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One HOT Summer Party

One summer the street holds a party to welcome the new neighbours, and a guy gets very lucky.
One HOT Summer Party

It was that time of the year that most people enjoyed looking forward to summer was here. We'd had quite a few new neighbours move in our street, and one of our best neighbours (Sherry) had a brilliant idea to welcome them to the street with a summer night party but with a twist. Everyone who came would have to dress up in costume and have masks, that way no one would feel an outsider. We had no idea if anyone was up for it, but hey it was summer!

So we both went to the neighbours to invite them round for one evening and introduce ourselves to the newbies. When we arrived at one of the new neighbours house and knocked on the door, I was blown away from the person that opened the door. A sexy slim figured brunette, damn I thought she's going to break a few guys hearts around here (laughing to myself). We introduced ourselves and told her that what we were going to be doing, that's when she said

"Oh great, I'd love to come to that, my names Lisa by the way. Why not come in as my friends here to and she's just moved in next door!".

We both looked at each other with a puzzled look and walked in.

As we stepped into the lounge, there was her friend sat on the sofa (blonde damn hot figure). Lisa told here what we were planning and she said she wouldn't miss it for the world. It had turned out they had both decided to move, but hadn't told each other, both were shocked that they happen to move into the same street.

After some some time we both decided to leave informing them of the party rules and that when it was going be. So we left and that's when we decided to cut the time to inform everyone on our own, personally I just think she was a little nosy to see who'd moved in. But for the rest of the day I just couldn't get the images of those two newbies out of my head!

When I returned home I went online and tried to find some sort of outfit that would be ideal for the summer party but also that no one would know who I was. I looked at masks and thought they would be far too easy. 'brainwave!', I'll get a full head mask. That way no one will know who I am at all, well as long as I keep my mouth shut (laughing to myself).

After what seemed hours of searching I couldn't find any full head masks that looked just right. When I heard a knock at the door. It was my sister-in-law coming round to ask about a phone she wanted repairing. She'd explained that she'd dropping the phone while cleaning and wondered if I could repair it (she's always asking for things to be repaired, so wasn't anything new there). She then noticed the computer screen.

"Why you looking at those for? It's too early for Halloween!."

So I told her of the party we were doing for the new neighbours but explained the rule about masks.

"Ah I see, so no one knows who you are and you can have fun at the party without any complications!" laughing and giving me a wink!

"No not that type of party," I said, though in one way I was thinking something else.

"Let me have a look and see what we can find you!", took control of the computer and started to search through all the full head masks. It took her around 5 minutes to find just one perfect mask.

"Why not have this one, it's fun and no one will know its you!," I looked at the screen and looked at her puzzled,

"But that's a Halloween mask of a ware wolf!!."

"Why not? You won't have any problems with other people copying the same outfit and I can guarantee no one will know who you are!" she replied.

So I placed the order and asked her what her and my brother were doing on the night of the party? But she told me that they wouldn't be able to come due to having to go over to her mothers for a visit and that my brother wasn't best pleased about it. But she would like to know how I got on and would want a report of what happened!

Two days later the mask came through and I still wasn't sure about it, but once I put it on and looked at myself I knew that my sister-in-law was right. No one would ever know who I was and they never think of a Halloween mask for summer. Now I just had to sort out the drinks as Sherry was sorting out the rest of the stuff. After getting back with all the drinks and unloading the boot, I took the whole lot into the house where Sherry was sorting out the food and music.

"So have you got everything ready then?" I asked.

"Yep, musics sorted - foods sorted, just got to put my costume on and then I'll be ready!" she replied.

"Ok I'll just nice back to mine and get my outfit on and I'll be back within an hour or so!" I said.

"An hour? What you doing putting make up on or something" she said joked.

I just replied with, "Yep!" and shut the door laughing to myself.

I got back to mine and got my outfit on - black suit and ware wolf head on. I hadn't worn this suit for a long time so I knew on one would guess it was me. Just then something caught my eye. It was the two new neighbours walking across the street heading to my friends house. 'DAMN!' I thought if there was any cars about they'd be crashing if they saw those two now. Lisa was wearing a silky red riding hood costume and her friend was wearing a sexy pirates outfit. That was when my cock stood to attention, but I thought too soon as I had to leave and get round there soon. So calming myself down and walking like a bloody dog trying not to show anything I walked over to my friends house.

Opening the door I found the two new neighbours stood talking to each other and on the other it looked like a few others had the same problem as me. As not only was Superman here, but also sexy Batgirl, cat woman, a teacher with stockings showing, a strong man, some guy thinking he was Rocky and a St. Trinian's school girl. My cock started to twitch but I had to keep it calm but finding it hard to do with all these costumes.

Thankfully Sherry who had just entered the room in a Glee style Sue Sylvester costume blew her whistle and said, "Right let's get some music on!".

With that took one look at me and grabbed my hand talking me to the middle of the room starting to dance. All I could do was dance and do some sort of howl! Which make everyone laugh.

I didn't want to dance up to close to Sherry as my cock was still semi erect and didn't want to give her the wrong impression, even though I was hoping she didn't know who I was. lol. As in that costume I knew I didn't fancy her one little bit. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked round, there was this sexy looking maid looking at me with a cheeky grin across her face. She didn't say anything just started to sway and move her body up close to me, then putting her feather duster right between my legs, which gave me a right shock. Electricity started to run through my body and it was like my cock just took over the whole situation as I started to dance right up close to this sexy looking maid.

In one way I was hoping she wasn't going to detect my rising cock, but sure enough she did and grabbed a hand full, then whispered in my ear, "I knew you was big, can't wait to get my mouth around that!."

I was taken by quite surprise by that and just did a head tilt looking at her, when she grabbed my hand and led me out of the room full of people who were now dancing the night away. This sexy maid then led me up the stairs and into a bedroom and up against the wall, grabbing the (by this time) full erect cock. Looking with a sexy dirty smile she went down and unzipped my trousers releasing my cock springing out to her face.

"Wow!" She said.

Then started to give me a blow job. Damn it was the hottest thing I'd felt for a very long time. And this woman knew how to give blow jobs. Lips smacking around the base of my cock and sliding up and down the length with her hot tongue flicking off the tip of the head. She was driving my wild, so grabbed the back of her head and pushing her on my cock, hearing the sucking and moaning from her mouth was just electric.

She then got up and moved over to the bed, lifted her skirt up to show me that she wasn't wearing anything underneath, then took out a condom from between her breasts and threw it at me. With that I just ripped open the condom and rolled it down lifted her right leg up over my shoulder which felt so warm and soft specially with the stockings she had on, and entered her now wet warm pussy. Both of us let out an incredible moan - but not too loud to let everyone else know what we were doing. Her pussy felt soft and her wet walls were just out of this world, it was like her pussy had been made for my cock. Everything just melted into each other, with me thrusting my very hardened cock in and hearing my balls hitting her skin was just make me want to thrust deeper inside her.

She was trying to keep from saying anything and all I could hear from her was moan after moan with each and every thrust, grabbing on to her left breast she pulled down her top so I could get better access to it and I could see how hard her nipple was. I sucked on it and teased her while thrusting now deeper into her pussy. As she bit on the handle of the feather duster, she moaned into my ear.

"I just knew I had to have you tonight!."

Before I could say anything or do anything else, I spotted a mirror in front of us and my eyes lit up with the view of me thrusting my cock inside of this woman. That's when I saw a small light at the side, it was the door that we'd walked through and there was someone stood there watching us. I was a little panicked and also feeling hot with excitement that someone was watching. So I turned round to see if I could see who it was - to my shock it was the blonde neighbour in her sexy pirate outfit. She was just stood there looking both shocked and in disbelief to what she was seeing. Then I spotted the sign that she was enjoying the view, she licked her lips and smiled.

I then put my hand out and motioned her to come in, slowing down on the thrusting my cock inside of this woman. The woman on the bed just lifted her head up and looked up at me wondering why I had slowed down and noticed the neighbour, it looked like she was about to say something so I started to thrust my cock in harder and she flung her head back and moaned. My neighbour walked in looking like she was a little shy, but as soon as I took her hand I moved it to where my cock was thrusting inside of this sweet pussy and she took hold of my balls and started to play with them. This actually made me feel more horny and started to thrust harder and deeper than before. I then wanted to see if my neighbour was horny her self and moved my hand down between her legs and started to rub my hand against her thong. She just moaned with pleasure and looked up at me, let go of my balls and put both hands on my face and kissed me deep and hard.

With that I tried to move her thong to the side and put a finger or two inside her, damn she was tight. But as soon as I started to insert my fingers it was like a flush of wetness came over her and moaned directly into my mouth. Her breathing got so heavy and hot that I firmly planted my cock directly into the other woman's pussy as hard as I could, which this shock the bed. The good thing was it didn't bang anything, otherwise I knew we were going to be discovered!

I took my cock out of the woman and laid my neighbour down the side of her, lifting both her legs up in the air and moving her thong to the side and trusted my cock deep and hard bouncing her back onto my cock. She let out a moan of pleasure and looked surprised at me panting while grabbing the covers of the bed. The woman at the side looked like she was feeling left out so I put my hand on her pussy and started to thrust three fingers into her pussy which shocked her.

"Oh, shiiiiiit!" she said.

With every thrust I did in the neighbour I was thrusting my fingers into this woman. I had the bed bouncing, but not too much. The neighbour's legs were just bouncing off my chest and she was looking at me with just shear delight, then wrapped her legs around my waist pulling me deeper inside her, not wanting me to stop. Harder and harder I pumped, she was thrusting her body up to me faster and faster, so much I had to slow down on the other woman but still kept the fingers moving. But most of my attention was directed at this neighbour. She was so wild, pushing her body harder and slamming it into my body. Damn I thought I've got to feel this again some way. With that she let out a shuddering moan and her whole body shuck tingling my body and my cock, I could feel the hot flowing juices that were surrounding my cock.

"Damn wolf, I needed that!" she said, as her whole body shuck.

She then pushed me up slowly releasing my still hard cock and leaving the room, not before giving me a kiss.

After she closed the door the other women who was still on the bed, looked up at me and gestured that I put my cock back into her. So what is a guy gotta do? I slammed it back into her pussy deep and hard.

"Ooooooooh shhhhh.....!" she said, causing her to throw her head backwards.

Wrapping her arms and legs around my body, with that I started to thrust harder and started to kiss her like there was no tomorrow. She responded by thrusting her tongue in my mouth moaning with pleasure. Digging her hands into my back, she whispered

"Come on I want you to cum in me NOW!!"

Like any other guy given an order like that, I started to thrust harder and faster bouncing her on the bed, our body's were slapping into each other. Laying down on top of her I gave a couple more thrusts and I could feel her body starting to tense up and her pussy walls were starting to take a huge grip of my cock, it felt wonderful having her pussy taking grip and wanting me to push further in. After a few more thrusts we both came shooting out juices. Hers was surrounding my whole cock and leaking out of her pussy and wanting me to thrust more.

She lifted her head up, looked up at me and whispered, "I've been needing that for years. I knew I could do it!"

With that rolled me over and slipped my cock out of her. Looking at me, motioned me not to move. She then pulled the condom off my cock, then sucked and licked it clean. Looked at my cock still hard gave it a kiss on the head gave a little squeeze, kissed her fingers and pushed them onto the mouth of the wolf mask. Damn that was so hot of her. I just wish I knew who it was.

As she left the bedroom she gave a little wink and gave a flirty kiss and left. My cock just started to fall down and I looked at it and thought damn boy it was the luckiest night of your night! Put my cock back in my pants and zipped up, I just fell backwards. I couldn't believe that had just happened to me of all people. I see it happen so many times to other and on TV, but me?

Laying there looking up at the ceiling I just laughed then started to get up, then the door opened.

"Sorry I was just having a lay down as my heads spinning a little," I heard a voice say. "No need to be sorry, and I know why your heads spinning after having sex with my friend!"

It was Lisa!! Her friend had told her what had happened and she wanted some too!!

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