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Officer Mercer

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Payment for a speeding ticket
There I was sitting in my favorite hole in the wall coffee shop scanning the sports section. I was not on duty today but I visited this place daily. I was as much a fixture here as the worn table that I was sitting at.

I see Mindy walking over and am sure that she has some quick witted comment ready for me. She always seems to know when my guard is down and catches me totally in a defenseless position, always springing it on me at a total random moment. “Why hello officer Mercer will it be your usual guilty pleasure today. That motor oil that you insist passes for coffee.” I just nod my head and she walks away as if I insulted her.

Right then someone that does not belong catches my eye. She does not belong here but I do recognize her. I pulled her over last week and she flirted with me so well that I eventually let her go with a warning. In all reality I was going to give her a warning anyways but she did help me pass an otherwise uneventful day. Speaking of which I have nothing planned for today maybe a little fun is in order.

Mindy is moseying over my way. I don’t believe she has a care in the world her eyes always seem to be looking into a far off place unless she is talking to you. Before she has a chance to call me “shoog” I interrupt, “Mindy who is that over there talking to Ralph?”

Mindy, “That’s Jayla shoog, she’s the new girl just picking up her uniform. Starts the evening shift tomorrow. Don’t you think that she is a bit young for you officer?”

Smirking I reply” To young? I have no idea what you are alluding to. Just send her on over when she is done with Ralph. We are old friends.”

I see her walking over to where Ralph and Jayla are standing. All of them at once turn to look at me each with a different confused look on their face. I smile, flash some teeth and tip my hat at them. Everyone seems to trust a winning smile.

I see that Jayla is coming over, she looks a little unsure of what is happening. The element of surprise is always your best friend. I always took that to heart, you learn a lot in the Army that you can apply to your day to day life.

Jayla,”Do I know you?” I reply in my most soothing but authoritative voice”I think you know who I am. Do you remember last week when you got pulled over for speeding?”

A flash of recognition moves across her face. “O I remember you, I really appreciate you letting me go. I was actually looking for this place I had an interview that day and was afraid I would be late.”

Cracking a smile” Well I hope you made it in time, but what I really wanted to ask you is if I we could get together later this evening.” Indecision in her eyes I pause then push on, “Why don’t you write your address here and I will be over at 7:00. Make sure and be ready, I don’t care to wait.”

She walks away a little stunned but a smile on her face none the less. She is very open to suggestion I can tell this will be a fun night. I finish my coffee then head home to get ready for the festivities…

7:00 on the dot I am at her door, I raise my hand to knock and the door swings open. This is a little startling in itself but the view that greets me is almost shocking. Jayla is standing there in a tiny black dress that definitely shows off all her assets. Standing about 5 ft 4 she is a site to behold. Black hair that flows like a river, just hiding the roundness of her breasts. An hour glass figure if I have ever seen one leading to two lean and tanned legs.

“Come on in and have a seat. I heard you coming up the stairs.” A smirk cracks across my face I guess we won’t be going anywhere tonight. Walking in I take in my surroundings nice art work on the wall even a little provocative. Pictures of herself at the beach, a couple at the lake, even one with some snow in the background.

I take a seat on the sofa, I can smell her perfume. I feel a light touch on my shoulder and glance back. Jayla is standing there in just her bra and panties. A playful smile appears across her face “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” I motion for her to come around the sofa so that I can get a better look. She is still wearing her high heels. “Do you like what you see?” I can’t help but give her an approving nod and smile. Timidly she turns her back to me and slowly starts to bend over. Looking back at me I suddenly hear,”Would you like to frisk me? That is if you think I am hiding a weapon.” I can feel the beginning of my erection

. So I need to slow this down if I want to keep in control. I respond with a simple request “No, that will not be necessary but I will need to make a visual inspection so I need you to do exactly what I say. Is that understood?” A timid nod is all I get.

I relax a little at these turn of events and I instruct her to remove the rest of her cloths but leave the heals on. “Jayla, I want you to take a seat on that chair. You will open your legs and you will begin to rub you your pussy with one hand and rub on your breasts with the other. You will do this all very slowly and you will not speed up no matter how much you want to. Understood?” A nod of submission is all I get.

She has followed my instructions for all of 4 minutes when I see that she is starting to squirm her hips. I can see the shine of the wetness on her lips as her hand strokes up and down and then in small circles. She is now starting to close her eyes as she parts he lips. She must be getting close I let this go on for another minute or so enjoying the view. The seat of the chair is getting noticeably wetter as each second passes. “Stop!” I can see the surprise on her face, she had forgotten I was here.

I hear a small protest “I was so close.”

I am standing now and unzipping my slacks. I drop them and my boxers to the floor. Motioning with my finger for her to come to me, I let out a small sigh as if I am displeased with her slow reaction. She quickly obeys my request and drops to her knees as soon as she is in front of me. Before I can say a word my cock is in her mouth and she sucking on it as if her life depends on it. I feel her hand cup my balls, it is still damp from her own juices. She then starts to lick from my base to the tip, her tongue working its magic on the way up and down. I can take no more so pull away and walk behind her. Giving her a light touch, she gets on all fours and spreads her legs.

I know what she wants so I make her wait. I then give her a small slap on her ass and hear a small whimper as a response. My hand is now between her legs rubbing on her clit. Her nub is hard so I give it a squeeze, lightly at first but then just a bit harder. She is soaking wet now and she is ready to receive me. I press the head of my cock against her lips “Don’t move” is all I say. I slowly begin to push my way in her lips are now enveloping my head. I pull away and then back in slowly. Back and forth, back and forth I see her hips start to rock back she wants more, she aches for more to satisfy her needs. “Don’t move” and another slap across her ass “I warned you.”

I keep on with my sensual torment till I believe she can take no more but to my surprise I hear,”I am going to cum." The head of my cock feels a sudden warmness. That is all I need, I thrust myself in fully till my walls slap her slit. I am thanked with an”O God”.

Emboldened by this I begin to pull out till only the tip of my head is left and thrust myself back in. Each stroke happening a little faster, each stroke a little harder. I start to feel another warmness around my cock. This only leads me to speed up and pound myself in a little hard. Sweat is now starting to bead on her and I. “I am about to cum,” I warn.

 In response to this I feel her pussy tighten around my cock. This is all I needed to through me over I seem to convulse a never ending spray of seed into her. Slowing my pace to a mere crawl we both collapse where we are. Smiles on both of our faces she closes her eyes.

I begin to get up and dress myself. That is when I hear, “Officer I thought you might be up for another round.”

Chuckling to myself all I can say is” Maybe at a later date, I have a women to stop for speeding.”

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