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One Hell of a Storm

Have you noticed how sexual awareness seems to increase when there’s a thunderstorm around?

Karl lay in his bed covered by only a thin cotton sheet.   It was too warm in the Mediterranean summer to wear anything for sleeping beneath the sheet.   Indeed, it was too warm for him to sleep at all so he lay there, thinking about the 3 days so far of his holiday.   Or rather, he thought about Chrissie, with whom he had been staying for those 3 days.

In truth, he knew very little about her.   She was at least 12 years older than him because she had told him she wouldn’t see her fortieth birthday again.   Her body would have passed easily for someone in her early-to-middle thirties.   The fun she brought to his stay during the few days he had been there was also indicative of a younger woman.   No wonder he couldn’t get her out of his mind.


He had ‘met’ her on an internet chat site.   From the start she had struck him as being ‘different’ because she was willing to engage in a ‘proper’ conversations.   His job as a pharmaceutical research chemist didn’t phase her.   Nor did she mind that he was German so his English was not perfect.   What he certainly did know, however, was that he couldn’t get her out his mind as he lay there unable to sleep in the warmth of the night.


Perhaps it was the swim they had taken earlier in the evening?   Chrissie seemed to dress quite modestly, and when she had changed for the pool she had still somehow managed to appear modest in her bikini.   It was more something about how she was rather than what she wore.   Her bikini revealed a well-toned body with lovely curves in all the right places.   Her breasts beneath their covering were eye-catching; her bum was tantalising as she walked; her legs and thighs were stunning as she stepped out of the pool.   Karl just did not wish to remove her from of his mind.


Why was he thinking like this?   He hadn’t come here for an affair even though was one hundred per cent heterosexual.   It was the way she acted that made such a deep impression.   Not even the conversation he once overheard as a teenager was any use in dispelling her from his thoughts.   He couldn’t recall who had said it, or even why it had been said, but he distinctly remembered someone once saying that in any meeting between a man and a woman there was always a third present – the Devil!


Beneath the sheet every fibre of his body told him how much he liked this woman.   The proof was self evident in the way his cock was swollen and proudly erect.   At 1 metre 90 tall, and with everything else in proportion, Karl was a fine figure of manhood beneath the sheet.


Suddenly a flash of lightning lit both the night sky and the room in which he lay.   The lightning had a pink sheen to it, something Karl had never seen before.   Quite some time later there followed the deep and angry rumble of thunder.   It rolled around the skies, bouncing off the nearby mountains.   As the thunder subsided there came a quiet tap at his door followed by a whispered “Karl, are you awake?”


“I’m awake.”


“Please let me come in?   I’m frightened.”   Before he could say or do anything she had crept into his bed, beneath his sheet, and was pressed up against his body.


“Are you all right, Chrissie?   It’s just thunder and lightning.”


Before she could reply there came another flash.   Beside him her body twitched and she clung to him.   She was wearing a simple cotton nightdress, buttoned up the front.   Her bare legs were scissored around his own.   Oh God, her nightdress had ridden up and his cock was pressed against her thigh.


“I’m so sorry, Chrissie.   Let me go and put …”


She cut his words short.   “Don’t leave me.   I’m so frightened of the thunder.”   She still clung to him.   She flinched a little, and this movement now made the tip of his cock rest against her pussy.   How good that felt to him, laid there, so close against her.   For a few seconds they lay there, still and silent.   The next clap of thunder boomed through the skies.   She pressed herself even more closely to him, and now he could feel the head of his cock hard against her pussy.   He wrapped his right arm around her to prevent her moving back and away from him.   She didn’t resist.   His left arm he lowered until his hand was holding his cock firmly against her.   Again she offered no resistance.


Another flash of lightning, followed by more rumbling thunder, this time sooner than the last.   The storm was coming closer.   Chrissie trembled against him beneath the sheet.   As she did so she rubbed herself against his cock.   He was so turned on, his earlier arousal now intensified as his foreskin rolled itself completely back to expose his cock’s swollen head.   As she rubbed against him, the lips of her pussy started to part.   He sensed (rather than felt) her moistness.   With his left hand he gently pressed his cock a little closer and was rewarded with the distinct feel of her lips opening around the tip of his cock.


Karl’s mind was racing.   He was so ‘in the moment’ that he could think of nothing but this desirable woman lying beside him.   This was what was happening, and he was going to take it as far as he could.


Chrissie was now moving herself slowly, but purposefully, against his cock, letting it glide along her wet slit rather than penetrate her.   As he held his shaft in place, each movement she made caused the tip of his finger to brush against her now exposed clitoris.   The comfort it gave her as the thunder rolled was palpable.   The more she comforted herself, the wetter she became.   And the wetter she became the more her lips allowed his cock to slip and slide between them.   It took very little pressure from his hand to guide his cock so that it started to open her lips a little further.


How welcoming they felt.   His cock responded, starting to squeeze out some pre-cum to help the situation.   In fact, he had now opened her sufficiently to prevent his cock from sliding along her slit.   Instead, it was poised against her warmth, offering a comfort to her that he hoped she would find irresistible.


She held herself against him, feeling his throbbing cock pressing at the entrance to her tunnel of love.   He was large, hard, and very warm.   The lightning flashed again.   The thunder boomed immediately in a rolling roar which had her pressing herself against his heat sufficiently for her lips to wrap themselves around the hot tip of his cock.   They folded tightly around him just sufficiently to hold him within her entrance.   Once again she started those very gentle, almost imperceptible, movements.   With each movement her pussy nibbled at his cock, sending stabs of pleasure up his shaft and deep into his loins. It was all he could do to resist pressing himself right into her.   This cock teasing of hers was something else!.


Time for action himself.   He went to work on her clitoris with his finger tips.   Gently he rubbed, stroked and rolled her bud between his finger tips.   He drew it completely from its hood as it responded to his touch.   And as it did so, the pace of her movements increased.   She wasn’t taking him any further into herself, but those gentle motions had quickened in tempo.


Again another flash of lightening followed immediately by a deafening growl of thunder.   The storm was directly overhead.   Again she flinched beneath the intensity of the sound, pressing herself still closer.   Now the whole tip of his cock was slipping into her willing pussy, and out again, then revisiting where it had been just a moment before.   Her juices were lapping as she drew him in and out of herself.   That sound was pure music to his ears.   Still the fingers of his left hand played her clitoris as if they were busy with a set of prayer beads.


He drew his right hand from behind her to unbutton the front of her nightdress from top to bottom.   Gently he parted the two halves and opened the gown to reveal her breasts – full, and heaving with desire.   Her nipples, deep pink and swollen, stood erect.   He bent his head, and without releasing her he took each nipple in turn into his mouth.   He sucked on them, gently bit them, and rolled them between his lips.   All the while he maintained the attention of his other hand on her clitoris.


Her breathing now was heavy as she squirmed beneath the touch of his lips.   Her nipples felt as though they were electrically charged, so strong were the sensations he created as he pleasured them.   She arched her back and forced herself away from his face.   As she did so she pressed tightly against him, now drawing him further into herself.


She sighed deeply as the first orgasm broke free from her.   Her body shuddered and she gasped for breath at its release.   It was followed by a second, and a third, this last one accompanied with a moan from deep within her.


Now she was clinging limpet-like to him, pulling him into her.   Her fingers snatched at him to draw him ever closer.   He responded by rolling her onto her back, pulled the pillows down and lifting her up onto them.   She lay there, totally exposed and submissive.   Karl was not going to squander this opportunity to take full advantage of her willingness.


He opened her legs a little more widely and drew them back, around his elbows.   He then leant forwards a little, folding her body back until she was fully open to him.   Her knees were somewhere near her ears, and those beautiful legs splayed wide, exposing her completely to his gaze and anything else he might choose.


Oh yes, ‘choose’ was exactly the right word.   Beneath him her open body presented a veritable menu of delights.   The backs of her thighs, creamy but firm, simply asked for his fingers to run along them, straying onto their inner faces and then, in turn, to her open pussy.   Her hair was trimmed, and permitted him to see her sex in all its gorgeous detail each time the lightning flashed.   Her exposed clitoris he found more than tempting.   It was irresistible.


His mouth had to taste that loveliness.   Expertly he brought her to another orgasm before allowing his tongue to go lower and press itself deep into her pussy.   So wet, so slippery, and so desirable.   Her juices tasted of strawberry, and he drank the wetness from her slit.   Then he spread her lips open wider with his fingers and waited for the next flash of lightning.


Here she was a deeper pink than her nipples.   She glistened in the momentary flash of light, pulsating invitingly as her body craved satisfaction.   Karl was not the man to deny her – but this would be when he chose to satisfy her.   She was his for the taking, but for the moment he would leave her wanting more.


He let his hands wander around the sides of her thighs to clasp her bum.   As he did so she arched her back, trying to reach his cock.   No, my little darling, you’ll have to wait until I say it’s time, he thought.   “Geduld!” (patience).


So taut and soft was her skin that he could have been forgiven for thinking she was in her twenties.   But he knew better.   Here was a more mature woman.   This was a woman whose body was begging for him – and its begging would be rewarded.   She would certainly not be disappointed.


He noted how she caught her breath as he fondled the cheeks of her bum.   He used that information to heighten the sensations she was feeling by making her wait still longer before he took her.   He permitted his fingers to find the tightness of her rosebud.   God, that tightness was almost too much for him.   He traced circles around her puckered entrance.   Beneath him her body responded to his every touch, squirming and wriggling in pleasure.   All the while she let out quiet moans of ecstasy.   His fingers were still dripping from her pussy juices.   How natural now for the tip of a finger to just penetrate her gorgeous body there.  


In the same way she had taken just the tip of his cock between her pussy lips, he now allowed just the tip of his finger to enter her rosebud.   Then he withdrew it – only to insert it again.   Over and over again he did this, and as he did so her body became totally relaxed.   Her legs were still raised up, open, but now they were wider than when he had first drawn her knees upwards.   She lay in a pleasure-trance, her head thrown back and her neck stretched.   She moaned with pleasure as he kissed her throat, then he positioned his cock for her pussy.


“God, I want you, so much.   Please, Karl?   Let me have you.”   Her voice was husky with desire.   He couldn’t refuse her.   He had always possessed strong staying powers, and now he was so glad of that good fortune.   He sank his shaft into her warm and wet pussy.   He gave it to her for its full length.   He rested a moment to let her take account of his hardness and his length.   Right now his cock was so thick too.   It throbbed as the blood pulsed through it.   This sensation drew fresh moans of pleasure from the woman beneath him.


He let his fingers fondle her slit as her lips gripped his shaft.   She was open to him, but clasping him tightly.   Obviously she had never had kids.   Her slit was so tight it gave him even more vigour.


Now he started to pump her, slowly but purposefully. Up and down on her exposed body he thrust into her like a relentless and powerful piston.   In and out, deep then shallow he pumped.   With each stroke she gasped and clutched at her hair, moaning as if she were in child-birth, arching her back as best she could where she was laid on the pillows.   He had positioned her just right.   She was wide open and her pussy was correctly positioned to accept his whole shaft.   But she could not move away.   She was his for the taking.   All the while, the fingers of one hand fondled her clitoris while the other hand busied itself with her rosebud.


This was not making love.   This was raw sex – pure and simple.   Karl was shagging Chrissie.   What’s more, Chrissie wanted – no – needed to be shagged by Karl.   In and out his cock plunged as she lay raised up off the bed on the pillows.   With each stroke he pressed himself hard down on to her.   How wonderful that as he did so he was met by a firm and joyous pressure upwards to meet him.   Oh, thank you Chrissie, and thank God for that storm!


“Don’t stop,” she gasped.   “Keep going.   Please?”   Her voice was now urgent.   It expressed everything that he felt at that moment.   He had no intention of stopping.   Deep inside he felt his orgasm starting to force its way to the surface.   His legs found renewed strength as he pressed ever harder into her.   The wetness of her pussy had now run downwards and her juices had met with his fingers and lubricated her rosebud.   As his cock plunged fiercely into her love channel he finger fucked her rosebud.   She moaned, groaned, even screamed with passion as her own massive orgasm burst over her.   These moans, groans and screams were followed by an ear-splitting wail, and another body-jerking orgasm,.   At the same time his own climax forced its way up his shaft and sprayed into her like a fire hose emptying itself.


His earlier troubled thoughts were completely gone.   All he cared about now was satisfying himself inside this lovely woman.   There was no holding back.   He had to feel his sperm flow unchecked into her.   It had to flood, deep into her body, and seep out as he fucked her until his strength was no more.   He didn’t care about the potential consequences of spilling his seed into her willing body.   All that mattered was to satisfy himself – and in so doing, satisfy her too.


He poured his seed into her in a scalding torrent that caused her to gasp and cry out as it forced itself deep inside her now tired body.   She had no idea how, but her body had managed to respond, yet again, with another climax that left her shaking with its intensity.   It started as she felt the first searing gush of his orgasm, and continued until he had nothing more to release into her.   Now spent, she lay there, whimpering with pleasure as his full body weight rested on her exhausted thighs.   She clung to him, willing him to give her yet more, but unable to give any more herself.   They lay there, breathless and totally lacking in physical strength.   Finally, he rolled off her and she stretched out her legs.


Chrissie’s head was spinning.   She had just let this 28-years old guest make love to her in the most intense way imaginable.   She had given her body to him, totally.   Whatever he had chosen to do she had accepted without any second thought.   And as she felt his orgasm build up within his shaft she had willed him to empty his juices deep into her and spray her insides with all his passion.   She now basked in the hot, sticky wetness he had shot into her.


Within herself she knew she could not be satisfied with just this one moment they had shared.   She wanted more.   Her body needed more – and she desperately hoped he would give her more.


Slowly they regained their breath.   He was numb, his cock now flaccid and his balls exhausted.   She laid there, her pussy hot and bruised, pleasantly aching, and certainly tingling with satisfaction.   He was the first to speak.


“That was one hell of a storm.   Are you OK now?”


She answered in a voice full of contentment.   “Mmmm!   I’m fine now, thanks to you, Karl.   You really got rid of my demons.”


He looked at her.   “Hey, that’s great.   But I’m not so sure the effects are permanent.   You might need more than one treatment,” he said with a laugh


Chrissie smiled dreamily.   “I think you’re probably right.”

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