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Nothing to worry about.

He looks at her and he wonders what she sees in him. He is older than her, more than a decade in fact. He cannot understand what this young good looking lady sees in him. He feels like perhaps he is not enough for her. He worries that perhaps his age will show when they are together.

She looks at him and she knows he worries about things. She knows he wonders about what she sees in him. She believes he doesn’t know how much she loves him, enjoys him. She is young and she knows that but mentally she is older and she is really quite over wasting her time with guys her age. Guys who are not nearly as smart as him, guys who worry about too many unimportant things. She likes his maturity and she likes that he gets her. She can say whatever she wants and she knows he will listen and accept it. Truth is she is more in love with him than she has ever been with anyone before.

He worries that he won’t be able to satisfy her. They have talked about their past sexual experiences before. Hers are something he couldn’t have ever dreamt about. His sex life has always been the same and boring at times. He has never really experienced true passion and lust like she has. He doesn’t want to disappoint her.

She assures him that he shouldn’t worry. She smiles at him often and tells him that if things are not great first off it doesn’t matter, after all practise makes perfect.

They eat their meal with the occasional conversation. They seem to be quiet more often than not especially when they are staring at each other.

“Are you having dessert today?” she asks him softly.

“I was thinking about it, how about you?”

“I think I shall have ice cream, vanilla of course” she tells him with a smirk on her face.

Soon after that the dessert comes and she begins to eat her ice cream. She eats it slowly. Each movement slow. She brings the spoon to her lips and very slightly opens her lips to allow the ice cream in. She doesn’t ever open her mouth very wide. She puts the spoon in upside down and lets it slowly reach her tongue. Once most of it is off the spoon she then licks the spoon, looking at him as she does. She does this with every single mouth full. Every once in awhile she scoops some up on a finger and sucks it off closing her eyes as she does.   Her lips are almost always coated white from the ice cream and sometimes she licks over her lips seductively and cleans the whiteness off.

He is almost dying watching her. He has never thought of food as sexy before but she has a way of eating just about anything and making it look incredibly sexy. He is imagining her sucking his cock right now. Each mouth full of ice cream makes him close his eyes and imagine she was working on him. It almost drives him over the edge seeing the whiteness on her lips, imagining it was his juices all over her lips.

“Are you ready to leave?” he asks her.

“I haven’t finished my ice cream yet” she says smiling.

They wait until she finishes and he doesn’t know how he is standing it sitting there. When she is done she stands and looks at him.

“Ready” she tells him.

They walk out hand in hand and once out the door she leans in and kisses him. They continue walking and she holds onto his hand a little tighter every once and awhile. It isn’t long before they get back to the house.

Once inside she leads him up to the bedroom and sits him on the bed. She kisses him passionately and soon he is lying on his back and she is on top of him kisses him. After a long time of passionate kissing she stops and looks at him. She smiles at him and he almost melts.

“Since I know you worry that you will not satisfy me. Since you worry that you won’t know what to do. I will take over. From now on I am in charge and you will do everything I say. You will also take everything that I give you.”

Sitting on him she starts to kiss him again. Her hands on his neck as her tongue dances with his. She kisses him for a long time before starting to move down his body. She kisses his neck and sucks a little even. His breathing is becoming faster with each kiss. She sits up and starts to move down his body but as she does he reaches up to fondle her breast.

“I told you to do what I say, I didn’t say too do that. I think it would be best if you were restricted now. That way you have to just take what I give you and there won’t be a thing you can do about”

She finds the restraints and slowly ties him to the bed. Now he is laying there spread out and tied up ready for her to do as she pleases. She sits on him again and resumes moving down his body. Kissing over his chest and licking his nipples a little. She moves down further and starts to kiss his stomach. Her hands on his chest as she does.

He is loving this. He loves being tied up. He had never experienced getting tied up before her, hardly ever thought about it really but he loves it. He feels his heartbeat getting faster and he begins to breathe a little deeper. She is kissing his stomach and her hands are now on his thighs.

She caresses his thighs and kisses over his stomach and stopping just before reaching his centre. She teases him by just blowing air onto his centre but never actually touching it. She kisses his thighs and strokes them gently, she gets so close to his centre but always moves away. The teasing is killing him.
He wants to feel her mouth on his cock. He wants to feel those lips and hands working his cock. He begs her a few times, telling her he needs her and that he wants her to suck him. She just looks up and smiles. After a little while longer of caressing his thighs she moves up and sits on his centre.

He thinks he will finally be able to feel something on his cock. He is sure that she is going to fuck him now. But she doesn’t. She sits on him so that his cock is along her cunt length wise and she rocks a little so that the tip of his cock hits her clit over and over again.

He can feel her warmth. Her cunt is so warm and incredibly wet. He wants his cock inside her. He wants to feel that warm wetness surrounding him.

She continues to rock and she soon starts to feel her body climaxing.

She tells him “I am going to cum baby, all over your cock. Baby I am cuming.”

She climaxes over his cock, soaking it with her juices. She asks him now what he wants to do next and he tells her that he wants to fuck her. She repositions herself over his cock and allows it to enter her. She moves back and forth slowly, wanting to tease him a little longer.

“Faster I want you to fuck me faster.” He yells at her.

She doesn’t move any faster just keeps a steady pace and then leans in to kiss his neck and lips. She parts his lips with her tongue and then finds his tongue. Once they are in a very passionate kiss she starts to move her hips a little faster.

He feels like he is about to climax right there and he tells her this. She stops fucking at him and stands. He wonders what she is doing and is a little confused.

She stands beside the bed and feels him watching her. She grazes her hand down her body and begins to massage her breasts, fondling them, pulling at her own nipples. She brings a hand to her mouth and sucks on a finger making it very wet and then uses that finger to circle a nipple making it more erect then it was before.   She does the same for the other nipple.

He is getting so very aroused watching her that he thinks he might cum right there. He just wants to touch her, to kiss her and to fuck her.

She moves a hand down past her waist and stomach and reaches between her legs. She starts to stroke her cunt with one hand while the other is still on her breasts. She rubs her cunt slowly at first and then faster and faster. She can tell she isn’t far from cuming and knowing he is watching her every move and wanting her is turning her on very much.

She starts to rub her clit and her body gets closer to climax. She leans her head back and rubs faster and soon starts to cum again. She looks at him when she has climaxed and she can tell he wants her very badly now. She moves and sits on him once again her juices dripping on him. She sits on his centre and he thinks she is going to fuck him now.

Instead she begins to untie him and soon he is free. She moves off him and gets on her knees in front of him.

“Fuck me baby” she tells him.

He quickly moves behind her and positions himself. He grabs her hips and starts to fuck her fast. He slaps her arse once telling her she was so very naughty for teasing him. She moans loudly when his hand makes contact with her skin. Sensing that she likes it he slaps her again and again. Her arse is getting red now from all the slaps. He slaps her again.

“Harder, slap me harder.” She moans.

He does so. Spanking her over and over as he fucks her. It isn’t long before he feels himself starting to cum and he grabs her hips and pulls her into him thrusting into her deep as he fills her cunt with his juices.

They stay like that for awhile. Panting and trying to regain the breath. He eventually moves from behind her and lies on the bed. She rolls over and lies next to him. They both feel rather spent and satisfied.

She looks at him and smiles and says

“See I told you had nothing to worry about.”


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