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One Long Day

Beth's long tiring day turns into a satisfying night.
It was one long day. Not much had been accomplished and I could feel the depth of pain lingering in my upper shoulders every time I stretched. The invisible markings of a long day.

There wasn't really much I wanted to do. A couple of glasses of wine and something to snack on with a movie was the beginning of the night. By the time the movie was over, there was nothing left but for me to ignore the pain and go to bed.

It felt like an odd night. I knew it had to be when I decided to strip down to nothing instead of my normal sleeping attire. I climbed in-between my sheets, wrapping my arm around a pillow and exhaustion left me as I was suddenly wide awake. The wall became a constant picture as I continued to stare at it, trying to find the best way to fall asleep.

I rolled over in bed. The strain still hitting me to the core. Parts of my back and shoulders screaming for help and all I wanted to do was sleep. It wasn't the first time I had tried going to sleep like this. In fact, this was normal. I wasn't really fond of being touched, especially by someone I didn't know. So I would always try and remove what knots I could with my own hands. But you can't catch them all.

I tossed and turned and cursed my body for behaving in such a manner. And then a light breeze hit me and two hands rolled me to my stomach. I tried to move, just to see who it was and the hands held me down firmly, taking away my advantage to view them. I pushed back and the hands held and before I could speak, a light kiss was placed on the shoulder of my back. I could feel him. The stubble that followed the trail of kisses. The firmness in his hands. The hardness that hit my back as he leaned over me.

And the teeth that hit my skin as he lightly bit on my shoulder. A moan and sigh escaping my lips as the urge to turn around and kiss him started within me. I tried once more to move. And once again his hands held me down, the firmness telling me I was to stay still.


I could feel his hot breath hit me as he chuckled.

"Shh, baby."

He moved, letting go of me, and removed the remainder of sheets wrapped around my legs. I didn't move this time, laying in the manner that he left me and heard him chuckle again before he straddled my legs and placed his hands back on my arms.

I felt his hands move, trailing firmly up my arms and griping on my shoulders. How did he know this was what I needed? Not just the knots taken out of my back but the feeling of his hands on my body. Did he even know what he was doing to me? He rubbed his fingers into my back and I moaned with every grip and touch. I could hear him chuckling again under his breath. He knew.

And while normally I wouldn't give anyone the time to plunge their fingers into my skin in such a manner, there was a reason behind it. And the forming wetness that laid between my legs was why. The roughness against me was such a turn on it became another reason why no one else touched me in this form. I moaned and moved my back against his hands when the itch started to creep up. My hips and legs slightly moved in a wanton desire to be touched in new areas and he chuckled at me once more.

I felt his hands leave me and I took the opportunity to move and turn around, a little surprised that he didn't stop me. I moved again before he had the chance and quickly wrapped my arms and a leg around him, bringing him back down to me and pressing my lips against his. I felt his tongue invade my mouth as he braced himself and his hardness pushed up against me.

I rubbed my body against his and he chuckled into my mouth. And while I tried to hold on to him and feel him against me, he pried himself away and smiled. I pouted, my age spilling through, and I knew what he was doing.

"William, you know I don't have any patience." I glared at him, wanting him back on me and pushing himself inside me. He trailed his fingers around my mound and watched as my eyes rolled and I moaned loudly.

"Gain some, Beth. I'm not rushing."

I knew he would play with me this way. That he would take his time and that every time I would try to rush, he would pull away. And that left me in the position to behave. Or at least try.

I moved my hips against his hands and felt his fingers push their way inside of me. I moaned again as I gripped onto the sheets. I could feel his hand pull back and push in as he slowly fucked me with his fingers. And while words were filling my head to express every feeling, nothing audible was escaping my lips. I was lost and remained so until a new warm wetness hit me. I leaned up to see him wedge between my legs as his tongue ran slowly between my lips and slid across my clit.

My hands moved quickly on their own accord to hold him there and he obliged by sucking firmly before releasing me. I gasped as he moved away and tried to keep him there but he would have nothing of it. Again he chuckled and I glared at him.

"You're not being nice."

"Never said I would be," he retorted as he began to trace my pussy once more, sending my head back to the pillow.

I pushed my body up against his hand expecting him to plunge his fingers inside of me once more, but he ignored the movement. I tried moving against towards his hand but he held it away.

"Say it, Beth." I knew what he wanted. I could feel the tips of his fingers at my entrance and could hear the teasing sound in his voice. I knew what he was trying to do. What I was sure he would do without fail no matter how hard I tried to fight it.

"William..." I pushed in aggravation and he more than chuckled this time - he laughed. His enjoyment of the situation leaked from the sound of his laughter as my impatience grew.

"I won't move an inch until you say it, Beth. You know I won't." And he was right. I knew it. It wasn't our first game between each other. And it wouldn't be our last. I pouted and pushed and strained for him.

And then I caved.

"Please, William. Please - touch me. God, please." I closed my eyes and begged for him to touch me - to satisfy me. To place his fingers back inside of me and move his hand in such manners that I would cum. And was even prepared to beg to clean his fingers when he was done. What I wasn't prepared for was having his fingers replaced with his mouth.

My eyes shot open as he placed himself once again between my legs. I felt his tongue move between the lips of my pussy, stopping to push and flick against my clit, before sliding down and tracing my entrance. I felt his hands grip on to my hips as he continued the motion and my hips pushed up against him. Involuntary movements formed from my body as I gripped again onto the bed. And when he paused and sucked firmly on my clit with such ease, my legs quickly wrapped around him and held him there.

"Don't stop," I told him even though it seemed like I was talking to the sky. And he listened, focusing completely on my clit as I felt the temperature in my skin continuously rise. My breathing became harder and when I was prepared to say something else, my orgasm shot through me as my moans filled the room. I almost screamed as I came and immediately felt him push his tongue inside me as my legs gripped firmly onto his head.

My body jumped and quivered and he never left my pussy, licking the wetness off of it. But I couldn't take it. While I had just came from the wonders of his mouth, I wanted more. I needed more.

"William, fuck me." I was prepared to do whatever it took to have him inside of me. I was at a point of wanting nothing else.

"What's that, Beth?" He had come up from between my legs, my grip now gone, and smiled at me devilishly. Once again, I knew he wasn't going to just let me have what I want.

"Please, William. Please, fuck me. Put your cock inside me. I need you now." I wasn't going to give him the chance to tease me for long. And I wasn't going to go down again without another fight. I grabbed him and pulled him to me, kissing him hard. I could taste the lingering drops of my wetness on his lips and tongue and moaned.

I was expecting a fight. As I was waiting for him to further test my patience. But his teasing had even gotten the better of him and his fury began to escape through his hands and lips. He kissed back with the same intensity that I was kissing him with and gripped on to my body firmer than he needed to. Anyone else would have winced and cried out in pain. I moaned into his mouth and wrapped my legs around him. We both wanted his cock inside of me and I knew there wouldn't be much waiting.

He pulled away from me and I didn't argue as I watched him position himself at my entrance. And then he did it again - paused and grinned at me. The boiling anger and desire mixing together and pushing through me as I glared at him once more. I wanted to move and hit him. And just when I opened my mouth to protest, he pushed forward and shoved his cock inside of me.

My body arched with the shear movement of his and I could hear his groan escape into the room. He held himself there and I knew he could feel the walls of my pussy grip onto him. He pulled back slowly and pushed forward again and this time I groaned. His hands clasped onto my thighs as he began to fuck me, no longer taking his time. Sounds filled the room and everything became a blur as I felt every push fill me. As much as I wanted to cum again, as I wanted him to cum inside me, I didn't want him to stop either.

I became lost when he moved my legs to his shoulders and pounded me furiously. No pauses. No breaks. Almost as though all of a sudden there was no time. He would spread my legs and bite the inside of my calves. Even lick his way back up. Run his hands up and down my legs and even lean over to pinch one of my nipples, making my moans catch in my throat. And while he may have slowed down in his actions, he never once stopped fucking me. Every inch deep and I knew soon I was going to cum.

I tried to wait for him. I tried to hold myself back so that I could cum with him. But I couldn't. I didn't have the strength as I grabbed onto the sheets once more and screamed, cumming on his cock. He continued to push himself into me, grunting with every movement. And when his grip became firmer, I knew he was there. Several more pushes and I was sure he was ready to rip my legs off as he came inside of me, no sound being released from his lips.

I could still feel my pussy gripping onto his cock, practically squeezing every drop out. He suddenly collapsed on top of me, breathing hard. I kissed his head and stroked his back as we both tried to calm down, our breathing still heavy. And when it finally died down, I realized that the pain that was originally embedded in my shoulders had disappeared. It was an excellent end to a very long day.

And then I realized it was going to be a long night as well.

William looked up and kissed me, passion still reining through him. And when he pulled away, he gave me that devilish smile that told me exactly what he was thinking.

"Now Beth, where do you keep that toy box of yours?"
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