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On the piano (revisited)

Great sex, like great music, is as much about the pauses as it is about the notes
This is a revised version of a story that I based on "The Guitar" story. I hope you like it. I hope it produces the effect we all crave. Love to know!

I remember the day I walked unexpected into your living room, late on a Sunday afternoon. I felt a delicious glow in the pit of my stomach, and as I opened the door to enter your house, your music enveloped me, surrounding me in a mantle of acoustic beauty that could only be surpassed by joy of your radiant smile and the sight of your body moving like an angel over the floor. You were dancing around the piano, dressed in a blue outfit that flowed and shimmered with your movements. When I saw your lithesome movements blended into the sound of the recorded piano music, my heart seemed to stop beating in order to that I might watch more perfectly your movements around the piano.

I stood in the doorway and watch while your fingers glided effortlessly over the keyboard. You were a lover, pouring your passion into the object of your love, the flowing dance, and the language of that love was the passion of another, long-departed lover written in musical notation between the staffs of a torn score sheet and recorded to be played back on a laptop computer sitting on top of the piano. Watching you then, the passion of your dance lifted me up, and carried me away.

The piano piece built up to its crescendo, reaching the heights of musical passion as your dance around the piano itself blended with the music and reached a peak of intensity. As the music tumbled softly down to resolve itself in a flutter of soft notes that reminded me of the soft glow on your skin after our lovemaking, you sat gently down on the piano stool, contemplating whether or not to play the keys. Softly I walked into the room, daring to break the magic by offering my appreciation in a gentle applause.

You turned around on the piano stool, and our eyes met, both of us with eyes of green, your red hair tumbling around your shoulders in a way that always amazes me.

“Marlene!” I spoke your name in a voice hoarse with arousal.

You smiled; a smile that turned me into molten flesh as you stood up and our bodies flowed together. Our kiss was the personification of pure fire, as every neurone in my sensitive lips leapt into action sending tingling sensations shooting down through my abdomen. My pulse quickened, and my cock began to glow as my pelvis brushed against yours. The passion was almost overwhelming, more so as I knew that you were experiencing similar feelings as you pressed your dancer's body into mine.

One hand held the small of your back, while the other gripped you behind the shoulders, I pulled you closer as my tongue parted your lips, darting inside, seeking the sensitive places that would make you tingle with excitement. Your hands were behind me, stroking up and down my back in gentle and loving movements. Still holding the small of your back, your skin bare to my touch, and yielding to my desire. I began brushing the back of my other hand past your right ear, down across your neck, and up over your chin, gently caressing your ear lobes, dangling earrings dancing against your neck from my touch. A soft moan escaped through your nose, and my lips still covered yours, my tongue still probing your mouth.

For a few moments your tongue entered my mouth, touching me in palaces that seemed to set of little sparklers in my mind. Then, our lips separate, and I shifted my focus to nibbling on your chin. Moving up, I drew your lower lip in between my teeth, allowing it to escape softly, and setting up tingling ripples as it went. Neither of us spoke as I kissed your neck, nibbling as I went, little moans that seemed to have lives of their own arose from somewhere among our mutual passion. The sounds served to increase our ardour, and by now you could feel my fully erect cock pressing against your pelvis. The knowledge of my excitement increased the flow of your own juices, as you felt the familiar wetness in your panties.


I know how much you love that sensation, and I know you feel it now as you read this. I always say that your wetness is our love and lust made manifest. Feel it now as you remember, be greedy, feel it all and don't hold back, just let it take over your body and mind.

Leaning back, my cock pressing fully into you, I stroked my hand down across your breasts, touching them softly through the soft material of your bikini-type top. I recall reading somewhere that it is not the notes that make the music, but the pauses between them. I was sure that this also be applied to making love.

With this idea in mind, I looked into your eyes, darkened now with arousal, and moved my lips towards yours. Before our lips met, I paused in my movement, for just a moment, and as our eyes met I let you see the love and desire that mingled together inside of me. The pause heightened the passion of our kiss, so pausing again for the rest; I looked into your eyes, and then drew your upper lip into my mouth, nibbling it softly as I let it slip away.

I went down on my knees and kissed your bare tummy. You know how much I love your tummy, don't you? As you are reading now, run your hand over your tummy, imagine it is my touch, and how much I love the sensation of my hand on your belly. I love your belly button, it never ceases to give me a tingle, even when I just see it in a photograph.

Kissing downward, I began to push down your dancer's skirt, pausing, looking up at you in the eye, and softly nibbling each little bit of skin that was exposed as the skirt slid lower.


I shift the focus of my attention as I take your hand, and draw each finger into my mouth in turn, nibbling gently on the pad of each finger, the sensitive area of your finger that feels the piano keys as you play. You feel the hot wetness of my mouth, and the sweet tingles as I nibble.

After another long lingering kiss, I move my attention back to your bikini top, which falls away in a single snap to reveal your pretty breasts, with the hard nipples that I take such delight in teasing. I kiss and nibble my way down to the edge of your breast. I push down your blue skirt, and it drops in a pile on the floor.

I love paying attention to your sensitive breasts, so I open my mouth, pause briefly to look up into your eyes, and then I draw your nipple very slowly into my mouth. My tongue makes little circles around your nipple, and I draw it into my mouth, nibbling it softly at first, then harder.

I kiss my way down to your belly button, nibble all around it, and work my way up to your other breast, where I nibble and lick around the areola, finally drawing the nipple in, and biting softly all around it. As I continue biting and sucking your nipple, my hand slides slowly down your side, feeling the smooth texture of your skin as it goes. At your hip it slowly, sensuously brushes across your hip, meets your panty line, and slips underneath.

As my hand slides down towards your crotch, I can feel the heat, and a little soft moan escapes my mouth as my excitement and yours grow together in unison. You cannot suppress a long low moan as my fingers brush across the delicate, silky wetness of your pussy lips. You know the wetness always excites me, and I can barely suppress the desire to enter you now.

You fumble with my belt, and with a little help from me, my pants fall to the floor. I stop what I am doing for a moment, and tug off my underwear. My hard wet cock is freed from any restraining garments, and it stands fully erect, completely engorged, as hard as steel. You gasp softly as you reach for it, pausing to catch my eyes before reaching out to touch it.

Your hand is on my cock, and I am lost in loving you. The deep and sensuous fire that your touch on my cock, and my touch on your wet vulva ignites is me is almost overwhelming. My cock is as soaking wet as your vulva, and your fingers stroke the glistening clear liquid around my cock head, sending sharp jolts of electricity up my abdomen. I hope that my touch against the edge of your clitoris has the same effect on you.

We want to relax, and take it slowly, but the excitement is tangible. We are all over each other, lost in the passion, writhing through space in a cloud of unbelievable sensations. It is hard to know where I stop and you begin, where my passion and yours blend together it is as if as a single sensation travels over both of us.

Soon, it is impossible to do anything else except enter you. You turn around, leaning on the piano; your buttocks and hot, wet vulva are the most exciting sight I have ever imagined. I step toward you, my cock erect and purple with lust.

I press its slick head against your waiting vulva, and pausing for a moment, I press it gently and it slips softly between your swollen lips. Half of its length is inside of you, and I start to withdraw it slightly, before pressing it in again. It goes further, and you gasp with pleasure as you look around and catch my eyes. Slowly, ever so slowly I press into you, pause at the end of my stroke, and withdraw.

Reaching under your body with both hands, I take each breast, and stroke your nipples, pulling them outwards as I thrust firmly but slowly into you, and releasing them as I pull out, before repeating the process again and again, slowly, deliciously slowly.

You are moaning now, and I am increasing the frequency of my thrusts as your arch your back to meet my passion. I move my right hand down your belly, across the softness of your pubic mound, to the area above your clitoris. Slowly, I move your pubic mound back and forth in unison with my thrusts, ending sharp waves from your clitoris up through your breasts, and my thrusting cock alternatively fills you and relieves the pressure.

Your breathing is coming in moans and gasps, and is becoming increasingly erratic and uncontrolled. I can hear your gasps deepening, signalling that you are close to orgasm. My own sensations are also getting stronger and I know that if I don't make a pause here I will explode into you. But I don't want to do that yet. It will be much better for both of us if we wait a little longer, build it up, and hold it back, build it up, and hold it back, before allowing ourselves the ultimate joy of mutually bringing ourselves to a tremendous orgasm.

I hold back, slow down, and very, very slowly, I move my cock into you. I can feel your entire pussy with my cock, as it slides like a greasy, burning rod into you. My eyes water in pleasure, but I can feel the orgasm slipping slowly away. I move a little faster, wanting us both to stay on the edge of the orgasm as long as possible. We repeat this over and over, until our faces are as wet with tears as out genitals are with the fluids of our love and passion. We hover on the edge of orgasm, building it up, and letting it subside just slightly, before building it up again.

Soon it becomes too intense, and I feel that you too are ready. I move your clitoral area with my hand to intensify the sensation, and I can feel you stiffen as the orgasm approaches like a runaway train. I squeeze my cock and lower abdominal muscles as hard as I can, and as you scream your orgasmic scream, I can feel my orgasm lift me up, and plunge me entirely within your passion. At that moment it seems as if we become as one, but I continue squeezing, until I somehow feel that your part of our joint orgasm is reaching its peak, and then I let go my muscles.

“Marlene, I am cumming in you,” I said.

All the tension that I have thus built up is released in a few seconds, and my orgasm is so powerful that I almost feel like I have disappeared inside of your beautiful body, and become one with you. It seems like I can't stop cumming, and from your moaning I know that we are 100% together in this moment.

You remember that don't you? I want you to think about it now as your fingers play over your body, teasing your nipples, feeling your belly button that I love so much, down to your pussy, soaking wet, teasing your throbbing clit. Feel it now, feel my lust and love for you and take yourself to the edge.

Control, though..the edge where I like to hold you sometimes. Like I did after we came down from our orgasm. Remember how I took you across my lap, sitting on the floor on top of your blue skirt.

Remember how I gave you your treat, and remember how greedy you get when you know I am going to do it for you? I love making you cum with my fingers while I look into your eyes and control every sensation you feel. And I love how you love it.

I held you sideways across my lap, and pushed open your legs a little so I could access your pussy, still soaking and throbbing from our shared orgasm. Your lips were slippery as I played around your entrance, tugging and pulling your lips, all the while, looking into your eyes.

“How does it feel when I tug on your lips like this?” I asked as I tugged on your pussy lips, and twirled them between my thumb and finger.

“Nice,” was all you managed to giggle, your eyes locked on mine, and wet from the pleasure and the greed of your desire.

I slipped two fingers into you, and you gasped at the unexpectedness of it.

“I'm want to make you cum. Shall I?” I asked.

“Yes, fuck me with your fingers the way I like it. Please?” you replied with a look of eagerness in your eyes born from knowing that I was in control, that I was not going to make it too quick, and that you were going to love each and every sensation.

I love it when you are like that, and my own aching was already building, fresh precum dripping from the end of my semi-erect cock. I love the way touching you like that, giving you your treat, makes me feel.

After fingering you a little, moving my fingers in and out slowly, looking in your intensely aroused eyes, my cock was hard and throbbing again.

“Should I rub you clit, the way you like? Tell me if you want me to.” I said.

“Yes, please rub my clit. Make me feel your love through your fingers on my clit.” you replied.

I stopped all movement. “Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yesssssss!” you exclaimed. “Rub my horny clit. Can't you see in my eyes how much I want you to?”

Slowly, I began to rub your clit, side to side at first. The look of gratitude and intense pleasure in your eyes was instantaneous. I moved my finger over your clit, varying the pressure, speed, and direction of movement in response to the look in your eyes, and the sound of your sighs. I played your body like a piano.

I could see that you were getting close to the edge from the moisture and loss of focus of your eyes, and the flaring of your pretty nostrils. I slowed down a little, and eased up the pressure just enough to get you right to the edge without taking you over.

You confirmed that I was doing the right thing when you said, “Oh my, I am right on the edge.”

“Hm, I am not sure I am ready for you to be on the edge,” I said, slowing down and almost letting go the pressure altogether.

“Nooooooooo!” you cried. “I like the edge. Keep me there.”

You moved your hips to try to retain pressure. I smiled and took you right back to the edge so fast that you almost slipped over, the look of pure pleasure on your face and the intensity of your moan alerting me to the need to hold you back a little.

You gave me a dirty look, seems you were ready to cum, but at the same time, I know how much you love me playing you like that, holding you there on the edge and teasing you with my fingers, my look, and my words.

“I nearly allowed you to cum there,” I said.

“You tease me,” you said. I was not sure if it was a complaint, a comment or an order. I took it as the latter, as I would.

“Yes, I tease you. I want every bit of pleasure that you can feel because I can feel it right alongside you. When you are on the edge, I am aching as you well know. We make such a good team.” I said.

“I love it,” you said. “But I could just cum right now.”

“Not without my permission, and my finger on your clit,” I said, frustrating your efforts to cum by just stopping for a few seconds.

You were about to scold me, when I suddenly applied pressure and rubbed your clit fast in the up and down motion that you love. Your mouth opened wide, and you moaned at the intensity of it.

You looked me in the eye with that 'fuck me till I cum' look, and your breathing went out of control.

“I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum, now,” you moaned, your eyes almost turning up in your head from the pleasure.

“Yes, you are gonna cum. Because I am gonna make you cum,” I said.

You forced your eyes to focus on mine as the orgasm started. “I … am … See it in my eyes,” you said.

So intense was the look of pleasure on your face that I nearly came along with you. My cock was throbbing, and waves of pleasure washed over me. I drowned in the pleasure in your eyes.

You couldn't hold the look any longer, and you tilted your head back and screamed your pleasure.

I knew that I could control that orgasm with my finger movements. I wanted a long one for you, so I alternated slowing down and speeding up my finger movements.

“Ohhh, I'm still cumming,” you said. “Don't stop yet.” Your orgasm continued a little longer under my control.

Finally you arched your back, your breathing totally out of control, as the final waves of the orgasms washed over you.

Slowly, I let my fingers move away from your pussy, pulling you close and just holding you while you came down. I licked your juices off my finger, the finger that had just given you such intense, loving pleasure.

Of course, I had a problem. I was now hyperaroused, my cock was dripping precum, and it was hard and throbbing, and dying to be inside you. But not yet, you were too sensitive.

Aware of my situation, you reached out and touched my cock, squeezing him gently, now it being your turn to look into the eyes of my pleasure. Every touch and movement you made, looking into my eyes, sent waves of loving pleasure throughout my body.

“I could just cum,” I said.

“Oh no you don't,” said you in retaliation.

When you bent to take my cock into your mouth, you stopped and looked at me, and asked, “Should I really suck your cock?”

I couldn't speak, I was burning with anticipation. All I could do was nod my head, and emphatic, “Yes!”

You took the head of my cock in your mouth, and ran your tongue round and round the sensitive glans, knowing full well how much it was making me burn with pleasure.

It was all I could do to stop myself from thrusting into your mouth and just cumming. But I wanted more. Much more. So I let your tongue give me intense pleasure, and I held back despite the fact that it would be so easy to cum in your mouth.

You know me so well. You took me to the edge, and you kept me from cumming for what seemed like ages. I was floating in a land of pleasure controlled by your tongue and lips.

At some point, I came to reality long enough to realise that you were touching yourself with one hand. I love how you can be insatiable at times.

Slowly, and reluctantly, I pulled my cock away from your mouth. I stood up, and took you by the hand pulling you up with me. I pushed you back against a bare patch of wall, parted your legs with my knee, and slowly pushed my cock into your soaking pussy.

You gasped as I filled you up, and pinned you against the wall. I grabbed your wrists, and held your arms over your head, as I fucked you against the wall. Pressed my pelvis against your clit, making you feel the pressure, as I kissed your lips, my tongue in your mouth, my teeth sucking your lips into my mouth.

Looking in your eyes as I fucked you, I could see the look of surprise and pleasure mixed together. I had not fucked you like that before, holding your wrists hard, your arms over your head, greedily fucking you like we were teenagers behind the school dancehall.

Somehow, despite the postural difficulties, I managed to get my lips onto your nipples and sucked and nibbled them as I fucked you against the wall.

I looked into your eyes, and I could see that you were on the edge.

“I'm gonna cum. Cum with me,” you pleaded. “Please cum with me.”

Who could resist such an entreaty! I pressed harder, the pressure of my pelvis against your clit, my cock filling you up, you were soon beyond the point of no return.

I love watching your orgasm take over you, love seeing you give into its pleasure. As soon as I saw that, I was gone too, cumming with you, my own orgasm matching yours in both intensity and duration.

Slowly, pinned against the wall, you came down from the orgasm, and put your arms around my neck. Your love was overwhelming.

Without saying a word, I picked you up and carried you to the bed, collapsing together, a tangle of arms and legs, we dozed. Of course, we were not done yet. This was going to be one of those insatiable days. I just knew it.


Marlene, now that you have read this story of ours, I hope you are as intensely aroused as I am when I think about you reading it. This is not negotiable. I want you touching yourself, thinking about how insatiable we could be together, with no inhibitions, only a desire for pleasure to guide us. Touch yourself, but look at your eyes in the mirror. See yourself cum the way I would want to see you. Feel my pleasure as your orgasm starts, don't let go seeing your eyes until you can't stand it any more. Be greedy, don't be satisfied with one orgasm. Love yourself how I would love you, until you were completely spent.

Feel it now, feel your fingers on your hard and throbbing clit. Feel your wetness, I have made you wet haven't I? I know I have, and I love it. Feel it. Cum for me Marlene, don't hold back, feel the joy and beauty of the orgasm my words created for you.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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