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One Mistake

He knew he shouldn't be doing this. He was married, he had a daughter, he had a reputation to protect. It was wrong in every single way imaginable. Yet, as he stared down at the woman before him he couldn't stop himself. His blood was flowing to all the wrong places, his hormones were raging, and she looked so damn beautiful.

She was perfect in the simplest ways. She had a button nose that scrunched up every time she tried to smile. Her lips were a soft, supple pink that seemed to swell with every little kiss and nip. The ringlets of hair hanging from her head hung heavily on her shoulders. They were a dark brown shade, nearing the beginning of black. The blue of her eyes stabbed through his very soul. Every breath he took in while staring at her seemed harder than the previous. His chest became heavier as the time began to stand still. How did he manage to find such a beauty, and why couldn’t he keep her forever?

Sliding his hand up her side he trembled slightly. Her skin felt so velvety smooth against his calloused hands.


Her voice was a broken whisper as her back arched, reaching desperately for more contact. Neither of them was quite sure how they got here. One moment they were discussing work outside of Chris’ trailer and the next they were rushing inside, barely able to keep their lips apart. Once they were alone within the confines of the small building their lips were attached, creating a fire in each of their bellies. Their hands pushed frantically at each other’s clothes. As their teeth clanked together and their legs became tangled, pieces of clothing were being thrown everywhere. Heavy breathing filled the confined space as Chris pushed the young woman back onto the bed.

She fell with her legs spread, ready to be taken by the bulky man. It was no surprise to her when her eyes landed on his full cock. He was well hung. The member matched the rest of the body, just like nearly everyone assumed. The now reddened member seemed to jump under her stare. A shaky gasp escaped her lips and a cocky smile spread across Chris’ flushed face. The desire was obvious in her eyes. Reaching out, Chris spread her legs just a tad farther apart. Her creamy thighs seemed to shake in anticipation as he settled himself against her.

His hard cock was pressed against her slippery wet pussy lips. She was absolutely dripping with desire as he slowly slid himself up and down. With every pull downwards the head of his cock caught on her clit, causing her to squeak in surprise. As he pushed back up the entire shaft would press down against that same sensitive nub. The longer he pressed against her sensitive folds the more liquid began to coat his shaft.

“Just fuck me already, please!”

She didn’t have to say it again, pulling down once more Chris lined the head of his cock up with her entrance. With just the very tip pressed in he could already tell that this fuck was going to be worth all the consequences. She was so tight against him already. Pushing in slowly he could feel the pressure building in her vaginal walls. Her fingers curled into the sheets on the mattress, digging for anything to relieve the impending pain. His voice broke through her now distracted mind,

“I promise it won’t hurt much longer. Just relax for me and I’ll make it all better.”

His accent slipped through nearly immediately, bringing goosebumps on her skin. She nodded and took one deep breath, tilting her head back for optimal range. He slid the rest of the way in, the sounds of her sopping wet pussy being the only noise in the small trailer. Gradually Chris pulled out, watching the young woman’s face for any sign of pain. She simply nodded; and with her approval he began to fuck her for all he was worth.

His arms flexed on either side of her head as he began to ram himself in and out of her slender body. The entire length of his cock repeatedly disappeared deep inside the woman. Her voice cracked as she tried to scream out. His hand slapped down over her swollen lips in an attempt to keep her silent. Even though they were alone the walls were thing and people were abundant outside. Little did he know, with every shove inside the woman the trailer continued to rock back and forth. Heavy breathing filled the space between them as her fingers reached out and pressed into the now sweaty skin of his back.

He leaned down and attached his lips to her neck. Ever so gently he began to suck on her neck, trying desperately to leave his mark. If he was going to get in trouble for his actions he wanted to mark the woman. She was going to be his if it was the last thing he did. Sliding his hand between their bodies he began to fondle her clit. Up and down he drew a simple pattern on her clit with his fingertips. She began to whimper constantly, wordlessly begging Chris to continue pleasing her body.

He listened to her pleading and began to thrust harder, forcing her entire body to rock on the mattress. His own voice was turning into nothing but deep grunts and loud gasps for air. His entire muscled torso was covered in a thin layer of sweat. He could feel it boiling deep within him. His testicles pulled up close to the shaft of his cock as his orgasm began to build. The sparks were flying through his entire body as he forgot all about the woman beneath him.

For a few short moments in time nothing existed except for the pleasure he felt. His eyes were closed shut tight as he balled the sheets in his own fists. His lower half pistoned rapidly as he forced himself in and out of the tight pussy. He couldn’t see her reactions but he could hear her insistent screaming as her own orgasm came over her body. The walls of her vagina were causing a grasping effect on his cock and he was finally pushed over the edge.

With one last moan he pushed all the way inside the woman and exploded deep within her. It felt like fireworks exploding in his own brain as he collapsed on top of her. His body was limp as he desperately gasped for breath, trying anything to regain control of his wasted body.

“Chris, you’re kind of… squishing me.”

The young woman seemed to choke as her legs let go of the grasp they had on his waist. The familiar chuckle passed between his lips as he forced himself to pull out of her. She immediately began to drain some of the creamy white liquid he had deposited in her. Chris watched mesmerized before he settled down beside her. Although it was definitely a mistake he was content with what he had just done. Something about it just felt right, and maybe that was a good thing.

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