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One night only

One night fling in florida
I remember our first sexual encounter because it was our last. Before I met my marine I was an explorer. That led me to travel with my best friend to Florida for a weekend to visit her family. I met everybody from grandparents to aunts then there was Ish. Ish was her cousin and a small thing, in stature and size. He was so cute and muscular like a body builder muscular, I guess it was to make up for his shortness. As soon as I saw him I wanted him. See I love short men because it makes me feel more dominant. So my 5'7 height to his 5'2 made me a little giddy inside, but he was different. His personality made me feel small. I wanted to find out what he was about.

Later we all went to the beach I kept my eye on Ish, when he suddenly glanced at me. It was a glance like he owned me like he knew I wanted him. He walked over to me and whispered in my ear, "I am going to fuck you tonight.". My eyebrows shot straight up as I watched him walk away.

How could he be so bold? We just met! It made me so hot and anxious for the sun to fall. So I waited.....trying not to seem awkward as we all ate dinner of course. I waited to take my shower last just in case he wanted to join, he didn't. The control he had over me was purely mental and it drove me insane, when was he going to take me.. when!? Well I soon found out some minutes later.

My best friend and I shared a guest room it was around 2:00 everyone was asleep, everything was quiet I was of course wide awake playing on my phone when I heard footsteps. I tried to seem cool and calm but I wanted to jump up and get naked. Ish walked past my friend on the air mattress and stood right in front of me. "Pull out my cock and suck it." he said, I obliged. For his height he had a pretty big dick, I licked from his balls to the head then put all of him in my mouth and sucked. He groaned a little... I liked that. He then pulled my head off of his dick and kissed me deeply. I felt so hot and kinky, I never felt like that before or after.

He sat me up and pulled off my shirt then my boxers and just stared at me. I could see his cock grow, I smirked and looked into his eyes. He got on the bed and went behind me to grope my breast as he did he said, "No noise." I shook my head in understanding.

His right hand left my breast and trailed down to my clit. He rubbed it so gently it made me shake, he must of felt that because he then bit me on my neck. Oh I wanted to make some kind of noise but I quickly threw my hand over my mouth. How did he know I loved that? How did he know? He laid me down with his finger still rubbing my clit soon after his tongue doing the work. He nibbled on it just enough to make my head spin. I was now biting my hand to keep quiet. Ish easily slid two fingers in and pressed his other hand on my pelvis and started to finger me. I don't know what exactly that did but it made me cum in record time.

He mounted me removed my hand and kissed me again. The kisses moved to my neck down to my breast where he bit my nipples hard, so hard. I clinched my teeth and grabbed the covers he laughed a bit then started to rub his cock up and down my pussy. That felt so nice I squirmed under him as I tried to lift my hips and cheat a bit, "Uh uh uhh" , he said with a smirk. He then slowly went inside of me he felt so good. He thrusted into me strong and deep so much so that whole bed moved. He immediately covered my mouth as he started to go faster, "Sshhh" he said and so I complied again.

He came on my stomach after 45 minutes of fucking me. He left as quickly as he came and he left me there ...dirty and wanting more. The next day carried on normal my best friend asked me how I slept I asked her if she heard anything. Of course she did not but I wondered if Ish would return to our chamber the following evening. He did not and has not ever since, but the memory he left on me is everlasting. 

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