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Ooooh - ice cream!

My God, it's hot today! Unusually hot for this time of year and I'll be glad to get home and get out of my boring, stuffy office clothes. I pull into the drive and park next to Richard.  He's had the day off - lucky sod! As I go in the front door, I hear him shout "I'm in the kitchen!".

"Hi there. How was your day?" I ask as I walk through.  He's standing there with a beer in his hand, smirking.

"Good.  I've had a very lazy day - just lounging around waiting for my wife to come home." he says, walking over to kiss me.

"I've had a crap day.  Work sucks! I would rather have been here with you - in this sunshine. And the air-con wasn't working and I'm so hot!"

A slow, lazy smile spreads across his face and he says "Take your clothes off."

"That sounds like a good idea." I reply and turn to leave, to go upstairs and change. But he grabs me round the waist and pulls me back.

"No. Take your clothes off here - now!"

"What?! Are you crazy! The neighbours can see through the patio doors - you know, these doors right here. The ones wide open!"

He lowers his mouth to my ear, still smirking and says "Let them. Let them see how hot you are. Then watch as I make you hotter!" He moves away and then I see the look in his eyes - and I'm lost. Dark blue eyes I could swim in - naughty, naughty eyes. His lips curl and smirk as he runs his fingers through my hair, pulling me towards him. He kisses me frantically, his tongue probing my mouth. Then he pulls back sharply and tears my blouse open. I gasp as I'm left standing there - clothes ripped, hot and breathless.

I can feel my heart pounding as I look at him.  "Right then! You want me undressed, do you?" I quickly remove what's left of my blouse and throw it angrily at him across the room. My breasts heave in a combination of anger and passionate arousal. I unzip my skirt and let it fall to the floor. I step out of it and kick it away.

I stand there in just my underwear and high heels, glaring at Richard. I can feel how turned on I am. And he's just standing there - watching me, smirking.

"Leave your heels on!"

I slowly unhook my bra and ease the straps down, over my shoulders. I scowl at him as I fling it at him. He catches it and twirls it around his head, like a prize. My thumbs reach in my knickers and slowly roll them down over my thighs, until they're low enough to drop to the floor.

We just stare at each other. Glaring, angry and so turned on. He drives me fucking nuts, this man! I'm standing there - stark ass naked in my kitchen. And he just looks at me - smirking and licking his lips.

"Well?! Are you going to fuck me - or just admire the view?"

He walks over to me and kisses me without touching my body. I lean into him but he pulls back and walks away.

"Sit on the table." he says as he reaches for something just out of my eyeline. "I've got a surprise for you." As he turns around and walks towards me, I can see what it is.

"Oh my God! It's ice cream!" I shriek with glee and clap my hands like a little child.

"I've been looking forward to this all afternoon." he says, laughing.

He reaches in, scoops up a handful and flings it on my breasts. I cry out in surprise as the coldness hits me. Instantly, my nipples harden and my breasts perk. Cold, creamy ice cream runs down between my breasts and I lower a finger to scoop some up. I take my finger into my mouth and slowly lick it off, holding his gaze. I massage it slowly into my breasts concentrating on tweaking the nipples as it continues to drip down my stomach.

His tongue pushes my fingers out of the way as he suckles and nips. His hands caress both breasts as his mouth and tongue flit between them. I can hear him moan softly as he sucks and licks them clean. Oh, it feels so good.  The cold of the ice cream warmed away with his kisses and sucks. He grabs another scoops and spreads it over both breasts, massaging intently before resuming his wonderful licking.

"Oh...this is sooooo good!" I moan as he licks and sucks me expertly.  The ice cream melts its way down my stomach and starts to drip between my legs. And that's not all that's dripping down there. I'm so hot and turned on I can feel the heat inside me rising. I can feel myself getting wet and I want his tongue on me so badly. He lowers his hand and feels along my folds, feels how hot I am.

"Oh yes...please...." I mumble as he slowly runs a finger along me.

He pulls back and walks away and for a second, I don't know what's going on. Then he grabs a chair and says "I like to eat sitting down." and he sits down, between my legs. Starting at my knees, he spreads my legs and plants small kisses all the way up to my pussy. He stops and looks up at me. "Still hot?" he asks.

"So hot..." I cry. I need him to eat me, to lick me, to bring me to orgasm. I want to come so I lower my hand but he slaps it away.

"Oh no you don't! Maybe you need cooling down a little." and with that, he takes another scoop of ice cream and smears it on my hot pussy. I squeal as the cold hits my swollen flesh. I've never felt anything like it. Almost painful. He rubs it in for a few seconds then looks at me and says "Time to dine, I think"

His tongue licks all along, from my ass up to my clit. Nibbling, licking, sucking.  I can hear him slurping but I don't know if its the ice cream or my juices. The chill slowly goes as he warms me up. Kissing my entrance with the same fervour he kisses my mouth and it's driving me wild. I lie back on the table - a human dessert. Hot and cold and creamy.  His hands hold my legs wide as he eats and eats. I'm gasping and panting - I'm so close, so close. I run my fingers through his hair and press him into me.

By now, I'm so lost, so abandoned that I don't care if the whole street sees what's happening. More ice cream hits me and its taking me higher and higher, nearer the ultimate goal. Oh, its so good. The soft, creamy liquids drip down my thighs and onto the floor. Richard is seriously good with his mouth but even he can't keep up. He breaks away for a second, catching his breath.

"Naughty, hot, creamy girl!" he growls at me and resumes his feast. His tongue pushes some of the ice cream inside my hole and I arch my back as it hits my g-spot. It's sheer bliss.

"I can't....clit's too cold..." I cry, as my need to climax becomes uncomfortable.

"I'll warm you up." he says but instead he grabs some more and presses it directly on my clit. I scream out in shock and start to shake and shiver. But it's just for a few seconds until he places his mouth over my twitching clit and sucks. His whole mouth covers it and warms it up. Sucking and kissing it, triggering the most unbelievable combination of sensations. Hot and cold spasms run through me as his tongue flicks my clit. His fingers probe inside as he licks and sucks my clit until I'm there.

"OOOOOOHHHHHH!" I scream out as I hit an almighty orgasm.  He has to hold onto me as I squirm and buck like a savage animal. I can still feel the cold but the heat takes over as orgasm after orgasm shakes me. I can feel my cunt grasping his fingers as the juices pour from me, coating his hand. My thighs crash against him as I lose all grip on reality. He carries on licking ands kissing me, softening, bringing me back down to earth again.

"Mmmmm. Yummy." he says. I can't respond - Hell, I can barely breathe! "Now - it's time for seconds. And I think your core temperature needs raising."

"Huh? What...." is all I manage to say before I feel him pushing inside. All the way. "" I can't believe what this man is doing to my body. Taking it and making it his own. Very slowly, he starts a rhythm - pulling almost all the way out and then plunging back in, full length.

"Open your eyes" he says. As I do, I see him standing there, smiling down at me. His hands grip my legs as he plunges into me over and over. He slides easily - my fluids and the ice cream must make a lovely, slushy blend. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the tub next to me. I quickly reach in and scoop up what's left and throw it at him. I laugh as it hits bullseye, the base of his belly and then drops to coat his cock and balls.

"Now - really warm me up. Go on, give me fucking good pounding!" I growl at him as he gasps when the cold hits. And he does! He doesn't say a word. Just fucks and fucks, grunting and growling. I watch as his cock plunges deep into me over and over. His balls hit my ass as he bangs like his life depends on it. I feel the knot deep in the pit of my stomach as another orgasm starts to build. His thrusts are shorter and faster as he approaches orgasm and his eyes are shut tight.

"Oh ....yeah....oh.....fuck yeah..." he cries as he keeps up a ferocious pounding. I never want this to end but I can feel my orgasm nearing. My thighs tense as I reach climax and as I arch my back, a final deep plunge brings his release as well. We both cry out, gasping at the power of pulsations ripping through both our bodies. I can feel my muscles grip his cock, keeping him tight inside me. His spasms vibrate along the walls and down to my entrance. I can feel his cum flooding into me as his body tenses.

"Oh dear God!" Richard gasps as he falls back on to his chair. "Holy fuck!"

My legs are wobbly and I'm shaking like a leaf as I slip off the table. I sink to the floor, between his legs and take his cock in my mouth. He sighs as I gently suck the cum that's oozing out of his softening length. I moan as I lick him clean of our combined juices. Salty, sour - and the ice cream. His hands rest on my head as I stop licking but keep him in.

Eventually, I stand and then sit on his knee. He wraps his arms around me as we sit at our dining table - in full view of the patio doors! We look at each other after a short while. He's in a t-shirt with his jeans around his ankles and I'm wearing nothing but a great big smile. He laughs and says "Yes - you are definitely hot!  Made for ice cream, I'd say."

I laugh and gaze into those eyes. "Mmmm. You're a very bad man. But that's why I love you."




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