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One night with Suzanne

This is a story which includes peeing, sex, and masturbation.
I'm on a stag night, in a little town well-known for its night life, not far from where I live.

I’m in a bar with a few other guys as three hot young girls start talking to us. They must only be about 18, just old enough to drink.

I’m dancing the night away with my drink in my hands and looking at one of the girls, Katie. I keep wondering how much it'll take to get her drunk and if she would dare have a one night stand with me. I know a girl as hot as she is wouldn’t look at me twice when sober. She's probably only around me so she can get the attention of one the other guys.

Her friend, Suzanne, who is equally as hot, but is a year older than Katie, whispers in my ear that Katie is too young for me.

Suzanne starts dancing with me, and by now she has my attention. I'm thinking about having sex with her - in her bedroom, in a hotel bedroom, in the woodlands around the corner from the strip of night clubs.

Suzanne bends over in front of me to put her shoe back on correctly,it had slipped off while she was dancing. This gives me a good view up her skirt, revealing her pink knickers. I just want to take them off right there.

I ask Suzanne for her number and she says, “I can do better than that, follow me."

I followed Suzanne, holding her hand as she guided me past the crowd of party goers, the girls with mask and corsets on, with pink little short skirts that didn’t go past the pubic bone, only covering their parts by half an inch, leaving any man or indeed woman quick access for later in the evening. Still Suzanne guided me through the crowd, still clutching my hand until we reached the woodlands.

As we are in the woodlands far enough in not to be seen by the passing party goers and the police who control them, Suzanne says, “I didn’t want you to be with Katie, I wanted you for myself, that’s why I said you were too old, so let’s do it.”

I'm stunned by what she had said; I only thought she wanted me as an afterthought that she decided she wanted me on a spur of the moment thing, now I was being told that all the time we were dancing she wanted me as well. Suzanne pulled down her pink knickers, and started to squat down, “I just need a pee first then we can get some action.”

A thought entered my head, a thought I never thought I would actually have. “Pee on me, please, please give me a golden shower.”

By the time I had said that I was already lying down underneath Suzanne, looking up at her pussy which was waiting to let go. “Oh, ok I guess, that’s kind of kinky,” says Suzanne with a laugh and cheeky grin on her face, with that she let go.
She starts to pee, on my face, I could feel the warmth, I knew it was dirty but I loved it. My 6 inch cock started to bulge, still Suzanne is relieving herself on me. Her pee hits my face, it goes across my face in all directions, going into my hair, down to my ears, across to my mouth and chin. I now position my head so that it will go directly in my mouth, I'm spitting it back out, it's warm, it tastes horrible, but still it turns me on, and I can tell Suzanne is getting a kick out of it as well, as she's looking down at me, her grin grows even bigger.

Suzanne finishes peeing on me but still squatting over me, I grab her ass cheeks, lift my head up slightly and start to lick her pussy clean. I get my tongue inside her vagina, feeling around inside her, this time she doesn't taste like her pee, she feels wet, she tastes sweet, and she tastes of her love juice. I keep licking as Suzanne moaning in pleasure.

“Oh yeah, keep going, oh god, oh, oh yes, oh god yes.”

I lower my head, lay Suzanne down beside me. I push my finger middle finger inside, then another, I try for a third but she is too tight. I keep going in with my fingers; I can feel the pressure building up Suzanne moaning again.

“Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes.”

As I finger her, her hands reached round, undo my belt buckle, unbutton my jeans and then boxers, and start stroking my 6 inch cock. I can feel her pressure inside her vagina force my fingers even more, I know she is about to cum. Suzanne cums, squirting all over, I have never seen anyone squirt as much. Suzanne keeps stroking me, she then cames around and positions her head above my cock, and put it in her mouth. She teases me, licking the head of my cock in a swirling manner with her tongue, then placing it inside her mouth whole, going back and forth, I start to pump my hips, making Suzanne take all of me, I can tell she enjoys it. I can't hold on anymore, I cum all over Suzanne, my sperm filling her face, in her hair, dripping off her chin, all over her.

Suzanne gives me another one of her cheeky grins, looking at me then got her fingers, she starts scooping the cum into her mouth, swallowing it, she keeps doing this until all of the cum on her face is gone. She still has cum in her hair though, which goes sticky and gives her the dirty little girl next door teenager look, if she hadn’t already had it.

We lay together giggling and fondling each other, my hands stroke her pussy, and play with her firm boobs, while Suzanne plays with my cock, gently stroking and rubbing it, waiting for it to come back to life. I looked at Suzanne, she has that cheeky grin on her face still, I couldn’t help it, I held her face and kissed her, I take my face away, look her in the yes, then start to kiss her again passionately, she reacts by putting her tongue in my mouth. I do the same. My cock grows back to attention, so I position it up against her pussy, which is still wet from her earlier squirting.

I start to pump Suzanne, getting all of my modest 6 inch cock inside, I didn’t seem to bother Suzanne that wasn’t as big as other guys, but I was using it well, I was hitting Suzanne’s G spot every time.

“Oh yes, oh god yes, yes, yes, harder, faster.”

I did as Suzanne screams, pumping harder, faster getting more of me inside her, my balls pounding her ass cheeks, I can feel her on my pubic bone.

“God yes, oh god, oh, oh, oh, yes, yes!” screams Suzanne more.

Again I can feel the pressure build up within Suzanne, I know once again she is about to come, her vagina tightens around my cock. I can't take it anymore, I blow it, my load goes away inside her, and this is also the final act to Suzanne’s pleasure, she too cums, again I start squirting like I have never before, even more then the last time, it drips on my cock, mixing with cum. Suzanne hands me her pink knickers,

“Here, use these too clean your cock, you can keep them as well,” I do as she says.

I kiss Suzanne good bye, she then says, "Here, you’re going to need my number aren’t you?”

Suzanne hands me her number, again with a grin on her face, we walked our separate ways, and I too have a grin on my face, and know Suzanne will be putting another one on me soon.

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