Office Dreaming

By Cazzy

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Stolen time on the office couch
Work is busy, but she is keeping an eye on the time. He is coming in today. She is glad that she is alone. She needed him, craved him, and wanted him.

She thinks back to the way they had been flirting with each other for weeks, a touch here, and a glance there. They both knew what they wanted, but the timing had never been right. Not to mention that they could only meet at work.

She is wearing something she picked out with him in mind; a low cut top, but not too low. A knee length skirt, with a surprise waiting for him underneath. She looks up as she hears someone enter the office. A smile breaks through – it’s him, he‘s arrived.

He smiles back and walks towards her. She doesn’t get up; she doesn’t want to appear too eager. He sits down and they chat, all the while she can feel the tension building inside of her. She needs to touch him, to kiss him. She knows he is waiting for her to make the move, she can see it in the way that he looks at her, as if he is almost daring her.

Eventually she can’t take the pressure anymore. She gets up as if to put something in the kitchen. On the way back she leans against the desk in front of him, still hopeful that he will touch her first, but knowing it has to come from her. Her hands are tingling, dying to reach out and touch him. She is desperate to feel his lips against her own.

She looks at her watch and decides that it has been long enough. She slowly leans forward and kisses him. Its electric, she can feel a shock running from her lips to her core. A slow throb starts between her legs. She wants this man buried deep inside of her. She is willing to do whatever it takes.

He opens his mouth and deepens the kiss, every now and then licking the inside of her to taste. She brings her hand up and cups his jaw. She moves closer to him. Eventually they come up for air. He rests his forehead against hers.

The next thing she feels is his finger running along the edge of her bra. She knows he is a breast person; it is something he’d hinted at before.

She is never more grateful for having large breasts, than she is in that moment. He is mesmerised. He can’t take his eyes off her cleavage, as her ample breasts almost spill out of her bra.

The touch of his fingers are gentle, almost as if he is afraid to touch her. She leans in for another kiss. His kisses drug her like no one else’s have before.

His hand moves to cup her breast. At the same time hers moves down to the v of his shirt, where his wiry hairs are visible. She wants to touch them. She had never thought them attractive before, and is in wonder at the change in her behaviour.

She pulls out of the kiss, and watches him; he looks so peaceful, more so than she has ever seen him before.

Leaning away from him, she pulls him out of the chair. She wants to feel his body against hers. Their touches become more intimate than before. She runs her hands up his chest, loving the feel of him, even if she is only touching over his shirt.

He grabs her hips and pulls her against him. They are hip to hip. His hard cock is pressing up against her softer core. She shudders and leans in to kiss him again.

Their kisses become more frantic, as they start thrusting against each other. She moves her hand down, desperately tunnelling under his shirt, delighting in the feel of his soft skin.

His hands move from her hips up across her waist. One trails downwards, getting closer to the v between her legs. The other travels up to her breasts.

She arches against him, desperate to feel him touch her again. Her nipples have are peaked into tight buds of desire, aching for him to touch them. She feels the immediate relief when his fingers find and roll around her nipple. At the same time his other hand reaches the v between her legs.

He lightly brushes against it. His fingers toy with her. Not applying enough pressure to make her tremble, but just enough for her to want more; so much more.

She moves her hand down to his waist. Her fingers continue trailing down, until she lightly brushes her thumb against the head of his cock. It jumps against her hand and he moans slightly. She rubs against it again, teasing him, knowing he wants to feel more.

He grabs her hand, moving it directly over his length. She rubs it up and down, loving the fact that she can make him so hard.

Soon she has had enough of the teasing.

She moves her hands off, staring up at him she unbuckles his belt and fly. She needs to get closer, to see him, touch him and taste him. To see him. Touch him. Taste him.

She kneels down in front of him. She’s not thinking of how forward she is being. She is operating on instinct. Slowly she unzips him and reaches her hand inside.

She bites her lip, her fingers brush against his silky hardness for the first time. It feels so soft, yet so hard. He pulses against her hand. She wraps her fingers around his girth, and slowly moves her hand up toward the head.

Her thumb brushes over the top of his head, dipping into the slit slightly. Sliding smoothly in all the precum he is leaking. She can't believe he is so wet for her. She wants a taste. But not yet. First she needs to see him.

She gently pulls him out of his pants. He is so red and swollen; angry looking almost. His hips buck slightly as she moves her hand down, before bring it back up again. Twisting as she gets to the head. She reaches up with her other hand and gently cups his balls in her palm. They feel so heavy, so full and desperate for release.

She looks up at him. His head is thrown back. His eyes are closed. His back arching slightly. As if he can feel her gaze on him, he lowers his head and opens his eyes. She smiles at him. Moving her hand back, slowly she leans forward, her tongue slowly slipping out and lapping at his slit.

He hisses through his teeth at the first flick of her tongue. His hips push forward, begging of their own accord for more. Wanting to go deeper. She smiles to herself and opens her mouth wider. Slowly but surely, she takes him into her mouth.

She runs her tongue along his length, taking as much of him as she can. She pulls back slowly, sucking in her cheeks and creating pressure, she increases his pleasure.

Again she takes him in. This time her tongue runs along the top of his cock. Trying to map out and memorize every part of it.

She pulls back slowly, leaning back in again as if she doesn't want to lose any of him. His hips start to thrust lightly, trying to speed her up. He needs more friction, he needs so much more.

She is enjoying teasing him with every stroke, flicking her tongue across his slit, collecting his precum. She loves the slightly salty taste of him, not too bitter. It's perfect. She starts to pick up her pace a little.

She wonders if she will be able to take all of him if he spills into her mouth. It's not something she has been able to do before. But for him, she would be willing to try.

His hands move from her shoulders to her head. He starts to move her head faster than before. She feels him bump into the back of her mouth and opens up for him. She wants this. She wants him to lose control. She needs him to.

His precum is leaking faster now, it's thicker too. He jerks slightly and she looks up at him. His face is a mask of pleasure. She feels his body jerk again. Is he close, or is the pleasure just so extreme? She wants him to cum, but she also desperately wants him inside of her.

She moves her hand up to his. He stops moving immediately. She slowly pulls off him, placing a gentle kiss against his slit. Her tongue, beyond her control, flicks out and steals a last taste. Taking his hand she stands up and moves back towards the couch.

She reaches up and kisses him again. She needs a connection. She needs to feel him inside of her so much. Gently he licks into her mouth. She trembles slightly, her knees buckling slightly at the sweet invasion. She palms his cheek, before slowly running her hand down his body and lowering herself to the couch.

She can hear his shaky indrawn breaths. She leans back and slowly opens her legs, raising her skirt, there can be no mistaking what she wants. She is too shy to say the words, all she can do is show him.

With his hard cock leading the way, he kneels down, moving between her spread thighs, running his hands up her legs from the ankles. Leisurely spreading her further as he gets past her knees.

His gaze is riveted to hers. Watching her to make sure that this is what she wants. She closes her eyes and moves her hips forward slightly, an open invitation as ever.

Teasing his hands towards her outer thighs, he moves her skirt higher so that he can see all of her. She hears him suck in his breath slightly and then chuckle. She realizes he has found her surprise.

His fingers crease her inner thigh, tracing over the top of her mound. His touch is unimpeded by the panties she took off hours ago. Her mound is smoothly waxed. Nothing hiding her, she is completely open for him.

His hands meet in the middle of her mound, his thumbs touching, before slowly running down to part her lips. Opening her even further to his gaze. She tightly closes her eyes, wondering if he can see how wet she is, as it runs down her thighs. She feels shy about her wanton behaviour, but is unable to control herself.

His thumbs graze over her swollen clit. She jumps at the contact. Her core is pulsing even more. She can feel more fluid leaking out of her. She moves her hips again, desperate to feel him again, needing more.

Knowing she doesn't want his fingers. She opens her eyes and looks at him. She leans forward and grabs his hips, pulling him closer to her, trying to get him inside. She is done with the teasing and the playing. She wants him too badly.

She slides his pants further down his hips. Moving she grabs his cock, using it to pull him towards her, trying to pull him into her. He leans in for another kiss, before slowly pushing her back onto the couch. She sees his hand move to his cock and then she feels it.

His cock head slides between her lips. Rubbing circles against her clit, before moving down and slowly penetrating her. Not deeply, but just enough to give her a taste of what's to come. He pulls out again and moves his cock head back to her clit. She moans and bucks her hips. Spreading her legs wider, she brings her feet up into the couch.

She looks up and him and finally utters the words he wants to hear.

"Fuck me," she says. "Please, I need to feel you inside me!"

He smiles victoriously and thrusts his way inside of her.

Oh God, it's never felt so good. He stretches her, filling her up. She can feel the electricity running along her nerve endings. He slowly withdraws and her walls clench around him. She tries to keep him inside her. He pushes back in again, harder with each thrust.

His hand reaches up and pushes her shirt above her breasts. Eagerly he reaches into her bra, pulling out one breast, and then the other. Her nipples are pebble hard, and dark against the dusty pink of her large areola. He leans forward and takes an extended peak into his mouth.

He rolls his tongue around it, flicking it, sucking on it. She cups her breasts, offering them to him, making it easier for him to continue his sucking, as he thrusts deep inside her. She can feel the tension in her core increase with every suck.

Every time he withdraws, she can feel herself pulsing around his cock. She loves the feel of him deep inside of her. She desperately starts to feel the need to cum. She can't wait anymore.

She moves her hands away from her breasts and down to her core. She separates her lips with one hand and the other reaches straight for her clit. She can feel how swollen it is; fully extended from its protective hood. She starts to circle it with her fingers. He rears back to watch her. His thrusts getting harder and less controlled. His excitement is mounting, mirroring hers.

Her fingers start to move faster. She can feel her stomach muscles start to tighten. Her body is as taut as a wire. She knows she is close. Her channel starts to tighten. Her release is nearly there. She lifts her hips slightly, needing him deeper, touching the depth of her. Her fingers are flying over her clit. A few more rotations and it’s going to be over.

She looks up at him; she wants him to see the need in her eyes. He nods at her. She can feel the wire snap. The tension that had been building all day finally shatters. Her body bucks and shudders, as the most explosive orgasm of her life races through her. Her channel grips his cock so tightly he can hardly move. Her fingers have gone still. Her body is incapable of doing more than pulse and shudder.

He thrusts a few more times. His face is a mix of pleasure and pain. He is so close. Finally he speaks.

"Where?" He says, knowing he is not wearing a condom and not wanting to presume.

"Inside," she gasps. "I want to feel you cum inside me."

He nods, throwing his head back. He thrusts jerkily, pushing in as far as he can, before he thickens and explodes inside of her.

She can feel him pulsing and throbbing. She can feel his seed coating her walls. She tightens her inner muscles; wanting to feel as much of his release as possible. Trying to keep as much of him inside her as she can. Knowing they may never have this opportunity again.