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Office Taboo

Tags: office
I hear you enter the room and walk quietly to where i am standing by the fax machine, most of the staff have left for the day, but the boss was due to come back before closing. I feel your hands running down my soft supple body. Stroking and caressing every inch of me. You reach around and slowly slide your hands under my shirt. Lifting one breast tweaking and stroking the nipple till it's hard and swollen aching with pleasure. I lean back, letting my body melt into yours. Your lips pressing a hot lingering kiss on the nape of my neck trailing over to my ear. Your tongue flicks out and catches the tip of my lobe, sending shivers of delight down my body.

Turning in your arms, I press my body close to yours, your head comes down and captures my lips in a soft sensual kiss. My lips part for your invasion and our tongues mate, dance, entwining around each other. Your hands, come around and cup my ass pressing my body closer to yours, you grind your hips into me. Moaning i feel your arousal against me. I arch my hips forward trying to bring them closer matching your grinding motion with my own. I pull back a little tugging at your shirt asking you to remove it. I slide my hands down your chest, over your hardening nipples my lips following in their wake. Reaching the waist band of your pants, I lightly loop my fingers in side sliding them around pulling them down the length of your thighs, down to your ankles.

Your hard cock begging for attention. I kneel in front of you, tentatively flicking out my tongue to the head of your rod. Swirling, licking the head down the shaft to your balls. Taking your balls into my mouth i start sucking, licking and nipping them, my hands snaking around to knead and play with your ass. I move my mouth back up the length of your shaft to the head, slowly sliding my soft moist lips over the top, gliding my mouth down your shaft to the end. Your so deep in my throat i can feel your precum tickling down. i start moving slowly at first hands still on your ass holding you there. Your hips start to move as you start fucking my mouth. Pushing in deeper and pulling out till my lips wrap around the head of your dick. Your hands are weaving into my hair holding my head still as you slowly move your cock in and out of my mouth.

My hand reaches down and starts to stroke my clit thru my jeans , a groan of pure pleasure erupts from my throat. My other hand comes down to gently stroke your balls. I hear your growl of pleasure, then your moving away from my mouth. You pull me up the length of your body and give me a deep sensual kisses tasting yourself on my mouth and tongue. Your hands reach down and undo my jeans pushing them down my wide flaring hips past my thighs to pool at my feet. You push me backwards till my ass hits the side of the desk and you push me up onto the top of it and pull the chair over. As you sit i notice that your in the perfect position to suck and fuck my pussy with your lips and tongue. Spreading my thighs open you lean forward i feel your lips and tongue trailing hot moist kisses along my inner thighs. Your tongue snakes out and lightly touches my wet swollen clit sending shivers of excitement thru my body. your lips suck my clit pulling out away from my lips, your tongue darting into my wet pussy. Sliding me down further off the desk, making me lean back on my elbows to brace myself. fingers sliding up my legs cupping my ass. You wet one finger and gently insert it into my ass. Pushing all the way up to your knuckle. My hips start gyrating against your face bringing my ass down fully on your finger trying to get it deeper. My moans of pleasure are starting rise and you stop as you don't want me cumming just yet.

Pulling me off the desk you turn me around and bend me over the desk you part my thighs and slide your hard throbbing cock into my dripping wet pussy. You place one hand on my hip one on my back and start pumping into me. I try to move with you but you keep me pinned to the desk so that i can't move. You whisper to me " you like my big cock fucking you don't you", you wish i would stick it in your ass don't you", i groan out a yes, i beg you to slide your throbbing cock into my ass.

You take your cock out of my pussy and slide it between my butt cheeks, i feel your thick head prodding my asshole, sliding easily into my butt. My cheeks clench around your hot throbbing cock as you start to move. My ass muscles clenching and milking you, i egg you on, telling you, " harder, faster" mmmmmmmm Deeper i plead. My fingers find my clit and start rubbing it quickly, i feel everything starting to tighten up, your breathing starts to quicken, you move faster, i feel your cock starting to swell in my ass. You pull it out just as your hot cum spews all over my lower back, my whole body is shaking hard, spasm after spasm racks my body. You keep fucking the crack of my ass till your spent.

You take your shirt and wipe us both clean. We start getting dressed, you throw your jacket on and stuff your shirt into the pocket, when we hear the front door opening, scrambling like mad to get ourselves together, before the inner office door opens we just manage to look some what normal when in walks the boss. He looks at you and wonders why your still at the office and you give him some lame excuse that you had forgotten your new game out on the back desk and had come back for it. He just looks at me, walks into his office and shuts the door. We look at each other, you wink and smile and tell me you'll see me tomorrow.
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