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Oh What A Night...

This is my first story about my boyfriend and I, and one of our many nights of fucking!
Hi, this is the first time I’ve published my stories, so be gentle with me! ;-) Let me know what you think! I value all feedback!

It’s a couple days after Luke and I celebrated three years together and I can’t stop thinking about that amazing night. He had made me feel so great, so attractive, a way I hadn’t felt in a while.

Being together for that long and being so young had taken its toll on our sex lives. We got together at the tender age of sixteen, and we didn’t leave it very long until we began exploring each other’s bodies. Luke had never gone down on anyone before, being so young. I never really knew how to come or what it felt like, but his tongue caressing my pussy always felt great.

Three years on and we were dancing in a club, both of us had been drinking and were feeling the heat. We dove into a taxi and headed straight home. Sitting in the back, he leant over and kissed me on the cheek, laying his hand on my thigh and stroking it hard, making his way up to my groin. I felt a little awkward being in the back of a taxi, knowing that someone else was there. I needn’t worry though as I was wearing full tights so there was no actual contact with my pussy lips as he ground his hand over me. Kissing me deeply on the mouth, his tongue twirling against mine, he began to get rougher, pressing harder on my clit.

I reached down to his zipper area and felt his cock throbbing through his jeans. I felt my pussy tingle deep inside and could feel it getting wetter. I blushed a little, getting slightly embarrassed at the fact that Luke could probably feel my wetness through both my lace panties and my tights. And that he could.

He pulled away from my lips and looked down at my crotch, smiling as he noticed the little wet patch forming. He came back and kissed me hard and I felt my whole body flutter with excitement; I couldn’t wait to get home. With the flutter came a small moan into his kisses, of which he took the sign to start on my neck. He worked his way past my chin, towards my collar bone, using his lips and tongue to excite me more, not that I needed it, I was more than ready for him, I wanted him bad! More than ever!

As I opened my eyes I caught the taxi driver’s eyes in the rear-view mirror, looking straight at me. I felt scared at the thought that someone was watching my boyfriend do this to me. But the scare turned to excitement, making my pussy twitch. I continued to stare the taxi driver right in the eye until Luke came back up to kiss me slowly on the mouth. He withdrew as we pulled up to the drive of my house.

Luke paid the man as I caught his eye again in the mirror; winking at me this time. This time it kind of freaked me out, he wasn’t at all good looking; a big belly and stubble that no woman could find even remotely attractive. I quickly hitched my dress back down and swiftly made my way out the car, thanking the ugly old man for the lift.

I headed for the front door, fumbling in my bag for the keys. Just as I got my hands on them, I was slammed hard against the door. I felt Luke behind me, his hand on my neck, pinning me. He ground his cock against my arse, I could feel the whole length through his jeans, prodding at me. I could feel my breasts pushing against the cold pane of the door and my nipples felt it too. Immediately they where erect, causing my crotch to get even wetter. He turned me roughly round so I was facing him and held me tightly, digging his fully erect cock into my belly. Kissing me hard, he snatched my keys and unlocked the door. All the while moving and grinding his rock hard member on me.

We fell through the door and began fumbling each other, I was so eager to have his cock in my mouth. I roughly grabbed his member through his jeans in my right hand while using my left hand to tug at the waistband of his boxers, which were slightly higher than his jeans. I wanted him right there, wanted to feel his cock pulsating in my hand, feel him shoot his load down my throat. But I had to compose myself. I still lived with my parents and knew they were only upstairs and could come down at any minute.

Pulling away from him, I gave him a cheeky grin and bit my lip. His eyes stared deep into mine; he didn’t have to tell me, I could see the passion in his eyes. Grabbing him by his shirt I kissed him hard and pulled him up the stairs. We were nearly running up the stairs, so keen to start sucking, licking and fucking each other’s most private parts. He gave me a cheeky slap on my bottom, I felt like a naughty little girl running up the stairs, being sent to her room, being spanked.

I had hardly got into my room to turn round and see Luke stood there in just his boxers, my eyes leering down to the tent he was stroking. Luke has a body to die for... He works out religiously every day and god it shows! His arms so thick and muscley! His shoulders are the biggest I’ve ever seen, not like a hunch back but like a man that you know could pick you up and fuck you hard; something for you to dig your nails into. His stomach rock hard, with that lush line of hair running into his boxers. My eyes where nearly watering at the sight of him! He didn’t wait for me to undress as he jumped into my bed and whipped the duvet onto the floor. He likes to watch me undress but tonight I was so horny and needed him to touch my pussy so bad I just wanted to be naked.

I slid off my shoes and my tights quickly, almost falling over my knees were so weak. I wasn’t sure if it was with the need for more passion or if it was because I had drunk too much. I continued to pull my dress up over my head, revealing my 34B cup in my new black bra. Standing there in just my underwear I looked up at Luke, his eyes leering all over my body. It made me feel so hot and horny for him that I reached round and unhooked my bra, releasing my breasts. Letting my bra fall to the floor, I climbed on top of Luke, my nipple slipping straight into his mouth. I moaned as he flicked it with his tongue. I lifted my leg between his and ground it slowly against his balls, gently teasing him.

He switched between my right nipple, then the left, then back to the right, flicking them with his lashing tongue; all the while cupping them with his strong hands. I slid down his strong body, releasing my nipples from his mouth. He tweaked them teasingly, as if he was going to miss them. I kissed my way onto his chest, working down his flat stomach, kissing his belly button and that furry path to heaven. I pulled down his boxers, letting his cock spring out and slap him on the belly. His member standing tall as I slid them off the end of his feet.

Staring him straight in the eyes, I grabbed his cock with both hands and lowered my mouth to it. Taking it all the way in on the first try, I was amazed. I felt his pre cum in my mouth and I pushed harder, twirling my tongue around his throbbing head. I almost gagged and had to come up to breathe, I loved this knew sensation and after bobbing up and down on his cock I reached for his hand and placed it on the back of my head. He grabbed a handful of my hair and forced my head onto him, moaning deeply in his rough voice, I could hear it almost cracking with delight.

“Ahhhhh Jems that feels sooo good!!” He moaned after a few minutes, his pitch changed and I knew it wouldn’t take long for him to spurt in my mouth. At which point I withdrew from his throbbing rod, leaving it wet and slimy. I sat up on my knees and slowly took of my black panties revealing my neatly shaved mound. Reaching down, I slid my hand between my legs to feel my own wetness, pinching my clit in the process. I withdrew my hand and leant over him once again, entering my slick fingers into his mouth. He licked my fingers clean of my pussy juices, closing his eyes and savouring the taste.

I pressed up against him and whispered in his ear, in my most seductive voice, “Lick my pussy...”

You see, I’m not usually a dirty girl; I’m actually quite conservative and just enjoy the art of ‘making love’. But tonight I wanted to fuck, not make love. I wanted him to fuck me harder than ever before!

He pushed me back and as soon as I fell, he had his mouth on my pussy, straight away darting his tongue into my deep, wet hole. There was no denying it; he was amazing, running his hot wet tongue all over my pussy. Up through my lips and onto my clit. There he sucked and sucked, lashing his tongue onto it, making my legs twitch with immense pleasure. After a couple of minutes I couldn’t take it, I wanted his cock in me, and I wanted it now! I raised his head from my pussy, where I could see the shine of my love juices all over his face, from his chin to the top of his nose. I could see my swollen clit peeking from my lips and I aggressively said to him, “Now I’m going to fuck you, hold on Lu, cause this is going to be the best fuck you’ve ever had!”

I roughly pushed him so he was on his back, his cock standing up to attention. I hovered over him and began to squat, feeling the tip of his cock on my dripping entrance.

“Are you ready for this? You ready to fuck this pussy?” I asked through pursed lips, with a sexy scowl on my face. He nodded and licked his lips. Right then I slammed my pussy onto his cock, taking it all in snugly. We both moaned, his a deep satisfied grown and mine a more high pitched scream. I sat there for a moment trying to steady my legs and compose myself.

Luke grabbed my arse tight and started to lift me up and down the length of his cock. He was staring at the delight of my juices running down his shaft as it appeared out of my sopping wet hole. We fucked like that for a while, my tits jiggling as I slammed onto his groin, his pubic bone rubbing my clit. As soon as I felt that I dropped my legs and was knelt over him, his cock still inside me.

From there I rocked my hips back and forth, my pace getting faster. My clit was tingling as it rubbed against his pubic hair. He sat up and took my nipple in his mouth, biting and sucking it. Then he pulled away and said, “I don’t want to come yet, you carry on like this and I’m going to jizz deep in your pussy. I want to make you come first.”

With that he lifted me off and spun me round so I was led in his place. Bending my knees up, he started again on my pussy. It felt so soothing for his tongue to lick me all over, to lap up my juices. He found my clit again, which was peeking from its little home and started to nibble on it. I bucked uncontrollably and as I did so he slid one finger in me, just one, that’s all it took. I felt the heat gather in my stomach and I knew I was going to explode.

“Fuck, Luke I’m gunna come!!” I wailed, not caring now who else was in the house. “Oh my god Lu, you’re so fucking good! Don’t stop! Don’t you dare fucking stop!”

His tongue lashed more and more over my clit while his finger dug deep inside me hitting my G-spot on every stroke.

“Shit Lu, I’m coming!” I screamed as the waves from my stomach released and shot all over my body. My body bucked again, digging his nose into my clit, I couldn’t take anymore and exploded, covering Luke’s fingers in my pussy juice.

With no hesitation, and before I could catch my breath, his cock was back inside me. Pumping away at my hole. He lifted both my legs to his shoulders and fucked me for a good 10 minutes until I felt that pressure in my stomach again.

“Oh my god Luke, I’m going to come again, fuck fuck FUCK!”

“FUCK! I’m going to come too,” he replied, trying to catch his breath. He slowed down and said “When I pull out of your tight little pussy I want you to grab my cock! Grab it fucking hard like this...” as he demonstrated on my right tit what he wanted. He grabbed it so hard and pulled on it, as if he was milking me. “And then toss me off all over your belly and your tits; I want to come on your tits!!”

“Come on then Lu, give me your come, come all over your dirty little whore!”

With that he pounded into me, hard deep thrusts. My orgasm started up again, my juices spilling onto him. He felt my pussy tighten over his tight cock and he pulled it out as my orgasm rippled through my body. I grabbed it in lust as my body bucked yet again. I held it hard, milking him all over me, just the way he wanted me to. The white spurts shooting all over my stomach and my tits, he shot so far it landed on my chin. Immediately I lapped it up with my unusually long tongue (great for pussy licking by the way).

He groaned and moaned as the last shots dribbled onto my hand. I held it until it started to go soft, to which I let go and licked the milky come from my hand. I continued to gather the come from my boobs and stomach and lick it all up, not letting a single drop of his precious milk get away.

He leaned over me, stared me straight in the eyes and said, “I fucking love you,” and kissed me on the forehead.

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