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Only Five Inches: True Story about My Cock

I have learned that having a small penis does not mean I am less adequate as a man.
I never was one of those guys that exaggerated the size of their sexual organs. It was my business to know how big or little it was. At sixteen, I became more self-conscious about my penis size. I knew that I was not as big as most guys. I knew that I never would be. But I began to realize that God made me the way I am, and there was not anything I could do about that.

I have learned to live with my five inches. Yeah, that is what I said, five inches. It’s true. I am only five inches fully erect. As you can read, I do not mind telling this. I also do not mind showing it also. You can look at my pictures posted here if you like, that is if you want to see my fully erect five inches. Really, I do not mind at all. That is why I posted them.

However, there is one thing that is so true about me as I stated earlier. I never brag or talk about the size, or lack thereof, of my penis. I guess now though, I am going to talk about my cock. Go figure!

I know that I am smaller than the average guy. I know in fact that I am smaller than my friends, most of whom I have known since high school. Playing baseball in high school is one way to find this out. After a long nine innings, what would be the first thing we would do? That's right, hit the showers. I learned a great deal showering with other guys. Of course, the showers were separate, but there was no separate stall, so we all saw each other. That first time was a little unnerving. To be honest, I was a little embarrassed.

There I was, getting naked with a bunch of other guys and getting ready to take a shower with all of them. It was very intimidating. I was not sure if I wanted to go through with it orjust put my clothes on over my dirty body. However, I knew if I did that, I could turn out to be the laughing stock of the baseball team. So, I swallowed my pride and joined.

I was expecting most of them to say something, but none of them said a word. I was surrounded by naked guys, all of whom were getting wet and letting the soap run down their bodies and we were just talking about the game and whatever else came to mind. We never discussed the size of our cocks or anything sexual for that matter. For the first time, I felt comfortable with my body. I felt like I was finally fitting in with a crowd of peers.

While we never discussed anything sexual, there were a few times that a couple of my teammates were, shall we say, overwhelmed with a hard fought game and let it show in the shower. At least that is what I chalked it up to be anyway. It was the first time I had ever seen another guy hard. What I thought would have been embarrassing, did not seem so to them. It was just like their erection was not there. I was sure glad that never happened to me. I would have been embarrassed for sure as my small erection would have been sticking out among my teammates bigger ones.

To tell you the truth, being in a shower full of guys gave me confidence. I was actually proud of what God had given me. For the first time, I was not afraid with what little I had been blessed. It gave me a secure feeling with my first girlfriend.

To respect her privacy, I am going to call her “Jennifer,” for all intended purposes. When I first met Jennifer, she was all I ever wanted. We were both seniors and I was eighteen and she was seventeen. When we started dating, it was like a normal teenage relationship. We were a happy couple and we loved being together. At first, our relationship was not about sex. It was actually about being together. We were together six months before we even discussed the matter of sex. Then, one day, the subject came up.

Jennifer was the one that brought the subject matter of sex up first. I was quite content about our relationship, not that sex with her never crossed my mind. It did quite a bit, but with us having been together so long without it, it was not my number one priority. But when Jennifer mentioned it that day, the first thing that went through my mind was what she would think about me having a small cock. I was not going to let her be surprised. I wanted her to know beforehand. I knew that if I had surprised her that would have been the end of our relationship. We had a very understanding relationship and we always told each other the truth. I was not about to start lying to her.

So, I was very willing to listen to Jennifer about sex and when the time was right, I told her that she needed to know something about me first before we decided to have it. So, I told her about my small cock. I remember her expression when I first told Jennifer. She just looked at me at first, then she smiled and she took her hands and folded them on my face. I also remember what she said to me as she held my face. Jennifer said, “I don’t care how small it is. I love you. Love matters most than having sex all the time.”

After Jennifer said that, I did not have a problem showing her. In fact, she was very understanding about it. The day we decided to have sex, it was at her house and we took a shower together first, to sort of break the ice. That was the first time we had seen each other naked. We made it fun also. As we stood there in the bathroom, we took turns stripping each other. It was a very erotic and very meaningful moment. As I stripped her, I remember thinking that in a way, we were kind of equals because as I removed Jennifer’s shirt and saw her standing there in her bra, I saw just how small her breasts were. Kind of made me feel good something on her was small.

Jennifer never told me her cup size; I saw the tag as I removed her bra that day. She was a 34A and as her breasts were revealed to me, they were very perky. She also had the cutest set of tiny pink nipples. I remember just staring at them and Jennifer laughing as I did. I did not tell her that she was the first girl I had ever seen topless and was going to see nude. Jennifer knew. It was all I could do to keep myself from getting hard. I did not want to get hard. I wanted Jennifer to see my cock’s size before it grew. Somehow, I managed.

Then, finally, we were standing naked in front of each other. Jennifer was so beautiful. Her body was so slender and so tender. I remember naturally looking down between her legs. There was a small patch of neatly trimmed pubes shaped into an upside down triangle pointing the way to my soon to be destination that was hidden inside a perfect vertical line of flesh. After seeing my share of pussy in Playboy and Penthouse, I had to admit, Jennifer's pussy was so different. I guess it was a case of reality overriding media embellishment.

Just as I took in her nakedness, I watched her take in mine. That's when I did get nervous. Even if I had any thoughts of wanting to get an erection, I knew my body would not react. I was shaking so, what little stimulation I had would never let my cock rise. I was actually getting what I wanted. Jennifer was seeing me the way I was naturally. I remember her smiling and not saying anything. That worried me.

We entered the shower and the water seemed to calm my nerves. I finally began to feel normal. I was not shaking and the warm water falling on both me and Jennifer took away the jitters and gave me back the stimulation I needed to show my sexual side. Jennifer saw that firsthand when she gave me the soaped up sponge and told me to run it over her body. That was the defining moment.

At first, I was actually scared to touch her with the sponge. Jennifer could tell. She smiled and gave a little giggle at my reluctance, then took my hand, along with the sponge, and brought them both to one of her breasts, breaking the ice. That was all I needed. It did not take me long to feel her wet naked body after that, especially her small perky breasts. Damn, they were so firm and malleable. And her tiny nipples... they were nice and pink and immediately plumped and stiffened. When they got hard, they kind of reminded me of my erection. Okay, yeah, I know that is a bad analogy, but in a way, it was true.

I did not even feel my small cock get hard as my hand ran over her breasts, feeling her equally erect nipples. I was so in awe of feeling her, the sense of arousal never triggered my brain. If it had not been for Jennifer saying, "It's even cuter when it's hard," I would have never known. And yes, Jennifer really said that.

And you know what? When most guys would find it a turn off to have some gal call his sexual organ "cute," it never phased me. I was actually glad I was standing at attention and that Jennifer was the first girl to ever see it. I was proud to be showing her. Jennifer was seeing exactly what she was going to get. Saying that was Jennifer's way of letting it be known she did not care.

I never lost my erection the whole time we were in the shower either, which made it so much easier to carry on to the next step, which we did after drying each other.

Jennifer and I kissed each other as we exited her bathroom and made our way to her bed. I always loved kissing her, but I remember this time being more special. The moment Jennifer hit the bed, she immediately positioned herself, spreading her legs wide. I will never forget my first look at a real pussy. Even though I had seen the contour of her vertical smile in the shower, Jennifer's true self was revealed to me in her bed.

Her pussy opened up to reveal the brightest pink spot I had ever seen. And it was ever so delicately wet to the point of dripping. It was the first time I had actually ever felt my small cock throb so hard. I knew it was because it wanted to be inside her. Then it was.

Jennifer’s pussy was so warm and wet as I slowly entered. I felt her hot walls envelope me as she made little whimpering sounds as I moved in and out. That told me that she could definitely feel my small cock inside her. That made me feel really good. Unfortunately, it also caused me to lose control and before I knew it, I came inside her. I think I only pumped about four or five times before I let go. I was so ashamed and not to mention, humiliated. I felt like I was less of a man.

However, Jennifer was cool with it. I was overwhelmed with the fact that she actually wanted to fuck my small cock and the excitement of it being my first time. Jennifer understood why it happened. Furthermore, she understood me and my small cock.

Unfortunately, my and Jennifer’s relationship ended shortly after we entered college, but I have always cherished my time with her. However, it opened the door for other relationships. In fact, I welcomed it. As much as Jennifer understood me, I was hoping that other women would also. I will not go into detail here about my relationships after her, but I will say that those after Jennifer were just as understanding as her. You know, that really left an impression on me.

So, to this day, I am very happy with what God blessed me. Of course, I have always wondered what it would feel like to have a larger penis. That is only natural. However, truth be told, I have become so used to having a small one, that it does not matter to me anymore.

I have learned that having a small penis does not mean I am less adequate as a man. I am a man either way. What I have learned to be normal is just that. It still works like a bigger one. It gets hard and is able to perform just like average sized ones, even when it cums, even if it does not shoot and only ooze.

So, even though I am not hung like some guys and maybe cannot shoot the distance other guys can, I am quite happy with what I have. I have lived with it for thirty-nine years now. I think I am able to go through life with it for many more. It’s mine and I am proud of it. I have never thought of myself sold short in life.

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