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Older gentlemen takes advantage of a young couple

A young couple borrows money from an older gentlemen and pays it back through sex.
Jason and Sarah were struggling along just like a lot of other couples are right now. Jason, 25, had worked in the construction business while his wife of one year Sarah work part time as a receptionist. Sarah, 23, was still going to school and was only a year away from getting her degree.

Over the last year since they had gotten married things had been rough with their finances. Jason lately hadn’t been working as much because of the economic conditions and they had to basically live off Sarah’s part time wages. Sarah’s last year of college was now in jeopardy unless somehow they could bring in more money.

With Sarah’s next payment on her last year of college coming due along with their apartment rent Jason and Sarah didn’t know what they were going to do. One day while looking for more work in the paper Jason had come across an add, “Need money fast!”

It had Jason’s curiosity up as he wrote down the number. He thought if he could somehow get a short term loan that maybe work will pick back up shortly.

A few days later Jason called the number. An older gentlemen named Jim answered the phone as Jason told him the predicament he was in. Jim was very gracious as he told Jason he would love to help them out. He set up a meeting for Jason and his wife Sarah to meet him.

A few days later Jason and Sarah sat down with Jim. He was in his mid forties and was very distinguished looking. He had several strands of gray hair mingled in with his other hair. He was a very physically fit man and looked much younger than his actual age.

Jim was very cordial and understanding with Jason and his wife as they explained their problem to him. It had seemed like Jim had taken a liking to Sarah almost immediately. Sarah was gorgeous looking and in very fit condition. She worked out several times a week and loved to hike. By the end of the night Jason and Sarah had the money they needed to keep Sarah in school and pay the rent. They didn’t sign anything and no terms were put on the loan. They both walked away very happy that somebody would care enough to help them out like that.

It had been month later when Jim unexpectedly dropped by Jason and Sarah’s apartment. It was around 9 pm as Jason watched the ballgame and Sarah did a few dishes in the kitchen. Sarah had on just a long tee shirt that hung down to her knee area and nothing else on underneath it.

Jim had come in and sat down as both Jason and Sarah were shocked to see him. Jim now started to go over the terms of the money he had lent them. They were astounded when Jim told them that the interest on their loan was so high. The amount he had lent them was growing very quickly and Jason and Sarah knew they had no way of ever getting caught up on it. Sarah had already paid her schooling fee so their was no way they could even pay that amount back to him.

Jim then offered Jason and a Sarah a deal. Jim looked over at Sarah who was on the couch with her shirt pulled down tightly over top of her legs. Jim then said, “I will forgo your loan to me if I can?” Jim then looked over towards Sarah.

“If you can what?” Jason responded back to Jim.

“I want your wife for the night!” Jim then said to Jason.

Jason then turned towards Sarah as Sarah’s had a puzzled look on her face. They had no idea how to settle this debt and now Jim had gave them the opportunity to settle up with him. All Sarah had to do was fuck him.

Jim then said to both of them, “The ball is in your court!”

Sarah looked over towards a disgusted Jason and said, “Jason, this is our only way of paying off this debt!”

“You want to fuck this jerk? I don’t like the idea at all! He is just taking advantage of us!” Jason replied back.

The room got very quiet over the next few minutes. Jason then got up off his favorite chair and headed into the kitchen. As he approached the kitchen he turned towards Sarah and said, “Do it if you think it is our only way out of this mess! I am still not for it though!”

Jason then continued on into the kitchen to grabbed a beer out of the fridge. He then quietly heard the bedroom door close and a click as the door was locked behind them. His lovely wife of one year was now locked inside thier bedroom with Jim.

Jason headed back out of the kitchen with a two beers in tow. He sat on his favorite chair and opened up one of his beers. His chair sat right against the thin wall that separated their living room from their bedroom. Their bed was right up against that same wall so it wouldn’t be to hard for Jason to know what was going on inside their bedroom.

Back inside the bedroom Jim had Sarah remove the long tee shirt she had on. She slowly pulled it up over her head as her beautiful naked body appeared. Jim immediately removed his clothes including his boxers. Sarah was stunned to see how big Jim’s semi erect cock was. It was much larger than she had anticipated and defiantly bigger than Jason’s cock.

Jim had Sarah get down on her knees in front of him. He made Sarah suck on his big cock until she had it totally hard. She sucked several minutes on it as she could only handle about half of it inside her mouth.

Jim now moved Sarah over to the bed. He laid her down on it as he climbed on top of her beautiful body. Sarah had a very gorgeous body and at 5’7" and 125 lbs. Jim was extremely hot to fuck her.

Jason still sat in his chair as he heard his wife’s soft voice squeal out. The paper thin walls were no match for was about to happen and Jason knew it wasn’t going to be good as he took another swag of his beer.

Jim now had his big cock deep inside Sarah‘s pussy. Sarah let out several soft squeals as Jim took his time with her. He fucked her good and slow for several minutes until Sarah began to squeal out louder. Jim knew he had Sarah on the verge of a powerful orgasm. Her orgasm had built up to the point where she could no longer keep from cumming. Jim now began to pound his big cock into her as the bed frame began to clamor against the wall.

Jason now heard the frame of the bed whacking hard against the wall. He also heard his beautiful wife squeal out loudly into a very powerful orgasm as Jim punished her with his big cock.

Jim continued to pound his big cock into Sarah when he said to her, “You like the way I fuck you baby! Tell me much you love my cock buried deep inside you!”

“Sarah cried out, “Oh’ god your cock is so big! You are going to make me cum again!”

“Not yet baby! I don’t want you to cum yet! I want you to turn over onto all fours!” Jim said to Sarah.

Sarah got onto all fours as she shoved her gorgeous ass back towards Jim’s big cock.

“Damn! What a beautiful ass you got!” Jim said before he plowed his cock back into her.

Jim now began to fuck Sarah hard from behind as Sarah squealed out with more intensity. Jim said to her, “I want you to tell me to fuck you! I want your husband to hear you cry out my name!”

Jim began to fuck Sarah very hard as Sarah cried out, “Oh’ god! Fuck me! Fuck me!”

“Say my name!” Jim ordered her.

“Fuck me Jim! God your cock is good!” Sarah cried out.

Jason heard everything on the other side of the wall. He heard his beautiful wife cry out another man’s name while being fucked. The bed was now crashing hard against the bedroom wall as he heard his wife again cry out, “Fuck me harder Jim!” Jason already had swallowed down his first beer and now started on his second one while he listen to his gorgeous wife being fucked on the other side of the wall.

Jim gave it hard to Sarah for another 10 minutes causing Sarah to squeal out into another powerful orgasm on his cock. He fucked her hard until Sarah’s body had fallen flat on the bed. She could no longer hold her body up off the bed as Jim continued to fuck her hard while she laid there exhausted.

Jim grinded his big cock into Sarah for another several minutes pushing Sarah to the edge of cumming all over it again. She cried out in her soft voice, ‘Fuck me! Fuck me Jim!“

A few minutes later she started to cum again all over Jim’s cock as she let several loud squeals with her soft sexy voice. It had been over 30 minutes when Jim finally pulled his cock out of Sarah and whirled her body over onto her back. He brought his big cock up over top of her face as he grunted out, “I am going to cum all over your beautiful face baby!” He said it loudly enough so Jason heard it on the other side of the wall.

A few seconds later he grabbed the back of Sarah’s head and pulled it towards his big cock. His cock began to go off as he let out a loud grunt. His cum squirted all over Sarah’s face as he then laid her head back down on the bed.

Jason now thought he had heard everything, but the night was still young. He went into the kitchen and grabbed several more beers as Jim was ready to fuck Sarah again. He brought out what beers he could carry and sat back down on his favorite chair.

In the bedroom Jim’s cock was very hard again as Sarah tried to recover from the fucking she had just gotten. Jim laid flat on the bed and pulled Sarah’s worn out body on top of his cock. He slid it up inside her as she let out another loud squeal. She rode hard on Jim’s cock as he shoved his big cock deep into her.

Sarah squeals had become more numerous now as she rode on top of Jim’s cock. She was getting closer to another powerful orgasm as Jim held tightly onto her nice size tits while he fucked her.

Jason now heard the springs on the bed as his beautiful wife rode hard on Jim’s cock. He took a long drink of his beer as he heard Sarah moaned out, “Oh’ god! I am going to cum again!”

Sarah now had come very hard again Jim’s cock as Jim slid it very hard up into her pussy. Sarah now couldn’t take any more as her body now had fallen flat on top of Jim’s body. Jim reached back and grabbed Sarah’s tight ass with both of his strong hands. He started to ram his big cock hard up into Sarah as she let out several more loud squeals. He fucked her very hard for several minutes this way as Sarah’s husband Jason heard everything through the thin walls.

Jim then had Sarah roll off his big cock as he climbed in behind her once again. He pulled her gorgeous ass up off the bed as he then positioned his big cock against her asshole. Then with one push his big cock slid into Sarah’s tender ass. He slowly began to fuck Sarah in ass as she screamed out in her soft voice. A few minutes later Jim began to pound his cock into Sarah’s ass. Sarah was now going crazy as her cries could be heard out the whole apartment.

Jason now heard the bed frame clinging against the wall very hard. He also heard his wife squeal out, “Oh‘ god your cock is so big in my ass!” It was no surprise to Jason that Jim would fuck Sarah in the ass. He had already fucked her every way imaginable except for her ass.

Jim punished Sarah’s ass with his big cock for several minutes. Sarah practically had tears coming out of her eyes as Jim pushed her to the biggest orgasm of her young life. She had come so hard her orgasm went on and on for several minutes.

Jim now yanked his cock out of Sarah’s ass and turned her over onto her back. He grabbed both of her long legs and spread them wide apart. He pushed his big manhood back into Sarah as he began to fuck her hard again on the bed.

Jason now heard not just the springs popping on the bed, but also the frame of it hitting against the wall at the same time. He knew his wife was being fucked real hard as he heard her scream out through the wall.

Jim, for being 45, was in much better shape than Sarah would had ever thought as Jim continued to ram his cock deep into her. A few minutes later as Jim held her legs wide apart in the air Sarah had begun to cum again all over Jim’s cock. Her orgasm went on for a good few minutes as her loud squeals had filled the room again.

Jim pounded his cock into Sarah for a few more minutes as his body began to tremble. He was now on the edge of cumming for a second time as he quickly laid his body down on top of Sarah’s. He began to pump his cock hard into her as she cried out, “Oh’ god Jim! Fuck me!”

A minute later Jim grunted out as he filled Sarah’s pussy with his cum. He rammed his cock into her hard for a good 5 minutes until every last drop of cum had filled her sweet pussy.

Jason heard it all as his wife now had cum several times on Jim’s cock. He couldn’t believe a man of his age could fuck his wife like that and make her cum so many times. He quickly sucked another beer as he now had several on the night.

Jim climbed off Sarah and got dressed as he said to Sarah, “Your debt to me is paid! I hope you enjoyed tonight!”

He walked out of the bedroom and past Jason who just sat in his chair with another beer in his hand. Jim turned towards Jason and said right before leaving, “She is one hot wife you got! Let me know if you need any more money!” Jim then laughed as he walked out the door and left.

Jason slept the rest of the night out on his chair while his worn out wife had fallen instantly asleep on the bed. They can only hope in the future they won’t need any more money from Jim.

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