Older is Better

By tnblue

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I was young and met an older divorced MILF
I was traveling on business and had been for several weeks. This was my fourth trip to Seattle in the past three months. It was the late '70s and Seattle was alive with young singles.

I was overwhelmed with the open lifestyle, being 26 and coming from a small southern town. But I enjoyed the lively clubs of Seattle and spent most nights on the road watching the action unfold in one club or another.

Three weeks ago on my last visit I met June, a 37-year-old divorced mother of two, in a club and we hit it off right away. She was very open and wanted to get together on my next trip to Seattle. I said sure and she gave me her number and said to call ahead so that she could arrange a sitter.

Well, tonight I am taking June out for dinner and dancing. I pick her up at 6 and she is wearing a very nice but conservative blouse and skirt. It shows her nice figure but no cleavage — a typical everyday business dress.

We travel to the restaurant for a steak dinner and dancing. The atmosphere is very family oriented but we still manage to have several close dances and June gets very close and comfortable in my arms.

Around 9 we start home and I suggest we stop for a bottle of wine on the way home. June goes into the liquor store with me to pick out a bottle and as we are checking out I suggest some glasses for the wine. June's response is, "Are there not glasses in your room?"

Well being a slow country boy this sent a tingle to my toes since I had never had a women offer to go to my room without me asking. To say the least I was very nervous and excited.

Since I had been staying in the same hotel for several weeks, I had requested and gotten a room on the top floor. The view of Seattle at night from the room was fantastic and June and I moved to the window to enjoy it as we entered the room.

As we looked out over the city I placed my arms around her and began to kiss her neck and ears. She backed into me, and as the heat rose in my dick she rubbed her firm butt into my rising rod.

As we continued to look out over the city I began to slowly remove June's blouse and massage her very nice breasts through her very thin bra. It had a front opening and as I released those tight firm breasts and began to massage her nipples she reached between us and began to rub up and down my now very hard dick.

I removed my shirt and began to feel the heat of our bodies as we continued to rub and touch. I then unzipped her skirt and dropped it to the floor along with her panties. June now stood naked in front of the window with me pinching her hard nipples. I continued to kiss her neck and pinch her nipples. She started to undo my belt and I helped her and also removed my slacks.

Now I stood behind June at the window with both of us completely naked. I pulled a chair to the window and bent June over the chair and entered her dripping pussy from the rear. Despite having had two kids her pussy remained tight. As I continued to move slowly in and out of her dripping pussy I continued to pinch her left nipple and began to rub her clit with my right hand.

June started to meet my every every stroke and I could hear my balls slapping her firm ass as she started to moan and grind into me harder. I grabbed her hips and stroked as hard and as deep as I could. As I did, I felt my balls start to draw up and I knew I could not hold out much longer. June said, "Please fill my pussy," and that was all it took. I began to pump my cum into her hot pussy. It felt as though I pumped forever.

When we both started to come down I picked June up and carried her to the king-sized bed and laid her gently on it with her legs at the edge of the bed. She asked me to lie beside her but instead I plunged my tongue into her still dripping pussy.

June began to protest but soon stopped, and in fact she and grabbed the back of my head and pulled my lips into her pussy. I began to suck her hard clit and she began to orgasm for the second time. As she came she nearly drowned me in our combined juices.

After her orgasm subsided I began to massage her breasts and moved to suck on her still hard nipples. They were very hard and long. They must have extended a half an inch and were rock hard. As I continued to suckle her breasts June rubbed my dick and began to slowly stroke it back to attention.

When she began to orgasm from my sucking on her nipples she begged me to fuck her again. As I plunged into her dripping pussy again she clamped on my hard dick like she had a hand inside of her pussy. This was my first time with a gripping pussy and I lasted hardly any time at all before again exploding into her hot pussy.

After the glow subsided June and I got a hot shower consisting of a thorough washing of each other. We were both too exhausted to do anything more than stroke and wash. After the shower, I took June home, where she again got out of the car looking every bit the prim and proper mother of two — but she asked me to call on my next trip to Seattle.