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One Night In Argentina

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A hot, steamy, sexual night in Argentina
It was a hot and steamy mid-summer night in Buenos Aires, Argentina. On this particular night, the hint of passion in the air was greater than it had been in a very long time. Raol was a tall and remarkably handsome man with a slender, yet unmistakably, masculine build. His hair was jet black and slicked back with not a strand out of place. His eyes were dark brown and very intense. He was dressed in a light gray tuxedo with long coat tails. His matching shoes were polished to an impeccable shine. He was also wearing a white shirt with ruffling on the front and the cuffs. His bow tie and cummerbund were a dark plum color. As every Friday night, he was sitting at the beautiful white grand piano in the bar at the most elegant hotel in the city. He was playing as patrons of the bar sat sipping their cocktails and chatting with one another. However, this was no ordinary Friday night.

As he was about to play his final song for the evening a woman entered the bar that caught Raol's attention. Raol wasn't the only one to notice, she caught the eye of most every man in the bar. She was a stunning vision in a long, sleek red dress. The dress had spaghetti straps, a v-cut neckline, and an open back. The dress sparkled with sequins all over. Her shoes were red stilettos with criss-crossing straps that buckled on the side. On her left ankle was a very thin gold chain. Her long, raven-black hair flowed past her shoulders and down the middle of her back. Her fingernails, toenails, and luscious lips were all the perfect shade of red to match her dress and shoes. Her green eyes shone like two small emeralds. Her body moved with a cat-like elegance as she walked across the bar's natural gray and white marble floor. She made her way to a table just a few feet from the grand piano where Raol was playing and asked the waitress for an apple martini.

From the moment she entered the bar, Raol was struck with unbridled lust and almost stopped playing in mid-song. However, he was able to pull himself together and finish his last song. He then reached for his glass of Absinthe and made his way to the table where the woman was sitting. The beautiful woman noticed Raol making his way toward her and was very intrigued by the handsome piano player. Finally, there he was, standing in front of her. At this moment she felt the lust begin to build in her as well. He asked if she would like some company and she gave him a warm smile and a welcoming nod. He introduced himself, taking her small hand in his and giving it a gentle kiss. She said her name was Giselle and that she very much enjoyed the song that he played. Raol graciously thanked her and they began several minutes of small talk. In the course of conversation Giselle mentioned that she was new to Buenos Aires and was temporarily staying at the hotel until she could find a suitable place to live. After a few more drinks and some more conversation it was becoming more and more apparent to both Raol and Giselle that they had an undeniable chemistry. The conversation flowed effortlessly and they seemed to have several things in common, just one of which was the mutual desire for each other.

Finally, after a couple of hours of dinner, drinks, and conversation Giselle asked Raol if he would like to come up to her room for a final nightcap. Trying to not look too anxious, Raol accepted and they made their way to the elevator. They were the only ones in the elevator and Giselle's room was on the eleventh floor, so this gave Raol an opportunity to see just how interested Giselle was. He gently grabbed her hand and pulled her to him. They stared into each other's eyes for a second or two, then he reached in to kiss her. With their eyes closed, their lips met. At that very moment there was a spark of electricity that flowed through each of them. Arriving at the eleventh floor, the elevator doors opened and Raol let Giselle exit first as he held the door for her.

Once inside her room their passion became uncontrollable. They began kissing sensuously, their tongues intertwined in a lustful dance. All the while, their hands explored every inch of each other's bodies. Raol reached inside Giselle's dress and quickly discovered she was not wearing a bra. He began massaging her breasts. First the left, then the right. He rubbed and gently pinched her nipples making them very hard. After running her hand across Raol's chest, Giselle reached down and unzipped his pants. She began massaging his hard shaft while her hand was still outside his boxers. Raol then slowly began removing Giselle's dress, kissing her neck and chest as he removed the straps from her shoulders. Giselle removed his cummerbund and undid his pants.

Giselle was now sitting on the edge of the bed in just her black thong panties and stilettos. Raol stood up and Giselle helped him off with his pants and shoes. He then sat back down beside her and she removed his coat, tie, and shirt. Raol then laid her down on the bed and unstrapped her shoes and removed them. He then massaged Giselle's dainty feet and toes. He began sucking on her toes which sent a wave of excitement all through her body and she let out a lustful moan. Raol then laid her legs down and pulled her waist closer to him. He removed her panties slowly and caressed her legs. He lay down beside her and began rubbing her large, firm breasts again as she rubbed his muscular chest. She reached down and removed his white silk boxers and socks.

Raol pulled Giselle to him, their naked flesh touching. They began to heat up to the point of almost breaking a sweat. They began passionately kissing again and exploring each other's bodies with their hands. At the same moment they both reached down and grabbed each other's firm asses. Raol laid Giselle down and straddled her in the sixty-nine position. He began rubbing her pussy lips with his right hand as she reached up and began stroking his throbbing cock. Giselle's pussy began getting wet as her juices flowed. Raol began teasing her hard clit with his tongue as Giselle sucked the head of his cock and rubbed his balls. He then slipped his finger in her hot, wet pussy and rubbed her clit with his thumb.

Giselle moved her mouth up and down his shaft then with Raol's cock still in her mouth began running her tongue over the head of his cock. She then began licking his balls and sack while she stroked him. Raol licked her pussy lips and drank in all her juices. At this point, Giselle took his left testicle into her mouth and began sucking on it. This made Raol release a verbal sign of the pleasure this gave him. Raol spread her pussy lips and stuck his tongue inside her slit and began thrusting it in and out. This gave Giselle a sense of ecstasy that she had not felt in a very long time. Almost as a way to show her gratitude, Giselle took Raol's large cock into her mouth again and feverishly began moving her wanting mouth back and forth over his shaft, taking it all in and sucking very strongly. This felt so amazing to Raol and was almost more than he could stand.

Raol knew the moment was right and he positioned Giselle on all fours with her head facing the head of the bed. He got behind her and grabbed onto her hips. He began teasing her pussy with the head of his throbbing cock. He rubbed her pussy lips with the head until she begged him to give it to her. He spanked and rubbed her round cheeks a few times, then thrust his member into her tight, wet pussy as she moaned with pure pleasure. The warmth, wetness, and tightness of Giselle's pussy felt so good around his stiff cock. Raol thrust his hips back and forth with such force that he was rocking Giselle's whole body forward as he went deep inside her.

After several minutes of taking Giselle from behind he stopped and lay down. Giselle then straddled him and he began caressing her breasts again, pinching her nipples. Giselle moved to Raol's cock and gently inserted it inside her. She then began moving up and down rhythmically, staring into his eyes and smiling with pleasure as she rode him. His stiff cock felt so good going deep inside her and her pussy juices flowed down, glistening on his shaft. Raol explored Giselle's gorgeous body with his hands as she moved up and down. They were both moaning with sexual gratification, their bodies sweating from the heat they were producing. Just as Raol and Giselle could hardly hold it in any longer he placed her on her back. He raised her legs and spread them apart. He then began ramming his cock hard and deep inside her pussy. He began moving faster and faster in and out of her until the pace was too much for the both of them. Giselle was screaming with pleasure. Finally, it was too much and Raol, with one final thrust and a moan of intensity, exploded inside Giselle and her whole body began to shake as she writhed in ecstasy. As they climaxed together Raol fell on top of Giselle and she wrapped her arms and legs around him as the last of her pussy juices gushed out and ran down his shaft onto her pussy lips and finally the bed.

They spent the rest of the night embracing and finally both fell asleep and had the most relaxing and refreshing sleep that either one of them had experienced in a very long time. They eventually moved in together and had many more exciting sexual adventures, but never forgot that hot, sultry summer night.

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