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On Waking

Sometimes, it's hard to wait until morning.
You wake softly with a yawn and a smile on your face. The dream was so vivid, so real, and so very, very sexy. You feel your nipples, hard and tight on your chest, rubbing against the texture of the sheets as you play back the details in your mind.

My arm lies across you in the dark room, reminding you that you're not alone tonight. You feel my breath, soft, warm, and even against the back of your neck and you know I'm still asleep. My body is loosely curled around yours, still spooned along your back, losing contact only briefly around your hips, our legs close, but no longer touching. You can feel me, decidedly not soft, against you and you smile, knowing that I've been dreaming too.

The sticky, achy feeling from below reminds you of our evening activities and the reason for our sexy dreams. The slight soreness is such a small price to pay for the pounding you received and one you’d happily pay again and again. The dried sheen of us makes your thighs stick a bit and you feel the slight tightening of the skin on your mound where it has dried. But all this is overshadowed by a different kind of ache, a subtle clenching inside; your vivid dream making you more than ready for more.

Glancing at the clock, you note the time "3 am....." you sigh softly to yourself. "I guess he's earned his rest....for now" you think, biting your lip around a sly smile, knowing you’ll definitely be having more of him in the morning. This thought leads to a delicious little side trip—a blend of our evening, your dream, and your fantasies for what you plan to do when we wake.

Your pussy tingles with a growing need to be touched. Your lips feeling fuller, wetter, and hotter than they were when you woke., You open your legs, your hips sliding eagerly forward as your right hand traces a familiar path down your belly and across your smooth mound. The cool stickiness of last night’s sex giving way to the much hotter, slicker feel of your lips.

You rub lightly with your hand, feeling the soft heat there. Remembering my similar touch just a few hours ago, you smile and relive the moment, touching yourself the way I touched you, softly, teasing yourself, enjoying the feel of yourself almost as much I did. Your finger dips slightly, gathering moisture from the silky softness within. Your inner lips are a little tender from our lovemaking and your finger caresses them gently.

You slide smoothly along your slit, feeling what I feel when I touch you and remembering how I moaned a bit when I felt this last night. You take your time, teasing yourself a bit as you know I would, tracing upwards towards the hard point of your need, but not quite touching it before trailing back down to circle your opening. Each circuit builds the anticipation as you make lap after agonizing lap. Lacking my detachment, it’s not long before you give in and make contact with your clit.

The touch makes you inhale quickly, both building and fulfilling your need. Another soft touch raises your arousal another level and your teasing gives way to more little jolts of more electric pleasure as you start to rub around and over your so-sensitive clit in little circles. A jumble of images and sensations run through your mind, adding to the sensations of your finger. The heat from your pussy is radiating out through your body as you play, little shocks shooting across your nerves as you touch yourself just right.

Your left hand finds your nipple and starts to play counterpoint to the growing pleasure below. Each little tug and twist causing a response in your pussy and each flick of your clit registering in your hard nipples. Your hips are moving and your breathing is getting shallow as each lap, as each tug, twist, and rub affects your breathing.

This back and forth play is taking you quickly towards your release. You’re trying to stay quiet and still, feeling excited and naughty masturbating here in the arms of your man. Your eyes flutter closed and you are deep in a world of sensation when you figure out that the pleasure from your rightr nipple is coming from the rolling and tugging of my fingers. Shocked and ashamed, you stop rubbing and try to lay still.

"Mmmm, don't stop baby," I growl sexily into your ear, still playing. My deep, sleep-laced voice making you clench hard. You feel my now fully hard cock pushing against you from behind and this sets off a new set of images: how veiny and thick it looks when it’s as hard as you feel it, how it tastes when you have me in your mouth, and how it feels deep inside you when it fills you; this last being the one that floods your mind the most vividly.

You hesitate, not sure how to act when caught like this. Your face is flushed with a combination of embarrassment and excitement, you tummy full of little butterflies of nervousness and chagrin. Taking charge, I guide your hand back to your molten center and make it clear that I want you to continue, my hand resting lightly on the back of yours, caressing you and feeling the way you rub yourself, feeling your sex through your fingers.

I try to follow your lead on your nipples, mirroring the twisting, tugging, and teasing of your left hand with my right. I’m working entirely by feel and sound, trying to interpret the movement of your body to know when you pull and when you twist. You surrender to the feelings and start to rub faster. Your hips rock between my hard cock and your hand as the pressure builds and builds.

You near the point of no return; that delicious point where the pleasure is nearly excruciating and your need almost unbearable. Your body quivers like an over tightened guitar string. You’re clenching rhythmically against the air, hungry for what I have for you, just scant inches from your gyrating hips. You hang on the edge, praying for your reward and finally, it comes.

Your body tenses, quivering and shaking. Your fingers are sloppy and barely moving against your electric clit as every little movement is almost too much to bear. My fingers tug hard on your nipples as you cum, knowing how much this drives you wild. Your hips buck erratically against the bed as you fall into bliss. You feel the heat explode from your center and from your nipples, spreading waves of pleasure through your body.

Shuddering, shaking, and quivering, your orgasm subsides and leaves you exquisitely sensitive all over. The feel of the air, the texture of the sheets, and the warmth of my skin on your skin is almost overwhelming.

My fingers squeeze your nipples slowly but firmly, each squeeze registering in your clit where it ignites another after-shock that fans out through your body and leaves you tingling.

After a few aftershocks, I wrap my arms around you and kiss your neck softly as you coast the rest of the way down from your peak. "Damn, that was hot babe," I whisper, both the smile and arousal plain in my husky tone. You start to be aware of the world outside of your body again and feel of my very hard and needy cock moving, likely unconsciously, up and down at the top of your ass in little strokes. You feel it pressing against you; a hot throbbing that you know you will feel inside of you soon.

You giggle softly and rock your hips again, rubbing my cock intentionally with your ass this time. "Mmmmm," I purr into your ear as I slide it down behind you. My head slides down your cheeks before springing forward, just below your clenching and very hungry opening.

I play with your nipples again, more softly now, as I kiss your neck from behind. My breath on the back of your neck as I kiss you being felt much further down. The head of my cock slides slowly back and forth between your silky lips as you pulse in response to my breath and the knowledge that you’re about to get fucked again.

I tease us both mercilessly by sliding between your opening at one end and your clit at the other. The hot spongy head feeling so different than your finger did as it followed this same path. I guide your hand back down to let you know I'm hoping that this will be a team effort and your fingers fall naturally over my shaft.

Your fingers caress me as I slide back and forth and you love the feel of it between your lips and your fingers. You push it against you, increasing the pressure on your clit at the end of each thrust. You realize your hips are gyrating on their own again and decide that the time for teasing is over that you will have me now. Moving your hips just so, you guide me inside.

I thrust in and out in very short strokes, my head just opening you and then retreating again, not venturing more than an inch or two inside. The feeling of friction and opening over and over again is wonderful but it makes you long to be filled completely. My fingers are still playing with your nipples but my attention is clearly not here, but down below.

Your fingertips feel how much of me is still outside of you and you tell me, “I need it all baby…please.”

I continue to give you just an inch or two, savouring each penetration and thrilling to the pleasure of your opening rubbing against my glans. Getting a little frustrated, you move your fingers to your clit, adding another note of pleasure, hoping that will help, but it just makes the need more intense.

“Please baby… I need you,” you whimper, hoping I’ll give in.

I go faster but not deeper, the sensations delicious but superficial. Your frustration is growing, my head still teasing you maddeningly. You moan in a mixture of pleasure and frustration, moving your hips lewdly, trying to get more of me inside, but I resist.

"Oh Gawd, please," you moan again, but still I say nothing.

"Please, I need more of you," you groan, rubbing yourself somewhat frantically, loving and hating this feeling.

"Fuck me," you beg, all of your desires now limited to just this one need.

I can't resist your begging anymore and I finally give in, thrusting all the way in one push.

"OOOOoooohhhhhh," you moan, the much needed feeling of fullness so wonderful after the long tease.

You buck around my cock, feeling it pressing hard against your g-spot as it slides home to your limit. I slowly withdraw, leaving you empty and hungry for more. Pushing back in again, you let out a low, guttural sound, clenching sloppily around me, trying to hold me inside, to stay filled with me a little longer.

I pull out again and start to thrust in and out in earnest, my arms wrapped around your waist and chest, giving me a little purchase, as we continue to spoon while I fuck you. Your fingers are still rubbing your clit, the combination of sensations taking you higher and higher. You feel my balls, damp and heavy against the backs of your fingers on my deepest thrusts, proud and happy to know you're taking most of me inside.

Once again, you surrender to the sensations. It's different now, the deep bass of my cock contrasting with the crisp high notes from your clit with the pulling at your nipples affecting both. You provide the vocals as your words are added to your moaning and your volume increases. The sensations fill your body and send little shocks throughout, suffusing you with pleasure. The waves build on each other, the peaks rising and falling, sometimes together, sometimes separately; until finally, the warmth overcomes you and you fall into a deep wet pool of shivering satisfaction.

The waves continue, but are muted in the depths of this orgasm, the pleasure all-encompassing and profound, not coming from your pussy or your nipples but seeming to come from your whole body.

You start to rise back up from the depths and register that I'm now breathing raggedly into your neck, my thrusts rough and becoming uncoordinated.

"Come in me, baby," you command, needing to feel me fill you with my cum almost as much as you needed to feel me inside. Your fingers ride along my shaft, stroking me as I start to buck against you. You feel me swell and throb, my balls now very tight against my body, signalling my impending eruption.

You fingers and body are too much for me and I lose control.

"Uuunnggghhhhh!" I groan as I thrust hard and deep into you. Your body is jolted by the force of the thrust as I grind hard against your limit, your name on my lips as I push. The feeling of me so deep and exploding inside you sets you off on another series of shocks of your own. Grunting again with each spurting thrust, I judder and buck against you while you ride my every movement to take my pleasure deep inside.

My thrusts slow to a stop. You hear me breathing raggedly behind you, my arms holding you close. I curl up my legs so we are once again touching all along our bodies, from shoulder to knee to feet, warm and damp the whole way. We're both breathing hard at first, but this eventually softens and we fall into breathing together, as if we are one person, joined at our middle.

My cock starts to soften as we cool and I snuggle tight against you, trying to stay in my favourite place: curled around you, over you, under you, and inside you. Wanting to surround you completely, to make you feel engulfed, warm, and protected. I claim you as my own, and mutter in your ear that I’m never letting you go.

You snuggle into my embrace, purring softly, loving the feel of the little kisses I’m planting softly on your neck, face, and shoulders, each one feeling like a gift, a little love note from my heart to yours.

We both smile, contented in the afterglow, and know full well how we feel about each other. Wrapped close, we lie in silence, enjoying the feeling of oneness as we slowly, softly, gently, drift back to sleep.

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