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office lovers

Owen is a man who works in my office. We have known each other for quite a while and there has always been a little spark. Anyway, we had been put together on a assignment at work to my pleasure, (it's always nice to work with tall, handsome men). We spent most of our days flirting and he made me very horny. We had arranged for him to come round to my place after work one day to work on the assignment.

As I left work I rushed home to clean my house before Owen came round, wanting to make a good impression. After I'd finished tidying the house I lay on my bed and began to think about Owen. As I thought about his muscular arms and his buldge which showed through his tight work trousers.

I undid my bra and let my DD breasts bounce free as I began to squeeze my nipples and waves of pleasure shot through me. I slid my hand down to my pussy which by this point was already wet just from the thought of Owen. I teased myself slowly circling round my slippery pussy hole before gently pushing my middle finger inside me. I put another in and started pumping in and out feeling my tight walls pushing back. With my other finger I slowy started rubbing my throbbing clit felling the pleasure rise inside me as I moved both hands quicker and quicker. Just before I reached orgasm I let go. My pussy was aching for cock and I was not going to disapoint it.

I got off my bed and fully removed my skirt and shirt. I looked at my slender naked body and my excited nipples in the mirror. I went over to my draws and as I bent over to the bottom draw and opened my legs slightly I caught I glimpse of my glistening wet pussy desperate to be filled . I got my huge dildo from the draw and got back on my bed with my legs spread. I started pumping the life like cock in and out of me harder and harder as I rubbed my clit quicker and quicker. I soon reached orgasm and as the pleasure waved through me I felt my juices flowing until the hole of my inner thigh was covered.

Ding Dong I ran downstairs still naked and dripping to answer the door. I hid behind the door as I opened it. Owen was stood there.

"I hope you havn't started without me", he said with a sly smirk on his face.

"You had better come in", I replied opening the door and revealing myself to him.

He was smiling as his gazed looked me up and down. His smile grew as his eyes stopped on my breasts and again as they stopped on my wet pussy and thighs.

"Well, well what have you been up to?", he said. With that he lifted me up so that my legs were around his waist I could feel myself getting horny again as my clit rubbed against his torso. By the time we reached my bedroom Owen had his shirt off and his trousers were undoneHe threw me onto the bed so that I was on my hands and knees and started to lick from my pussy up to my ass.

His tongue wiggled inside my hole and I was already nearing orgasm. He flipped me over andspread my legs wide so that he had better access to my clit. His wet warm tongue was moving around in circles getting quicker and quicker as I started moaning louder and louder he slid two off his fingers inside me.

"Owweeeennnn". I let out a few moans and before I knew it my eyes were rolling back in my head as I orgasmed so powerfully I didn't know it was possible. Owen licked up my juices.

Owen freed his 8 inch cock from his pants and moved my head closer to it. It was already nearly hard so I licked the end of it and put it to the back of my throat up and down until he was ready. Owen lay back on my bed whilst I straddled him. I slowly lowered myself onto his hard length as I felt him fill me up inside. I started grinding on him making his torso rub against my clit as I was got quicker I bagan to bounce more and leaned back so that Owen could see his huge cock entering my tight hole.

My moans soon turned into screams as I neared orgasm for the third time. Owen smiled at me as he began to feel my pussy throbbing as I orgasmed and felt him sqirt inside me. I let out a huge moan as I flicked my head back in pure pleasure.

As I got off Owen and lay at the side of him he gave me a cheeky glance and said,
"Good work, today".

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