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One at a time.....

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Double the pleasure
This is my first time writing a story.  I enjoyed reading a lot of stories here on Lush that I decided to share one of my own.  This is a true story that happened a long time ago.

I was dating Tia for about three months now.  She's a very hot and sexy woman.  She was 1/2 Filipina and 1/2 German.  She was 5'7" tall, long black hair, brown eyes, light brown skin and a body to die for.  Her measurements were 36C, 24 and 34.  She also had a identical twin sister.  Her name is Mia.  The only way to tell them apart was that Tia had a small black mole near her lip on her left side.

Like I said Tia and I had been dating for three months, but I only met her sister once because she went to a different college than we did.  When I first met Mia, I realized how much she was a flirt.  She was more sexual than Tia.  When I met Mia, she oozed of sex from the way she was dressed and the way she talked. 

The first time I met Mia, she gives me a hug and whispers in my ear "Damn your a tall one, I bet you give my sis a hell of a ride".  I just started laughing and Tia wanted to know what she said.  Told Tia I would tell her later.  Later Tia told me be careful of her Sis.  She told me she was a nympho.  Didn't know if Tia was saying it to be mean or if her sis was really a nympho.

One time Tia tried to trick me by covering up her mole with make-up and tried to get me into bed pretending she was Mia.  But I knew it was Tia and told her that I could not do that to her sister.  She told me who she was and we made passionate love that night.  Passinote love is nice, but raunchy sex is so mush better.  I'm sure the guys know what I mean.

Anyways, one weekend Mia did come to visit her sister or me.  Neither one of us knew she was coming.  Mia marked her face so it looked like she had a mole on her face like Tia.  The only difference was that she still dressed like Mia, wearing a short sexy black mini and a top that barely hid her breast.  So when I saw her, I called her Tia at first than I was confused because of the was she was dressed and I asked why she was dressed the way she was.  She has never dressed like that before.  She told me "Happy Birthday and I was her birthday present".  So I assumed she was Tia.  She told me she wanted to skip the rest of her classes and she wanted to go back to my apartment.  We headed over to my place and man I had the best sex of my young life.  Tia has given me blow jobs before, but when I was close to cumming I told her.  Tia (actually Mia) swallowed my cum this time.  I thought this was part of my birthday present so I did not question it.  Than we fucked like jack rabbits.  Fucking in several positions , she came several times.  Than she told me she had to go, but she would be back later.

Decided to take a shower cause I knew we were going to dinner that night.  While I was taking the shower, the real Tia came over.  She had her own key.  She came into the bathroom.  I heard her come in.  She said Happy Birthday stud and the next thing I knew she joined me in the shower.  We kissed and touched each other.  She got down on her knees and gave me a blow job.  During the blow job, I kinda of noticed that she was not doing the same things she did earlier.  All she did  was go up and down on my cock.  She did not suck on my balls or lick my anus and when I was close to cumming (I told her I was about to cum) she stopped and finished me with her hand.  After the shower, I decided to ask her about her day and what she did.  Than I realized that it was not Tia who I fucked earlier, it was her sister Mia. 

Later that day, right before we were leaving for dinner Mia showed up.  Tia was surprised to see her  and even though I now knew she was in town I acted surprised.  She said Happy Birthday to me.  The mole was gone from her face.  I asked how she knew it was my birthday, she told me Tia told her on the phone earlier in the week.  Mia ended up joining Tia and me for dinner.  Tia had to go the bathroom after dinner, Mia did not go with her.  When Tia left, Mia with a wicked grin on her face asked how was my morning/afternoon was.  I told her I know it was her.  She said "Oh really and did you enjoy yourself".  "Of course I did, but I can't do it again".  She tells me "don't worry I won't say anything if you don't Stud".  Tia came back to the table.  We had dessert and we all went back to my place.  It was getting late and Mia said she had to go.  She asked Tia "Sis mind if I give your studly boyfriend a Birthday kiss".  My surprise Tia said sure, but be nice.  Mia says to me Happy Birthday and gives me a kiss on the lips.  Not a long one, but I could tell it was a kiss that said "wait until next time".  Than she gave me a birthday present (a box of condoms).

It would be another six months before I see Mia again.  Wait until you read what happens the next time we get together
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