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Oh What a Night

Friend has sex with wife and hubby
As I sit here writing, I can recall the event with such clarity that it keeps playing over and over and over in my head, without missing the slightest detail. It was a situation that I would have never believed would have happened or that I would have let happen, with just some minor resistance. A brief synopsis, this would be the second time my wife has had sex with another man. The first time she fucked another man was a Valentine night dinner and it was with a stranger. The problem, it was with a good friend of ours and my co-worker. These questions came to mind, only after the fact or I should say after he fucked my wife. Will he tell people at work? Will he be hanging around my house like a lost puppy dog? Or for that matter will my wife want to fuck him again? Like I said the first time my wife had sex with another man it was with a stranger and he is now long gone. Friend, co-worker, this situation hits awful close to home generating those nagging questions.

I came home from work, exhausted and tired, and I did something, not outrageous, but something I never did and that was to have a glass of wine after work. I peeked in the refrigerator looking for something cold and sitting on the top shelf, immediately to the left, as it always was, a "box" of wine. Yes, a “box" of wine, modern times, modern packaging. My wife always has a "box" of wine from which she pours herself a glass after an exhausting day at work. Being a hair stylist and standing on her feet all day, listening to enjoyable stories from her clients but more often than not listening to the grumbles that people have in their life’s, the stories can be kind of depressing. Never the less the standing does take its toll on one’s patience and endurance, so the wine is a great relaxer.

I was sitting on the couch sipping the wine, which was chilled and quite satisfying, The living room was quite, TV was off, no grandkids screaming or running around the house. This quite was interrupted when I heard a knock at the door. Peering out between the blinds I saw it was a friend from work. I invited him in, we both walked into the living room and he sat down on the couch opposite me. Would you like a glass of wine or maybe a beer, I offered. His response was “a beer please", which didn’t surprise me. Since he is a beer drinker, nothing fancy, but his taste is for a semi famous local beer. As we talked about work we both indulged in a second beverage. Myself not being a daily or even for that matter a weekly participant of the "alcoholic" beverage, the content of my wife’s wine went straight to my head. I wasn't paying attention to the time but recalling this night my co-worker had indulged in at least two more beers. It appeared to me from his mannerisms he wasn't feeling any pain. We continued our chit chat conversation about work when my cell phone rang. It was my wife and she informed me she was almost home. She briefly began to tell me of the day she had at work. Trying not to be short with her I did say "so and so" is here. Her response was "Oh, okay, I should be right there."

Where my wife parks her car it is just several feet from our back door. The houses are close together were we live and parking is at a premium. I heard the slam from the closing of the car door as she arrived home. I got up from the couch and went to greet her as I normally do. A little hug and kiss were warranted for the tough day she had just put in at work. As she came through the door, I did give her a kiss and a tight hug. She smelt so good and in fact looked exceptional for the tough day she had at work. The hug produced the usual sensation of her breasts against my chest, something that has always sent a little tingle to my penis, no matter what the situation. Perverted, no I don't think so. I just love the feel of her breasts against my body. Not to deter from the story at hand but when we make love it always includes her breasts. Sometimes I might pass up touching her butt, or squeezing her calves but I never pass up touching, caressing or kissing her breasts. They are large but firm. Although she complains she would like to have her breasts reduced, that wouldn't be my choice. Her nipples are large and firm and stick straight out when they are aroused. I can remember in our younger days when she would wear a tee shirt, of course with nothing underneath, and the slightest chill would bring those nipples to U.S. Marine attention. As her nipples stood erect, protruding from her summer attire my dick would be trying to come to attention in the confines of my tight jeans. As Archie Bunker would say, "those were the days".

Being so close to her during the hug I could smell the wine that was emitting from her breath. She would always have a glass of wine before coming home. Never two, never three, just one glass so that she would always be in control, not only of herself, but also the vehicle. In this day and age you don't get a ride home from the police if you are stopped for suspected drunk driving, you go straight to jail, you do pass go but you don't collect the usual two hundred dollars. For some of you youngsters who might be reading this, this figure of speech is taken from the game called “monopoly".

I asked if she would like a glass of wine and she responded with a hardy "yes that sounds great." She went into the living room and sat next to our friend, my co-worker and started to talk with him. I poured the wine, from our "box" of wine, and walked into the living room. I handed her the glass of wine and she took gulp verses a sip. She must have had a hard day at work. What seemed liked hours of conversation was really only maybe forty minutes. My friend had his third beer and my wife had her second drink with me acting as the server. Little did I know that later I would be serving my wife to my friend? We all spoke about how we use to go out together when he was married. Since then my friend has been divorced, remarried and divorced a second time. His life has been an up and down affair for the last several years. Companionship, at least female companionship, for my friend has been scarce to say the least. So I’m sure he was enjoying the conversation with my wife and vice versa for my wife.

I noticed that we were all feeling a little "gay" but what really caught my eye was my wife's hand on our friend's leg. I am certainly the jealous type but then again my wife always talks with her hands and is a touching person. I'm thinking she might be feeling a little sorry for him since he is divorced, no children and is almost always alone. It's not like our friend couldn't have a girlfriend, because he is a nice looking gentleman, not Hollywood handsome, but just nice looking. He is not very tall; he has a full head of hair but is a few pounds overweight from partaking in his taste for the "local" beer. Without any notice my wife sprang up from the couch and announces that she would be right back. She said she was going to take a shower. She excused herself and as she left the living room she bumped into the coffee table. It was hard for me to tell if she was a little tipsy or just bumped into the table since she somewhat fits the definition of clumsy. My friend and I chuckled at the bump and continued to sip on our drinks as my wife walked towards the bathroom.

Suddenly, as if I were surprised, I looked crossed the room and wondered if my friend heard the shower water running like I did. Even more unnerving, I was trying to think what my friend was thinking. Was he thinking, “Wow Francesco’s wife is naked just down the hallway”? Was he thinking "boy I would like to see those big tits”? Was he thinking, “I would love to just see her pussy”? Was he thinking “would her pussy be hairy, would it be shaved, would it be tight if I stuck my dick in her”? Would Francesco be upset if he knew what I was thinking? I couldn't believe I had these thoughts, yet as I think of the situation, then and even now, as I write this narrative, that same feeling is with me. The feeling in your stomach, as you approach the top of the roller coaster. You know the feeling; your stomach is going to move right up into your chest. The biggest difference with the feeling that I was experiencing was it went in both directions, up and down. It went up into my chest and down into my penis. My dick was bursting inside my pants. My cock was trying to push through and stand erect. I was almost embarrassed. I know it sounds crazy that I would become aroused by just thoughts of what our friend might be thinking about my naked wife, just down the hallway relaxing in the shower, nipples erect and gently messaging and washing her pussy. Just plain crazy, but none the less, that is what I was thinking.

We both heard the door from the bathroom open and my wife said she would be right out. She did come right out and to my surprise she sat down right next to our friend. The bigger surprise was she was just wrapped in an oversized extra-large white cotton towel; her hair was wet and curly. The towel stopped just above her knees, which exposed the lower half of her legs. She has great legs and her calves have just enough muscle to excite, at least, my tastes. I noticed her tits were pushed together and they were bulging from the towel. I also notice our friend was noticing her tits bulging out of the towel. I was excited and pissed at the same time. I kept rolling my eyes at her and giving her the nod to come sit next to me. She seemed to ignore me but not in a noticeable disobedience way. She just had that childish little look as to say "please, come on please let me do this". She wanted and was taking control of the situation.

As I did the rolling of my eyes I was also trying to look at my wife. I was trying to look up her towel to see what she had on underneath the towel. Did she have panties on or was her pussy ready to be exposed if she spread her legs. I wanted to know, it just made no sense but the peeking kept me excited. No, I’m not crazy, just a healthy old man who never misses a chance to peek at a pussy even if it's my wife’s'. I was thinking just as crazy as I believed our friend was.

Her next response was "May I have another glass of wine". That response broke the silent that was in the room and I said sure, drinks coming. As I walked into the kitchen to pour the wine I could see our friend looking straight down my wife's towel, checking the cleavage that was so surely inviting. My wife was not caring in the least. In fact she might have been teasing him, ah hell she was taunting him. As I poured the wine I thought, I should be mad, what was happening here, were was my jealousy, why was my penis starting to get aroused, again. As I glanced into the living room from the kitchen I noticed that my friend's package was starting to enlarge, either because of his own uncontrollable urges or my wife’s uncontrollable urges, rubbing her tits against his arm and shoulder, touching his thigh with her hand only inches from his cock, no wonder he was getting larger.

I asked myself, why was my wife acting this way? I didn't want to embarrass myself, my wife or my friend, so I just went along with the program. I poured my wife another glass of wine. As I approached the sofa I could tell our friend was very uncomfortable and nervous and I knew why. My wife was sitting closer than before and her right hand was right at the base of his crotch, her hand had to be touching his balls and she was talking as if everything was normal. This situation wasn't normal and I was experiencing a dual reaction. My head kept saying “no she can't be doing this” and "yes go ahead and let her do this". Why would I let her touch my friend's cock, but why did I let her touch a stranger’s dick. It was the strangest feeling. It was the horniest feeling.

I sat back down across the room on the opposite couch and my wife's eyes were looking directly at me. They were asking me "is it okay, can I do this." I was torn, should I, shouldn't I, and I finally gave in to my nervousness and gently gave her a positive nod and looked down at our friend's crotch. She smiled and with that smile I knew exactly what she wanted to do and that she was now in charge of the situation. Almost instantly, as I gave that gentle positive nod, that direct stare at our friend’s dick, she swiftly moved her hand up and onto my friends cock. I was taken aback by the swiftness that she grabbed his dick. I could tell by her grip she squeezed it hard. Hell, by the look on my friends face I could tell she was squeezing it hard. I could almost feel that squeeze on my dick from across the room.

My friend, with my wife’s hand playing with his cock, looked directly at me. He had that familiar look, like a deer would have, when the headlights of a fast approaching car are bearing down on a defenseless creature. I asked myself was he asking me if it was okay, was he shocked, was he aroused, did he want to fuck my wife. I didn't know the answer but I’m leaning toward, yes, yes he had all these thoughts especially the thought of fucking my wife.

Again, as I looked directly into his eyes, I gently gave him a positive nod and said "it's okay." The funny thing is I couldn't hear the words, my lips just moved. What I did notice is that my cock was as hard as it ever was; maybe as hard as it was in my youth when I used to pound my wife in the car, in the cellar, in the park under a tree, just about anywhere my dick took us.

She reached up with both hands and unbuckled his belt. She gently unbuttoned his pants and slowly tugged at his zipper. He looked at me and this time I could hear the words. I said "it's okay" and with that he closed his eyes, laid his head back on the couch to enjoy the moment. As my wife started to remove his cock from his pants I had another strange feeling come over me. I guess this was the night of strange feelings.

It’s not what you’re thinking. It wasn't one of "will his cock be larger than mine, will she like his cock better than mine. I knew that his dick wouldn't be larger because we are friends, work partners and we have showered together, so I knew there wouldn't be an enormous cock popping out from his pants. What really bothered me the most was the thought that she was going to stick his cock in her mouth. As for an explanation as to why this bothered me, it wasn't so much that she was going to suck his dick because if I let him fuck her, what's the big deal about a simple blow job. What bothered me was how she would suck his dick because it wouldn’t just be a simple blow job. Just lately over the last couple of years my wife has become a great cocksucker. She grabs my dick with both hands, squeezes my penis from scrotum to my head and sucks just the most sensitive part, the very tip of my cock, with her mouth, lubricating it with her saliva, while rubbing and tugging my shaft. I have teased her at times while she has sucked my cock how good she has become and any man would truly enjoy her mouth. Her response to me was "it took a while but I really love to suck your dick, it just gets so big and hard when I do". She has also said to me, while making love to her, how she would love to suck a strange cock, getting it as hard as possible with her mouth, lying the stranger on his back, then slowly sliding her cunt down on to this strangers cock and fuck him till they cum together. I never told her so but I would get so aroused by her saying that.

So maybe she sucks my cock to please her with a larger, harder dick, so what, it's a win, win situation for me and it would certainly be a win, win situation for my friend if she were to suck his cock exactly like she sucks mine. This was exactly the problem, my god what if she did this to him. He would definitely fall in love with her mouth, he might want a repeat performance, and I’m not sure I would I grant that. Hell, I didn't know if I could handle a repeat performance let alone getting through this first encounter with our friend. This situation was unfolding quite rapidly, now.

While these thoughts were going through my head I looked at our friend's cock which was now completely exposed. It was just as I pictured, normal length, somewhat fat with a large vein running from his scrotum to the top of his penis, not to mention his cock was hard as stone. My wife looked at me and said, can you get me the baby oil. I said yes and walked towards the bathroom to retrieve the baby oil with some relief. I'm thinking that she was just going to jerk him off.

I went into the bathroom and got the baby oil from the shelve. As I walked out I stopped and peeked out the opening of the door and looked down the hall. It was as if I was spying on both of them, yet they were just within reach. The towel was now off my wife but lying on her lap covering her pussy. I still didn't know if she had panties on or just plain naked. Our friend was slowly sucking one of her tits. The other breast was just hanging there with its nipple erect as I ever saw it. I wanted to rush out there and start sucking on the one tit left behind but I was enjoying the spying. My wife was stroking and rubbing the head of his cock just as she has done mine in the past. She was squeezing his dick like she did early when his dick was in his pants. What surprised me was how aggressive she was. She certainly had to be thinking about her first fuck with the stranger on that now infamous Valentine night.

Now that his penis was out I could see the head of his dick getting larger as she squeezed and stroked. This now was the second cock, other than mine, that she has had in her hand since we started dating. Even more, I wanted to rip that towel from her lap and touch her cunt to see if it was wet, I wanted to see if she was excited. Hell, I knew the answer, it would be soaking wet, and she would be hot, very hot. I knew our friend hadn't had a woman in many months and I wondered if he would blow is load before I returned with the oil.

Still standing in the door way I pondered what my wife must be thinking. I know what I was thinking, my cock, using an old worn out adage, was as hard as rock. My wife was a virgin when I married her or at least in the sense she never had intercourse with anyone other than me. Even in our love making fantasies she has never told me if other guys had touched her tits, or sucked on her beautiful nipples, or slid their finger gently or roughly for that matter into her pussy. I know she knows I am the jealousy type but in love making and love making fantasies everything is fair game.

I once told her about a dream I had about one of my secretaries when we were separated, only temporary, by my job requirements. I only told her enough to keep her interested until I came home. I did tell her the truth that in the dream I fucked my secretary and her pussy was so tight and hot that I cummed almost immediately as I slid my dick in her. I told her I almost had a wet dream that night but I guess I’m too old to have such dreams anymore. To this day I still have the same secretary and my wife still kids me about her tight puss. And to this day I still wonder if my secretary has that hot and tight puss I dreamed about.

When I did come home my wife made arrangements for a baby sitter for the kids and we would retire to one of the more expensive motels in the area. But first I instructed her that she was to be at the bar flirting with some of the men that would be there. This was the first of our love making fantasies. My wife was five foot two, weighed 115 pounds and her tits had those large nipples but her breasts weren't as large as they are today. She was sitting on the bar stool, legs crossed with her black mini skirt stopping just short of her pussy. Her top was black as well as her nylons. Her muscled calves were bulging out her nylons. What a sight to behold since I hadn't had sex or seen my wife in almost ten days. Additionally there were two men on either side of her and I knew they wanted a piece of that, and why not. I sat on the same side of the bar about a half dozen stools away. I noticed one of the men had his crotch up against the top of her thigh and she was letting him rub her thigh as he moved from left to right. I knew his dick had to be hard. Later on my wife would confirm that his dick was hard because she told me she was quite excited by this stranger’s cock pressing into and moving against her thigh.

I told the bartender to see if the young lady dressed in black wanted a drink. My wife accepted the drink and within minutes she had darted out between the two men who actually thought they would maybe fuck her. As she squeezed out between the two men I saw her slowly rub the front part of her thigh against his cock as she moved to meet me. Her rub was sort of, this is all you get tonight from me. These two men saw their luck change as she came over to me and started to flirt with me as she did with them.

I don't think the other two men could see but so what if they could, that would just add to the excitement. She reached down and started to squeeze my cock. Bingo, it was up and ready to work. As we left the bar she had her hand on the top of my ass and my arm was around her waist. The two men just sat there and I wondered what they were thinking. Were they thinking boy, I would have loved to fuck her or were they thinking what a bitch. Actually who cares because I was on my way to a great piece of ass with my wife!

As we got undressed and retired to the bed I began to tell her of the dream about my secretary. I said do you really want to hear this and she said "of course I do." As I started to tell the story I reached over and touched her pussy. It was hot, wet and tight and pulsating as if there she already had an organism. I hadn’t begun to get into the details of the story so I knew she was excited from the not so lucky guy rubbing her thigh with his stiff dick in the lounge. Her stomach muscles were so tight I couldn't wait until I penetrated her. But I continued with the story of my secretary and she in fact laid there and rubbed her pussy with her delicate fingers until she had, what I believed, her second organism of the night. With that orgasm I knew what lay ahead for this husband, one wet and pleasurable fuck.

Mustering up enough courage I emerged from the bathroom and walked over to the both of them sitting on the couch. He still had his eyes closed, maybe out of guilt, maybe out of shame or just out of sheer pleasure. My wife continued to stroke and squeeze and pull his cock. She now was naked; there were no panties, as the towel must have fallen to the ground because of their excitement.

The co-worker must have felt right at home in my house because his middle finger was inserted into my wife’s pussy and his thumb was rubbing her clit. As I handed my wife the baby oil I reached down and stuck my finger right next to his, only I was on the outside of her pussy. As I slid my finger between her lips, I could feel his finger moving rapidly inside her pussy. She looked up at me as I penetrated her vagina with my finger. She grabbed both of our hands and pushed both of our fingers further into her pussy. She had his cock in her hand and this look on her face of a young child caught doing something wrong. I said its okay, and slowly withdrew my finger from her vagina and walked back to my couch to watch the action. My wife rubbed his dick with the baby oil and slowly slid her mouth down and on to his cock. Most of his cock disappeared into her mouth. As her head came back up his shaft she stopped at the head of his dick and sucked his cock in slow circular motion. All those thoughts I had about her sucking his dick, him falling in love with her mouth, they were all gone, my dick was as hot and wet as ever.

As I sat across the room with my hand on my cock, I could see that our friends cock was still hard and erect and had been so for almost twenty minutes. Why wouldn't it be since my wife had been giving him probably his best blow job ever. As my wife bobbed up and down his dick I could see that ever so thick vein that ran from the bottom of his penis to the head of his dick was getting thicker and thicker. Thicker and thicker means, at least to me, cum and more cum. As she stroke and sucked his cock I could see her hand sliding over his vein and I was waiting for the moment he would explode, exploding his juices all over his stomach. This whole time my friend never removed his fingers for my wife’s pussy. I couldn’t believe she didn’t have one of her fantastic organisms.

My wife and I have watched some porn in our time but not very much. On this one particular night we went to a gay site, at her request I may add and watched gay guys jerking off. Jerking each other off, squeezing the cum up their vein and exploding on to one another. I honestly never watched two guys do each other but I must say the cumming part, the second the cum starts to leak from a gay cock or a straight cock it is exciting. As we watched the gay porn she reached over and touched me and I touched her back. To both of our surprises we both were wet, her more wet than me. My cock was leaking like the leaky faucet in our bathroom and her pussy was wet, hot and pulsating like a man pushing the last portion of cum from his cock and so much for gay porn.

Suddenly I heard my wife tell him, "Come with me" and they both stood up. She was holding his cock while he walked behind her just trying to catch up to her. His pants kept falling down slowing him up. It was somewhat comical but my wife never let go of his dick. She was seizing the moment and she was determined not to lose that grip on my friend's cock. She had to be so excited. As they passed me she said "touch my pussy”. I slid my hand over her neatly trim pubic hair and penetrated her pussy with my middle finger, she was soaking wet. She also said "please get me some paper towels; he is ready to cum and so am I."

Without hesitation or concern for what my wife was doing, she was about to fuck another man, I rushed into the bathroom for a second time to retrieve the paper towels at her request. Coming from the bathroom, I paused as before and I saw my wife laying on the bed naked, with her legs spread as wide as they ever been. Her pussy is shaved around the lips but there is a patch of neatly trimmed hair right above her clitoris. The night lite gave just enough exposure that I could see her touching herself. She was sliding her middle finger in and out of her pussy, she let out with a little groan. My nameless friend is now naked lying next to her sucking on her tits while she still has a firm grasp on his cock. His finger now joins her finger and they both penetrate her cunt, numerous, numerous times and I hear my wife groan again. I hear her say, get on top of me and he responds eagerly and plunges his cock towards her cunt and his dick is now out of my view. He is fucking her, moving his mid-section up and down thrusting his cock in and out of my wife’s pussy or at least that's what I thought. I couldn’t believe my wife was fucking our friend right in front of me but from the groans my wife was making there was no doubt she was fucking and fucking hard.

I was ready to explode myself, I was so excited. I'm jacking myself off as they fucked. I hear them both sigh simultaneously and he gently rolls off my wife, his dick still somewhat hard with cum on the head of his dick, some on his balls, just like the porn movie that my wife and I have watched. I walked closer and saw the rest of his cum on the outside of her pussy mingled through her neatly trimmed pussy hair and some cum on her clitoris. That kind of surprised me since I believed he would have cummed inside of her hot pussy. I was somewhat relieved and somewhat curious. If he would have plunged his cock into my wife's tight hot pussy surely he would have cummed inside of her. There is no way he could have held back from that pussy.

I keep telling myself you should be mad, why did you let this happen. I was so turned on I just kept repressing that feeling and continued to stroke my cock. I’m so excited but afraid to come closer thinking that she might be mad at me for letting her be fucked by our friend. As I approached both of them I knew she wasn't mad because the sheet below her ass was soaking wet with her cum.

Maybe out of embarrassment or even a sense of fright our friend excuses himself quite hurriedly to the bathroom and I hear the door shut behind him. My wife reaches down and cleans herself with a soft bathroom towel that was lying on her nightstand. She then begins to touch her cunt, rubbing it and she keeps saying fuck me, fuck me now.

I leaned over, laid down beside her and said "I will, I will, but I just have to ask, how was it, was it any different than with me, was it just as good, was it better, were you excited, tell me the truth".

She pulled me closer and whispered in my ear as she grabbed my cock "it was good, it was so good, I cummed and cummed just from the excitement of fucking someone other than you, I didn't look at his dick, I didn't care if it was fat or thin, I was caught up in the moment. When he cummed it was so hot that I cummed just like you make me cum, but I didn't fuck him." You didn't fuck him, I said. She responded "no I didn't fuck him". I had his cock in my hand and held it from penetrating my pussy. He tried to fuck me and came close to penetrating me several times but I held him back. I rubbed and rubbed his cock on my clitoris until he and I cummed at the same time.

I'm thinking yes I know, I heard both of you sigh together. She said "I never knew what cumming was or had an organism until I met you. But I did cum with him and cummed again and again knowing you were watching us made me cum even more. I didn't fuck him, I want you to fuck me, fuck me now. I reached down and touched her cunt and it was so hot and wet. Even though there were traces of my friends deposit on my wife I couldn't resist, my cock was so hard, I slid off my pants and shirt and I laid down on top of her, plunged my dick deep into her pussy. After all these years of love making I know when my wife is cumming and she was cumming and cumming fast. That hot, moist pussy made me instantly cum inside of her. She grabbed my buttocks with both of her hands and pressed my still hard cock further into her cunt. She whispered in my ear, imagine what it will be like next time, when I may or may not fuck someone in front of you. The anticipation will make you hard, it will make you cum just thinking about it, just lay here next to me and think about what just happened and when you get hard and you will, please oh please fuck me again. I love you.

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