One Night Of Fun At The Park

By Naughtybadgirl

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Fun at the Park
I was visiting my cousin for a few weeks. We were having fun in town, and ended up at the park. We played around on the swings for awhile. My cousin and the guy she was hanging out with that night disappeared in the darkness. I was dressed in jeans and a t shirt. The guy I was hanging out with that night was named David. He was tall and really built. He had some rock hard abs. He was wearing a t shirt and jeans, and man did he look good. He had brown hair and the cutest blue eyes I've ever seen...

"You wanna go sit in the car and listen to music with me?" He looked at me and asked with a smile.

I smiled back and replied "Sure I'd love to."

He reached for my hand and we walk back to my cousin's red Grand Am in silence. We reached the car and we break apart. I walked to the passenger side and he gots into the driver's side. He turned back the key and turned the radio on to a country song we both agreed on. I was sitting there wondering where this was gonna lead, where exactly I wanted to lead.. The next thing I knew he pulled me close and kissed me on the lips.

He moved from my lips to my neck and back up again. As he kissed my lips I realized his hand had slipped between my legs and he was rubbing my pussy through my jeans. I felt myself getting wetter by the second. By then I was moaning, I couldn't believe I was letting this happen, I always the little good girl up till this point. I didn't have one night stands. And I knew that's what it would end up being.

David moved his hand to unbutton my jeans. Because they were so tight I had to help him.. After I had unbuttoned and unzipped, he slid his hand down my pants and into my panties. He moved his hand against my nub and I moaned and opened my legs to grant him further access.. He rubs my pussy. His mouth found mine again. He slid a finger into my pussy at the same time and his tongue slides into my mouth. His finger and tongue find the same rhythm.

I moan as he then slid two fingers into my pussy. This kept up for a bit. At some point I reached across the console and find him already hard, I rubbed his hard cock through the fabric of his jeans. All of a sudden a hand is on my wrist and the hand down my pants was gone, I was very disappointed..

"Oh Shit." I thought. He broke our kiss, We were both breathing heavy. He looked at me, And I saw the desire in his eyes.

"Thank God." I thought, he didn't want this to end. He wanted things to go further..

"You wanna take things to the backseat baby?" He asked me.

I nod and we both got out and moved to the backseat. We went back to kissing, the hand went back down my pants and panties..

"Damn baby I want you." he said breaking our kiss..

"I want you too." I replied pulling his mouth back to mine..

I pulled his hand outta my pants and kicked off my shoes. Then pulling off my jeans, He helps me with my panties. My hand went to his belt buckle and I undid his it and his jeans and lowered the zipper. He slid his pants down to his ankles and reached for me, I straddled his waist as he reaches between us and guides his cock to my pussy. I sank down on that hot hard cock and let out a moan, I was sure that could be heard for miles.

I paced myself with slow hard thrusts of my hips. David moaned and griped my hips and sped the thrusts up. I moaned and braced my hands on his shoulders. His hands slid up my shirt and around to the back of my bra and he unhooked and slid his hands under my bra and cupped my breasts rubbing the nipples into hard peaks. I reached up and pulled him in for a kiss.

I felt an orgasm start to slam through me, and David thrust his hips up to meet mine in time with every pulse of my pussy muscles clenching his cock. As I came down from the high, I lay my head on David's shoulder for a few minutes. After I lifted my head, Davd pulled me to him for another kiss.

"We need to hurry up or we are gonna get caught by Sheena and Jackson," I tell David as I peered out the window not seeing anything but darkness.

"Shit I forgot about them." He replied.

David started speeding up his thrusts and I knew what was coming. It was about to come to an end, David gave one last hard thrust and cums hard, I ride his cock until the end, feeling his hot seed filling my pussy. I stayed there for a few minutes, snuggled against his hard chest. I gave him one last kiss, and I get off his lap and instantly wished I had something to clean up with, I grabbed my panties and cleaned myself up. Put my clothes back on with the exception of my panties.. I refasten my bra, put my shoes back. And get out of the car and look for the nearest trash can.. Finding one I throw my panties in it and I start back to the car and notice Sheena and Jackson heading back to the car. I never saw David again after that night. Although my cousin says he still asks about me, he never asks to see me or have a repeat of the night we shared in the park.