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Object of Desire - The Sequel

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Lightning sometimes does strike twice.....



By the time my plane landed, I had answered my own question. There was no doubt in my mind that, if the opportunity arose, I would definitely want to see Trina again.   Assuming of course that I hadn’t freaked her out with my last words, which had just popped out of my head without thinking.


When I got back to work the next day, there was a friendly little note waiting for me.   And so it went for the next few months. We exchanged messages almost daily, sometimes several times a day, often saying nothing at all, but just enjoying the chance to remind each other that we were still around.   It was a silly thing, but somehow it made many things better just to know that she still cared.


At some point I even dropped a hint (or more than a hint) that if I ever had a chance, I would love to see her again.   She never answered me directly about that, but I got the feeling that she was secretly pleased to know that I felt that way.


And the memories – ohhhh, the memories.   I never got tired of replaying in my mind those unbelievably erotic scenes from that night I spent with her.   The vision of her face hovering over me as her hips ground sensuously into mine.   The way she glowed when she was turned on.   I couldn’t even take a shower without getting hard.   And whenever I did, there was a smile on my lips.   It was like the “gift that keeps on giving”.


About six months later, I was invited to present a paper at an energy conference in Turkey .   The project I was working on was going well, and my partners in Istanbul saw an opportunity for some timely publicity.   I didn’t mind doing it, although the idea of getting up to make a presentation in front of a roomful of professionals was not particularly my idea of fun – I had done it often enough to feel confident in my abilities as a presenter, but I never felt any ego rush like some of the others seemed to.


The conference was being held at a well-known resort on the Sea of Marmara, about an hour’s drive from the center of Istanbul .   It was late spring, before school was out, so my wife and kids couldn’t get away, which meant it would be just me and a bunch of engineering professionals.   I would gladly have made my presentation and then gotten on a plane that evening, but it would have been rude to my hosts, so I resigned myself to another couple of days of boring lectures and professional camaraderie.


I checked into my room at the hotel, and threw my bag on the bed.   I had to hurry downstairs – I couldn’t be late for the start of the conference, because I was one of the speakers scheduled in the first session.   As I rushed out of the room, however, I noticed that the headboard of the king-sized bed in my room was formed by a series of wooden bars.   I was instantaneously transported to a vision of a photo that I had received from Trina.


In the photo, she was lying nude on a bed, with her arms stretched over her head, and her wrists tied together with some kind of black material (her trademark sheer stockings, perhaps?), with the restraint looped behind a post in the headboard.   Just like the headboard in this room.   I had to laugh out loud – the visions of that woman followed me wherever I went.   I loved it.


My presentation went well that first morning, and I even got some intelligent questions afterward.   After lunch I excused myself from the group.   It was such a warm sunny day that I just couldn’t bring myself to go back into that dark conference room for more lectures just yet.   I figured that an hour or so outdoors would recharge my batteries – besides, I had done my part already, so I deserved a bit of a break.


I wandered out of the conference hall, through the hotel lobby and down to the pool, picking my way through the scattered lounge chairs.   I realized that I stood out like a sore thumb in my jacket and tie amongst all those bikini-clad bathers.   I shucked my tie and slung my jacket over my shoulders, looking for an unclaimed chair to relax in.   I settled into one, next to a mother with two small children, and leaned back with my eyes half closed to absorb the warmth.


I let my thoughts drift aimlessly as my eyes wandered pleasantly over the surrounding bathers, picking out the lookers from the elderly matrons.   I especially liked the good-looking ones lying on their stomachs, with the ties from their loosened bikini tops dangling down on either side – it was fun to imagine what they might look like if they rolled over.   No imagination was required with a few of them – notwithstanding the traditional Turkish conservatism, the European custom of topless sunbathing was alive and well at this resort.


I was looking at one particularly delectable figure lying face-down, when I froze.


The curving legs ending in a delicious rounded tush.   The wavy brown shoulder-length hair cascading off to one side.   The cute upturned nose.   The high forehead offset by pencil-sharp brows.   I couldn’t see her eyes behind the dark sunglasses, but…..


Naaaah, it couldn’t be……


Could it??


I was up and out of my chair without even realizing it.   I kept thinking that my eyes would stop playing tricks on me as I got closer.   I was almost standing over her before I came to the conclusion that this was no mirage.   Her eyes were closed under the dark sunglasses, but there was no doubt, as unbelievable as it seemed.   I touched my hand to one soft bare shoulder.




She started at the sound of my voice, then opened her eyes and looked up at me with a huge smile on her lips.


“Well, if it isn’t the wayward sailor himself!” she exclaimed.






There was something so naughty about it all – quite apart from the fact that he was married and I was almost married. Meeting on the internet, sharing deep dark secrets. Coming face to face. Then simply cumming. I had really got off on it all, enjoyed our night of passion so much I wanted to do it again. The danger just added to my determination.


As we exchanged emails it was obvious he would dearly love to get his hands on me again, but a repeat trip to London was never mentioned by him. And I wasn’t going to invite him – that would be too keen. The email chat was nice, occasionally sexy. I wanted to know if he thought of me while he fucked his wife. He dodged the question, which I took as a yes. He liked being difficult, I liked trying to embarrass him. But I wanted to paw him again.


He began talking about a business trip to Turkey , to a resort near Istanbul . I subtly got the dates out of him and began researching whether I could make it out there, as a surprise. It wasn’t a cheap place to get to from London , and a travel agent advised me to wait until the last minute to get a more reasonable price if I was short of funds. I was, but I was determined to go. The only problem being I would have to go with my boyfriend. There was no way I could come up with a reasonable explanation for going all the way to Turkey alone – I was just a glorified barmaid for God’s sake! So I told him to book a week off work for a surprise trip, told my mother she was babysitting and waited until the week of reckoning.


We got our cheap flights, and by now I had found out which hotel David’s conference was at. I managed to book a room there and, for two days, I booked myself in for every beauty treatment I could and bought some new holiday clothes – I wanted to look good. I did look good.


By my reckoning we were actually there a day before David. I made sure I spent as much time as possible with my boyfriend in that 24 hours, and made sure he was satisfied at night. I would need to try and lose him now and then over the following few days, to snatch some time with David.


On our second day I saw some posters advertising the conference, and saw David’s name. I would have gone in to watch him talk but a) it seemed I would merely stand out like a sore thumb on account of being the only female interested in the seminar and b) I had to quietly get rid of Chris. We had a nice morning looking round markets and stuff and I began to moan that I wanted to read by the pool. I knew Chris hated sitting by the pool – he would want to go out and do something – and sure enough in the end he suggested I go back to sunbathe while he took a trip out to Istanbul . Perfect.


He left me in the room as I was changing into my bikini, gave me a kiss and said he’d be back for dinner. I scampered down to the poolside after he’d been gone a good five minutes and found myself a lounger in view of the bar. I got bored of looking out for David after about an hour, started to read a magazine. The heat was making me horny as usual but I was determined to store it up. I got a drink, read some more, dozed, drank, dipped in the pool, dozed…


Then a tap on the shoulder. “Trina?”


“Well, if it isn’t the wayward sailor himself!” I replied, sitting myself up.


“What? How? When? Where?” The look on his face was priceless. I laughed at him, pleased with myself that I had pulled off my big plan.


“Fancy meeting you here,” I smiled. “It really is a small world.”


“I don’t believe it! Are you here for me?”


“Well yes I am. But my boyfriend is also here – I couldn’t think up any plausible explanation why I would come here alone.” David began looking round, obviously wondering where Chris was. “Don’t worry you’re safe for now. He’s in Istanbul until dinner. Better still, tomorrow night I have sorted a ticket for him to go and watch the big soccer match in Istanbul . So maybe we can have a drink?”


He bent down and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Well, you look hot. In every sense I suppose.” He sat on the end of the lounger. “How long have you been here? Are you staying in this hotel?”


I filled him in on my devious plan, and he couldn’t stop smiling. Even more impressive was the fact that he managed to let his eyes wander only occasionally to my sweaty cleavage or crotch.   He had two more nights at the hotel, which was what I’d thought. So we could have a play this afternoon, he would have to amuse himself tonight while I stayed with Chris, and tomorrow night – hopefully until late – there would be some fireworks. “I think it’s probably fair for you to expect a fuck or two on this trip, David,” I said, rubbing my foot on his leg.


“God I just don’t know what to say… Thank you?” he laughed. “Can I get you a drink?”


“You can get me a drink. Have you got to do more seminar-type stuff this afternoon?”


“No, I’m free now. Well I did arrange to meet some of the guys for a beer but screw that.”


“In that case we’ve got about three hours of catching-up time haven’t we?” I smiled, taking off my shades. “Why don’t you fix me a drink in your room?”





I don’t know what startled me more – the boldness of her plan, or the brassiness of the woman who had come up with it.   She was most certainly the most direct woman that I had ever known, sure about what she wanted and not shy about finding a way to get it.   I really did love her for that.


And I was suddenly reminded, by a certain member which was rapidly coming to full erection, that she turned me on like no woman ever had before.   I laughed out loud at the realization that she could probably wake me out of a sound sleep, ten years from now, and have me instantly hard with only a few well-chosen words.


“What’s so funny?” she asked.


“Nothing,” I replied, “just that you could probably turn on a corpse.   I want you so badly it hurts!”


“Then time’s awasting!”   She stood up, slipping her arms into a short robe, covering her skimpy bathing suit.   I regretted losing the view, but I knew that she’d make up for it soon enough.   I stood up, offering her my elbow.   She hooked her arm through mine, and we set off to find the nearest hotel elevator.   The touch of her smooth, silky skin as it slipped over my forearm sent tingles up and down my spine, with the promise of much more to come.


I wasn’t particularly anxious to run into any of my Turkish colleagues – they had never met my wife, but they knew that I had come to the conference alone, and I preferred to avoid any awkward explanations.   But they were all tied up in the conference, and I figured that no one would miss me for a few hours.


The ride up in the elevator reminded me of our first elevator ride in London .   But there was no hesitation this time – as soon as the elevator door closed, I turned and wrapped both of my arms around her, pulling her to me.   She turned her head up towards mine, with a smile on her lips.   I stifled whatever thought she was about to express with my mouth, lips pressing hard on to hers.   Her tongue was instantly inside my mouth, searching out mine. And her right leg snaked up, wrapping itself around my thigh, urging me into a total embrace.


We broke for breath just as we stopped at my floor.   I said, “You’re not the only one who knows what they want.”   I took her hand and pulled her off the elevator.


She smiled broadly and said, “Lead on, MacDuff!”


I fumbled with the cardkey to my door.   I was about to push it into the slot when she snaked her tongue into my ear.   “Ohhh,” I groaned, “if you don’t stop that we’ll never make it into the room!”


She thrust her moist tongue into my ear again, and whispered, “We could do it in the hallway, if you prefer…..”


Summoning all my willpower, I managed to find the slot and open the door.   We tumbled into the room, tripping over each other.   My need was so great that I didn’t even bother to make it to the bed – I pulled her down with me to the floor, twisting to roll over on to her.   Her robe fell open as I pushed her bikini top up, exposing her jiggling breastflesh.   My right hand engulfed one breast, kneading it and pinching the engorged nipple between thumb and forefinger.   My mouth latched onto the other breast, sucking it into my mouth, my tongue laving the nipple.


Her hands grasped the back of my head, her fingers entwining themselves in my hair.   Both legs reached up to wrap themselves around my thighs and under my ass, locking me into a tight embrace.   I was intoxicated by her smell – a nuclear warhead could have gone off outside without distracting me from her lush beauty.


She panted into my ear, between whimpers: “Don’t you think that you’re just a little overdressed?”


I kissed my way from the valley between her breasts, up the smooth curve of her neck, licking her chin, and then sucking her lower lip into my mouth.   Her hands grasped both sides of my face, her mouth sucking me into her hungrily as her hips undulated beneath me.


I reached down with both hands to unbuckle my belt, unzipping my pants.   I grabbed my pants and underwear, pulling my knees up to push my clothes down to my knees without breaking our lip-lock.   Then I reached up with my right hand to grab the side of her bikini bottom.   As I tugged it down, she lifted her left leg, pulling it out of the bottoms in one smooth motion, leaving the thin wisp of material hanging from the calf of her other leg.


Wrapping my arms behind her knees, I pushed them up to bend her legs to either side, turning up her ass and exposing her waiting cunt.   I could smell the sweet pungency of her arousal.   I didn’t wait for an invitation – my need was too great.   Hunching my hips upwards, my rock-hard cock slid over the lips of her pussy – once, twice, spreading her pussy lips with each stroke.   Then my cock head found the entrance, hanging up for an instant as she expanded to accommodate me, and then sliding slowly and deliciously all the way inside of her, as her wet folds enveloped my entire length.   Her hips jerked upwards, locking her pelvis to my groin.


I looked up to see her eyes locked on mine, smouldering in her arousal.


“Fuck me!” she said.




His cock felt so good as it finally entered me – I’d been waiting all day, after all. I was hot and sweaty and gagging for him. I begged him to fuck me, locking my legs around him as he began to nail me on the hotel room floor. His mouth alternated between my exposed nipples and my hungry mouth. I held him close, wanting friction between our bodies. I kicked my bikini bottoms away behind his back, opening wider for him.


A minute or so into our frantic, staccato grinding he groaned loudly, and paused, his face buried in my hair. I guessed he was ready to cum already and, to be honest, I’d have been somewhat disappointed if he hadn’t. I reached down beneath my ass and sought out his balls, squeezing them gently. “Cum in me now dammit,” I whispered. “Fuck me now. Hard.”


He pushed back, smiling. A few more thrusts and he was shooting inside me, crying out as we locked eyes and I locked my ankles behind him, gripping his waist with my thighs.


“Sorry, it’s just…”


“Shhhhh,” I interrupted him as I sincerely stroked his hair, his head resting on my chest. “I’m so sexy I made you cum too soon?” I giggled. “And maybe you’re not gettin’ any at home?”


“OK, maybe both of those things…”


“Well rest assured we can try again sometime. And we can keep trying until we do it right.”


He laughed, his cock still stiff inside me. He gave me a soft kiss on the lips and slid out with a satisfying slurp. I knelt, shedding my bikini top on the floor, and quickly looked round for something to do the honours between my legs. I saw David’s tie poking out of his jacket pocket and tugged it out, swiftly rolling it and catching his cum as it oozed out of me. He looked at me aghast.


“Um, sorry,” I said, realizing it was not the classiest thing I’d ever done.


“No, no, I … I’ll probably never get it cleaned. Souvenir.”


We found our way to the bed, a little small talk interspersed with kisses and caresses. Bare limbs intertwined in the heat of the afternoon, a lazy hour passed catching up and reacquainting ourselves physically. He was fairly hard the whole time, I was happy just brushing my hand or thigh against his cock every now and then, keeping him interested, keeping him on standby. Out of the blue he asked if he could tie me up, like in a picture I had emailed to him. I looked up at the bed’s headboard – it was perfect for a spot of light bondage. I wrapped my hands around two of the bars. “Like this, lover?”


“Yeah, just like that.”


“And my feet to the sides of the bed?” I asked, throwing one calf over him towards one side of the mattress and pushing my other foot in the opposite direction, spreading wide.


“Wow, yeah, maybe. I hadn’t thought of that.”


“Of course you can,” I kissed him, still in my position of mock-restraint. “Use me and abuse me at your will – but tomorrow night. I doubt we’ve got time to do it justice right now.”


“That’s certainly something to look forward to,” he sighed with a smile.


“In the meantime...” I left the sentence hanging as I rolled on to my front, my head on the pillow looking right at him. I slowly raised my knees on the bed and, with them, my ass. I reached between my legs and slid my fingers over my wet-and-waiting pussy. “Hmmmmm?”


David crawled down the bed so he was behind me, getting an eyeful of my rear. He kissed my ass cheek, letting his lips trace a path to my hole before his tongue sought out my pussy. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feel of his mouth trying to devour my wetness from such an awkward position. My fingers were still lightly pressuring my clit, though it was subconscious. He was on all fours behind me, his face buried between my legs, one hand on each of my calves as he probed and sucked me, pushing all sorts of involuntary gasps and moans out of me and into the smooth, white, virginal pillow.


I pushed myself up grasping the top bar of the bed’s headboard with both hands. I looked round to see him emerging from underneath me with suitably wet chops. He mounted me slowly, one of his hands guiding his stiff rod into me. I was deeply in need of an orgasm. I always was after a few hours in the sun, but today’s events had sent me off the scale. He moved over me, surrounding me, and I turned my head to kiss him as he slid all the way in. It was a beautiful kiss, the sort of wanton, lustful kiss that perfectly suits a doggy-style fuck: my hair in the way, his hand cradling a tit beneath me, our tongues doing battle as our mouths switched between sucking and panting, my subtle shifts in position trying to get more of him in me.


He began moving in and out, a slow methodical pace as he breathed heavily in my ear, my neck, my hair. I reached underneath to guide his hand further south, between my legs, holding it against my clit, keeping pressure on as his cock fucked me. My hand returned to hold the bed, helping me to push back against him as he quickened his thrusts. “Oh this won’t take long for me,” I growled. He didn’t answer. He leant back further, his free hand holding my waist as his knees gently pushed mine wider apart. I responded lifting my ass slightly to enable him to nail me deeper. His right hand was perfect, firmly pressing on my clit, sliding back and forth over it ever so slightly with each of our movements. He began to fuck me harder, his groans also getting louder. The bed was banging the wall. I certainly did not care one bit, I was ready to explode.


“Ah God, I’m going to cum David!” I screamed. I wanted him to cum with me. I couldn’t tell if he had or not. So intense was my climax I could feel nothing else inside me for a few moments, and my screams had drowned out anything he could have offered behind me. As I calmed down he began kissing my back, whispered something I didn’t hear. I became aware of a pain in my palms, the metal of the bed had dug into me so hard had I gripped the top of the bed. I released my hands, and collapsed onto the bed, David’s cock slipping out of me.


“That was just what the doctor ordered,” I groaned. He rolled next to me, a big smile on his face.


“Glad I could be of service.”


We held each other for a while, all sweaty skin and sexy scents. I brought myself round with a need to check the time. “How long have we got?” I peered over him at his bedside clock. “About an hour I guess… I’m going to need a shower before dinner I think.” Shit! Dinner! “Will you be at dinner? You will try and control yourself darling?” I winked at him and pulled him towards me, sharing a soft kiss.


“I’ll do my best Trina. Try not to look too sexy though huh?” he smiled.


“I am what I am,” I said with mock drama, raising myself from the bed to visit the bathroom. “What do you want to do with me for the next hour then sailor?” I called from my position on the toilet.





I was embarrassed at first that I had come so quickly - I had underestimated my desire, and how much she turned me on.   But the hour that we spent talking in bed together afterward, lazily stroking one another as we chatted, was the nicest hour that I’d spent in a very long time.   Then, when the stroking then escalated into something more, I was glad to have been given a second chance to “redeem” myself, and gratified to find that I could get hard again so quickly – even coming for a second time.


As I sat there, listening to her talk to me through the bathroom door, I found myself laughing out loud.   She did things to me that no one ever had.   And I liked it.


“So what’s so funny?” she asked as she walked back into the room.   She laid back on the bed, stretching her arms luxuriously over her head.   As she stretched, I watched the ripple of her muscles under her delectably soft curves and realized what I wanted to do next – I wanted to explore every nook and cranny of her body, unhurriedly.


“Nothing,” I said, “I just decided how I want to spend the next hour.   Don’t move a muscle!”


Reaching down for my soiled tie that she had left on the floor (THAT tie was never going to be worn again anyway, at least in public…..), I looped it over one of her wrists, around a bar at the head of the bed, and then tied it to her other wrist.   She smiled at me wickedly.


“What DO you have in mind for me?”


Ignoring her question, I started my quest.


I started at her head, burying my face in her wonderfully-smelling hair. I moved around to one ear, nuzzling it and then licking inside with the tip of my tongue.


“That tickles!” she giggled.


“Hush up,” I murmured.   “You’re interrupting me.”


I let my lips nibble at her earlobe, and then kissed my way down to her neck, licking and sucking, first gently and then hard.   I had never given anyone a hickey, but I suddenly realized how easy it would be to lose control with her like that.   I knew that I had to be careful not to leave any “incriminating” marks.


She arched her head up as I moved my mouth over to kiss the underside of her chin, letting my tongue then leave a slick trail back down to the delicious hollow at the base of her neck.   She whimpered, and I felt the toes from one of her legs scrape lightly up and down my calf.


I kept moving at a slow but deliberate pace, trying not to leave any inch of her unsampled.   I buried my face between her breasts, bringing a hand up to cup one soft tit while rolling her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.   My senses were overwhelmed by her – her touch, her smell, her taste.


I worked my way over her breast, kissing the soft breastflesh and then sucking the entire mound deeply into my mouth, making sure to roll her nipple with my tongue.   I heard a soft muffled groan issue from her throat.


“I’m just getting started,” I whispered, and then went back to my explorations.   She groaned again, this time more loudly.


The next stop was at the hollow of her underarm, as I nuzzled my nose into her armpit.   The texture of her fragrant stubbled skin was enhanced by the tangy taste.   I had never understood how anyone could have a fetish for those things, but Trina had already demonstrated an ability to show me things about myself that I had no idea existed.


Moving on reluctantly, my lips and tongue trailed their way down the curves of her sweet-smelling torso.   I stuck my tongue into her salty navel, exploring the tiny folds of that tight little space.   She giggled again, and then moaned.


My hands continued to roam over her body throughout, alternately stroking and grasping her soft yielding flesh.   Her hips arched up as she felt my mouth work its way down over her belly towards her curling pubic hairs.   But I sat up just as my lips reached the edge of her bush.


“What are you doing?” she gasped.


“Just moving on to another venue,” I replied.


I twisted my body around, stretching my legs towards her head and bending over to touch my lips to her toes.   She giggled again.   But then she sucked in her breath as I sucked in her toes, licking them one by one.


I kissed my way around her foot, savoring the variations in touch and taste from the sole, to her ankle, and then to the top of her foot.   I nibbled my way slowly up her delightfully curved calf, and then around to the hollow behind her knee.   It was all so wonderful, but the soft inner flesh of her thigh awaited.


I kissed and sucked at her thigh, slowly licking and sucking my way upward from her dimpled knee towards the promise at the juncture of her legs.   She mewled as I kissed slowly up the inside of her thigh and approached her cunt, squirming and widening her legs to allow me fuller access.   I could smell the tangy juices that were already leaking from her wet lips.   But I wasn’t quite ready for that yet.


I raised my head and turned to move back down to her other foot, starting with her toes again and repeating the long, slow climb upwards.   This time, however, there was no stopping.


I shifted my body around to lie between her wide-stretched legs, keeping my mouth on her as I reached her cunt, sucking on her pussy lips, and hardening my tongue to insert itself deeply inside.   Her hips jerked up at me as she cried out loud, her arms straining at their restraint.


The tie, which I had knotted pretty loosely in any case, suddenly came undone, and her arms reached down, her hands grasping urgently at the back of my head, pulling my face into her cunt as she wrapped her thighs around my head.   The time for leisurely exploration was over – her need for another release seemed too great.


I let her take over, humping her hips into my face, mashing my lips and tongue into her cunt.   I reached around her thighs to grasp her tush, one delicious buttock in each hand.   I felt the beginning of her contractions, and I pressed my face deeper into her center, rolling my nose back and forth against her clit.   My face was coated with her wetness as she cried out, riding out her orgasm in wave after wave.   I twisted my head slightly from side to side, rolling her distended cunt lips with my lips and sucking in her juices.


Her body jerked up once, and then again.   She arched her back, holding both of us up in the air, and then slowly relaxed downward, twitching and shuddering gently as her body wound down.


I felt her thighs relax slowly around my head, until she stretched her legs out limply on either side of me.   I lifted my head and laid it gently on one of her thighs, looking up to catch the expression on her face.


She was glowing again.


I had never seen a more beautiful sight – her shining eyes, her gently wistful satiated grin.   “Come up here, you” she murmured, as her arms pulled at me weakly.   I slid up to envelop her in my arms.   She melted into me, reaching up to capture my lips with hers, our tongues searching for each other.


After a few minutes of inspired “snogging” (an expression that she had so considerately taught me), she looked over to the clock at the side of the bed.   “Oh my God!” she gasped, “Look at the time!”


And indeed our last hour was up.   I let myself lie back lazily on the bed as she jumped from the bed and rushed to the bathroom to pee.   “This is your fault, you know!” she shouted from behind the wall. She came back, hunting for her bikini.


Her every movement was erotic to me.   I couldn’t keep myself from letting my hands start to wander over her again as she leant over me to share a goodbye kiss.   She slapped my hand playfully.


“Stop that, you animal!”   She pirouetted gracefully towards the door.   “I’ll see you at dinner tonight,” she giggled.   And then she was gone, leaving her imprint on my bed, and an intoxicating smell that would linger in the room for the rest of the day.


“Not if I see you first!” I shouted after her.   I had no idea what I meant by that.   But I knew that if I did run into her at dinner, pretending like we were strangers was going to be no easy task. At least one part of me was bound to respond with an irrepressible salute……


What the hell – we’d cross that bridge when we came to it.




David opted to try ant tie me up, and I was lucky enough to get off again, this time thanks to his hungry mouth. It was quite a compliment to my lover that I again lost track of time, for I was suitably paranoid about being caught out in these few days.


I looked at the clock. “God! Look at the time!” I screamed, jumping from the bed. I would have to be swift at getting out of his room if I was to be sure of being in my own, and showered and ready to welcome back Chris. I bundled my bikini top into my bag, then scampered into the bathroom for another pee. “This is your fault you know!” He laughed a hearty laugh. I ran back into the room and threw on my robe, wrapping it round my naked body and tying it tight. “Lucky for you I’m on this floor huh?” I smiled. His eyebrows raised quizzically. “Yup, ’fraid so sailor.”


I put my sandals back on as I hunted round for my bikini bottoms, but I could not see them anywhere. Eventually David leaned over the other side of his bed and raised his hand with them hooked in his finger, looking pleased with himself. I crawled on to the bed and gave him a kiss. “Tell you what lover,” I whispered between liplocks, “you keep them tonight. By your pillow. Hopefully you can smell me when you fall to sleep.”


With that I patted his cock and ran away, sure I was going to have to think up some convoluted story to explain why I wasn’t in my room or by the pool or in the bar. I closed the door without a backward glance, ran down the corridor some way, eventually finding my way to the right section of the floor for my own room and letting myself in. No Chris. Brilliant. Get in the shower quick, girl.


All was well – I had got away with it. He didn’t suspect and on we went, eventually, to dinner. That was painful to begin with. Beforehand I was feeling fairly brazen for obvious reasons, and wore my red summer dress which buttoned up the front. Yes I was craving attention. Chris and I had fun, though, and I genuinely wanted to hear about his afternoon, but as our main course arrived I did get distracted when I saw David sitting across the dining room with some of his ‘colleagues’. I made eye contact a few times – deadpan of course – but then with each glass of wine I got a bit more daring.


I did some hair-tossing to begin with. I would casually, subconsciously, trace an outline along the top of my dress while I held my wine glass in the other hand, tumbling very slowly down my bra strap and eventually skirting over the top contour my breasts. I could feel him looking at me from the 30 yards or so away that his table was. Then, over the course of a few mock-laughs, I subtly pushed my chair back from under the table so that David to my left could see my legs. Half-beneath the table, and out of Chris’ line of sight, I gradually hitched my dress up my thigh. Just a little more, every few minutes, till by dessert it was nearly at my waist, my bronzed thighs totally on show to half the restaurant but to one man in particular, my hand constantly returning to them to attract attention to them.


The waiters were like flies around shit, offering more wine and more food every minute, thinking the show was for them. By the end of the meal I realized I had a problem, though. I needed to stay down here with Chris and get him drunk. A return to the room would mean nookie, and I just wasn’t up for it after the afternoon and with the anticipation of tomorrow. So I decided to get him drunk and put him out of action. David disappeared from the scene at some point without my noticing. But his absence actually brought some relief because it meant I could relax with Chris, act natural and not get myself into trouble. And so I got the poor guy plastered.


What I didn’t bank on was the fact that this would buy me some extra free time in the morning. With Chris nursing a painful-sounding hangover – “Didn’t you have any tequila Trina?” – I sauntered out of the room, in a white dress and sneakers, in search of the other half of my bikini. I had only brought one, you see, and I was going to need it quickly or come up with an explanation as to its whereabouts.


I made my way down to the main foyer, and found that day’s schedule for the engineers’ conference. David was speaking again at 9.30 – half an hour from now. He must be up by now then, I thought, and made my way back to the lift. I got out again at our floor and who was standing there but a suited-up David. “Well hello!”


“Hello yourself,” he said, pushing me into the lift, kissing me as he did so.


The doors closed behind us, but no button had been pressed so the lift stayed still. He kissed for what seemed an age, before I pushed him away.


“What time does your morning lecture end?”


“About an hour from now I guess.”


“OK. I’ll see you then – briefly.”


“Why’s that?”


I smiled and took his hand, pushing it down and under the hem of my dress, then lifting up to press against my bush, my bare pussy. “I have only one bikini which I gave to you for safe keeping, darling.” I kissed him. “I do hope it isn’t covered in your cum,” I added with a dirty laugh. “I need it for an afternoon by the pool with my boyfriend.”


His hand pressed hard between my legs and we kissed again. “I’m running a bit late, but we can go get it now if you want” he said.


“Well it’s OK, I can meet you in an hour or so,” I said. “My ‘room-mate’ is recuperating this morning anyway.” Then I had a very horny urge. I pulled his hand away from my crotch and lifted it to my mouth. I put his middle and index fingers slowly into my mouth and watched him watch me as I slowly soaked them, fucking my mouth with them, lightly sucking them, grazing them with my teeth, pressing my full lips with them each time they re-entered. Then I pushed them back down between my legs, lifting the dress with my other hand as my feet shifted apart slightly. I pushed his fingers into me and watched his face. He looked straight at me, never looking down as he slowly slid into me, seemingly agog. I kissed him softly on the lips, putting on some exaggerated gasps and groans into his mouth, giving him a taster of things to come, as I moved his fingers in and out of me, fucking me in the lift.


“I haven’t had anything in there since your tongue,” I whispered, letting him know that it had been a quiet night in that respect. My mouth went back to his, then the lift jolted into motion, racing downwards, answering someone’s call. We quickly straightened ourselves out as we hit the ground floor.


When we landed, the doors opened and a loud American squealed: “Jeez, David, I was the search party – where have you been man?”


The American eyed me up and down as David exited in front of me, making excuses about a fictional faulty shower. I went to the shops with my moist cunt. When I returned an hour later the engineers’ ‘chat’ was still in full flow. I peered through a small window into the room they were using and could see them all looking at the stage where, presumably, David was talking to them. I went and sat on a sofa, flicking through a magazine I had bought, and waited. They were running late, and I might not have time to wait having told Chris I’d be back by 11.





I hadn’t expected her to leave her bikini-bottoms with me.   But when she patted my semi-hard cock and turned to leave the room, I found myself holding them in my hand.   I was about to put them down when a familiar smell wafted its way to my nose.   In a flash, I pictured her lovely thighs filling those panties, and the now-familiar cunt at the juncture of those thighs.


Suddenly, I had an inkling (for the first time in my life) of what might cause men to develop a fetish for a woman’s used panties.   That Trina was continually surprising me, even when she wasn’t around!   Chuckling to myself, I hid the panties under my pillow and went to take a shower.


I met my friends in the main dining room for dinner.   They asked me why I hadn’t shown up at the rest of the afternoon’s sessions, but I made some excuse about a headache from the travel.   Fortunately, that seemed to satisfy them.


We were sitting there eating and making stupid small talk – the kind that men make when they’re business acquaintances away from their wives – bad jokes with semi-erotic punchlines, teasing about each other’s secretaries, and ribald comments about mutual friends.   As usual, I drifted uninterestedly at the fringes of this conversation, saying just enough not to be impolite, but not really caring to compete as the life of the party.


When I caught Trina out of the corner of my eye.   She was seated facing me, at a table halfway across the room, with another man (her boyfriend presumably) sitting there with his back to me.   She smiled at me as we made eye contact.   I blushed, and then looked around furtively to see if any of my colleagues had noticed.   Fortunately, they were otherwise occupied.


Looking back over at Trina, she flashed me another wicked smile, and then proceeded to turn my dinner into a pleasant hell.


She couldn’t resist the urge to tease me.   Pretending to be engrossed in her conversation, her fingers traced absently, but oh-so-wickedly, down her neck, over her delightful décolletage, and down her torso to her luscious legs.   To make sure that I didn’t miss the point, she hiked her skirt up slowly, revealing her smooth silky thighs as she stretched out her legs under the table.


I think a waiter tripped as he walked in her direction, almost dropping the tray in his hands as he got a full dose of the same view that I was enjoying.    She proceeded to torment me from afar right through dinner.   I couldn’t focus on anything else.   My friends saw that I was distracted, but I mumbled something about my headache, and they left me to my fantasies.


Our dinner broke up while Trina was still eating, so I made my excuses and left for my room, shuffling sideways to disguise my still-raging hard on.   Under other circumstances, I would have jerked-off before going to sleep.   However, the promise of what might come the next day made me hold off prudently – Trina had already demonstrated an ability to get me hard at will, but I figured that it was better to “save my strength” rather than to tempt fate.   It was more than likely that I was going to need every drop of sexual energy that I could muster for the rest of this trip.


I went to sleep smiling.


I decided to sleep in and skip breakfast that morning.   I was scheduled to participate as a speaker in a panel discussion at 9:30 am , which meant that I didn’t have to prepare anything – just show up on time.


Even that was almost a problem, as I overslept.   But I got dressed and put on my tie in the hallway as I waited for the elevator.   I stepped in automatically as the elevator door opened, only to walk straight into Trina!


It was pure “conditioned response” – I needed to squeeze her.   I enveloped her in my arms, my mouth searching out hers.   Our lips clashed, her tongue swiping the inside of my mouth.   I was instantly hard, and weak in the knees.


It was a good thing the elevator stayed where it was, because I doubt that I would have even noticed if the doors had opened onto another floor.   After a long minute, she pushed me away, both of us breathing hard.


“What time does your lecture end?” she gasped.


“About an hour from now I guess.”


Then she explained that she needed those panties.   Of course, it was her own fault for leaving them with me the night before like that, to tease me.   I grinned and reluctantly agreed to surrender the “booty” (pun intended), but it would have to wait until after my meeting, since I was already running late.   Then she did something that blew me away.   Once again.


She took my hand and sucked my fingers into her mouth, laving them with her tongue.   Then she stuck them into her crotch, inserting two fingers into her sopping wet crotch, kissing me again and undulating her hips as she fucked herself on my fingers.   My eyes widened in surprise at her panty-less condition, while another part of me rose even higher to the occasion.


The elevator started moving, and we barely managed to separate and straighten our clothes before the doors opened onto the main floor.   One of my partners was waiting there in the lobby, and as he saw me, he shouted, “Jeez, David, I was the search party – where have you been, man?”


I didn’t even have time to glance at Trina.   He grabbed my arm as I exited the elevator and hustled me into the lecture hall.   I rushed up to the podium, doing my best to hide the raging hard-on that she had left me with.


The next hour went by in a haze.   There was just no way to get her out of my mind.   Even when I briefly managed to focus on something else, her delicious smell wafted its way up from my fingers to my nose   It was a good thing we were seated behind a table for this question-and-answer session, because the tented front of my suitpants would have given me dead away.    Fortunately, there were few questions addressed to me, because my head was very definitely elsewhere.


I kept watching the clock as the session went overtime.   I knew she was running out of time, if she was going to get her bikini bottoms and make it to the pool by 11.


At five minutes to the hour, I got up and hustled out the door, drawing a few strange looks from members of the audience.   She was sitting there in the lobby, waiting not-so-patiently, but I could hardly fault her.


“Here,” I said, handing her my key.   “I left them under the pillow.   I have to get back inside, so just leave the key at the front desk when you get back down, and I’ll pick it up later.”


On an impulse, I bent over to give her a smooch – she was too delicious to resist.   Then I straightened up to head back into the lecture hall.


“When we will we meet later?” she asked.


I tossed my reply over my shoulder: “Meet me at 6:00 in the lobby – we’re going out to dinner.   Casual dress.   And wear some sensible shoes – we’re walking, and those cobblestones will get you if you’re not careful.”


The rest of the day dragged by interminably.   The speakers droned on and on, with periodic coffee and bathroom breaks to break up the monotony.   But my mind was definitely focused a few hours ahead.   The conference finally broke up at 5:00 , giving me just enough time to collect my key at the front desk (where she had dutifully left it for me – I half-expected her to leave me locked out of my room, just for fun), get upstairs, shower, and change.   I also rang up the restaurant to make sure we had a reservation – we would be eating a rather early dinner, by Turkish standards, but it was a busy place and I didn’t want to chance it.


I went downstairs at 6, and there she was, waiting for me with a smile on her face.   Looking absolutely drop-dead gorgeous in a simple shift, with bare legs and open-toed sandals.


“Hey, beautiful.   Care to take a little walk?”


“Only if you promise to feed me,” she smiled.


I held out my elbow, and she slipped her arm through mine.   Without another word, we walked out the front door and up the hill towards the nearby Old Town .


The Old Town was only a ten minute walk away, inside the old Crusader walls that had been built on a hill overlooking the harbor.   It was mostly a tourist trap these days, but in the lengthening shadows of the early evening, the stone walls gave out an aura of a time long past.


We strolled slowly together though the cobblestone streets.   It was a lovely evening – the walls were still warm from the afternoon sun, but there was a hint of coolness in the air.   We arrived at the restaurant all too soon.





An afternoon in the sun, just reading and getting hot, had put me in the mood. After a soak in the bath I threw on my white summer dress and slipped on some shoes. It was still very warm and, well, I had a feeling underwear was just going to get in the way. The restaurant wasn’t too far away, in the Old Town through narrow streets past mysterious alleys, and we had a relaxed meal by an open window. We shared a bottle of wine, and I tried to have David explain the subject of his seminar but collapsed in fits of giggles within a minute. It wasn’t the sort of thing to get anyone in the mood.


As the waiter left with David’s credit card to ring up the bill, I took my foot out of a sandal and reached across under the table to stroke his shin. He smiled. I whispered: “I’m naked under this dress darling.”


“I guessed as much,” he grinned back. “You naughty girl.”


“Ha! Maybe you could teach me a lesson on the way back to the hotel?”


“I doubt I could teach you anything, Trina…” His voice tailed off with a smile as the waiter returned his credit card. “Well what now? A leisurely walk back?”


“Well you’ve got me for another four hours, tops. So use your time wisely sir… God I feel like a hooker.” I laughed heartily at that thought, attracting attention from other diners. “Oops. Sorry!”


We departed holding hands, wandering slowly down cobbled streets in the general direction of the hotel in the half-light of a still summer’s evening. At one junction David suddenly pulled me left. “Let’s go this way.”  


“Scenic route, huh?” I laughed as we departed down a street far more enclosed, taking away even more of what little light there was in the sky. This was certainly a little more ‘authentic Turkey ’ than I had seen so far. Then, 50 yards further on, he pushed me to the right, into a narrow alley.


“Ohhhhhhh,” I clicked into his line of thinking and began leading the way. We weaved along the alley, occasionally hearing the clatter of plates in a kitchen or garbled music above. It was dark in there. It smelled a little. The buildings rose maybe four floors above us and closed in, windows mostly open and a mixture of sounds drifting down to us, sporadic lights gazing at us, but no prying eyes to be seen.


I lifted myself on to a low wall, pulling up my dress and slowly opening my legs. David stood in front of me with a huge grin in the gloom. He unfastened his own belt buckle as he moved towards me. I hooked my ankles around his calves, pulling him into a soft kiss. My hands went for his zipper and pushed his trousers and underwear to the floor. I instinctively sought out his bobbing cock with my hands and gently squeezed as our kiss became more intense. His hands were squeezing my thighs until one moved between my legs, foolishly feeling the need to test how wet I was.


“I think we both know you can come right in,” I whispered. I pulled on the base of his cock, leaning back a little and looking down to watch him slide into me. I gathered up more of my dress with my right hand, wanting to see him disappear into my hole. He moaned. I moaned. My nails dug gently into the back of his head as it nestled in my chest, his arms supporting my weight behind. He began to shift in and out, slowly, quietly. We could hear voices round the corner, smell cigarette smoke. Someone was enjoying a break yards away from us.


Our lips locked most of the time, tongues searching around each others’ mouths to communicate the erotic nature of the encounter, nails impressing when sensations were just right, my legs eventually opening wider when I wanted him to fuck me harder. I was getting more and more frustrated with my dress getting in the way and demanded he lift it off me. I raised my arms, he obliged with just the tip of his cock in my passage, placing it on the wall beside us. I threw myself forward, my arms wrapping around his neck, pulling him back into me with my legs and kissing deeply. My upper body was upright, right against him. I liked feeling him bang against my breasts in the cool night air as he fucked me. His hands gravitated to my ass, cupping my cheeks until they were right under, lifting me slightly off the wall and further into his body.


He was virtually supporting my whole weight, with me impaled on his cock. I began to feel that crucial oh-so-sweet pressure on my clit from his pelvic bone. I let out a long sigh. I was feeling extremely naughty tonight. I wanted to make sure we went out with a bang in the next few hours.


If he was listening to my breathing he would have known I was being pushed to orgasm. His own movements became quicker, more pronounced. His head was in my neck, his nibbles there and on my ears merely adding to the crescendo that was approaching. He lightly bit my neck and I moaned softly, reaching round and grabbing his butt.


A light came on, not right by us but close enough to illuminate our scene of ecstasy. Suddenly we could see each other clearly again, and I decided David deserved a show. I leant back slowly, placing my hands in turn behind me on the wall, then leaning back further still until I was resting back on my elbows. I opened and lifted my legs, equally slowly, while he continued to screw me. When they were at the widest I could manage I mouthed to him “Fuck me” and lay back my hands pushing against the fire escape staircase behind and now above me.


His hands shifted from my buttocks and held the back of my knees, helping my legs to stay high and wide. I moaned loudly to let him know I liked that. I squirmed beneath him imploring him to fuck me harder, faster. He did. And he was deeper than before. I was biting my lip, trying not to cry out, stifled moans occasionally rising up as my arms flayed around, not knowing what to hold on to. I began cupping and kneading my breasts as David hammered me. I could tell he was close. I was too. Just to make sure I reached down between my legs and pressed my clit as he banged me. I don’t know if that made him cum but he suddenly gasped, stopped, threw himself on to me, his mouth seeking out my nipples as I felt him shoot, his body bucking on mine, his sudden attention on my stiff nipples helping me to join him. I came, moaning muffled “yeah”s into his hair, my feet in the air, one sandal off, my calves pushed up by my man’s shoulders as he kissed my tits in our afterglow.





Dinner was great.   It was just so much fun – everything seemed so easy when I was with Trina.   The waiter enjoyed bringing us small bowls with innumerable salads, small spicy fishes, and other Turkish delicacies to go with our meal.   We shared a bottle of local wine – the waiter was gratified that I let him choose.


At one point, she asked me to tell her about the lecture that I had given at the conference.   I started to tell her, but I quickly saw her eyes glazing over, despite my best efforts to make it sound interesting.   Oh well, even I wouldn’t have found it interesting myself, if I had her to look at.


The food was good, and the company was even better.   I glanced at my watch, and noticed that two hours had passed.   I made the universal “pen scribbling in the air” sign to the waiter that I wanted the check.


As I handed my credit card to the waiter, I felt bare toes brushing erotically up and down my pants leg.   I glanced back to see Trina smiling crookedly at me across the table, and I suddenly wanted to take her in my arms.


“I’m naked under this dress,” she whispered.   No man had ever heard more wonderful words.


As we walked out of the restaurant, she leaned against me, her fragrance filling my nostrils.   I needed her as badly as I ever had.   She had told me what her limitations were – we had four hours left together, and I was going to make best use of every minute.


I glanced once more at my watch, and saw that we still had half an hour before my little surprise back at the hotel would be ready.   However, my urgency wouldn’t let me wait.   I took her by the elbow and steered her into a quiet alleyway that I had noticed on our walk to the restaurant.


As always, Trina seemed to be way ahead of me.   Taking me by the hand, we penetrated more deeply into the darkened alley, which was lit only dimly by lights from the apartments overhead.   We reached a quiet spot next to a low wall.


Not waiting for any encouragement, she lifted up her dress and hopped up to sit with her bare ass on the wall.   I slipped open my belt and pulled my pants down to let my engorged cock spring out.   She spread her legs and hooked her calves behind my thighs, drawing me instantly and deeply into her.


It was like slipping into soft warm butter – she was so wet and ready for me.   I leaned forward to clasp her to me, burying my face into her chest as I wrapped my arms around her.   At first, I slid slowly in and out of her, wanting to draw out the sensation.   This turned into an increasingly urgent fucking, the pace picking up, as she got wetter and wetter, opening her legs up increasingly wider to pull me as deeply as possible inside on each stroke.


Her dress was getting in the way.   “Take it off of me!” she whispered urgently.   I slipped it up and over her head and upstretched arms while I kept my prickhead poised at the entrance to her cunt.   Then I hunched my hips forward, burying myself once again in her molten wetness.


She leaned forward to grab me in an urgent embrace.   I felt my own need building up inside, so I lowered my arms to grab at the cheeks of her ass, pulling her toward me again.   The shifted position lifted her up slightly and I felt the weight of her boring down on to my hips.   I knew that I was close to coming.


She reached down between us and I could feel the tips of her fingers reach down to titillate her hard clit as it pressed over the top of my throbbing prick.   There was no holding back for me – I pushed forward hard, leaning down to suck her hard nipple into my mouth as I felt myself start to empty myself inside her in pulsating jets.   This must have sent her over the edge as well, because I felt her tremble and shake several times, in rapid sequence.   I could only hold on to her, letting my cock pulse increasingly more slowly as I came down from my come.   Then there was just the sound of my rapid breathing, both of us gasping for breath after our panting exertions.


I held her there for a few more minutes, not wanting to give up the exquisite feel of her body against mine, and her asscheeks cupped in my hands.   Then I felt a gentle tapping on my shoulder.


“Errr, maybe you should let me down?” she asked with a giggle.   I reluctantly pulled her off the wall and let her hop down to the ground.   We had a crazy few moments after that, laughing and shushing each other as we felt around for her dress that we had discarded in the heat of the moment.   I thought that helping her slip it back over her head was even sexier than it had been taking it off.   Much to my surprise, I felt myself stirring again – I was glad to know that, at least from my own standpoint, the night was not yet over…..


We walked back to the hotel with arms wrapped around each other’s waists, like lovers on a warm sultry evening.   In the interest of mutual discretion, we separated just before arriving back at the hotel entrance, but our fingertips still touched intermittently.   It was as if neither of us wanted to be too long out of physical contact.


I glanced once again at my watch, and I saw that the timing of our return had been perfect.   As we reached the elevators, she turned to me with a question in her eyes.   “Come up to my room,” I said simply.   She nodded sweetly and said, “I’m all yours!”   And when I punched the button and the doors of the elevator closed, she reached up to pull my head down to hers, her lips searching hungrily for mine.


As I opened the door to my room, I could tell that the maid had done exactly as I had requested just before I left.   The bathroom had a large tub with whirlpool jets – not quite a Jacuzzi, but perfect for relaxation.    I had asked housekeeping to let themselves in at a certain hour and fill the tub with hot water.   I saw that they had gone one better – the tub was filled with scented soap bubbles, with two candles lit in one corner and a freshly-opened bottle of champagne with two fluted glasses in another corner.


She was behind me as I pulled her inside the door and into the bathroom, so she didn’t see the tub until she stepped inside and I pulled her around me from behind.   When she saw the bath, her hand flew up to her mouth as her eyes went wide.   Then she threw her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply.


I had the presence of mind to reach around her and unzip her dress.   She stepped back from me with her eyes twinkling above a sexy smile, and shrugged her beautiful shoulders, letting her dress drop to pool around her ankles.  


“You’re overdressed!” she giggled, as she stepped backwards into the tub and sank slowly into the welcoming bubbles.   I sat down on the commode to pull off my shoes and socks, and then stood to pull off my shirt and pants.   No matter how much I practised, I don’t think I could ever get the hang of effortlessly removing my clothes.   As I stripped off my boxer briefs, I looked over to see her still smiling at me, her head bobbing just above the surface.   She reached up with one arm to take my hand and lead me down into the fragrant bubbles.


We leaned back at opposites ends of the tub, our legs silkily and deliciously entwined together.   She handed me one of the two champagne glasses that she had poured while I was ridding myself of my clothing.   We each leaned back, luxuriating in the warm water, sipping the sweet bubbly wine and letting out an “aaaah” of satisfaction.   It was as close to heaven on earth as I had ever experienced.





When we got back to his hotel room, the romance fairy had been at work: candles, a filled tub, champagne. I instantly forgot my clock-watching, stripping off to slide into the steaming bath. We sat there sipping the bubbly at opposite ends, our legs brushing and stroking against each other in the warm depths. I playfully curled my toes around his cock and balls occasionally, blowing him kisses across the soapy divide.


“When do you need to go?” he asked suddenly.


“I dunno. I can’t see a clock from here. An hour or so maybe?”


He sighed a resigned sigh. We smiled weakly at one another.


“Well I’m guessing you’ll have engineering a trip to London soon, though, huh?”


He nodded insincerely, putting his glass down and climbing out of the tub. He splashed into the bedroom and called back the time to me before returning to our steamy enclosure.


I took a breath and slid down under the water, popping back up again almost instantly and slicking my hair back against my head. That felt better, what with the rising temperature.


“Are you going to give me a wash then?” I asked, flashing him a devilish smile and shuffling closer to him along the floor of the tub. I passed him a bottle of bodywash that stood amid the candles. The water level was at my midriff when I sat upright, and I raised my arms with mock innocence, waiting to be cleaned.


He poured some of the white, creamy soap into his palm and briefly worked it between his hands. He looked up and smiled, pausing as if in a quandary about were to wash first. I gave him a silent growl with my mouth to egg him on, and his slippery hands reached forward, cupping each breast and slowly, softly kneading them, working up a lather on my chest, drawing my nipples out. It felt divine in the steam of the enclosed room, the cloying atmosphere drawing some inner sense of naughtiness out of me.


I dropped my arms and swiveled round on to my knees, sloshing a few litres on the floor in the process, and leant forward to give him a kiss. As he responded my hand wandered up his leg to his groin, gently squeezing his cock into action in the warm water.


“Stand up for me,” I said, pulling away.


He gave me a querying look then slowly did as he was told, being careful not to slip. I kissed the tip of his semi-erect cock and nudged him round to my right so that he was able to lean against the wall. I shuffled closer and kissed his balls a couple of times, gently, deliberately, sensually. His cock lifted out of the way by my hand.


I looked up to see him smiling down, as my mouth took in one of his balls and sucked gently. I could feel him getting harder in my hand by the second. It was so sexy to feel that slow transformation, the heavy heat of the room combining with the intoxication from the champagne to make me feel like a naughty girl in a sauna.


“I want you to cum on my face,” I smiled up at him, stroking his cock harder.


“What?” he said, almost incredulously.


“You heard.” I licked up and down his cock a few times, as much of my tongue as possible outside of my mouth for the benefit of his view. I looked back up as I started jacking him again. He was hard now.


“I want to feel you shoot on my face. I want you to have that image of me to call upon, when you’re thousands of miles away jacking off.”


I wrapped my mouth around the end of his cock, sucking hard. He gave a muffled moan. I pushed myself against his legs, my soapy upper body sliding against him. My tits were against his thighs, and I shifted left and right enjoying the sensation of my hardened nipples slipping against him. I was gently mouth-fucking him – not taking his dick all the way out, but just keeping the end inside my lips and sucking for a few seconds before sliding him back towards my throat. My left hand was reaching round, cupping the piece of his ass that wasn’t pressed against the condensation-soaked wall. My right hand squeezed the base of his cock, jacking the full length of his throbbing tool whenever I broke off to look up at him.


“More than that, though, David – I want an image.” I kissed the underside of his cock in between hand strokes. Tonguey, slurpy kisses punctuating my sentences. “I want to remember looking up at you like this. Being your little slut for the night. I want to remember making you shoot over me. And every time I have to give my boyfriend a blow job. I can close my eyes and think of this. You using me like this. God I would love that.”


I began jacking him faster, using my mouth more sparingly as I tried to drive him on to orgasm. “Go on. Cum on my face.” I could see he was getting closer. “I want to feel it shoot over me.” I gave another little suck over the head of his cock and felt a wad of cum explode in my mouth as he cried out. My mouth released his dick and I jacked slower, pointing him at my face, catching the remainder of his juice on my cheeks and round my mouth. I forced the cum in my mouth out with my tongue and smeared it around my lips and chin, looking up at him. I wasn’t at all sure if he was enjoying the sight or not.


“Sorry,” I mumbled as his dick went limp in my still-shuffling hand, “I guess romantic settings bring out the slut in me?”


He collapsed back down into the tub. “Which is great,” he replied. “But there are other things I’d rather remember you by.”


I began rinsing his cum from my face and chest where it had dribbled down. He passed me a cloth.


I looked up and he smiled at me. “So let’s make the most of the time we have left before you disappear out the door...”





When she said that she only had an hour left, my heart sank.   And before I could keep it from happening, my face sank as well.


Trina must have understood immediately.   And she knew that – however much time we had left together – it would be a shame to waste it on regrets.   So she proceeded to blow my cock and my mind one last time.


It was heaven with my prick in her mouth, feeling every last inch as she swallowed me, drawing me in and out, with her tongue wrapped around me.   I never wanted it to stop, but before I could hold off, she had me blasting outwards onto her face.


I settled back into the tub, knees weak, as I watched her dab the come from her face.   I admit that a face dripping with white sperm was never a favorite fantasy of mine – somehow degrading.   But as she smiled back at me after wiping herself clean, cheeks glistening with water, my heart melted.


She actually started apologizing to me – “Sorry, I guess romantic settings bring out the slut in me….”


“Are you kidding me?” I replied, gasping.   “You’re unbelievable! But there are other things I’d rather remember you by.   So let’s make the most of the time we have left before you disappear out the door...”


I knew that I had nothing left in me – there was no way I was getting hard again for quite some time, after the way she had drained me – but I wanted to see her come again.   And I knew how to take her.


I slid forward onto my knees between her legs, bending over to suck her lips into my mouth.   While she was distracted, I slipped my right hand between her legs, thrusting two fingers inside of her.


She squealed as her hips thrust upward in the soapy water, taking on an rhythm of their own in time to my plunging fingers.   I twisted my right hand palm up, the tips of my two fingers pressing into the spongy walls of her cunt above her vagina.   I was going to find her g-spot or die trying…..


I didn’t have long to wait.   She broke her lips from mine, gasping as she grasped my shoulders with both hands.   “Ooooh, what are you….?”


The sudden clenching of every muscle in her body told me that I was on the right track.   I pressed on the soft inner surface of her cunt, curling my fingers upward in a “come here” motion, caressing and drumming simultaneously at the moist flesh.   Simultaneously, I bent my head downward, capturing her breast between my lips.   I inhaled, sucking her breastflesh inside and trapping her rock-hard nipple between my tongue and the roof of my mouth.


Her eyes rolled up inside her head, showing almost only white.   Her hips twitched once, and then again, more violently.   She pulled me down to her, biting my shoulder.   I felt the pain, and I knew that there would be a mark that I might have some trouble explaining at home.   But none of that mattered for now, as her body tensed into a bow and she came.   And came.


She shouted my name, she cursed, she shuddered as the waves broke over her, harder at first, and then gradually lessening as she rode the peaks of her orgasms and down the back side of her arousal.   She cried out one more time, and then relaxed limply into the tub.   She looked up weakly at me, and then grabbed my face in both hands, pulling me to her and kissing me deeply.


“WHERE did you learn to do that?” she murmured weakly, after releasing my face from her hands.   I didn’t answer, mostly because I had no idea myself.   So I just grinned as I settled back into the opposite end of the tub.


We spent the next half hour soaking, our arms draped over the sides of the tub.   I let my feet rub over her skin gently, and I felt her toes doing the same to me.   There was no more left to say – we had drained each other completely.


When the time came, she slipped out of the tub.   I started to rise, but she pressed me back down with one hand on my shoulder, and the index finger of her other hand pressed to my lips.   “Not one word, lover,” she whispered.


She dried herself off with a white fluffy towel, and then slipped on her black shift.   She slid her undergarments into her purse with a naughty smile.   “I hope I don’t have to explain this,” she grinned.   And then she was out the door.


It was another ten minutes before I could regain enough strength to pull myself out of the tub.   I went to sleep that night with a smile on my face, thinking only of my Trina.


I checked out early the next morning to catch my flight back home.   I found myself looking out the window as the plane banked over Istanbul and headed south over the Sea of Marmara .


I was glad that I hadn’t run into any of my colleagues at the hotel when I checked out – I would have had a hard time explaining where I had been spending so much of my time at that conference.   Oh well, let them guess.


What a trip!   What a surprise!   And what an amazing woman!    I had no idea when –or even whether - I would see her again.   On the other hand, I had no idea that we were going to meet this time, either.   I was not used to feeling this good.   But boy, I was ready to do it again, whenever the opportunity might arise.


I wonder if her boyfriend noticed that she returned without her underwear?


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