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On my way home

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I was making my way home from work and I decided to take a different route, past your apartment. You were a beautiful, busty woman in her early/mid twenties. I was kind of unhappy that day. When I walked past, you were outside in the parking lot. You saw me, and called me over. When you saw I was unhappy, you asked me to come in and tell you about it. We got in, and you brought me a drink, and sat on the couch next to me. I started talking to you, and you asked me questions, and pretty quickly I opened up about not being happy, and you seemed really understanding. All the time I was talking you kept getting a bit closer on the couch. I didn't know what to do, I wanted to reach over and kiss your lips, but I thought I might have misread the situation totally.

I looked forward, avoiding your eyes. Then you reached a hand out and laid it on my cheek, and turned my head round so I was looking into your eyes. I was surprised how close you had got, only a couple of inches away from me. I waited, looking into your eyes for a second. Then you looked down at my crotch, and saw the outline of my cock. You straddled me, your thighs round my waist, and your ass grinding my cock. You put her arms round my neck and put your tongue deep in my mouth. We kissed passionately for a moment, before you pulled away, and looked at me, grinning. You got up and took my hand, leading me to your room.

Outside your bedroom door you put her hands on my chest, and pushed me up against the wall, massaging my pecks. I reached round you, and felt down your back, getting to your soft, round ass. I took hold of you and virtually carried you into the bedroom. you pushed me away onto the bed, and I looked up at you, as you undid your summer dress, and it fell to the floor. Underneath you wore a white bra and panties, and for the first time I saw how beautiful your breasts were, and how hot your body was. I got up, and moved towards you quickly. We met in the middle of the room, and kissed passionately, as you pulled off my clothes, and I felt your beautiful body.

Now you had got my shirt off, I reached hound you, and unclipped the bra strap, as you stared intensely up at me. Your bra fell to the floor, and I could see your huge breasts. You had small, pert nipples, right in the centre of the deep, round tits. I reached out to hold them, but you moved down, so you were kneeling on the floor in front of me. You undid and pulled down my jeans and boxers really quickly, and pulled them off my feet, so I stood totally naked. My cock was so hard. You took hold of it, and licked the end, your tongue caressing my shaft, and then you pushed it slowly past your lips, and deep into your mouth, right into your throat. Then you pushed it in and out, giving me so much pleasure.

You stood up, and walked over to your bed, pulling me after you by my cock. You stayed standing, and I pulled off your white panties. You put your hand gently on the back of my head, where I knelt at your feet, and pushed my head towards your crotch. It was soaking wet, and shaved, apart from right around the line of your pussy. I licked around your clit, making you moan with pleasure, and then I pushed my tongue into your pussy, tasting your juices. You kept pushing my head harder and harder against your crotch, and moaning louder and louder. I could feel you getting wetter and wetter.

Then I heard you moan, 'I want your cock inside me, give me your cock.'

I moved slowly up from your clit, standing up, pressing my body against yours, and looking into her eyes. She stood there for a moment, rubbing my cock around your clit. Then I took you and lay you down on the bad, your legs either side of me, and I pushed my rock hard cock deep inside you. You screamed with pleasure, and I looked down and kissed you. Then I fucked you hard. You moved rhythmically with me, and eventually turned me over onto my back. You straddled my body, and went down onto my cock, riding me. I reached up and massaged your tits, and then I sat up and sucked them, while you still rode me. I felt myself beginning to cum, and you kept going harder and harder. I came inside you, and you moaned as you felt it. I turned you over, and fucked you, my cock still so hard, until you came. I felt you cumming, as you moaned with pleasure.

We relaxed and lay there for five minutes, kissing each other, as I played with your boobs, and then sucked them. I could tell you were getting really turned on again, as you felt my body. I was getting really hard again; you reached down and felt my cock. You smiled at me when you found it rock hard, and massive. I laid you down, and moved up your body, so my cock was between your tits. You pushed them together, and I titty fucked you, then you took my cock in your mouth again, sucking and licking it, while I reached down to your pussy, and touched it up and down. You looked round, and moved up from the bed, and into the bathroom.

I got up and followed you, when you beckoned me from the doorway. You pulled open the shower door, and walked inside. I followed you in, and you turned it on, before going down and sucking my cock again. After a moment, I pulled you up and stood you against the wall. You lifted a leg up and I fucked you standing, with the shower going. Once we had both cum, we washed each other in the shower. I took the gel and squirted a load over your titties, and then I rubbed it all over them, massaging your soft skin and pert, hard nipples. While I did this you reached down to my cock and did the same, pulling me off right there, and you kneel down so I could cum all over her boobs. Once we washed off, we dried each other with the towels, and you put on a white bath robe. I had to go but you kissed me deeply, and said we would meet up again soon.

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