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Our First Meeting

Our First Meeting

A close Lush friend and I meet, and consummate our passion - or do we?
Helena and I had been friends on Lush for about nine months when we tentatively agreed that we might like to meet in the flesh. Her home was somewhere in the leafy shires north of London, while I lived in Manchester, a distance of about 180 miles. We arranged to rendezvous at a convenient motorway service station in the Midlands, roughly equidistant between our two homes.

I arrived about twenty minutes before the appointed hour, having had an uneventful journey down the motorway. After browsing in W H Smiths for a suitable small gift for Helena, I eventually settled on a bunch of flowers from the florist just by the main entrance. I then bought a cup of coffee, and settled in a seat with a clear view of the doors to await her arrival.

Settled would not really be the correct word, as I was as nervous as a teenager on a first date. My mouth felt dry, my heart was pounding in my chest, and I had that awful empty feeling in the pit of my stomach. This was completely stupid, I told myself. Why would a woman in her sexual prime want to have anything to do with a balding, grey-bearded man twenty five years her senior. It was all right on Lush, where the age difference did not matter, but in reality . . . Still, I waited in hope, but fully expecting to be disappointed.


They say a watched pot never boils; the reality is, of course, that when we are waiting for something that we deeply desire, time seems to go very slowly. Yet suddenly she was there in the entrance area, shyly looking around for a stranger who she only knew from the pictures he had showered upon her, and my heart leapt with joy.

I recognised her immediately, but only because she had at last relented a few days earlier after months of begging, and sent me a picture of herself in return. She was dressed demurely in a knee-length Paisley skirt and white blouse, with a matching scarf thrown across her shoulders, and pinned at her breast with a silver brooch. Her long auburn hair framed a face of simple loveliness, her complexion with all the freshness of an early spring day, its beauty enhanced by the subtle use of makeup to accentuate her blue eyes and divinely kissable lips.

I rose from my seat and made my way towards her, still half afraid that this vision was not real, but when she saw me her face broke into a smile of joy which melted my heart, as she gave me a little wave of recognition. We met and kissed, not passionately, but the tender kiss of lovers who have been parted for a while, and are now together again. Then still holding her hands in mine, I stepped back a pace and we just looked at each other in a sort of wonder, as if we wanted to fix this moment in our memories forever. For the next half an hour we just sat over coffee and chocolate muffins, saying little, but just holding hands and gazing into each other's eyes.

I had booked a room in the adjacent Travel Lodge, not with any expectation of love making, but just as a place where we could be together in private to talk and to find out about each other as real people. Over the months our relationship, which had begun in lust, had matured into something completely different. We had learned to trust each other, and to share our most secret feelings and desires. Yes we aroused each other with our sexual fantasies, and we both masturbated later as we remembered the deliciously naughty things we had said during the hours we had spent chatting, or messaging each other. There were no sexual inhibitions between us, and we had inflamed each other's passions as we exchanged videos and pictures of things that excited us, even if we had no intention of doing them in real life. But there had been another element to our exchanges, and we had confided many other things of a personal nature, and sought advice with our emotional problems, and it was this that drew us together rather than our sexual relationship.

After we had finished our coffee, we stood up to go, not quite knowing where this was leading, as we crossed the car park, through the hotel lobby and along the corridor to a room on the ground floor. Yet once we were inside, by unspoken consent, as if this was the most natural thing in the world to do, we started to slowly undress each other, until we were completely naked. We did not fall on each other in a frenzy of repressed lust, but just looked at each other in wonder and joy, seeing each other for the first time, taking delight in what we saw, not blind to the imperfections of age, but glorying in the sense of complete openness to each other that our nakedness brought about.

Helena's breasts had that mature fullness which is so much more sensuous than the perky little breasts of young women. I traced a line beneath each breast with my fingers, savouring their glorious roundness, before cupping them in my hands, feeling their majestic weight and substance. I leaned forward and gently sucked on each nipple in turn, enjoying the way they became erect as they responded to my tongue. Helena said nothing, but just sighed with contentment.

I then turned my attention to even greater delights, running my fingers slowly down Helena's tummy, past her lovely little tummy button, which I worshipped with a kiss, and on down the gentle swell of her belly, until I reached the lower slopes of her mountain of Venus with its carefully trimmed bush of auburn curls. Below her softly rounded mound, on which I gently rested one hand, the lips of her carefully shaved vulva were plump and delicious, with a blush of pink like a ripe peach. The darker inner lips were slightly protruding, a promise and an invitation to the even more wonderful treasures hidden within their folds.

I pressed two fingers into the slit between those luscious inner lips, slowly spreading them like the petals of a flower. Helena pushed against my hand, barely audible moans of growing arousal murmuring in her throat. Her mouth was slightly open and her eyes closed, as she concentrated on the wonderful sensations beginning to radiate through her body from her groin. Her labia were now almost fully parted, beads of moisture beginning to run down towards the softness of her inner thighs from her vagina, the mouth of which was opening and closing in time with the beating of her heart. I knelt and pressed my face into the warm wetness of her heavenly pussy, licking around the rim of her vagina, and then up past the opening of her urethra to flick against the nub of her clitoris, poking out from its hood and eager for attention.

With both hands I grasped the twin orbs of her mature and shapely bottom, and pulled Helena hard against my mouth, sucking her clitoris between my lips, alternating between nibbling and licking it, as I drove her towards her first orgasm of the afternoon. My goddess was beginning to lose control now as she mounted inexorably towards the ecstasy of her climax. Her legs were shaking and she was undulating her hips in a figure of eight, rubbing her pussy against my face, and liberally coating me in her divine nectar. She was now uttering little squeals and squeaks of delight, whilst every few moments saying, “More, O yes more, that is so wonderful. O yes, I am going to cum.”

And then she suddenly arrived at the gardens of paradise, shouting out in joy, as wave after wave of rapture washed through and over her, “O God, fuck, fuck, fuck, yessssssss, O yessssssss, Oooooooh yessssssss.”

And then it was over, those first few seconds of infinite joy, and she started to go limp, all energy drained from her satiated body. I caught her round the waist and helped her to the bed, where she lay back, her face glowing and radiant with happiness. I pulled back the duvet, and lifted her up until she was able to lie beneath its downy caress. She was still whispering words of thankfulness as I slipped in beside her, to hold her in my arms as I had waited so long to do.

We lay together beneath the duvet and kissed and cuddled slowly and tenderly, exalted by the feel of naked flesh against naked flesh, whilst whispering sweet endearments to each other. Second by second, and minute by beautiful minute we grew ever closer emotionally, until it felt as if our souls and minds were in complete harmony.

After an infinity of exploration of our deepest feelings for each other, Helena took hold of my engorged penis, and gently masturbated me as she slid the head up and down between the folds of her pussy before slipping it into the velvety depths of her expectant vagina. We consummated our passion as we fucked slowly and languorously, thrusting against each other in a dance of divine sensuality, and gazing deeply into each other's eyes as we reached simultaneous climaxes of infinite wonder and beauty. I have rarely experienced a climax of such tender sweetness; one that pierced my very soul as I ejaculated deep into Helena's vagina in stream after stream of my essence, coating her cervix with the offering of my seed.

In that moment we shared in mutual ecstasy, and together found a level of bliss that only comes to those who are true lovers, not merely people seeking to satiate their carnal desires in a spasm of release. As we descended form the heights of our shared rapture, we lay face to face, saying nothing, but just tenderly kissing each other's face and lips, as a sense of overwhelming peace stole over us.

Eventually the time drew near for us to part and return to our homes and families. We showered together, softly caressing each other's bodies, as we gently washed away the evidence of our passion. Once we were dressed we left the room where we had become one, not only physically, but spiritually and emotionally in a precious moment of exquisite joy. That afternoon would define our relationship for all time, not only as lovers, but as two people who would share everything with each other, and take delight from the other's sexual experiences; a relationship in which each would feel intensely the other's ecstasy and joy in the divine act of sex.


In reality none of this happened, and these memories are just the imaginings of my fevered brain. Fifteen minutes after the agreed time, there was still no Helena. I went and bought another coffee; she could easily have been delayed in the traffic, I reasoned. Time passed excruciatingly slowly, but after a further hour and a half, and three more coffees, I was forced to the conclusion that she was not going to come after all. My dreams were shattered, and I departed for home a sadder, and maybe wiser man.

When I got home I immediately logged on to Lush to see if there was any message, but when I looked for her profile, all I got was the dreaded message “404 - Page Not Found, Something Hasn’t Worked As We’d Hoped.” In the time that I had been waiting for her to appear, Helena had deleted her account, lost to me for ever.

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