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One Chance

The sensual meeting two friends
We've just met face to face for the first time. It was at a regional Lush party. Everyone in the Dallas area was invited to go, for a small fee. Even though I don't live in the area, I was able to get myself on the guest list.

Not many other people in the room knew who you were...without a pic on Lush your anonymity is safe. There are only a handful here who know, and we aren't talking. I watch you from afar at first. Seeing you scan the room, you're looking for someone... searching for a face in the crowd. As you make your way to the bar, I follow you. As you get to the front of the line, I reach around you and pay for your drink. You turn to say "no thanks", but you recognize me and smile. A smile is nice, but I think a hug is in order!

I initiate the hug because I know you won't. The hug is just long enough... enough that its not too long, but short enough that it makes me want more. I wonder if you do? We spend the rest of the night talking. Sometimes it's just the two of us, sometimes others playfully join in. As we talk, I can't help notice how you occassionally touch my hand as you laugh. I'm feeling somewhat protective of you, I put my arm around you as people try to squeeze by us in the crowd. Is it just me or did your body press hard into mine when I did that?

As you excuse yourself to go to the ladies room, your breasts brush against me as you pass. Was that intentional or am I just hoping so? Without you by my side I feel lonely. As you return, your hand grazes mine. While you chat with another Lushie, I make a trip to the bar for more drinks. As I get back our spot, your back is to me. The only way to get around to the front of you is to squeeze behind you first. Your head whips around when you feel me against your butt. At first your face shows anger, but eases into a sly grin when you see it's me.

The rest of the party sees us in constant contact. Either touching our hands together or our bodies touching at the hip. Getting closer than needed to let someone pass near us. Late in the evening as you back against me as a drunken party goer passes, I wrap my arms around you at the hips and kiss you softly on your neck. Just once! Your legs weaken at my touch.

I whisper in your ear, "I know you live in town, but I have a room upstairs. Will you come with me?"

You don't answer with words. You grab me by the hand and tell me with your eyes. We make our way across the floor to the elevators. Once inside I turn your body to mine. You are trembling as I kiss you. Very softly on your lips. Even though it's a soft kiss you can feel my passion. No tongue, just my lips and your lips. My hands against the small of your back pulling you to me.

As we enter my hotel room, I resist the primal urges to throw you on the bed and take you. You turn to me.. I can see the doubt and questions on your face. What will our other Lush friends say? I ease your thoughts with another kiss knowing this is probably a one time thing. The desire in me is burning. But I want this experience to last. I kiss my way down your neck. slowly and gently I kiss behind your ear. Then down and around, under your chin, down your neck, then up to behind the other ear.

I slowly turn you facing away from me. Lifting your hair I kiss you softly on the back of your neck. Then my kiss become firmer as I kiss more of your neck and shoulders. As I kiss I unzip the back of your dress. It's quite stunning how it frames your body and shows off all your curves. While I unzip it, I am extra careful to not touch your skin at all. It bunches in the back, making it easy for my fingers grab the shoulder straps and lower them down your arms. My hands deftly lower the dress from your body. Still I haven't touched your body. Down to your hips, I ease it over your backside and it falls to the floor.

I step close behind you, my chest inches away from your back, still torturing us both by not allowing my hands to touch you. Your body is beautiful standing there in your black strapless bra and black thong. I lead you to the bed and lay you down. I take in the beauty of your body. My knees go to each side of your body, leaning down I kiss your neck... slowly to the middle of your breasts... left exposed by your bra... down to your stomach.

Your body is shaking.. and you aren't cold!! I kiss and suck my way around your stomach.. to your ribs... my lips barely touching you as I move around your body. Each time I finally kiss you, you lift your body to touch my lips more. My lips get right above your thong in front... kissing you there. Your legs part, but it's too soon for that.

For the first time in what seems like ages, my hands and fingers touch you as I lower the front of your thong... just a little bit. Your hips are reaching for more. I kiss you and lick you and suck you on your sensitive skin above your slit. It's still covered by the thong. But I can smell your womanness. Kissing all around your hips your body is begging for more. Your thong is lowered just a little further and as I kiss my way back to the middle of your body, my tongue licks you right inside the top of your slit... then it trails up your body.

As I move and softly lick my way up your body I can see and feel the goosebumps on your skin. My hands unclasp your bra in the front, but the cups stay in place until my hands brush it away and the pams of my hands hover above each nipple.. they are straining for attention. I move to your chest. Kissing the top of each breast, then over to the side, and underneath. Slowly I move down your body.. my mouth runs right over your thong cover pussy. To the inside of your thigh... leaving your breast and nipples aching for my mouth and hands.

My kisses are moving down your legs to your knees and calves. I can look up and see that your thong is soaking wet with your juices. One hand reaches up to rub you through your panties... your body jerks at my touch. Back up your legs I go.. i'm sucking on that spot right between your leg and your pussy.. your body moves trying to center itself at my mouth... I'm not ready.

I grab the sides of your thong and slowly lower them, lastly unveiling your slick pussy. As it slides down your body, I can feel my dick get even harder. Standing admiring your body, I take my clothes off. My eyes scan you from toe to head. I stare into your eyes as the last remaining articles are gone and I'm standing naked. 

Inching up your body I lay half way beside you half way on you. My hard on is pressed against your hip. One hand moves up your leg and finds it's way to your pussy... but it moves away. My hand is slowly circling around your tit. Closing in on your nipple... as it gets closer and closer your breath shortens.

Finally my hand finds your nipples... I don't know who is more excited.. me or you? My body and brain and sould and dick are tell me to throw caution to the wind and take you now! But I resist and take my time. As I cup and carress and tease and pinch your swollen buds your face has fallen towards me and I kiss you. But this kiss is different. As our mouths meet, I suck your lower lip into my mouth before releasing it and probing with my tongue. Your tongue hungrily meets mine and they tango. As we break our kiss you whisper to me... "I need your mouth on me.. all of me."

I follow your orders and move lower. Your tits are incredible. I want to have them to myself. My Mouth is finally on your nipple... sucking it into my mouth. My hand has moved between your legs... your pussy is soaking wet. But still I make it wait for me.

As my hand moves up and down inside your legs.. teasing your pussy. Making it beg for my touch... my mouth is latched on to your hard pierced nipple. It's soo sensitive that when my tongue hits it just right, you gasp in pleasure. 

My hand stops right on your pussy. I'm cupping it and you are moaning... my mouth and lips pulling on your piercing. My hand running up and down your pussy, just on the outside of your slit... you clit is poking through, but I avoid the hot little button. Tell me what you want from me...

"Please stop teasing me, finger me now.. I need to feel them in me.. " you say huskily as I easily slide 2 fingers inside. Kissing lower down your body my face follows the aroma from your pussy. It's drawing me to it. Still working my fingers in and out of you, my mouth settles on your pussy. MMmm it tastes soo good. Sucking one of your lips into my mouth causes you to shudder.

Next I bend my fingers so that they are right at your g-spot as my tongue moves up and down your pussy. Each time it nudges your clit you moan in delight. Your hips are involuntarily grinding against my face. My fingers begin rubbing faster and harder.. my mouth has settled on your clit. It is hard and sensitive and I suck it inot my mouth. I suck it and at the same time flick my tongue in swirls around it...

Your body is responding as it should.. with all the build up you are on the verge. My fingers settle on your g-spot and your clit is getting all of my tongue.. I can tell what you like by the reaction of your body.. my assault doesn't stop until your body shakes and your head throws back, hands gripping the bed...

"Ohhh mmm gonna cumm ... aahhhh cumminggggg!!!!

I stay below and lick up all your juices and wait for your body to settle. As the aftershocks are still hitting you...I move up your body. My mouth is glistening with your cum, your eyes widen.. knowing i'm coming in for a kiss. You greedily take my lips with yours and suck and lick and taste yourself on me. Only then does it register that my now very hard dick is at the entrance to your pussy.

You look me in the eyes and smile, putting your heels on my ass you pull me into you. Mmm, you are soo warm and wet and tight. I slowly slide all the way in. As I move inside you I can feel your hard nipples across my chest. I love that! Kissing deeply again we both know what to do. My cock is getting faster and faster in and out of you. It's been a long build up for me too. But with steady firm thrust I keep my speed in check. Each time I draw back I stop just as the head of my dick almost pops out.. and at this angle when I slide back in, my cockhead rubs the roof of your pussy. I can feel you flexing your muscles around my dick. Ohh, I'm getting so close... you bring your hips up to meet my thrusts... you suck my bottom lip into your mouth and bite it.. just hard enough.
I raise my body from yours, kneeling between your legs I piston into you. You can see the lust on my face, my desire to cum. I reach down and thumb your clit while I stroke, the sudden shock of it sends you with me over the edge. I grunt in pleasure as I unload into you, your pussy convulsing with me and sucking me dry. I collapse on top of you and we are both out of breath. Panting and satisfied.
Rolling to your side, we both fall asleep from exhaustion and exhilaration.
But when I awake you are gone. As I move to the bathroom to shower I notice a note on the counter. I wonder what it says......

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