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My obsession was sexual, of course.
I was obsessed with Tina from the moment I first set eyes on her. She was petite, dark haired and had wonderful hazel coloured eyes that smiled at you. She wore plain clothes, no make-up and projected a “please don’t notice me” persona. I was immediately fascinated by Tina and wanted to go over and chat. The trouble was she was with her daughter and I was with my son and my wife, Jessica. It was the very first day of school for our four year olds and we were huddled together in the school yard, waving the children off.

As the children were ushered away by the reception teachers, Jessica started chatting to Tina about how momentous it was leaving the children in the care of others. It turned out they knew each from our local Mother and Toddler group. I was introduced to Tina and so it was that my obsession with Tina began.

Over the years we got to meet at parent meetings and school events. Then we took turns to collect and deliver the children from after school clubs, play rehearsals and all the other things that kids get involved in. Tina and her husband Richard soon became friends. Jessica and Tina even started going to keep fit classes together. Both Richard and Tina seemed to have a similar outlook on life to us.

My obsession was sexual, of course. Tina’s very presence made me go weak and shy. Her very plainness and quiet mannerisms were hugely appealing to me. Her physique and persona reminded me of Jessica, though there were differences. Tina also exuded a raw sexuality that was all the more powerful for not being overtly projected. She had an inner confidence which didn’t require the garish display of female sexuality.

I confided my feelings and desires in Jessica, who I loved and respected no end. Odd thing to do, you might think, but Jessica and I were soul mates and are very, very close. Jess said,

“I can see why you fancy Tina. She’s petite like me and pretty. Do you think of her when we make love?”

“Sometimes,” I said honestly, “though I wouldn’t swop Tina for you. If you must know, I want both of you. Is that possible without one or the other getting jealous?”

“You are just insatiable. Maybe I’ll ask Tina to help me put out your fire,” Jessica teased me.

All this talk was just that. It was a game. I knew nothing would come of it and so did Jessica, which was why she went along with my fantasies. Occasionally Tina would come up in conversation and I felt comfortable sharing my fantasies with Jess. This went on for a number of years until the children left home for university. Then everything changed.

One autumn, I came home at lunchtime to start the weekend early and do the bit of decorating I had been putting off for months, when the doorbell rang. It was Tina and she was in a right state, sobbing and stammering. Tina had expected to find Jess home but I put my arm around her and gave her the comfort that she sought. When Tina calmed down enough to talk coherently, she explained that she had left Richard after a blazing row. I was shocked. Tina had confided in Jess months ago that things were not right, but I wasn’t aware of how bad things had got. Tina then unburdened herself on me, explaining that behind the veneer of normality Richard was a bully and subjected Tina to a daily ritual of abuse. They hadn’t had sex for years and the final straw was Tina catching Richard shagging his secretary at his factory unit. She had only kept the marriage going for the sake of the children.

“Look Tina, Jess will be home in a couple of hours, why don’t you have a shower to freshen up while you wait for her. I can find you some of Jess’s old clothes. When Jess comes back we can talk about sorting out the practicalities, you know, where you are going to stay. For now, you can stay here and use Tom’s room until you decide what to do.”

“Oh David, are you sure. I can’t face going back to the house tonight.”

“You know you are welcome.” I replied.

I took Tina upstairs and gave her a clean towel, a pair of Jess’s knickers, an old pair of her jeans and a woolly jumper.

“Shout down if you need anything,” I said leaving Tina in the bathroom.

I sat downstairs and only then did I stop to think about the situation, the woman I fancied like mad, was upstairs undressing. However, I forced my carnal desires out of my mind, resolving that Tina needs a friend, not a horny old letch. I could hear the shower running and hoped that Tina was beginning to feel a bit better. Suddenly I heard Tina’s voice,

“David I can’t turn off the shower,” Tina shouted. “It’s stuck on, can you help me.”

“Hang on. I’m coming up,” I replied.

I ran up the stairs two at a time but paused outside the bathroom door.

“Are you decent? Is it OK to come in,” I asked.

“Yes, yes, just turn this bloody shower off.”

I opened the door and froze. Tina had her back to me in the cubicle and was wrestling the controls. She was still naked. The moment hung suspended from the normal flow of time, as if the laws of physics had been cancelled for my benefit. Participants in road accidents often describe events as if they were in slow motion. I believe that at certain times our perception is much more acute than normal and can recall in photographic detail what I saw. I remember thinking how smooth and shapely Tina’s skin was, as it glistened with moisture. I can see her beautiful round, almost boyish bottom and as she turned to face me I saw her small pert breasts were even nicer than I had imagined them. But, struggling with the shower and her wet hair plastered on her head I was also struck by the comedy of the situation.

Then that mystical instant was gone. I stepped into the shower and tried to shut off the valve. It really was stuck. I revolved the temperature dial back and forth then tried the flow valve again. Suddenly, the shower stopped and I realised I was soaked through. We both laughed heartily. The comic situation had struck Tina too, but her laughter was also a necessary relief from her emotional state. Tina clung to me then and cried again. This time her tears were joyous and not out of anguish.

I kissed her forehead gently. Words were not necessary. Tina responded by pulling my head down and kissing me sensually on my lips. I pulled Tina closer to me and probed my tongue gingerly into her mouth. I could feel my hardness pressing against her, so there was no hiding my arousal. This seemed to encourage Tina to start pulling at my sodden clothes.

We broke for air and Tina spoke first.

“Take off your wet clothes. I want you to make love to me David. I know it’s wrong but I haven’t had normal sex for so long. I’m aching with desire to be loved by someone who really wants me”

“Oh Tina, I have wanted this moment to happen from the very first time I met you all those years ago. It may seem strange, but I somehow think Jess would want me to do.”

Tina helped me out of my wet things and we towelled each other off. I led Tina into Tom’s room and drew the curtain. We didn’t rush; we just climbed under the sheets and kissed, slowly and erotically, while our hands explored every facet of each other’s bodies. Tina touched my stiffness and fondled my balls and inner thighs, while I delighted in her soft breasts and equally stiff nipples. I could feel my pre-cum oozing down my shaft and lubricating Tina’s light touch. I ventured down her body and let my fingers linger on Tina’s perfectly smooth tummy and girly pubis, devoid of any hair or stubble. I rubbed her highly aroused clitoris gently and got an immediate response, which encouraged me to delve deeper. Tina was pushing her thighs wide open and pressing up her mound onto my hand, so that my fingers found the slippy entrance to her vulva. She was close to climaxing as I slowly eased a couple of upturned fingers into her flooding cunny and pressed them against her sensitive spot.

I rolled closer and pressed myself against Tina’s open sex. My stiffness slipped in without any resistance. We made love slowly, kissing without stopping for air until neither of us could hold on any longer. I reached round Tina’s bottom pulling her closer so that I could embed my manhood as deep as possible. In my eagerness to impale Tina, my finger brushed against her anus. It contracted like a cool breeze causes your skin to shrink and come up with goosebumps. Without waiting for consent, I pressed against the tightening sphincter. My finger hadn’t passed her ring of resistance but the effect was instantaneous. Tina’s cunt muscles tightened and started to contract rhythmically as a powerful orgasm gripped her being. She arched her back and moaned in ecstasy. Tina’s orgasm triggered my own massive release and we came together, finally we each experienced the release sought after years of frustration.

As we lay exhausted, Tina cried and laughed all at once. Years of anguish and frustration had been cast away. We then talked; or rather Tina talked, unburdening herself while I listened. Tina had never experienced a proper penetrative orgasm before. When she had sex with Richard, he always ejaculated prematurely leaving her high and dry. Richard was older and Tina fell in love, got pregnant and accepted Richard’s proposal gratefully, all within three months. After the marriage his true bullying nature became evident, but Tina felt trapped and helpless. The arrival of Tina’s second child gave her a distracting focus in their marriage. I now understood that Tina’s quiet demeanour was probably masking a deep seated depression which had paralysed her from walking away sooner. I held her close and gave her the comfort and love she had been cruelly deprived of. Tina eventually drifted off into a deep sleep, so I crept out of Tom’s room quietly to dress. Jess would be home soon and I would have to own up to my infidelity.

Jessica arrived and immediately wanted to know how Tina was. I poured some wine and told her everything. I didn’t miss anything out. Jessica heard me out without interruption and finally said, “I’m glad you made love to Tina. I can’t imagine the pain she has been through all these years with Richard.” Jess’s approval was very important to me because I couldn’t live with myself, if she had felt betrayed.

My obsession now had a new name, but how our love triangle blossomed is another story.

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