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Old flame back in town

we made up for the past where we never hooked up
It happened so innocently. I was working in the yard and an old g/f came by to visit. It was hot that day, humid and the hard work had made me sweat something fierce so my friends visit was a welcome reprieve from the heat.

Going into the basement where it was cooler we had the usual small talk that people have when they haven't seen each other for a long time. Eventually things turned towards "personal" details of our lives. We both expressed disappointment in our current relationships and the lack of passion and sex in our lives.

I could tell that she was getting turned on as her shifting on the couch became much more frequent and soft little sighs whenever I mentioned the things we used to do to each other many years before.

The next thing I knew, her hand was making its way up my sweaty leg towards my now growing cock. She leaned in towards my face and said that all she wanted to do was fuck me right there, right now. Then with passion I had never known, kissed me, devoured my lips.

She guided my hand towards her legs and encouraged me to go further up underneath her skirt where I found absolutley nothing but soft, damp skin. Needing no more encouragement I moved my fingers all over her pussy but not on her growing clit. Her sighs became longer and louder. At the same time her hand had slid up my shorts and was slowly but firmly gripping my rock hard cock.

All of a sudden without any warning, she came. It was one of the biggest, wettest orgasms I had ever witnessed. I stood up, took off my shorts, bent her over the arm of the couch and proceeded to explore her wetness with my tongue. She didn't last very long before cumming again and was now begging for me to fuck her. By now all I wanted to do was part those beautiful pink lips and give her what she wanted for the past 10 years but I wanted her to suck me off so that when I finally enter her my cock is rock hard and will stay that way.

I made her get on her knees, and I grasped my now very hard cock with lots of precum on it and slowly teased her lips. Around and around her lips, her cheek, and every time she would stick her tongue out I would pull away and tell her she was being greedy. Finally when she was literally begging me, I let her suck it into her mouth. Wow, I had never had a women devour my dick like that. It felt like she was going to suck it inside out. While she bobbbed up and down her hand went to her pussy where she was furiously friggin herself.

It wasn't long before her sucking stopped and a very loud scream, muffled only by my dick was heard as she soaked my carpet. After she caught her breath she went back to my cock only this time taking her hand away from her pussy and playing with my balls and ass. This woman knew exactly what to do with her fingers and with a pussy wet finger, she slowly worked into my asshole where no man, nor woman has gone before. It was all I could do to not shoot my load right at the second, but I imagined the longer I could hold out, the more hornier she would be.

As her sucking and fingering of my asshole continued I could feel the buildup of cum working its way up my cock. When she felt me tense up, she pulled me out of her mouth, held the tip near her mouth and milked my cock for every drop of hot semen it could generate. At the same time, I could hear her hand in her pussy again which brought her to orgasm one more time.

Not wanting to risk losing my hard on, I pick her up and bent her over the couch and without any hesitation I entered her from behind and literally 5 seconds later she came all over me, her juices dripping off my balls. I started pumping furiously behind her and warned her I was going to make sure she never forgot me. With one hand spanking her ass, my other hand reached around and found her clit. It was swollen and required no work to bring her off again and again.

I tried every trick in the book not to cum and finally after what seemed like forever I felt the need to shoot again. This time I wanted to shoot it on her tits instead of her swallowing it so she pulled away, laid down in the pool of her cum in front of me and milked me until I came all over her juicy DD's. She rubbed it all in and laid there glowing in the moment. Collecting her things, she dressed, kissed me on the lips and thanked me for finishing what we had started so many years ago.

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