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One Incredible Day

Some days are just extra special
I have been having an open relationship with a guy named Nick. He’s 21, stunning, 6’5”, very muscular, brown hair and eyes. He graduated from university a few years early and currently works for his dad’s business empire. Nick lives in this lavish apartment in Central London overlooking Hyde Park and I spend most of my time there. When I’m there I usually cook, clean, train and study.

Three or four times a week I spend the night at his and one morning I awoke to the sound of his alarm and discovered him lying on top of me which was not unusual. He looked up at me and smiled and I smiled back saying “Good Morning.”

He rolled over and turned the alarm off then rolled back to kiss me good morning. Our kisses ended up turning more passionate and soon I could feel his hard cock pressing against my hip. I slowly reached down and grasped his large penis in my hand, then began pumping it slowly.

Nick let out a moan against my lips. His hand slowly ran down my back the grabbed my ass before moving around my waist and arriving at my wet pussy. His finger slowly started to massage my clit and I tipped my head back in pleasure. He pulled his cock away from hand and then slowly moved down the bed, spreading my legs.

His head arrived in between my legs and his finger slowly moved down my pussy and entered. His tongue began to massage my clit and arched back in pleasure, letting out a moan. He pushed in another finger and continued to stimulate my aching pussy. Soon my breathing was increasing and I was sure I was ready come. That’s when Nick pulled away.

I whimpered and he said “All in good time princess, I want to fuck you first.” He kissed me “Turn over and lay flat on the bed.”

I did what I was told excited about he was going to do to me next. He straddled my legs and separated them slightly before pushing his cock into my wet pussy. I moaned and gripped the sheets waiting for him to fuck me like he usually does. But he didn’t. He slowly pulled out and pushed back in and continued the process. I was dying to be pounded and this was just killing me.

“Faster! Nick please!” I begged trying to push back against his cock.

He grabbed a hold of my hips to stop me and lent down to whisper in my ear “I want to make sure you remember this baby. I want you thinking about me all day.”

I moaned and he started gyrating his hips causing an orgasm to build inside me. “Oh Nick” I moaned as I exploded around him and shivered as my orgasm took over. He stilled and empty his load inside me. When he was done he kissed my neck and down my back.

I giggled and asked “Do you want some breakfast?”

He slowly pulled out, kissed me and said “Yes please” before leaving to get into the shower.

I went into the other bathroom and got washed, then dressed in a matching black lace thong and bra and a long black satin dressing gown, before heading into the kitchen and making him bagels, eggs and coffee. Nick walked wearing a black suit and blue tie. He sat down at the kitchen island and we began breakfast chatting about what we were each going to do today.

When we were done and I was loading the dishwasher when Nick said “Remember the morning when I said I wanted you to remember me today?”

I replied “Yes I do” closing the dishwasher and turning to face him.

“Well…” Nick said standing and pulling a set of jiggle balls out of his pocket. It was purple and had five balls to it. “I want you to wear these all day while I’m gone.”

I was immediately up for the challenge and smiled. “Okay…” I responded getting a little wet “What are the rules?”

“Don’t take them out and no masturbating until I say so. Got it?”

“Yeah, lets do it” I smiled.

He beckoned for me to come to him and I walked around the counter biting my lip and getting much wetter. Nick slowly pulled the dressing gown off my body and let it drop to the floor around our feet. I looked up into his eyes and he kissed me passionately for a few minutes.

Then he whispered “Bend over the counter.”

I put my forearms down on the counter and bent, slowly spreading my legs as I did. His hands slowly caressed my back and moved down to my thong, which he then pulled down and let fall around my ankles. Then his finger was running against my slit and I started getting much wetter.

I took the jiggle balls from him and started sucking on them and he lowered himself down started to lick my pussy. I moaned and handed the balls back to him. He took them and began inserting them into my pussy one by one. Once they were all in place he pulled my thong back up and pulled me up into a kiss. I moaned from the movement of the balls and he smiled against my lips.

He pulled away and said “I’m going to work now. Remember me.” and then left the apartment.

I picked up my robe and carried on with my day. I attempted to study but I just couldn’t concentrate and I didn’t want to move too much as to avoid the movement of the balls inside me although just from the balls I had orgasmed at least four times, possibly more.

At around three in the afternoon I got a call from Nick “Hi princess how are you holding up?”

“I really wish you were here! I really want to have you inside me!” I begged

“What do you want me to baby? I’m about to go into a meeting.”

“Please baby! Please let me touch myself! I want to come!” I pleaded

“Where are you princess?”

“In the media room.”

“What are you wearing?”

“The same clothes as this morning.”

He moaned “Take your tits out and rub them.” I did and moaned as my sensitive nipples hardened under my touch. “Run your hands down your body and then pull your panties off.” He instructed and I did so then threw the thong onto the coffee table.

“Tell me what to do next Nick” I said getting wetter.

“I want you to masturbate. Use your finger and make yourself come over the balls.” I started out slowly rubbing my finger against my clit and then sped up as the orgasm started to build. My breathing started to speed and I knew I was going to come, when Nick said down the phone “Hold it back princess. I don’t want you to come yet.”

I moaned and said “I don’t think I can I really want to come.”

“Trust me princess. Hold back.”

I tried hard to hold back my orgasm but it building and I really wanted to let go. I was moaning and could barely control myself and I continued to stroke my clit.

“Nick I think I’m going to come. Please tell me to come” I begged.

“When you come I want you to pull the balls out okay?”

“Okay baby” I moaned

“Alright then, come baby. Come everywhere.” I did as I was told and came as I pulled the balls out of my pussy, squirting across the room and screaming in pleasure. I shuddered and then heard his voice next to me “Good job baby.”

“You’re back” I panted, completely taken aback.

“Yes I came home early and have been watching you from the doorway” he smiled back.

I kissed him and he kissed me back, running his hands down my trembling, glistening body and finding my soaking pussy. He pushed two fingers inside me and started to move the up and down and I arched my back, he pulled his fingers out and I squirted again while he rubbed my clit which only made the feeling last longer.

As I came down from another amazing orgasm, Nick pulled his cock out of his trousers and started to rub it up and down my slit. Before pushing it inside my pussy hard and pounding me until I squirted all over him again.

When he pulled out he came all over my stomach. When he and I were finished, Nick leaned forward and kissed me, smiled and then said “Good job princess.”

I smiled back.

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