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One Night

His for the taking
I never understood what it is you have over me. You walk into a room and all I want you to do is take me to the darkest corner of the room and fuck me until I can’t breathe. I’m so transparent. I don’t care. It’s what you do to me. It’s what you’ve always done to me. It took so long to get here but it was worth every long, lonely minute that you weren’t a part of me. I waited all my life for you. The stolen glances in the hallways in high school, the countless smiles you’d shoot across the room at me when everybody else was deep in their studies or taking the latest pop quiz. Why did it take so long for us to get here? It wasn’t for lack of attraction.

You take my hand and pull me to the nearest corner. “Your skirts get any shorter and the world is going to be able to see what’s mine,” You whisper.

Even in hushed tones, your voice hits the very center of my being. It reaches in and touches me in all those places nobody ever dared to go before.” I thought you wanted the world to know what was yours.” I gasp as I feel you inching the tiny piece of material up over my ass.

“Be careful princess or I may change my mind.”

“You won’t. “I feel your hand slipping between my thighs to my drenched heat. Your fingers dive in and pull back; bringing them to my lips.

“Taste yourself.” Your commanding demeanor just brings me that much closer. I wrap my lips around the two of them and take them in like I take your cock when we’re alone. I can feel it pressing against my ass. I love the way it feels even before you’re deep inside me; pushing me to my limits. “God your lips feel so good wrapped around me. “

You remove your fingers and they languidly slide the zipper of my blouse down so it’s open to your touch. And you don’t. The music is so loud at this party I can’t hear the zipper of your slacks sliding down. Just knowing you’ll be deep inside me soon keeps my body on full alert.

I want you to just take me but I turn and take you in my mouth; long and deep. So fully I can hardly breathe but the way you growl at my assault on your cock is all the praise I need to continue stroking your desire for me. I like putting on a show. I would only do this for you. I know others are watching. I don’t care. I want them to see the long, hard object that will be filling me. I can feel that fire building inside of you. I know it’s time. I get up off my knees and turn away from you again. I know my role.

You need to have control and I just took some of it from you. I know of your past and if I were anybody else, it would be different. I wore the stockings and the heels just like you prefer. You tease me with your cock and I wiggle my ass.

You grip my hips so firmly I nearly lose balance. Instead of taking me slow and deep this evening, you plunge right in. I barely have time to grasp what’s going on when I realize that we DO have an audience. You beat a rhythm into me so raw and unreal that I beg you for more.

Drawing my hands firmly behind my body, you torment with your out of control lust. I want you to touch me but I know that won’t be happening until after we leave the party. Partof our‘deal’. Your thrusts hit me harder than I expected and now all I want for it is to be over. Like I don’t enjoy it ever? Please! What woman in her right mind would put herself through this for one night every year?

You feel my body losing the battle and you loosen your grip on my wrists but your back pressing against me renders me powerless as you reach around my body and trigger that one spot that you know will send me over the moon. Oh shit! I’m breathless as your body joins me in this sweet bliss. I know we had a larger audience than usual. I can feel the eyes there as we slowly regains control. The night is not over. Not by a long shot. The one night a year? It’s the one night we pretend we’re not married.

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