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One Very Hot Date Night

My wife and I have been sending some pretty hot texts to each other all day while at work. We have a date tonight and we are trying to get the other one as hot as possible.

As the evening comes to a close after dinner we head back to the house ready to have a lot of fun! We arrive at the house and I immediately grab a black teddy out of her drawer and ask her to put this on now. She undresses and slides into the teddy and looks so scrumptious!

Then, I blindfold her and lead her to the doorway of our bedroom. There waiting on her is a nylon rope and a pull-up bar fashioned over the doorway. I grab her hands and place them on the pull-up bar and begin tying her hands to the bar. She asks what I am doing and I don’t respond and just keep tying.

When I am finished I snap a few photos of her and she grins with pleasure. I give her a nice kiss and begin fondling her very nice tits. I begin kissing her neck and she moans and says that she is liking this a lot. I grab a whip from our closet and start to lightly smack her tits and ass. I am standing behind her and I start pinching and twisting her nipples and she begins to really squirm. I place the nipple clamps on her and this really pushes her over the edge. I lightly rub a finger over her clit. She is really enjoying this and so am I. I remove the teddy and the blinfold from her amazingly sexy body and untie her.

I rush her to the bed while her pussy is dripping. I restrain her hands and feet with the straps on the bed. Once she is in place I pull off my thong and reveal my throbbing member. She starts licking her lips and panting. I know that she would love for me to end her misery and probe her pussy with my fat cock, but I don't do that. But, I start to stroke my engorged cock. She really enjoys the show, too. I begin playing with my balls and she can hardly stand what she is watching. I reach behind my back and retrieve her favorite ass plug from a drawer. I begin lathering on some lubrication and she immediately begins begging for it. So, I slide the plug into her tight ass and she moans ever so easily.

Then, I grab her favorite vibrator and turn it on low and place it on her swollen clit. Watching her squirm and try to wiggle free is thrilling! I remind her that she won't get away, but that doesn't stop her from squirming. I turn the vibrator to high and out the screams come. She starts really wailing. It turns me on to hear her scream in ecstacy. As her twitching and squirming slows, then I remove the vibrator and lick her juices from the steel.

I slowly and gently equip her with a ball gag. She looks so sexy being so submissive! She is trembling with anticipation. So, I remove the ass plug and insert my throbbing cock into her awaiting hole. She bites down hard on the ball gag and clinches her fists. Then, I insert a dildo into her soaking wet snatch. This pushes her over the edge with excitement.

She has a hard time controlling her trembling. I am patient with my next move. She finally stops trembling, so I start to penetrate her ass deeper and deeper. She is sent into ecstacy and cums as hard as she ever has. The juices are running between the lips and her dildo and dripping onto my cock shaft. I have her right where I want her...I withdraw from her ass and remove the dildo. Then, I slam my cock deep into her slit and I can feel her covering my dick with cum. She is unable to even make noises at this point. I continue to pound her pussy with a blinding fury.

I now insert the ass plug back into her welcoming backdoor and can feel that I am close erupting. I start to dive deeper into her pussy and am enjoying her movements. I can't take it any longer, so I remove my cock from her warm and inviting hole and stroke my stiff rod until a pool of hot cum is in the middle of her tits. I remove the ball gag and her wrists from the straps.

She runs her fingers through the pool of cum on her chest and licks her fingers clean. What a wife!

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