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Online Romance and More Part 2

Online Romance and More Part 2

Phone sex leads to discussion and setting up a time to finally meet.
Friday Night

Julie and I both had very busy schedules the next week and did not have an opportunity to talk on the phone or on the dating website we met on.

I arrive home at a decent hour and change into a t-shirt and athletic shorts. I go to the kitchen and prepare some egg rolls, egg foo young and fried rice. Once I finish and clean the dishes I get a glass, and my favorite cigars, which are Flor de las Antillas Toro. I head into my den and sit in the large leather chair and light up my cigar, pour a glass of my favorite scotch, Laphroaig Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky.

When I had settled in I pick up the phone and call Julie. Before I could say anything Julie, in an excited voice says, "Mmmm...goody, you called."

"Yes you naughty girl, get over here and lay across my lap for your spanking."

"Giggling....I like that, here I come."

"I'll spank you just enough to get your firm ass pink!"

"Yes, nice and pink....please, Dan."

"I know and I will spank you just hard enough to get you pink." I replied, the images of her beautiful ass filled my mind, causing my cock to begin stirring.

"I need my beauty sleep, giggling."

"No you do not, as you are already perfect!"

"Awww, snuggling up."

"I am stroking your hair gently, moving then to your cheek and back up to your hair." Repeating until I feel you relax.

"Mmmmm, my head resting on your chest...traces circles on your chest with my fingers."

"My fingers are tracing down your arm in a small, slow gentle circular motion. I do this for awhile, then move to your other arm and do the same."

" relaxing, Dan."

"My fingers travel up and down your arm several times as I kiss your ear, taking your lobe between my lips, sucking it and swirling my tongue over and around. Leaving your ear my mouth leaves a trail of kisses down to the nape of your neck as my tongue trails behind."


"My fingers move to the side of your full firm breast and trace the outer curve and going to the neglected underside. There, my fingers lightly flutter across to the inner curve of your breast upwards and then across where the chest and breast meet. I repeat this several more times and do the same to the other one."

"Oh my Dan, it feels so nice."

"I take note that your skin feels like silk."

"It is very soft and everything was shaved smooth today. It feels so good to be smooth all over, Dan."

"I move over you and kiss you full on the lips, parting them with my tongue. Our tongues are entwined in a dance as we explore one another."

"While we kiss, my hands caress and fondle your breasts gently. Gently skimming over your nipples slowly, and then a little faster, getting them to protrude out from the surrounding aureole."

"Ooooooh, your touch feels so good."

"You place your hands on top of my head."


"You push me further down your firm toned body. I did not want to leave your breasts and nipples unattended but you can't wait any longer."

"Oh Dan, nipples are so hard. I'm a greedy little girl."

"I pinch them as my tongue runs along your slit, tasting your sweet nectar as it begins to moisten your pussy. The scent is as sweet as the taste; I inhale deeply as to not let any escape me."

"Oh, feels so good Dan!"

"I pinch and pull your nipples as I take your stiff clit between my teeth. Gently biting as my finger slips past your swollen lips and into your warm, wet pussy."

"My mouth moves to a swollen lip and begins to suck on it as my tongue licks all around. I then move and take the other, doing the same to it."

"Oh God, lifting my hips towards you."

"My tongue moves back and flicks across your nub as my finger searches out the g spot and finds it. I tease the spot until I feel your hips pushing forward trying to rub it harder against my finger."

"Mmmmm, love when you do that...harder please!"

"I release your clit and my tongue joins my finger in your very wet pussy. They are both fucking you like a cock."

"Ooooooh, holding your head closer to me."

"As my tongue goes deeper, I pull out my finger and place it at the entrance to your ass. Spreading your nectar all around."

"Dan, I am so wet and I push your head even closer."

"Good Julie, soak the sheets for me as I inhale your sweet scent. My tongue is fucking you as I push my finger slowly into your ass."

"Oh, God yes!"

"Now my tongue and finger work together as you raise your breasts to your mouth and lick, suck and bite your nipples."

"Fuck me, it feels so good as I am moaning and withering underneath you Dan."

"I move my tongue and finger faster and in unison. I pull back so only the tips stay in and I pause a moment. Then in one thrust I push all the way back into your ass and pussy. I do this until I feel you gripping me."

"My pussy and ass gripping onto you tightly."

"Julie, you are now thrusting yourself against my face. I feel the sphincter muscle grip my finger and your pussy grip my tongue as you cum."

"Dan, I am feeling myself getting so close."

"Ooooooh Dan, I am cumming."

"Julie, your sweet nectar floods my mouth."

"Cumming, Dan."

"And you give one final push against my face and explode into a very strong orgasm. My face covered in your sweet nectar. I make sure to take it all into my mouth."

"Come kiss me, I want to taste myself."

"I stay with my tongue in your pussy and my finger in your ass until you have descended from your orgasm. I then move up to you and share your cum with you in a passionate kiss."

"I am kissing you passionately, tasting myself. I taste so good on your lips."

"My hard cock slides along the length of your slit and you become even more aroused, arching your back thus pushing your breasts upward."

"Mmmmm, rubbing my wet pussy up against your cock."

"The head of my cock slowly pushes past your swollen lips and I stop, letting you squirm begging for more. Then I finally push in a little further and stop again and ask what is it you want babe." I do not move until you answer me.

"Please Dan; I want you to fuck me with that big hard cock of yours. Please, now I beg of you."

"I then thrust in hard the rest of the way, no longer being gentle. Moving faster and harder, pulling back every time so only the tip is in you. Then pushing all the way in one hard thrust."

"Oh yes baby, just like that...fuck me hard."

"I thrust in and out harder and faster as you wrap your legs around my waist pulling me closer to you. Your nectar flows onto my cum swollen balls. I pump in and out until you scream out."

"Oh yes, Dan."

"I feel your pussy tighten around my penis as I continue fucking you. You Try to squeeze out the cum, but I am able to hold back."

"Oh yes, I am lifting my hips to meet each hard thrust."

I'm moving faster as you arch your back, offering your nipples to me. I lean forward and bite them just the way you like it."

"Am I your dirty little slut, Dan?"

"You are my dirty little slut and you know what I like."

"We move in unison as you thrash about the bed screaming."

"Oh God, so close baby. Squeezing your cock tight, I am going to cum...cum in my pussy. Give me all of your hot thick cum."

"With one last thrust you cum again covering my balls and thighs with your juices."

"Ooooooh, I am cumming!"

"I explode deep within you as you convulse into another orgasm. Your legs around my waist holding me tightly as your heels press into my ass. Your nails digging into my back as you hold on. Cum for me slut!"

"Mmmmm, that was so good Dan....did you cum?"

"Julie, I did cum and now you collapse to the bed and I on top of you. As we cuddle and rest."

"The cuddling, is the best part."

"Yes, I agree that cuddling is the best part."

"While we cuddle we tease each other. You gently fondle my penis and balls as I gently moved my fingers along the length of your slit. I push between the swollen lips just enough to touch your clit on each pass. And soon I flip you on your stomach placing pillows under your hips. I get off the bed and move in front of you, telling you to suck me. You didn't move fast enough so I slapped your ass."

"You are my little slut and you will do as I say or be punished."

"Mmmmm yes sir, as I take you in my mouth...sucking on the head and tasting our juices mixed together."

"That feels so good my pet."

"Flicking my tongue all around it, taking more in....inch by inch...till you hit the back of my throat gagging me." 

"Yes, feel you so hot and throbbing in my mouth....growing bigger, thicker."

"Yes that's it, but you are not to make me cum, I have a special place I want to cum. Mmmmm, such a warm wet mouth. Very good my slut."

"Sir, I have a surprise for you. Ann, you may enter now."

"Oh yes! My pet, where did you find her?"

"At the coffee shop today. I thought you would like her."

"Pulling back, spiting on your cock and watching it run down before taking you back in my mouth, sucking harder, faster.

"Yes, I do like her and remember to not make me cum. I want to cum in your ass."

"Yes, please sir I want you to fuck my ass."

"I do my pet, and how thoughtful of you to bring Ann home. She can suck your pussy as I fuck your ass."

"Sir, I would love that very much."

"I pull away and move behind you as our playmate goes under you to suck your pussy and giving her pussy to you for sucking. I then push my cock into your ass slowly as she begins sucking you and you explode into yet another orgasm."

"Yes, that feels so good sir."

"We both are in unison as we fuck you. I move deeper in your ass and she pushes her tongue deeper into your pussy."

"Please sir, fuck me harder as I need more and I need it rougher."

"Ann and I both get rougher and faster with you as you scream out. We both pull back so that we are barely touching you, then in one quick motion we push all the way in at the same time."

"Oh God, my hips thrusting furiously as my moans keep getting louder."

"As we move faster, you can't help but to taste her pussy. Yes slut suck her pussy and make her cum. You run your tongue along her slit and thrust it deep within her. You use your tongue like a cock, fucking her pussy as Ann screams out into your pussy as she continues fucking you with her tongue."

"The three of us are very close to cumming."

"Oh yessss, she tastes so good. I am licking at her wet slit and sucking on her swollen clit."

"Your ass grips my cock while your pussy holds her tongue in you and you keep working her pussy. You take her clit in your mouth and bite it as two of your fingers slip past her swollen lips and fuck her."

"All of us are about to explode."

"I begin to feel her gush all over my tongue and chin as she cums hard. Ann is still fucking my pussy with her tongue."

 "Dan, I can feel your cock pounding my tight ass over and over again."

"We all cum together and as I pull out of your ass, some drips down to Ann's open mouth."

"Oh God Dan, fuckkk...I'm close again, oh God!"

"I gently turn you on your back and Ann moves so she is over your open mouth. Leaning down, she lets the cum drip into your mouth and kisses you, swapping it back and forth."

Mmmm...can taste it now."

"I am kissing you passionately as our tongues dance together."

"WOW! Dan, I came so hard that the sheets are soaked."

"Ann gathers her things and slips out quietly as we kiss. She is gone as quickly as she appeared and I look at you and you put a finger to my lips as you don't want me asking how you got my surprise."

"I love cuddling close to you as I am completely spent."

"I whisper in your ear, my little slut you were a very good girl and I will have a surprise for you soon."

"I smile up at you and tell you how much I love surprises."

"Once rested, we go take a warm relaxing bubble bath by candle light and a bottle of champagne to quench our thirst."

"I am behind you as you lay back against me. I pour us each a glass and we take a drink. Placing my glass down I take the loofah sponge and get it wet. As you sip your champagne, I take and place the sponge on your neck and squeeze it so the warm water bathes you. I then do the same to your shoulders."

"I then take the soap in one hand and massage it into your breasts, paying attention to the undersides and nipples. The sponge in my other hand then moves over you gently. I move the sponge to your firm stomach and gently make small circular motions as I wash you. Then finally I move over your mound and onto your thighs. Then I move back up your body in the same manner. When finished, I rinse you off."

"Dan, that sounds heavenly. Goodness, you wear me out."

Julie, I am happy that I wear you out. Do you wish we were together doing this?

"Please Dan; give me some time to think about it."

"Awe, I can tell you are frowning. Do not do that as it was nice a nice fantasy. We are acting out what we would like to do."

"After the bath I dry you off and carry you to the living room where a fire is going in the fireplace and I have a futon already set up."

"Aaahhhh, it is now time for there are more candles, soft music and your favorite scented lotions. I proceed to give you a massage and then we cuddle in spoon position and sleep through the night."

"That was very nice Dan; I enjoyed it very much as you did surprise me. You were very hot."

"Are you calling it a night?"

"Yes, I need to call it a night as it is almost one in the morning."

"Goodnight Julie, sweet sexy dreams. I enjoyed it too, not sure how I surprised you but happy I did. You were very hot too."

"Dan, you surprised me with your naughty side. I loved it."

"Until tomorrow then Julie."

"Tomorrow, Dan."

Saturday night

I had just finished showering when the phone rang, it was Julie.

"Hi sweetie, I couldn't wait for you to call. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes I did Julie, thank you and how did you sleep?"

"It was a restless night, as I had something on my mind that I was tossing around."

"I am sorry to hear you did not sleep. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"Yes there is Dan; I gave this very serious thinking. We have shared much in four and a half months. We know what each other looks like, talked on the phone for hours everyday except for last week as we both were very busy with work."

"That we have Julie, and we have grown quite close. I never thought I could have such strong feelings for someone I met online. I am very happy that we met and you are always on my mind. I find myself smiling much more often and I can't wait to get home to talk with you."

"Awe...Dan, I feel the same way and that is why I am asking if you would not mind flying out to me instead of you flying me out to you. I will feel more comfortable if you would."

"Of course Julie, I would be happy to fly out. Do you have a time in mind as to when you would like this to happen? How do you feel if I came for a week?"

"I was thinking next month, as the fall colors will be at their most brilliant and I would love for you to see them."

"I will make arrangements to spend a week with you and look forward to seeing the fall colors and all of the other things in your area."

"Dan, there is one more very important thing I must tell you."

What is it Julie?

"When we first meet it will be at a place of my choosing and I will bring a friend with me. Are you okay with this? This is not open for negotiation."

"I am fine with that arrangement Julie. I would not expect anything less as I understand your wanting to do that."

"I am so happy, that you said that Dan. I am doing a happy dance, hope next month comes fast as I want to finally meet you."

"I can't wait to finally meet you too Julie."

"I'm sorry Dan; I was so excited that I forgot to ask if you were busy."

"No Julie, I had just gotten done with my shower. Besides you will never bother me, as I would rather talk with you than do anything else."

"I feel the same way; wish we could talk all day and night."

"Well you never know it may just happen. By the way, how is your mother doing?"

"It would be very nice and as for my mother, she is fine though a little tired. We went to the restaurant you suggested and had a wonderful lunch. Thank you for the suggestion."

"You are very welcome Julie. I am happy the two of you had a wonderful afternoon. It is good to hear that your mother is doing fine. What are your plans for tomorrow?"

"Mother and I are going to church, then to brunch. After that I am going to relax and spend the evening talking to someone I care very much about. That would be you! What are your plans for tomorrow, Dan?"

"That sounds like a very nice day you have planned. I am going to go play a round of golf early, then go fishing for the rest of the day. When I get home I will be on the phone all evening talking to you Julie. I care about you very much."

"You have a nice full day planned too, Dan. I hope you are not too tired to talk, winking at you."

"No Julie, I will never be too tired to talk to you. I am winking back at you."

"Dan, I am feeling horny right now. Would you tell me about your shower? I am naked on my bed, my nipples are erect begging to be played with and my pussy is wet."

"Of course Julie, I would love to."

"As the warm water cascaded down my body, I felt my penis begin to go from soft to semi-hard. I took each nipple between my thumbs and forefingers, pinching and rolling the nipples. I could feel them become erect and my penis growing ever harder. Once the nipples were erect, I took the soap and lathered up my chest. Then made my way to my toned abs. Making sure to touch the head of my penis."

"Oh Dan, I am doing that to my own nipples...ooooooh feels so good. I feel my pussy getting wet."

"With one hand I go back teasing my nipples and with the other I spread the soap onto my cock and balls. I fondle and then squeeze my balls as my other hand moves from my nipples to my now fully erect cock."

"Mmmm, I am now moving my hand along my slit and getting even more wet. My pussy lips are swollen. Oh Dan, I wish you were here to lick and suck me."

"Julie, I really wish I was there with you."

"I now have my hand wrapped around the shaft moving it slowly up and down. With every pass up I rub the circumcised head in a circular motion. I continue fondling my balls as my cock throbs in my hand. I am getting close to cumming."

"I am rubbing my clit and fucking myself with two fingers. I am going to cum with you Dan!"

"I am now stroking my shaft faster, I feel myself ready to cum. Julie, cum with me know! I can not hold back any longer. I am cumming, covering my hand, mmmmmm....feels so good." I finished showering and just as I dried off, you called.

"I am cumming with you, mmmmmm...feels so good."

"I am cuddling with you in my arms Julie as we fall asleep."

"Ooooooh, Dan I love to cuddle and fall asleep in your arms. Thank you for satisfying me. That was very hot."

"My pleasure Julie, I will talk to you tomorrow. Goodnight, sweet sexy dreams."

"Goodnight Dan, sweet sexy dreams, till tomorrow."

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


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