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One day...

For you
It has been so long since I've seen you. I've missed you so much. I wait for you to deplane and collect your luggage. When I do see you, you've got the biggest smile I've ever seen on your face. I know you've had a very long flight, but you look so happy… so radiant.

When we finally reach each other, we are in each other's arms in an instant. It's the biggest warmest embrace I could ever imagine. I don't even know how long we stood there holding each other. I don't care either. Holding you in my arms felt so right.

As we make our way to the car, we engage in a little small talk about the plane flight, about the weather, etc.. We get to the car and put all the luggage away, and then we are off to home. At first, I hold your hand as I drive home. Soon however, I notice that you're asleep. That's fine. In know you had a long flight. It's a long car ride home, anyway, and I'm glad you're able to get some rest.

Shortly before we arrive home, you wake up. A little disoriented at first, but you quickly get your bearings… at least you know you're not at your home and you're with me. I look over and I see that big smile again. You take my hand, kiss it, and hold it with both of your hands.

I park, gather your luggage, and head home. I open the door, and let you in. I bring in all the luggage, and no sooner have I closed the door, we again find each other in the biggest, tightest, most wonderful embrace I could imagine.

But this embrace turns into more than just a wonderful hug. We start kissing. Small kisses at first. Then, we start kissing like we did the last time I saw. What an amazing kiss it is.

With you in my arms and our lips joined together in a passionate kiss, I can feel my desire for you rising. My hands move down and I start massaging your ass. You respond at first by holding me tighter, then you move your mouth away, and I can hear you panting and moaning a little. This has me really going by now. I want you right now. I need you.

I take you by the hand to the bed room. We resume kissing as we stand in front of the bed. You start running your fingers through my hair as I continue my massaging your ass as our tongues explore each other's mouth. Then, I stop and look into your eyes.

I push you onto the bed. I remove your shoes. I start to remove your pants and tell you

"Take off your top"

As I peel off your pants you have this lustful look in your eyes as you remove your top.
I take a moment and I just marvel at how beautiful you are. How sexy. There you are in nothing but a bra and panties -- and I know you're all I want.

"Take off your bra."

Without any hesitation, you slip off your bra as I move my head to your legs.

I start to kiss your legs. I nibble your legs. I continue to kiss and nibble my way up your inner thighs. I can hear you sighing as I move my way, slowly, up your legs to your center.

I look up at you and see you caressing your bare breasts. You are so sexy, I want to just plunge my hard cock into you right then and there, but I want you to enjoy this. I want to give you a welcome that you will remember for a long time.

Once I have reach my destination, I blow warm air on your panty-covered cunt. I hear you gasp. I kiss your cunt. I kiss your clit. I reach down and start to peel your panty as you left up your ass so I can take it off.

You continue to massage your breasts, even playing with your nipples while I move my way back to your legs. I repeat the treatment I gave you before. I kiss and nibble my way up your legs. I blow on your cunt. But this time, I start to lick you. Gently at first. One nether lip at a time.

I notice that you're starting to pull at your nipples, and I realize I want to be in control.

"Hold my hands".

You obediently hold my hands, as I continue to lick your lips. I squeeze your hands more tightly as I start to lick your cunt more urgently. Your sighs are more and more replaced by moans. And as I continue to lick your cunt more and more urgently, your moans get louder and louder.

"Lick my clit. I need to you to lick my clit."

I slow down and tease you. I feel your arms tense trying to break free. I slow down even more.

"Lick it. Suck it. PLEASE!!"

I take your clit in my mouth and I begin to lick and suck. You release a gasp as soon as I take your clit in my mouth. As I continue my assault on your lit, your moans become screams.

I take a short break and you look at me like I've just committed a crime.

"Cum for me, baby. I promise, it won't be the last time".

I resume enjoying my clit dessert. I guess the thought of what I said finally got to you, plus my ministrations, and you begin to scream once again, and your body begins to convulse.
By now, you're squeezing my hands so tightly, it's all I can do to keep your arms still.

As you begin to climax, I let go. You immediately grab my head and drive it even further into your center.

Soon, your climax subsides, but then I begin to lick and nibble my way up your body. I reach your breasts and I kiss and caress them. I avoid your nipples at first, and this begins to frustrate you. After awhile, I start to gently lick your nipples, and I can tell this is getting you going once again.

I continue this for awhile and then I move up until we're kissing again. Your mood increases in intensity because you feel the head of my cock at your cunt. I tease you a little bit, but soon, you're legs are wrapped around my waist. I slowly start to undulate my hips, but you don't want any more teasing.

"Harder. Fuck me. Fuck me, harder."

With all the teasing and foreplay that preceded this, I am fucking you as hard as I can until soon I am about to cum.

"I'm gonna cum" I scream. And as I do, I unload my cum into your hungry cunt. At this event, you experience your second climax. As our mutual climaxes wane, we hold each other.

"I love you.", I say.

"And I love you."

After a few minutes of light caressing and sweet nothings, I stand up and hold out my hand.
You take my hand and I lead you to the shower. I get in, turn the water on and wait for an
appropriate temperature. Then, I invite you in.

I let the hot water flow over you as you face the shower. I hold you from behind, and just stand there with you in my arms. Soon, I take some body wash and start lathering up your breasts and stomach.

I kiss your neck.

You turn to me, and we begin to kiss as I continue to lather up your luscious body.

My hand travels down, and soon, I am running my finger between your nether lips and moving across your lit. You start to get excited by that. As our kissing become more urgent, you begin to moan as we continue to kiss.

During this time, my cock rises to the occasion as your ass is pressed against it.

I remove the shower head from its holder and I rinse off your body. With one hand, I begin to
caress your nipple and the other hand take the shower head and directs it at your clit. You're stunned at first, surprised by the feeling of pulsating water on your clit. Then, you begin to get more and more into it.

You turn around, feeling my hard cock at your ass, and say "Fuck me". I give you the shower head, which you dutifully point at your clit. I bend you over, and as you take your free hand and support yourself, I begin to fuck you hard and faster.

Words have escaped you. The sensation of the water pulsating on your clit and my hard, stiff cock fuck you from behind has left you unable to make any coherent speech. All you're able to do is to moan and screen.

In no time at all, you've cum a third time and I, a second time.

We rinse off and make it to the bed. I hold towel wrapped body, and we spoon.

"See, I told you it would be your last time." You laugh, kiss me sweetly, and lay in my arms.

Shortly, I notice your sleeping, and I just hold you tightly. I enjoy the feeling of this embrace: loving, caring. I'm glad to have you with me, and wondering what your visit will hold for us.
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