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Office Control

A game of idle teasing escalates between two colleagues
I smiled as I surveyed the struggling body before me, “Jesus fucking Christ, Becky. It’s a single push up, how is it that you can’t do this one simple thing?”

I was being mean, I knew I was. Becky and I loved to tease each other, hell it was our favourite way to break up the working day. Run P50i forms, grab a coffee and spend a discreet ten minutes poking fun at each other in the break room. Lately however our idle teasing had taken on something of a new dimension as our comments had become significantly more risqué.

“Oh fuck you, Adam. Regretfully, I don’t spend most of my evening whacking off dudes in the gym so I don’t possess your arm strength,” Becky replied, rising to my comments. 

“What about all your late night dallying in the glory-holes, Becks? Or do they prefer that you only use your mouth?”

Okay, so it was less risqué and more outrageous flirting, but why not? Our office wasn’t the largest and most of our colleagues were already in relationships, leaving two single people in their mid-twenties working closely together throughout the day. Something was bound to happen.

It wasn’t like others hadn’t noticed either. Hell one of the running office gags concerned Becky and I stealing time away together in the break room. She was worth risking a disciplinary for though; brunet, piercing blue eyes and a dash of freckles that made her look oh so innocent. She knew it too, and her dark red lipstick and preference for lace outfits contrasted innocence with a devilish air of sex. A few extra pounds gave her curves in all of the right places, and clothes that clung to her made them all the more apparent.

Thankfully she wasn’t an air-headed office bimbo, but had a cutting wit which would leave you in pieces if you weren’t careful, which is probably why she always seem to come better off of our exchanges. Indeed it was after another verbal salvo questioning my masculinity that I saw my opening for a little humiliation. Which is why I was barreled over laughing at her as she lay on the floor attempting to do a single push up.

“Okay, big guy, if they’re so huff easy, you do one,” Becky offered, her face flushed with exhaustion. 

Never one to back down from a challenge, I lowered myself to her level and busted out an easy ten reps. I’m not sure which was more rewarding, her look of consternation at my easy pace or the fact that I caught her stealing a glance at my arms as they bulged under the slight strain. In response, Becky redoubled her efforts as she attempted once more to lower herself to the floor, biting her lip as the weight proved too much to her and she collapsed under her weight.

“Look, I’ll make it easy for you okay?” I offered gamely as I sprung back up, “You can do a girly push-up, keep your knees on the floor.”

She considered this for a moment, probably in deference to the exceedingly short skirt she’d elected to wear on this day. I had her trapped however, she could either back off and return to her desk in humiliation, or see my challenge through. Her eyes met mine and she gave me a knowing look and for the briefest second I thought the game was up.

“Fine,” she finally pouted.

She assumed the position, looking like a bitch in heat as she got onto all fours. As she set herself I began to surreptitiously move behind her, not wanting to miss a damned second of what was about to happen. Bending her arms she began to lower herself down, the hem of her skirt riding up to sit just under her buttocks. She slowed.

I baited her, “Christ, come on! You saw me do them; your nose has to touch the floor.”

She looked like she was about to fire a few insults my way but the effort of keeping herself aloft held her tongue. Tentatively, she lowered herself further and her skirt rode up higher, revealing a few more inches of soft flesh. I found myself directly behind her. Becky’s ass was now simply stuck up in the air, her outrageous skirt having become practically a belt. She was wearing flowery lace panties, the translucent cloth revealing tantalizing hints of her sex. Fuck I could have spent hours savouring her unintentional tease. My attention however was drawn to the damp spot that had now fully appeared. I lost track of the seconds, absorbed in this powerful sign of arousal, failing to notice that Becky’s nose had successfully touched the floor.

Becky flexed, pushing herself back off from the floor, concealing the lewd show that had left me flushed and painfully hard. Turning as she rose, her eyes meeting mine as she regained her breath. Her cheeks were flushed, the redness concealing her freckles but somehow making her look more innocent. She paced deliberately towards me.

“You know, I probably would have found that easier if you weren’t staring at my pussy the whole time,” Becky breathed, her change in tone taking me off guard.

Before I could stammer any protestations of my innocence her hand worked its way around the back of my head and pulled my lips to hers. Our tongues danced together as she moaned into my mouth. I went to grab her waist but her hand caught mine and guided it swiftly within her panties as my fingers found her sopping sex.

She bucked slightly, moaning more as I began to gently stroke her clit, the heat and wetness driving me mad. Her hands traced the outline of my member through my jeans before she delved under my waistband to grab my hardness. Stroking it, she broke our kiss and moved her lips to my ear, her breath hot on my skin.

“I want you to fuck me with this okay? I want to feel your fucking cock inside me,” she groaned into my ear.

It was clear that neither of us were thinking straight, too consumed in our lust. Becky was guiding me towards the kitchen counter as her other hand worked her skirt loose. My blood was roaring as I fumbled to get my cock out of my pants, driving to sink into her pussy.

It was something of a miracle then that we heard the voices traveling down the corridor, wide eyed we rushed to tidy ourselves up. Becky stole away into the ladies’ room as I straightened my clothes and hurried back to my desk, hoping that nobody would notice any incriminating lipstick stains - or my raging erection.


What followed was agonizing. I thought on her return that Becky would be shamed somehow, that she’d see it as a big mistake that brooked no further discussion. So when she walked over to my desk and, without the office being any the wiser, dumped her soaking panties on my lap, my mouth was left somewhat agape.

Hours past and Becky seemed on a mission to make me jump over the desk, rip her clothes off and take her there and then. She caught my eyes, drawing me into her gaze while biting the edge of her lip. Her foot trailed up my leg, tracing my inseam before resting on my cock for the faintest second before withdrawing. She found myriad documents that needed my attention, daintily bringing them over to my my desk, learning in so I could smell her lust, her wanton need.

I didn’t bow to my instincts. God I wanted her, my straining manhood attested to that, but I knew that if I bent to her will too easily she would be somehow disappointed. It was a continuation of our game except that barbed comments were swapped for hidden touches, a glib comment exchanged for a brief invasion of personal space.

The day drew to a close and one-by-one our colleagues vacated, monitors flickering off as the day’s work was completed. My heart rate quickened as our final unintentional interloper packed up his things and left, leaving us alone to do what we will.

Becky stood, lazily walking around the desk until she faced me, eye aglow with devious purpose. Slowly, button by button, she undid her blouse, savouring each release as more and more skin was revealed to the cool air until the discarded cloth fell to the floor. Her bra hid little and through the fine mesh I could see her erect nipple straining for release.

She came towards me, straddling my lap. Our lips met once again, god I had almost forgotten how good she tasted. Her hands caressed my neck as I reached behind her to unclasp her bra. Her breasts were so smooth, her milky skin feeling almost unreal as I massaged her, fingers caressing her nipples, hardening them even more.

We broke our kiss as she removed my shirt, leaning in she planted a deep kiss on my neck, tasting my heat, my fucking need for her. Slowly her lips worked her way down, tasting my chest, my nipples, my navel before her head rested above my lap. She worked the zip with her teeth, delicately drawing it down before her hands were at my waistband and she let my cock free.

It stood proud in the air before us, throbbing as a result of my sheer fucking need. We both watched as a small bead of pre-cum emerged from the tip. Becky leaned in, clasping her mouth around the base, coating my dick with a thin sheen of saliva. Her hands had worked her skirt loose and finally knelt naked before me. Her eye met mine and one of her hands trailed between her thighs. She gave a slight gasp as her finger found her clit, then eagerly she took me into her mouth.

It was beyond words, her head bobbed up and down as she expertly sucked. Somehow she worked her tongue whilst doing this, running it hard down the underside of my shaft and sending electricity up my spine. The obscene noises coming from her mouth were matched only by the schlick of her ministrations to her own pussy. Occasionally she would let out a moan, and the vibrations would travel through me, pushing me to the edge. I could feel my orgasm building, my cock-head starting to give the tell-tale twitches that signaled release was near. I wanted so badly to let her finish, to spill my seed down her throat, but I knew that wouldn’t suffice.

I stopped her and god knows pulling her mouth from my cock was one of the hardest things I’d ever had to do. Before she could raise a word of protest I’d lowered her to the floor and began greedily sucking on her nipples. She shuddered slightly as I bit down softly on the erect nubs, my hand idly stroking the inside of her thighs. My lips met hers one more time before I started my own trail of kisses down her body, taking my time with each one, until my head rested between her thighs.

I blew gently on her pussy, eliciting a further moan from her. I knew she was screaming out for me to trail my tongue over her clit, and her hips bucked slightly as I leaned in over the delicate nub. I waited until the last second until I drew my head away, instead trailing my tongue lightly over her labia, tasting her sweetness for the first time. I kept this up for an eternity, carefully exploring her sex with my tongue, but never reaching her most sensitive parts.

Eventually she begged, and I obliged.

I stroked my tongue forcefully down the centre of her pussy, briefly exploring her opening before hammering over her clit. Becky screamed, groaning wildly as I worked over her clit in a steady rhythm, switching from a delicate flutter to a rugged lash with my tongue. Her hips bucked more as I slow inserted a single digit, then another inside her, curling my fingers up to hook her further into my tongue and pressure her g-spot.

Her breathing became ragged and I knew she was getting close. Foolishly though I’d forgot our game still continued and neither of us wanted to cede control completely to the other. Becky deftly turned her hips, rotating my body and ending up straddling me once more. Hungrily her lips met mine and she groaned as she tasted her own juices on my lips. And then with a flick of her hips, she aligned herself with my cock and impaled herself on me.

I couldn’t think of anything other than her pussy, its wetness and heat making me want to scream out loud. She was tight too, I could swear I could feel every contour of her sex as she fucked me. Her pace quickened and I could feel the need in her body as she rubbed her hips mine. My hands returned to her breasts and I ran my thumbs over her nipples with each thrust, the sheen of sweat that covered us both providing lubrication enough.

We were both close, her breathing had become ragged once more and I could feel my need for release boiling up. I tried to take my mind elsewhere but as if sensing thing, Becky ground down harder against me. I gasped and she looked up with a devilish twinkle in her eyes.

“Aw, giving up, Adam? That’s alright, you give me that hot fucking cum,” Her voice wavered, each thrust forcing the air out of her.

I strained harder, desperately trying to last her out, but her pussy clamped down hard on me.

“Ugh, give it to me, you fuck. Fill me with it,” Becky screamed, her voice filling my ears. 

I exploded inside her. My vision went white as I pumped rope after rope of thick cum into her. Lost in the moment my hands clamped down hard on her hips as I tried to pull Becky further onto her. My reward was her eyes rolling up into her head as she convulsed on my cock, finally giving in to her own orgasm. I forced every last drop into her, moaning through each spasm until I was eventually spent and softened inside her

Becky collapsed onto me, her head resting on my neck as sleep took us. I recall the scene of sex being thick in the air as my cum ran out of her, pooling over us both.


It had been twelve weeks since that night and Becky’s bump was beginning to show. It had been foolish not to wear protection, but truth be told in the heat of the moment it hadn’t even entered our thoughts. We were young, virile and driven to madness with lust, of course I wanted to plant my seed within her.

Becky whimpered as I entered her from behind, slow easing myself up to the hilt. Thinking of that night and the nights we’ve had since, I can’t say I’ve regretted it. As she clamped down hard on me, I realised that sometimes the consequences aren’t so bad.

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