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One Drunken Night

A True Story

“Why is it that when you’re bored there is nothing on the television but info-mercials, but when there is something that has to be done all your favorite shows are playing at once,” I ask myself. I glance at the clock on the stereo, 3:14am. God I’m tired, but I can’t go to bed until Nancy gets home. For those that don’t know Nancy is my girlfriend, my Raina Bonita, my nobia have you. At 23, she is the sexiest, craziest, and maybe the most intelligent person I have ever met. Tonight she decided to hang out with some friends at a bar downtown, and being the good boyfriend I am I let her have her space.   Okay, gotta stay awake. I grab a soda from the fridge and my smokes and head outside. About halfway through my cigarette I see lights enter the driveway, not to steadily, and she stops a mere 3 inches from my legs.   Driving drunk again, I have to talk to her about that I remind myself. As she gets out of the car she loses a shoe and throws the other in mock disgust.

  “Hey baby”, I say as she crawls out, “how was your night?”

“Fucking crazy,” she replies.

“Fucking crazy good, or fucking crazy there is a warrant for you?” I jokingly say.

“I’ll tell you inside, I have to pee.” She says as she kisses me wetly, tasting my tonsils.

  I can tell by the kiss that this is going to be a long HARD night. I finish my smoke as she walks in, and go to retrieve her shoes. I stop inside the foyer and put her shoes in the closet, and then see her purse and shawl in the middle of the floor. “Yeah she’s drunk,” I say out loud to myself, she is only messy when she gets trashed. I put her purse on the table, her shawl on the appropriate hook and turn all the lights off as I head up to the bedroom. I walk into the bathroom to do the nightly prep work, seeing her dress on the floor, and the toilet unflushed. I finish brushing my teeth, flush the toilet, and throw her dress in the hamper. As I walk to the bedroom, the door sticks like something is blocking the way. I get nervous, thinking maybe she has passed out, and push hard on the door. Looking in the gap I made, I see that she has opened a drawer in the nightstand. I squeeze my arm in and close the drawer, finally able to get the door to open. As I walk in the bedroom, I get one of the greater shocks of my life. Lying on the bed, my lushes’ sex goddess is working a rather large vibrator in and out of herself.

“My God, what the fuck took you so long?” she says, never opening her eyes. “I couldn’t wait.”

I crawl on the bed beside her, running my hands over her stomach, and bite her nipple the way she likes.

“What’s got you so worked up baby? Not that I mind” I say as I bite her other nipple a little too rough.

“Oh, yeah” she groans.”We were at LODO’s and Josh brought his new girlfriend. She was pretty hot by the way. Anyway, about six drinks in she leans into me and kisses me out of the blue.”

Upon hearing this, my semi-flaccid cock became what Nancy endearingly calls, “The Rocket.”

“And what did you do baby?” I ask now stroking her neck with one hand, loosening my pants with the other.

“Well, I guess I kissed her back.” She says with a giggle. “You should have been there baby, I so wanted to fuck her, I wanted my first threesome tonight.”

“Why didn’t you bring her home then Baby?” I ask, wondering if it’s too late to go get her now.

“Well, it is Josh’s girl, and I wouldn’t feel right taking her away, and I don’t want my first BI experience to be a drunk fuck.” she replies.

“So, you just came home to take it out on me then?” I laugh.

“God baby, I am so wet. Eat my pussy for me.”

I dive between her legs watching her buzz her clit with the rabbit ears, “Wow, Baby, you are soaked.” I trace my tongue over her folds, savoring the taste of her juices. I take the vibrator from her hands and slowly work it into her, licking her folds as they wrap around that plastic cock.   She starts wrapping her hands in my hair, moaning, her hips fluttering with every thrust.

“Oh, god baby, take it out I’m about to cum.”

I take the toy out and slide my tongue over her clit as I put two fingers in her and rub the little knot in her pussy.

“Ay,Ay,AY, yes, yes, eat me motherfucker, I’m cummmming…” she screams as her orgasm overtakes her. I clamp my mouth over her pussy, drinking her cum as it pours out. I haven’t seen her squirt like this since our first time together, I absently think to myself. ”Holy fuck,” she says as her legs shake, and I tease her clit, making them shake even more. I lean up to kiss her, letting her taste her pussy on my lips, rubbing my dick over her spamming pussy.

“Fuck me, fuck me like a whore Papi,” as glares into my eyes with a challenge. “I want you all the way in me, take me, use me, I want to FEEL it. Make my pussy hurt.”

With my left hand I reach up and grab her throat, knowing she wants to be dominated. My right hand grips my agonizingly hard dick and I shove into her sloppy pussy in one thrust.

“OhmiGod, OhmiGod, I can feel that in my cervix, Holy shit, don’t stop, don’t stop” as she cums all over my dick.

I take my dick out as she finishes, knee walking up her body and shove myself in her mouth, pushing my cum-covered cock into her throat.   I continue choking her as her tongue circles my dick, her throat pulsing over the head.

“Get on your hands and knees you filthy slut,” I say as I slap her cheek with my dick.

I position myself behind her, sliding the head between her slick folds, teasing her clit.

“Please, please don’t tease me, “ she pouts.

I take aim, and ram my cock into her as hard as I can, feeling my balls slap her pelvis.

“Oh God yes, harder, harder Papi.” She cries into the pillow.

I work up a solid pace, deep stroking her and start teasing her asshole with my thumb. Usually she won’t let me in her ass, she says I’m too big, but I think that’s just an excuse, I’m only about 8” and her toy she uses back there is just about the same size so I think to myself “What the hell, she’s wild tonight, lets give it a shot.” I insert my thumb into her butt as I continue my onslaught. She seems to enjoy this as a moan leaks from her chest. I reach up and pull her hair, bringing her ear to my mouth.

“Tonight you get the whole deal Baby,” I say as I smack her ass.

“What do you mean the whole deal,” she moans nervously as I reach her cervix again.

“I am going to cum in your ass tonight Baby, tonight is the night.”

“I don’t know baby, I don’t know if I’m ready for that.”

“Well, I’ll go slowly and we will just see what happens, but first…” I wrap my forearm around her throat and lay seize to her pussy, pounding in and out of her like I’ll never have her again, needing one more cum from her. As I hit bottom one more time, I feel her walls tighten, her breath whoosh out, and she slumps forward. I lay her back onto the pillow, licking the sweat from her back, moving my lips up to her neck.

“Are you still alive Baby?” I laugh into her ear.

“Ahhh I don’t know, I’m kinda numb,” she mumbles in a ten second sentence.

“Take a deep breath baby, here it comes.” I slide my cock from her still dripping pussy, running the head over her clit, and slowly insert the head into her tight ass.

“Oh Baby, go slow, go slow,” she moans into the pillow.

I slide myself into her slowly, inch by inch, not wanting to hurt her, rubbing her hips and back as I sink into her bowels.

“See Baby, you can take it,” I say as I feel my balls touch the lips of her pussy.

“Mmmgrmph,” is all I hear in reply.

“Okay Baby, here we go,” I pull back gently until I am almost out of her and slowly slide back in.

“Oh, oh, you are so deep baby, slowly, slowly...” she bites into the pillow.

I continue slowly sliding into her ass, taking my time, feeling every contraction, her every heartbeat through the thin walls.

“A little faster baby, just a little faster,” she moans raising her head.

I pick up my pace a little, feeling my balls start to tighten.

“Baby, I’m getting close,” I say as I kiss her.

“Do it Baby, I want to feel you cum in me, I want you to cum in my butt.” She pleads.

I pick up my pace a little more, listening to her moan, about to explode.

“Baby, Baby, here it is, Oh God, Oh God, yes, yes, yes , uhhhhh,” I scream as I empty into her.

“Holy shit Baby, I can feel it, it’s so hot, “ she screams while rubbing her clit, bringing herself off one more time with me still planted deeply in her ass.

I slump over her back, kissing her ear, running my hands up her neck, “My God Baby, that was the most erotic thing ever.” I say, licking her earlobe.

“Mmhmm, it was Baby,” she says, “Now get off me I have to potty.” I roll off her, and she leans down, and licks my dick.

  “You want dirty, here is dirty,” as she takes my dick in her mouth.

“Oh my God, what the fuck are you doing?”

“Showing my love,” she replies as she walks away…

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