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On Top of the World

From best friends to lovers...
"Oh fuckkk… so hot!" Ross's fingers slid back and forth over his hard, aching cock as he imagined his current flame of the week (Maria) naked, her body against his. His skin was hot and slippery to the touch as his hand spread the pre-cum that was leaking from the tip over his shaft. In his mind, he pictured the girl, her legs spread and her fingers sliding through her soaking wet folds as she touched herself for him.

There was only one problem. The image of another girl, decidedly not Maria, was constantly invading his mind. The little vixen was blonde and gorgeous and he couldn't resist her... If only she weren't his best friend. He tried to convince himself that fantasizing about her was harmless. That it was okay. But he knew that it wasn't.

His hand rubbed his cock faster as he thought about how wet his she would be and how much she would want him. Fuck it, he thought. He was too far gone to care if it was Maria's face or Scarlett's or even the tooth fairy. He just wanted to cum. Hard.

In his mind’s eye, he could already picture Scarlett lying naked on his bed, letting out feminine whimpers as she fucked her pussy with a toy and pretended it was his cock inside of her. He wished that he could see her in front of him, smell the aroma of her cum, and feel her sweat-soaked body tangled with his. He was so wrapped up in his little fantasy that he didn't even notice as the object of said fantasies entered the room. Oblivious to her presence, he squeezed a little harder and let out a loud groan.

The last thing Scarlett Cramer was expecting when she let herself into her best friend’s dorm was his hard, muscled body sprawled naked across his bed. The sight of his hand wrapped around his… er, favorite part of his anatomy was even more shocking. She stopped in her tracks and stared.

"Mmmm… Scarlett!" Ross muttered as his hand slid faster along his length.

Scarlett didn't think it was possible for heart to stop twice in one day, but right then, it did. Ross was fantasizing about her? What happened to that girl… Mia… Maria… whatever it was? Wasn't he dating her?

As she watched, Ross stroked himself faster, his legs falling open to reveal his thick cock and his perfectly shaped balls. Well, they were perfect in her opinion. She had had a huge crush on him since freshman year, and to have him here, like this, well this was one of her fantasies.

"Scar!" He called again.

A slow smirk spread across Scarlett's face as she got an idea…

Ross's eyes were still tightly shut as she hurried across the room. She gently removed his hand from his cock and replaced it with her mouth. His eyes snapped open and his dick throbbed between her lips. "S-sc-scarlett?" He stuttered out, unsure whether or not he was dreaming. Certain that he must be, he decided to go with it. He thrust up into her hand and reveled in the feeling of her skin against his.

She sent him a teasing smile and trailed her fingers up his shaft. Soon, she replaced her fingers with her tongue and placed long, wet licks all over his cock and balls. Then, she twirled her tongue around the head of his dick, delighting in the feel of his salty skin in her mouth. It took all of his effort to keep from fucking her mouth, and he felt like his control could snap at any moment. She sucked on him, taking as much of his cock as possible and teasing the rest with her fingertips. Then, she started to really suck him off, bobbing up and down, fucking his cock with her mouth. More of his pre-cum released into her mouth and she let go of his dick with a wet pop before licking it up. The sensation of her tongue on the sensitive skin of his cock made Ross feel like he could burst at any moment.

"Oh, God, Scar!" Ross practically whimpered. "That feels amazing!"

Sure, he had received blow jobs before. From numerous girls. But none could compete with Scarlett. He was in love with her, and that was why this fantasy was probably wrong, but he couldn't bring himself to give it up.

He pulled her to her feet and pushed her onto the bed. He kissed the blonde long and hard, their tongues tangling and their breath mixing until they both had to come up for air. Then, his lips found her neck and he gave it all of his attention. He kissed, bit, and sucked on the skin, leaving marks that would be there for days. He made short work of her clothes and soon, she was lying naked beneath him. His lips continued to trail down her body until he reached the junction of her thighs.

She was gorgeous. Tight, wet, dripping, everything he had ever dreamed about. But best of all, she was his. She wasn’t just another girl to fuck when he got horny. Reverently, he ran one finger over her slit and then another. Then, he could resist no longer. Scarlett’s pussy was sopping wet, and when he licked his way over it, she let out a loud moan.

Her hips shoved closer to him, trying to get his tongue to meet her sensitive clit, but he teased her and pushed her to the edge without actually making her cum. When her body began to shake with orgasm, he finally slipped inside. His huge cock pushed into her wet little pussy easily. Ross tried to hold still, but his hips thrust forward involuntarily and his throbbing dick was suddenly balls-deep in her cunt. They were both so turned on. Scarlett's body was shaking, and she was desperate to fuck. The feeling of Ross inside of her made her want to cum so badly. He pounded into her little pussy, stretching it and enjoying the feeling of her juices mixing with his pre-cum.

"Ross!" She shouted, speaking for the first time. Ross swore his rock-hard dick got even harder at the sound of her moaning his name. "Yes! Right there!"

He adored her long blonde hair that hung like a curtain around them. He loved how tight she was around him, how it felt like her pussy was made to encase his cock. She was encouraging him enthusiastically. Her sexy voice was urging him on as she told him just how much she wanted to be fucked and how she loved the feeling of his hard cock buried in her pussy. Her moans and pleas made him fuck her harder, his dick slamming in and out of her cunt.

"More! Faster!" She yelled. "Come on, Ross! Fuck me harder!" Ross complied. His cock slid deep into Scarlett's pussy, her wetness dripping down onto her legs and making his cock slippery inside of her. Scarlett's fingers slid over her own body, caressing her breasts while her closest friend (now her lover) watched with delight. She pinched her nipples and teased them mercilessly, her eyes locked on his all the while. Her fingers found their way down between her legs to the place where their bodies met. She rubbed her clit frantically, desperate to cum. This made her pussy coat his cock in even more juices as her body started to shake with orgasm.

Unintelligible sounds flew from her lips as her pussy started to contract around the cock she loved. Ross slid in and out her even faster as he felt her cum leaking out. Her hands clutched at his back, and her nails left scratches. The feeling of her pussy wrapped around him even more tightly pushed Ross over the edge. He felt his body tense as he started to cum.

Since this was his fantasy, he couldn't resist sliding his cock out of her pussy and taking hold of it. His hand slid over the throbbing skin frantically as cum spurted out of his cock all over Scarlett's face and chest. A little of it even made it into her open mouth. She licked her lips seductively. Then, she leaned forward to take his still-spurting cock into her mouth, milking the last of his cum from his hard cock and sucking down every last drop. When she was done, she sat back with a satisfied smile.

"So how was it?" She asked. "Did I live up to your fantasy?"

"That was bloody amazing!" Ross practically shouted, the implication of her question not quite sinking in. He was too sated, too satisfied to think at all. He felt amazing, and it was all because of her. Grinning like an idiot, he pulled her tiny body closer and curled up beside her.

Almost immediately, he sank into a calm, sated sleep. Not until the next morning when he woke with Scarlett in his arms would it sink in that this was no fantasy.

This was reality.

And Ross was about to become a very happy man.

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