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One Hell of a Way to Unwind after an Exam

After taking a huge exam I needed to unwind and TJ knew just how to relax me.

One Hell of a Way to Unwind after an Exam

Coming home after taking my exam all I want is a beer and a nice hot bubble bath to relax. When I reach the door there is a note that reads, “I am here for whatever you desire tonight.”

I open the door; I hear Robert Plant’s voice coming from the stereo, which brings a smile to my face. TJ knows how much Robert Plant's voice turns me on and how the music of Led Zeppelin always puts me in a better mood. Walking in the door there is a nice chilled glass with my favorite beer in it sitting on the table. He enjoys the fact that I am not real high maintenance.

I find another note that reads, “Come into the bathroom.”

I slip my shoes off, grab the beer, taking a sip I enjoy the refreshing cold liquid as it slides down my throat. Opening the door, TJ is standing beside the old-fashioned claw foot bathtub. It already has bubbles in it, and I see the steam coming from the tub, I want to rip my clothes off and slide right in. 

 He is wearing the jeans I love so much. They show off his amazing ass, muscular legs, and to top it off he is shirtless.

He steps closer and kisses me slowly, unbuttoning my blouse, turning me around, and sliding it off he kisses my neck, and purrs into my ear, “This is your night babe.”

He unhooks my bra; slides it to the floor, cups my breasts and slowly kissing up my neck, I let out a soft moan. I enjoy how his hands caress my body. Kissing me slowly down my spine sends shivers through my body, making my knees weak. The feel of his lips upon my body always sends my mind into orbit.

TJ unzips my skirt slowly sliding it down my hips, giving my ass a little slap as I step out of it. Wrapping his thumbs around my thong and sliding it off my ass, leaves me standing there naked.

He flashes me that sexy smile, as he scans my body from head to toe, he tells me “You are one beautiful lady.”

Taking me by the hand he leads me into the bathtub, I slide into the hot water and my body instantly relaxes. He fills my ceramic pitcher with warm water, I lay my head back. Feeling the water cascade over my hair as he washes it makes me want him even more. I enjoy how he takes his time with me especially when he knows my day has not gone well.

Rinsing the shampoo from my hair, he runs his fingers through my hair, kissing my forward, then my nose, when he reaches my lips he kisses me deep. Our tongues intertwine; I can feel my body respond. I let out a slight moan as he slides a hand into the tub and over my supple wet breasts; feeling my nipples are erect he tweaks them making me squirm.

I grab his head and lead him to the side of the tub where we continue to kiss now with a frenzy, I cannot take much more I need him. “Stand up.” I command.

I can see the bulge in his pants, I outline the bulge with my finger and then run my hand up and down it feeling it throb through his pants makes me smile. As I undue the button and slide the zipper down, his cock pops, right out of his pants and it is quite erect.

“Take off your pants.” I whisper to him.

TJ enjoys when I am assertive and he does as I ask. Taking my wet hand out of the tub and gliding my finger around the tip of his ever-hardening cock. I wrap my hand around the base and stroke slowly, I watch his head fall back in pleasure.

“Oh yeah baby.” He moans.

I continue to pump his cock with my wet hand; feeling the warmth of my breath as I run the tip of my tongue around the head of his cock, all while still pumping it in my hand. Wrapping my mouth around his rock hard shaft and taking in every inch nice and slow.

“MMMMM…oh yeah.” He says with delight.

Running his fingers through my hair, pulling slightly, just the way I like it. He hears the water slosh around him, and he looks down, to find me on my knees in the tub enjoying his cock. I slide it in and out of my mouth with meticulous precision keeping in rhythm with his hips as he slightly pushes into my mouth. I willing take him deep into my throat and can feel the warmth of his pre-cum as it trickles down my throat. I grab the base of his cock and hold my hand around it like it is a cock ring so he cannot cum yet. Taking his balls with my free hand I run my nails across them as he slides in and out of my hot mouth. Feeling his cock tighten in my mouth tells me he is going to cum soon.

I suck faster and faster and he pulls my hair and yells, “Fuck ya baby take it all in.”

As I suck and pump his cock he lets out a primal groan that tells me he needs to cum, so I let go of the base his cock and he explodes a flood of warmth that flows down my throat and I swallow as much as I can before I pull away.

“This is a fun start to the evening.” I say wickedly.

TJ leans down and kisses me, gliding his hand over my breasts, and down my belly heading straight between my legs, flicking my clit making me catch my breath. My clit is hypersensitive because I am so turned on. I squirm as he continues to run his fingers over my clit and pulling slightly making me scream a little. I grab his hand and practically yank him into the tub.

Opening my legs wider he tickles my inner thigh, “Show me what you want.” He whispers to me.

Taking his hand I guide it to my wanting pussy, he slides one finger slowly into me, and then another making me squirm. As I moan, he slides his fingers in and out of me nice slow just the way I like it. Pushing his fingers deep into me, I keep them there wanting more. My head falls back, he kisses slowly down my neck, to my breasts and encircles each nipple with his tongue,

“I want you so much,” I whisper softly.

TJ pulls slightly on my nipple with his teeth. I grab hold of him and pull him into the tub, as water sloshes everywhere we both laugh. Landing on top of me and I can feel he is ready for more. Sliding my hand between us I feel how hard his cock is again and I want more.

He sits up as I kiss his chest, damn how I love his chest. His body always turns me on and watching the water slide down his chest is so damn hot. He slides back into the tub, and takes my hand, he pulls me toward him. My body slides upon his, he grabs my ass, and I raise myself above him, while he holds me above his hard cock teasing my pussy with the tip. I go to lower myself onto to his cock, and he stops me,

“Not until you ask nicely.” He says with that devilish smile.

He continues to slide the tip back and forth against the outside of my pussy making me gasp every time he does. I lean forward and run my tongue across his lips; he opens his mouth and I bite his lip.

“Please may I have your cock?” I ask with urgency

Our tongues intertwine as he brings my pussy down slowly onto his cock. I let out a moan as he slide into me. We continue to kiss as I slide slowly up and down his throbbing cock. Our mouths our so hot the slower we go. I enjoy feeling him slide in and out of my wet pussy, he knows how to take his time and show me just how much he wants me. Pulling on my nipples as he pushes deep into me making me scream and dig my nails into his legs.

Our bodies become one, “Yes, yes, deeper, harder, deeper.” I beg for more.

Pumping into me just as I asked making me scream with ecstasy everytime; giving me what I want. He grabs a handful of my hair pulling my head back; kisses my neck then slowly glides his tongue up to my mouth and kisses me hard. He is slamming into my pussy so hard that water is falling over the edges of the tub. I tighten my pussy muscles around his cock, which he knows is a sign I am going to cum soon.

“Cum for me baby, let loose.” He whispers into my ear.

I dig my nails into his back, pushing my pussy down and releasing all my sweet juices. He always waits for me to cum first. Looking into my eyes as he releases his load into me. Between the warmth of him flowing into me and the water I am so content.

He stays inside me, kisses me softly, biting my lip slightly, and says, “I hope your exam was not too hard.”

“Not as hard as you were.” I reply with a smile and a giggle.

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