing of what might happen during the summer of 2013, while at camp.
A few years have passed since I lost my virginity to Starr. After all the puppy love we had for each other, Starr and I did break up on the last day of camp in 2011 due to her parents not approving of a black man dating their white/Italian daughter. Her parents would never understand our love, sex, and desire for each other, so we decided to leave it at camp.

When I came back home, I soon realize that Starr has a best friend named Madi Kelly, who lives in the same town as me. The girl is beautiful. She just turned 16; she stands at 5 ft 3, a beautiful non-tanned white girl without any blemishes on her entire body, astoundingly long brown hair, and a seductive voice that invites anyone into her space.

She is a total tease, always wearing her booty shorts with the low cut top, average size boobs around 36B; she can rock her hips to any type of music and it's impossible to get her out of your system once she has touched your body. Her green eyes are so beautiful to look at, even when she does something wrong, she makes it seem like every little thing will be all right. I believe that I look all right; I am 5 ft 9, 180 pounds, with a fair tone of muscle, and light black skin.

One thing I love about Madi is her voice; her voice is like a high pitched teen girl screaming at a Justin Bieber concert with a bit of sexiness on the side. Madi also gives the best hugs which allows me to look down her shirt (which she does on purpose). I have to admit, she is sexier than Starr. The first time I met her, she was a bit younger than Starr when we were dating. I saw Madi only as my little sister and strictly platonically in 2011. I never thought of her in this manner due to my love for Starr and as Bill Clinton would say, “I did not have any sexual relations with that woman.”

At least not yet!

I love that she had blossomed to a young 16 year old. I cannot control if she will come onto me in the Camp’s radio station. After praying forever about this opportunity, I do get the job as a Camp counselor on December 2012. I want this job since this is my dream job but I know that I have to keep my dick in my pants because I am an authority figure, which will be hard. Thankfully, Starr will not be there since she is a model in Atlanta. However, Madi will be there, teasing me throughout her session. During the camp, there are three sessions broken down, for a total of 20 days.

The first session was a breeze except for being within two feet from my ex-girlfriend Symmer, whom I dated 3 years ago. The true test is the second session. The second session is where I met Starr and the session I went to for ten years as a camper. Obviously, there will be a lot of people I know that will be at the second session but my favorite person that I will be keeping a 'close eye' on as of now is Madi.

On Sunday morning, the head consular tells me that my post is at the SAC/Shuttle Activity Center. It is nothing too hard that I cannot handle. All I have to do is greet the incoming campers and parents as they walk through the door. Most of the campers do not even know that I am back as a counselor so I bet they will be surprised to see me in the official Camp uniform.

Hour by hour, my old friends like Cameron, Coleman, Abbey, Sam, Destiny and April come in the doors and give me hugs and friendly kisses. There is absolutely no hand shaking at Camp Horn. People at this camp either hug or kiss.

As I stand and wait for Madi to walk in the SAC to sign in, I feel like it is hopeless and she is not coming. Maybe she is sick, maybe she is at Children’s Medical Hospital or maybe her dad knows I am working at Camp Horn, which made him pull her out of camp. Her dad knew she had a crush on me during 2011 and did not want anything to progress. That is understandable but she is now a beautiful 16 year old woman. I want her and she will ride my dick if my name is not Lee.

Out of nowhere, a high pitched screaming girl runs into my arms.

“Lee, oh my God, you’re here! You're actually here.”

I chuckle a little under my breath and say, “Well duh, Madi, I’m here.” I kneel down to her level and say, “Damn girl, you’ve grown.”

She twirls in her little green and black skirt, just for me it seems. “Hehe, I know right, you like it Lee?”

I say, “Well, actually…”

Madi’s dad approaches me, a little angry. Maybe because he knows about the friendship Madi and I have always had. Madi’s dad stretches his arm out into my internal space and he says,“Lee Brown, put it there son.”

I shake his hand and we both laugh as if things will be okay. I walk Madi and her father to the areas that she has to sign, in order to be checked into the camp. I’m leaning on the wall, looking at her butt, and imagining how I want to put my lips into her pussy to make her scream; I want to hump, kiss, and touch her body. I can see her legs spread all over the bunk bed, her hands clenching the white sheets while I send her to another world with my tongue. I lean onto the lunch table after she checks her blood sugar, for I can lick the pain away from her boo boo.

While I am in my fantasy land, Madi's dad shakes me a little and whispers into my ear, “If you do anything sexual to my daughter, I will chop your penis off, put it in a bowl of rice and give it to Madi by saying I added sausage to the meal.”

I say, “Well, uh…okay then.”

I am now officially freaking out but I do not really care. Since she is the last camper to check in; my boss’s boss tell me to walk Madi to her cabin which is up a hill and past the boys cabin, past the lodge and the playground. In reality, it is only 2 miles away from the SAC.

Madi gives one last hug to her daddy and says, “Love you, daddy.”

Madi’s dad points at me and says out loud in front of Madi, “Remember, Lee, rice and sausages.”

I gulp since Madi’s dad is an agent for the DPD. I still take a deep breath and say affirmatively, “Yesum.”

Me and Madi begin our walk up the hill and try to start a small conversation. “Madi, it's been way too long, I miss you, boo.”

Madi responds, “Lee, I’ve missed you a lot, too. You are all I have been thinking about since I saw you a few weeks ago at Wing Stop and you are my everything. I’m glad it is only me and you on this hill right now.”

Then Madi winks at me. I quit my job at Wing Stop to work at Camp Horn for the summer. The funny thing is, Madi lives two blocks away from me. We just do not see each other since her dad is over protective.

To be honest, I want Madi in my arms so I can kiss, touch, cuddle with her, and tell her she is my everything. At the same time, if I would get caught, I would lose my dream job and I would never be allowed to step foot on the property ever again. I love Camp Horn way too much to risk the love I receive from Camp Horn for one girl. As we walk up the hill past the boys' cabins, Madi drops her bags in the middle of the dirt and stands there.

I turn around and say, “Madi, come on now, we need to get you in your cabin and settled. Let’s go, little lady.”

She runs to me as fast as she can, hops onto my chest and begins to kiss me on the lips. Thankfully, nobody is around to see this or I would be doomed to be fired. I step back a few feet, kneel to her level and say, “Listen, Madi, I want you so badly but I will lose my job and be kicked out of camp forever.”

Do you really think she cares? Nope. She tells me,“Lee, I do not care about all that. Nothing even matters at all. Not even if my boss upstairs should call me back home, because nothing even matters at all. Even if we have some natural catastrophe, nothing even matters, at all. Lee, I have to look at you religiously because you give me the emotional love that I have craved for, from the first day I met you to right now. It really does not matter, I want you now.”

With those words spoken from Madi’s mouth, I lay her on the ground, kiss her neck and let my tongue do the dance for angles onto her body. She screams out, “Nothing but you.”

That phrase sends me into a trance that drives me crazy. It gives me the energy to antagonize her body even more. I run my hands through her hair and begin to lightly tickle her while kissing her stomach. Madi suddenly screams out, “Lee, I’m low.”

I immediately stop kissing her, pick her up and carry her to the nearest testing station. Long story short, if a person’s blood sugar is low, they cannot do anything, they are basically useless and the pleasure receptors do not work, which means the person will no longer will be in the mood for sex.

The nearest testing station is right next to the camp’s radio station, KXEC. As I am carrying Madi to the lodge, all the feelings I have ever had for Madi are becoming stronger by the second. It is like we are cuddling which is turning me on as well as her. I lay her on the table and she checks her blood sugar. Five minutes later, she feels better. She seductively says,“Lee, nothing still does not matter.”

That is my cue to have my way with her but I cannot do her in the lodge. I open the door that leads to the KXEC radio show and lock the door. I rip her shirt off and begin to kiss her tummy. Madi moans loudly and seemingly like she is begging for more. I move downward to her belly button and go back up to her boobs and begin to kiss them.

She moans out, “Yuh uh, Lee, do me baby, do me!”

I certainly speed it up and suck her right boob playfully; then I slowly move to her left boob for I can see which boob makes her scream louder. I eventually smack her ass which makes her lift her legs so I can pull her pants off. Her panties are so beautiful. They have white, pink and black strips with red hearts on them. I softly massage her pussy lips to tease her while I kiss her thighs.

She tries to moan out, “Stop teasing me and do it already!”

I take off her panties, and I take my pants off and my 7 inch dick lightly touches her pussy enough to know it is there but not enough to let her orgasm.

“Lee, do it now!” Madi screams.

I shove my dick into her and she moans as loud as possible. I have never heard a girl scream as clear and loud as she did. I move in and out, faster and faster. I pick up the pace and go to a speed were I will not cum on impact but it's fast enough to make her scream.

“Yes, baby, yes, Lee. Do me. Do me, DO ME!”

I think I am doing a good job on treating her right. I pull out of her for a brief second and I tell her,“All fours, now.”

She quickly responds and shoves my cock into her pussy and I have my way with her. I continue to go faster and faster and she screams louder, “Yes, baby, you are doing good.”

I scream to her, “Madi, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Oh DAMN I'M CUMMING.”

I give her one last shove of my dick into her and she screams as loud as possible. I cum in her pussy while she cums at the same time, too. We both pass out on the floor and cuddle with each other for a good 15 minutes.

I wake her and tell her, “Get your clothes on and come on.”

She responds in sadness, “But, Lee, when will be able to fuck again?”

I chuckle and say, “Don’t worry; we will have time tonight at the camp fire.”

She stands up, kisses me on the cheek and runs out to get checked into her cabin. The funny thing is, this is only one day of the 20 days left to go. The real question is, how many more times are Madi and I going to have sex? Nobody knows. All I know is I care about her and she is my number one until the 2nd session ends.

*On 12/10/12 at 10am, I do have a job interview at this camp. Please pray that I do get this job. This is my dream job and will do anything to be working here. Please pray for me, thank you.

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