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Oral Exams sat there facing me, legs slightly apart, exposing the lacy elastic bands of your thigh highs

"Doc, do you have a few minutes to see me after classes today?" you asked in a faint whisper as you leaned over my desk. Students started calling me Doc a couple of years ago after I finished my PhD, which I worked my ass off for. It's a title I especially loved to hear slip between the lips of a lovely young lady.

I looked up, first catching notice of your beautiful cleavage, before my eyes met yours. Even though my head continued it's upward movement, my eyes lingered a moment longer on that lovely set of tits.

"Sure Becca. is everything okay?" I smiled as our eyes locked.

You had been a good student all semester, but whether or not you passed my class and graduated from college this semester, depended on how well you did on your final. Even though you attended class on a regular basis, you apparently rarely studied. So here we approached semester's end and you were in jeopardy of perhaps having to repeat my class.

Oh shucks I said, smirking to myself. It sure would be a shame to have Becca sit through my summer semester class.

One thing was certain, you always brightened up my day with your sexy outfits, flirty lil smiles and sexy hellos. The prospect of having you another semester was okay by me. As usual, I was sad to see the semester ending, and the reality that you might not ever be back.

You always wore the shortest skirts and sexiest if you took teasing me to an art form. I knew you had to have caught me more than once staring up your short skirts, or paying too much attention to that gorgeous rack of yours. I don't know you could have not noticed the bulge in my pants when you would stay after class and ask me all sorts of questions unrelated to the class. Often I found myself day dreaming, fantasizing about how sweet your pussy must taste, or how tight I thought it must be.

"I have something serious to discuss with you Doc. Do you have a few minutes for me later?' you asked with a wink and demure smile.

Your perfume always sent my nostrils into perpetual inhale mode. As if your beauty and hot body weren't enough, your sweet fragrance was intoxicating and always sent my mind racing.

Today seemed no different when you asked if you could stop by my office after classes ended. My mind raced with thoughts of you seducing me in my office. I went about my day, making a mental note to myself of our after class meeting. Honestly, I wasn't even sure you would show up.

I had already changed into my running shorts, t-shirt and running shoes when you knocked on the door.

"Doc, may I come in?" you asked as you knocked on the open door.

"Certainly Becca!" I said as I rose from my chair, my smile meeting yours.

Your fragrance filled the room again and my mind went AWOL as I drank up the sweetness. I watched as your gaze went straight to my crotch. You had never seen me in casual wear before, so your eyes drank up the sight.

"You said you wanted to see me? What can I help you with? Is everything alright? I asked.

You sat across from me, fidgeting, and slowly crossing and uncrossing your legs, occasionally giving me a great view of your panties. Your animated gestures made your tits bounce as you talked. I tried my best to be a good listener, but all I could think of was tearing your cloths off and taking you right then and there. As you talked, I'm sure you caught me stealing glances at your constantly shifting legs.

"Doc," you started, "I was wondering if there was anything I could do for extra credit. I really need to pass this class so I can graduate." you said as your eyes, and the volume of your voice lowered.

Oh mind wandered. I certainly had some ideas, but I just couldn't bring myself to make such a proposal. A hundred naughty suggestions scrolled through my mind. "Sure Becca, I have a special project in my shorts you can work on. Sure Becca, bend over my desk and let's work on getting that grade up." I answered silently to myself.

"Becca, you know finals are in a few days, haven't you been preparing for them?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Honestly Doc, I find it hard to concentrate in your class. Class is fun and you are easy enough to listen to Doc, but when I catch you stealing a peek up my skirt, or looking at my breasts, I get all wet and lose my focus. I find my thoughts drifting off, fantasizing about certain things. I get so horny I can't even think. It's like, I know you are mentally undressing me when you look at me, and I don't want you to stop." you said as you looked down.

"Wow Becca. I certainly didn't see this coming. Thank you for your honesty."

I apologized for being so obvious. Like you, I found it hard to focus when you sat in my class.

"I just can't keep my eyes off of you. You are so beautiful and built like..." I stopped in mid sentence.

With a smile, you looked up with glassy eyes and dabbed the corners to keep tears from streaming down those lovely cheeks.

"And I find you very sexy too Doc."

"Becca, let me think about this overnight." I said, changing the subject. "I am confident we can find some way to assure you a passing grade." I answered in my professor's voice.

"Really Doc?" you ask, your eyes searching mine for the truth.

"Really Becca." I answered and smiled.

You stood up and approached me with an extended hand. I took your hand in mine, and you pulled me towards you. You wrapped both arms around me tightly, pressing your gorgeous body hard into mine. Then you stood on your tiptoes and kissed my cheek in a very tender sensuous way.

"Thank you Doc. Here is my number. Call me if we need to talk about anything." you said as you released me from your grip.

"Well Becca... mmm, look, there's no point in procrastinating any longer. Why don't we meet later this evening, maybe have dinner and some drinks and initiate a game plan?" I suggested.

"Are you serious Doc? I would love to." you answered.

We agreed on a place and time and you seemed happy with the prospect of earning a passing grade.

I arrived early, bought myself a drink and beat myself up as to why this was wrong on so many levels. You were interested in a passing grade, and I was interested in getting in your panties. I reminded myself, I was a mentor, not a suitor. I was a PhD, not a tutor. I was old enough to be your dad, not your lover or boyfriend. But hell, here I sat, none the less aroused by the prospect of meeting you in an intimate setting.

All of those thoughts vanished when you walked into the room. Every eye was captured by your stunning beauty, including mine. You hardly looked early 20's... more like a more mature woman. You walked with confidence and purpose. I stood to greet you and you wrapped your arm around my waist... pulling me closer as you kissed me on the side of my lips. There was that perfume again. My arm had half way wrapped around your waist...and I wanted to pull you fully into me, but resisted.

"Oh my Becca, you look stunningly beautiful tonight. Actually, you look like a million bucks!" I continued as my eyes ran up and down your body. "Here, join me. Please sit down."

You feigned a blush and patted my leg mid thigh as we sat down. My eyes feasted on your beauty. My eyes and mind raced as I looked you up and down again.

"Thank you Doc. I wanted to dress up especially for you." said as your smile turned more serious.

"Do I look old enough to be your date Doc?" you smiled as you turned in your chair to face me. Then you crossed your legs in the same provocative way you had done all semester.

I tried my best not to steal a glance up your skirt, but the slow deliberate manner in which you uncrossed your legs, demanded I notice. It seemed like an eternity that you sat there facing me, legs slightly apart, exposing the lacy elastic bands of your thigh highs, before crossing them again.

"Doc, I know you like the view. I have caught you a million times staring up my skirt in class. It's okay. I love the naughty attention you give me. Sometimes I even find myself wondering what you must think about as you mentally undressed me. My imagination ran wild with notions of what you might actually do to me if given the chance." you said in a low sexy tone.

My cock was throbbing and I struggled to maintain composure. "Well Becca." I said, "we have certainly pushed the boundaries of our relationship in the last couple of minutes haven't we."

"Doc, I just wanted to be straight up with you. I would hope you would be straight with me." you said as your eyes took a quick glance at my bulge.

The flirting and innuendos continued as we ate a light meal and sipped a few drinks, having fun and laughing, but I knew in the back of my mind, at some point, I needed to have a plan to offer you. Surely, this little acting job wasn't purely because you found me attractive.

"Look Becca, As far as your grades are concerned..." I started, but you were quick to place your fingertips on my lips to shush me.

"We can talk about that later." you said. "Don't spoil the mood. Let's just have fun for now." you continued as you leaned forward, giving me a great view of those gorgeous tits.

How could I argue with such simple logic? We finished dinner and our drinks and hailed a cab for the 20 minute ride back.

"Where should he take us?" I asked you as we stepped into the cab.

"My place is fine." you answered as you rattled off the address, then leaned into me for a kiss to the lips.

I felt your hand on the inside of my thigh and was afraid knew you would discover my aching bulge. You pressed against me and mumbled something in my ear about, 'when I get you home'. Pretty good acting was what my mind was thinking. All for a grade? Damn.... you must really think you need this I thought.

I fought my composure all the way to your house. My cock ached to be released and have some hot, wet, tight part of your body surrounding it. It took all my will power to not rip your clothes from you in the cab.

As the driver left us off in front of your place I turned to face you and said, "You know Becca, you really don't have to do this to get a passing grade. I went back through all your papers and tests, and re averaged. You passed the class on your own." I confessed embarrassingly, "Becca I just couldn't resist spending an evening with you."

"I know Doc, me too!" you laughed and told me you already KNEW you had passed also.

You grabbed my hand and we went inside the lobby towards the elevator for the quick ride up to your place. "You are so cute Doc. I could just eat you up." you said with a wink and a quick lick of the lips.

The ride to the seventh floor seemed to take an eternity. Finally, we reached your floor and walked down a very nicely appointed hallway. We stepped inside your apartment and your heels were the first thing to come flying off. I said to myself as I surveyed the room, this girl's daddy has got some money. Your place was a picture out of a magazine. This place was as beautiful as you were.

"Can I get you a drink Doc?' you said, interrupting my thoughts.

I walked towards the balcony, opened the door and admired the killer view overlooking town. What a view I thought. You turned on the fireplace, poured us a drink, then disappeared into your room to get comfortable.

"Make yourself comfy Doc, I know I'm going to!" you said as you walked away, fingers brushing across me from one shoulder to the other.

You certainly don't live like this on a professor's salary I thought to myself. It wasn't long before you came back wearing a beautiful shear gown ....and a smile.

"Do you like what you see Doc?' you said seductively as you slowly came towards me.

The light behind you silhouetted your curves. I took you in my arms and kissed you deeply. My arms held you tight against me as my hands began to work down your body. You pushed hard against me, feeling my bulge pressed to your tummy. My hands caressed you through the shear silky fabric. I slipped my hands over your large titties, rubbing the fabric across your hard nipples. You tilted your head backwards, breaking our kiss, as a low steady moan escaped your lips.

Your hands slid down my body and grabbed my front pockets, and pulled me hard against you as you ground your pussy into me. Our hands were all over each other. You rubbed the bulge in my pants as I unzipped them. Then you knelt in front of me and helped me slip out of my pants as you rubbed your face across my throbbing cock through my boxers. I took a handful of your hair...guiding you as you rubbed my throbbing cock against your cheeks, neck and mouth. Both of your hands gripped my long thick shaft.

"Doc," you said looking up at me as you gripped my throbbing cock, "I promise you that noone will ever suck your cock like I am going to. This cock is mine." you said as you rubbed it against your face.

You pulled my boxers to my knees and took my fullness in your mouth as I slid past your soft lips and down your silky throat. Then, with one hand playing with my balls, your other hand slowly began to stroke my cock up and down as you licked the head. You slid your tongue up and down my shaft, then sucked the head like a lollipop. I couldn't help but force my cock deeper into your mouth. Your mouth was like velvet as I slowly pistoned in it. It was like nothing in the world existed except your mouth and my cock.

"FUCK!" I moaned out loud as you moved up and down my long thick hard shaft.

I watched you in the mirror as you sucked and licked me like a ravenous creature. Your body writhed as you mouth fucked me. I had had good blow jobs in my life, but never been sucked like this before. Your hands slid up and down my saliva coated shaft as I mouth fucked you. You reached around my hips and took both ass cheeks in your hands and pulled me harder into your mouth. I looked down and watched my cock gliding in and out of your mouth.

After a few minutes, I grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled you to your feet. Saliva dripped from your lips. I slipped the straps of your gown over your shoulders and exposed your beautiful firm tits and hard nipples. You leaned hard against me, grinding your pussy into my throbbing cock and your tits against my chest as we kissed passionately. As you turned to face the mirror, you let your night gown fall to the floor. I stood mesmerized by the sight of your voluptuous image in the mirror. You leaned forward, pushing your ass cheeks against my erection. You gyrated and writhed against the length of my shaft.

I wrapped my arms around you and kissed your neck as I rubbed my throbbing cock against the small of your back and your ass cheeks. You bent over the couch and spread your legs. I knelt behind you and began kissing up the backs of your thighs. My hands moved up and down, all over you. My thumbs stopped just short of your swollen pussy lips. I nibbled at your ass cheeks and slapped them a few times, making you wince, but you moaned your approval.

You reached behind you with both hands, grabbing ass cheeks and spread them as I began to nibble at your pussy lips and licked your asshole.

"Oh my gawwwwwwwd Doc, that feels so good. Don't stop!" you moaned as you rocked against my tongue and face.

I ran my fingertips slowly up and down your wet slit as I licked you from behind. Your hips gyrating with pleasure as my long tongue slithered in and out of your wet pussy. My long thick fingers fucked you as I ate your sweet tasting nectar. Your pussy lips quivered with each probe. I ran my long tongue slowly across your hard clit, the tip moving in circles around her as I finger fucked you.

I took your sweet juices and smeared them on your bunghole and slide my thumb in as my fingers fucked your tight pussy. You loudly moaned as I continued to nibble at your pussy lips. Sucking them into my mouth and nibbling on them. My thumb and fingers probing deep in you as I was licking and sucking your sweet pussy.

Your hips gyrated and writhed as my tongue gave you great pleasure. I slapped your ass cheeks and then reached under you to play with your titties while I ate you. I pinched your hard nipples....and pulled at a time. Each time I did, you squealed and ground yourself harder against my face and fingers.

"Oh Doc, eat my pussy baby. Make that pussy yours." you moaned between grunts.

Your legs began to tremble and I knew you were ready to cum. I spread your pussy lips wide and rammed my tongue deep in your pussy over and over again.... like a thrusting cock. My tongue was alive and slithering in your pussy as you erupted all over me. You squealed loudly as a hard orgasm consumed your body, leaving you trembling and juices streaming down your thighs. Your cum flowed like a river and I did my best to lap up every single drop of that sweet nectar. Biting...nibbling...licking...sucking your pussy lips and hard clit.

I picked you up and took you to the bedroom. I laid you on your back, then I swung around to the 69 position and forced my hard cock down your throat again as I buried my face between your legs. I sucked your hard clit into my mouth as my fingers took turns fucking your tight pussy and ass. You sucked me so hard I knew I was going to shoot my load in your mouth. I felt it coming and couldn't stop it if I wanted to. With several long hard spurts, I shot my wad of hot sticky cum down your throat. I pulled out of your mouth and finished shooting cum on your face and tits. Then I rubbed my still throbbing cock between your tits. Titty fucking you as my cum dripped.

You pushed me to my back, straddled me and slipped my cock inside your pussy and began to fuck me hard. Each time you lifted yourself off my cock, you thrust yourself back down harder. I felt your pussy lips all the way to my balls. Your body was like a fuck machine, grinding and rocking on top of me. I had both hands full of your titties when you told me you were going to cum again. I fucked you hard and fast until I felt your pussy gripping my cock....then shaking as you flooded me with your juices. I filled your tight pussy with hot cum and you collapsed on top of me. My cock still pulsing inside you.

The next thing I remember was the morning sun shining through the window. The smell of breakfast filled the air. You served me breakfast wearing nothing more than a smile and apron. As we sat in bed, picking at our food, our eyes kept the love fest going. I broke the silence asking you if you had thought about graduate school. We had a good laugh.

"Dunno Doc. By the way Doc, just what was your plan to help me pass your class? Hmmmmm?"

I laughed and confessed, "I didn't have one, but, you did pass the 'Oral Exam' last night with flying colors!"

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