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One Hot Summer's Evening...

She will NEVER forget that hot summer's evening...
Laila was trying to concentrate on the novel. It was the story of a young femme fatale who's sharpness and beauty lead men to her, like moths to a flame. She felt a certain admiration for the female lead; Laila wondered whether she could ever be that attractive, to have men fall at her feet. But she was a virgin. A sweet, innocent 17-year-old virgin who hadn't even had a boyfriend. Laila was always the good girl. She was a cute, extremely intelligent small town girl, from England's north east. Laila was going to university next year, to study Medicine, and she worked at the children's hospital. She liked to read, play the piano and cook - she hated clubbing because all of her friends would be the one to get all the attention. She envied them. Laila, though she appeared sweet and naive, was really hungry. Hungry and craving the touch of a man's strong hands on her skin, the touch of his lips on hers, his fingers down below...then she would tingle with delight and naughtiness and smile to herself. As she was when she was trying to read the novel.

The problem was, where Laila lived, none of the other boys took notice to her. Maybe because she was sweet and innocent and a bit shy and her intelligence intimidated them, much to her dismay. She wasn't blonde, she didn't have lightly tan skin, she didn't have blue eyes. Laila was Indian, her skin dark like cocoa, pinkish lips, her large eyes chesnut brown with thick lashes, long curly flowing black locks and a curvy frame, with large breasts and a shapely body. Laila often went to London, to visit family, but this time, she came on her own, as a little summer break. She loved London, because everyone was so open, free and liberal. She thought that at least one man would like her; how romantic would it be for a man to whisk her off her feet on the tube, or swoon her near the River Thames...

But Laila was daydreaming again and she couldn't concentrate. She was sat outside, in cafe, with a creamy frappachino on the table, her legs crossed, the novel between her hands, her blue dress fluttering in the breeze. Around Laila, people bustled, walked with sandwiches or phones, looking down, or young people sauntering along, arm in arm. It was a 6pm summers evening, the sun still bright yet the sky lightly red. Red like the lust burning inside Laila...Burning because she was distracted by a man. He was looking at her, with his hazel eyes, from across the street. They stared. Her lips twitched, then she looked down. He disappeared.

Then, all of a sudden, a group of young men, all jeans and hard expressions, advanced towards her, their faces michevious and confident. They were laughing as they came towards her, and Laila froze, and didn't even have time to scream. The most muscular men cocked his head, yelled "Show us what you got, girl!" before pushing her chair back, so that Laila gasped, and ended up on her back, legs spread wide in the air, her blue lacy panties on display to the whole world. The ringleader whirled out his phone, and caught a picture, whilst Laila lay their in shock and her head reeling. Out of no where, the man with the hazel eyes appeared before her; she barely saw his face and heard him say "Are you okay?". Before she could respond, he was running down the street after the group of men, before seizing the ringleader, aiming a kick at his stomach, a few punches, before bringing him towards her, forcing a "sorry" out of him. He kicked him away, and then bent down to help Laila.

Laila was in such utter shock that she forgot about her panties. The hazel eyed man put his muscular arm around her back to help her up. She quivered, looked down, and so did he. She rammed her dress down over her panties, and he blushed. He took her hand and helped her back up on the chair. Laila groaned, rubbing her head.
"Are you okay?" he asked, his voice concerned.
"Mmm,, I think so...oh god, my head!" The man sat next her, and Laila, her eyes now focused again, could see his face. His eyes were hazel, his dark hair lightly tousled, his face chiselled and stubbled lightly. His Adam's apple protruded slightly, his shirt and blazer sat handsomely on his broad shoulders, his legs sturdy and in denim. He was the kind of guy that Laila would only dream about, let alone talk to!
"Looks like you took a pretty big fall! I hope you're not in too much pain", he said. His voice was deep, accent was clipped.
Laila touched her arm self consciously, before saying, "Yeah, I think I'll be fine though...I'm a bit embarrased though..."
"Don't be! Honestly, those guys were absolute idiots! They should be embarrased!" He said, righteously.
Laila smiled shyly, and looked down. "But thank you so much...I, er, really appreciate it." She managed to smile at him, and she instantly felt warm when he flashed his smile.
"No problem. You're very welcome" He smiled. There was a small pause. "I'm Leo."
He outstretched his hand. She hesitated, before offering hers. His hands, soft yet strong.
"I'm Laila."
"Laila...beautiful name", he replied. Laila tried to hide her blushing. "So, hope you don't mind me saying, but I do like your accent. Northern?"
Laila smiled. "Yes. But not from anywhere well known...just a small town at the coast."
Leo smiled broadly, "Well, clearly something very good came out of that small town!"
Laila couldn't stifle it; she giggles shyly. "Well, I don't know..."
"So, are you, a student or do you work or..."
"Next year", Laila replied, "I'm going to Med school...but I work at the hospital..."
Leo raised his eyebrows, impressed. "Wow. How very charitable of you. Where are you going?"
"Cambridge", Laila said, without pretention.
"Ah, a clever cookie. I went to LSE - I did economics.", said Leo
"I bet you're loving the 15.5% revenue rate in the city now" said Laila, unthinking.
"Hahaha! You really are quite sharp!" Leo laughed. Laila smiled.
There was a brief pause, before Leo said "I hope this question isn't too bold, but, I wonder, if you'd be interested to go for a drink with me...just to a little bar down this way...I mean, it's very rare that I see such a beautiful, modest, kind, intelligent, charitable and sweet young lady like yourself!"
Laila grinned, she couldn't believe her luck! This was her chance! Seize it now, she said to herself.
"Erm....well, erm, okay. Yes, please, thank you", she muttered nervously, which Leo seemed to enjoy.
He smiled warmly. "Great, let's go."
They walked, side by side, along the bustling street, until they came to the cool trendy bar at the end. Laila didn't drink, but she decided to try and she loved the cocktails he bought for her, whilst he enjoyed a beer. They talked, laughed, debated, and discussed everything. Laila kept thinking, "this is just a dream...".
At around 9pm, the sky had dimmed slightly, and Laila and Leo were slightly tipsy, yet happy and aware. They laughed as the pottered down the street, arm in arm. When they came to the end, Leo suggested they go to his appartment 5 minutes away. Laila hesitated, but then agreed. She would never forget what was to come.

His flat was spacious, trendy, cool and contemporary. Perfect batchelor pad. Suade sofa, large TV, balcony, open plan kitchen. They sat together on the sofa, and talked more, but the conversation turned erotic. She liked this, and she liked when he sat closer, and when he put his arm over her and put his hand on hers. He had told her about his sexual encounters, which were as Laila expected - varied and passionate. He asked Laila about hers.
"Well, erm...I haven't really, done much, if you know what I mean..." she murmered.
"Oh right, you haven't gone all the way, I get it..."
"Err, no, I mean, I haven't, er, done anything..with anyone before..." She was embarrased.
Leo took a while before he realised. "Oh! Oh you mean...oh right...well...that's, er, surprising!"
Laila giggled. "I don't think anyone would really want to..."
"Don't you say it! Come on, if I had the chance, I totally would!" His tone was playful, yet something told Laila that it was serious. Then he stared at her with his hazel eyes.
"Erm...well..." Laila stammered. Leo stared, and he his hand slip over her thigh.
"You're not like any girl...I'm so glad I met you, you know...and if you want, I could..."
Laila nodded, her eyes glazed. She leaned in closer, and he kissed her. They broke apart. Then they kissed again, more passionately, her arms locked around his neck, his arms around her back. Laila felt Leo's tongue explore her mouth, run across her mouth's sides and over her tongue. She reciprocated, inexpertly, but she tried. 

They leaned back, and Leo lied between Laila's legs, and Leo's mouth trailed over her neck. "This is is!!" she thought. Leo run his lips over her neck, and kissed it. They kissed non stop, passionately, breathlessly, before breaking apart. Leo raised himself up, unbuttoned his shirt hastely. He quickly undid his belt, flashing seductive smiles at Laila, who bit her botton lip and whose hand began stroking Leo's groin. He loved it. He then seized Laila, and pulled her on his knees, as he kneeled on the sofa, Laila sat astride, her legs around his middle, her arms around him. They tongued eachother, eyes closed, and Laila whimpered as he stroked and kissed his neck. He tugged at the zip on the back of her dress; Laila kneeled up and Leo pulled the dress over her head. She leaned backwards, dangling her legs towards him. He stroked them, and rolled her stockings off her legs, so he could stroke her flesh and tickled them gently. He tugged off his jeans, leaned back into her between her legs, and kissed her passionately. She whispered, "Take me!", into his ear, to which he flashed her a passionate look. She wrapped her legs around him as he stood up, her arms wrapped around his neck, his arms around her, their lips never parting. He carried her to his chic bedroom, and threw her on the white and wine sheeted bed.

She allowed him to kiss her and his hands explored her. She felt the wetness of her pussy on her panties. He unclipped her bra as she arched her back, and his eyes widened in pleasure. His mouth trailed down to her breasts. His tongue played upon her nipples, and he licked and tongued them rapidly. His other hand pinched gently and rubbed her nipples. Her soft, supple breasts hardened and she moaned "mmmm!". His hands remained on her breasts, as he moved downwards, licking her belly, and then came to her blue panties.
"I must admit" he gasped, "I almost wanted to take a photo too!"
She giggled and then bit her bottom lip, as he rolled off her panties, down her legs, then threw them towards the side. He bent down, putting his lips towards her tight, wet and smooth pussy. He lapped at it, tasting her, moving his tongue expertly across her clit. Laila quivered and shook; she had never known such pleasure. She gasped and moaned, "Uh! Leo! Mmm, yes! Yes!"
He then allowed his fingers to play upon her pussy, touching, toying and tickling her clit and he stroked it up and down the tight lips. Laila breathed deeper and faster, before saying, "Uh! Mmm, let me try this time Leo!". He looked up, smiled, and then rolled onto his back.

Laila moved down the bed, before coming to his groin. His cock was no longer flaccid, but hardening, thick and large.
"I don't know how to..." Laila stammered
" as you think, as you will" Leo instructed gently.
Laila, hesitated at first, but then enclosed her lips around the shaft, about a quarter of the way down. She stared up at him, and Leo groaned in pleasure, "Yeah keep going..mmm", he moaned.
Laila worked her hands up and down his shaft, and allowed her tongue to circle his cock. She moved her head up and down, slowly, but quickening in pace. Her hands moved towards his flat muscular abs. Her mouth moved more quickly, the noise of her tongue against him was making him and her even more eager. She gasped, and released, as he said, "Let's do it! I'm hard now!". She nodded frantically, and threw herself at him.

Her arms clasped around him, and he rolled her over onto her back.
"Be gentle" she whimpered.
"Yes, don't worry, we'll go slow". Leo propped a pillow under her pelvis, so that her wet and tight pussy was right in line for penetration. He played with his shaft for a little, before leaning into her. He looked down, and Laila anticipated the pain. She felt the thickness slide inside her, him groaning manly, and she gasped in pain, letting out slight cries. Laila felt him slide slightly in and out, which she found painful, before he gathered enough of her moisture and pushed himself right inside her, to which she moaned passionately and loudly, whimpering, moaning pleasurably and with pain, gasping, and shuddering, as she got used to the feeling.
"Uhh, are you alright?" Leo asked
"Uhh, yes, just do it!" She groaned.
He moved backwards and forwards, every push with her moan, every pull with her whimper, and him occasionally groaning. She squeezed her fingers around his masculine forearms and moaned more as he leant in, going deeper, and kissed her. But she wanted more, "go faster, please!" she asked.
His pelvis bobbed up and down more, faster, as he fucked her faster and harder. His muscles tightened, "faster faster" she whined, and she locked her arms around him, her face close to his neck and he went faster and faster, the noise of slapping was amazing to her, his masculine grunts, his masculine arms at either of her sides, his lips on her cheek, his shaft even deeper inside of her, him quickening his pace, and her crying in pure pleasure.
"Oh shit, I'm gonna come!" he yelled
"Aahh! Me too!" she cried.
Laila leant her pelvis forward and he pushed deeper and both their bodies rocked with the speed. She let out a series of yelps and cries of pleasure and of his name, whilst he grabbed her and pushed deep before groaning, and she shuddered and moaned deeply as she felt his come inside of her. They held the position for a while, before relaxing, and staring into eachother, breathess, panting, faces close and bodies sweaty. They kissed again, passionately.

Maybe she could be that femme fatale, after all....
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