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Our First Meeting

The first time we met.
Many of you may think it’s a loser’s way of finding a compatible mate, but I found someone very special on an online dating site. It wasn’t on one of those standard, fill out a questionnaire type sites. It was a site designed to allow singles, couples, and groups to ‘hook up’ for some specific physical activity. Being over forty years old, I have long tired of the bar dating scene and was looking for someone near my age that wasn’t a prude or had already given up on having new sexual adventures.

Now don’t get me wrong. Trying to meet someone on one of these sites takes just as much work as meeting people anywhere. You have to have something to offer the person you meet. If you are a jerk, that’ll show when you try to chat with the people you meet. I’m personable and talented in many ways, so I felt I could convey that across cyberspace.

When I first met my special person, her picture and profile popped up in my inbox because she lived within twenty-five miles of me. When we finally connected in chat, I realized that she had many of the same kinky ideas I had about what a sex life should be. She was cute, cuddly, and could chat up a storm about everything that she liked to do and have done to her. She was finalizing her divorce from a man with a very low sex drive that she had been married to for twenty years. I had just finished my second seven year marriage and had decided that this time, the woman I fell for would have the same kind of drive I had.

We chatted online for a couple of months, learning more about each other. Of course, she had plenty of men to chat with. Those sites are notorious for having a ratio around ten men to every woman, so I felt that she was at least somewhat interested in me to keep chatting for so long. I later found out that she would have between three and six chat boxes up at the same time, talking with various possible partners about her love of silk, satin, and lace. I traded her a grainy picture of me showing off my eight and a half inch cock and skinny body for a couple shots of her 36D tits covered by some frilly fabric.

We had a few mildly naughty conversations, not quite cybersex, but enough to let me know that she would be a fantastic person to meet for some one-on-one action if I could convince her that I was worth connecting with.

One night in November, a couple of days before Thanksgiving, my opportunity finally presented itself. While having a conversation, she mentioned that her computer was getting slower and slower. Being in the technology profession, I suggested some things to speed it up. She told me that she was actually a novice and had tried some of my suggestions before, but had failed in correcting the problems.

“I only live a half hour away and it’s only eight o’clock. Why don’t I come over and see what I can do to help?” I suggested.

Like any sane woman, she was a little wary about having a relative stranger come to her apartment. I could be a psycho, or a rapist, or a really weird pervert and she could be trapped. At the time she had a female roommate to help share expenses and I assured her that I wasn’t expecting anything. Her roommate could chaperone us. I would work on her computer and we could talk and see if we clicked, then arrange another meeting if she wanted to see me again.

I think the idea of having her computer worked on for free sold the deal, more than anything witty or sexual that I had said in past conversations. I agreed to meet her at a public location so that she could get a good look at me. Then if she felt safe, she could lead me back to her apartment for the technical assistance. I told her I’d meet her in forty-five minutes, and then quickly got out of chat so that she wouldn’t change her mind.

I took fifteen minutes to prepare myself. After a quick shower, I pulled on a pair of tight black dress slacks and a button up black dress shirt. For the record, I’m six foot two inches and weighed about a hundred and sixty pounds at the time. Tall and thin, wiry muscles, and dressed in black I knew I looked good enough to make it past the initial meeting. I packed my work case with my tools and spare parts and made the trip to our meeting place with ten minutes to spare.

Arriving before she did, I made an effort to make an impression. The sun had already set, so I parked under a parking lot light so that she would see me. I got out of my car, checked my hair in the mirror, and then leaned in a leisurely pose against the trunk. I lit up a smoke while waiting for her arrival.

She drove up a few minutes later in an old Toyota and stared at me from the driver’s seat of her car. She smiled at me, but I couldn’t read much from her expression, nor could I see much besides her shoulders and head in the semi-dark lot.

“Hi. I’m Drew,” I said in my deep baritone voice.

“I’m Chrissy. Nice to meet you finally."

She said she was sorry it took her so long, but she didn’t realize how close I lived, and got sidetracked talking to her roommate.

“Well?” I said, “Do I look safe enough to take home?”

A little smile formed on her lips and a giggle escaped. “To work on my computer? You look respectable enough. Follow me.”

I jumped into my car and we were on the road and at her apartment in five minutes. We chatted about the town she lived in as we entered her apartment. In the light of her kitchen, I was able to get a good look at her. The clothes she was wearing weren’t flattering at all. They were loose and frumpy, the typical clothes you change into after a long day to relax. I got the impression that she wasn’t trying to look her best, possibly trying to keep me at ‘arms length’ until she had a chance to get to know me in person before she ‘dressed to kill’.

But what I did see, I liked. She is around five foot four inches, long brunette hair with classic Italian features. She had a big toothy grin and smiled and laughed at my ice-breaking jokes. I could see the bulges on the front of her sweater, but the looseness kept me from deciphering the details of her endowments.

Her computer was in her bedroom and she led me up the stairs to it as we laughed about the web site we used to chat. This gave me a great view of her ass as she walked up the stairs. Just enough jiggle to give me the impression that she would be able to throw some lucky guy a serious fuck that he would remember for days.

Her roommate was waiting at the top of the stairs to meet me. She was young, around nineteen years old, and was dressed in a housecoat. She was cute, but not my type at all. I had made the decision when I first got online, that I wouldn’t hook up with anyone less than half my age. I didn’t want to have to be a ‘teacher’ to the next woman I was with. I wanted her to be experienced, skilled, and not afraid of the various kinds of sexual experiences two people can have.

Sitting down at her computer, I started doing my magic, turning off unneeded programs, cleaning out buffers, and getting a feel for the hardware, all the while chatting with her about her computer use and her life since her divorce.

Her roommate appeared a couple minutes later, coming into the room and sitting on the bed to watch me. The housecoat had disappeared and now she was wearing what I presume was under it before, a frilly not-quite-see-through nightgown top over a pair of short shorts. I was thinking to myself, “This could be interesting,”but again, I had my self-written rule and had no desire to break it for this young girl, even if she was of legal age.

In retrospect, I believe the fact that I virtually ignored her nubile young roommate and focused my attentions on Chrissy ended up sealing the deal, even though I didn’t know it yet.

After about fifteen minutes, I had a good handle on the machine. It needed a RAM upgrade and a defrag badly. I excused myself to go back to my car for my work case. When I got back in Chrissy was pouring herself a cup of coffee in the kitchen and scampered up the stairs ahead of me, giving me another great shot of her butt beneath the sweats.

We continued chatting as I made the upgrades and started working through the diagnostic programs, fixing software glitches and optimizing its settings. I figured I’d made some headway with breaking the ice when she apologized for her attire.

“I didn’t think you were going to get here so quick. I haven’t even had a shower all day. I must stink. Would it bother you if I left you alone at this for a few minutes while I take a shower and wake myself up?”

You don’t know how badly I wanted to ask her to let me scrub her back, but I was playing the gentleman and said, “Do what you need to do. This is going to take a little while so we’ll have plenty of time to talk.”

As I pretended to concentrate on the computer, she grabbed a few things from her closet and bureau and disappeared out into the hallway. I leaned back in her chair and lit another cigarette as I watched the computer do its thing, thinking about my prospects.

After ten minutes, Chrissy finally appeared out of the bathroom. She was wearing a pair of tight blue jeans that showed the curves of her hips and a low cut blouse that showed the top third of her generous boobs. She had styled her hair back and put on a little bit of makeup. I thought she looked good in her frumpy clothes, but now she looked positively ravishing.

She sat on the edge of the bed next to her roommate and watched as I kept the software upgrades running on the machine. At some point, the roommate decided we were being too nerdy with our chatting, and decided to leave us alone and go find something more interesting to do.

Left alone, she moved closer to me to see something on the screen and I was able to smell the soft scent of lavender. How about that? We use the same body wash!

At one point, she leaned over to get a closer view of the screen. I couldn’t help but feel my dick stir in my pants as I got a close up view of her ample tits, unrestrained by a bra, dangling just inside the open neck of her shirt. Her hand was resting on my shoulder for balance and I could feel her hot breath as she asked about the new hardware.

I explained the upgrades in the simplest terms I could, while nonchalantly letting my left hand slowly graze the back of her leg, right behind the knee. As I told her about what the program was doing, I ran my fingertips up and down, scratching at the denim until she stumbled forward a little. I quickly caught her by the hips and suggested that she could sit on my knee and watch what I was doing.

No further coaxing was needed and she sat on my left knee and propped herself up with her right hand on my right thigh. My left hand was free to roam up and down her back with feathery light touches. I knew we had gotten over the first meeting jitters, when I felt her melt into me, snuggling closer.

I took the opening and lightly kissed the back of her neck. I let my soft kisses trail across the nape of her neck and along the edge of her chin until she turned her head and planted one of the hottest kisses I’ve ever had on my lips. Her tongue snaked out, searching for mine. It was like electricity was shooting through me as we twisted our tongues together inside her mouth. Her breath was like a furnace as my hands pulled her tighter to me and her right hand squeezed my thigh.

We stayed like this for another ten minutes, furiously tasting each other. She was definitely an A kisser and was squirming her soft buns into my knee as our hands started to roam from the traditional ‘safe’ zones to more interesting places. My kisses were no longer limited to her lips. I started kissing along her chin, and as her head fell back, I had complete access to her neck which received long, sucking kisses. The moan that escaped from her lips told me that I had gotten her motor running and, at the very least, I was going to have a fun night of ‘making out’.

This was confirmed when she suddenly stopped and asked me, “How long is that defrag going to take?”

“At least an hour. It hasn’t been done in a long time.”

“Let’s get more comfortable then,” she said as she stood up from my knee and pulled me over towards her bed.

We stood at the edge of her bed, me towering over her, and I took her in a firm embrace and planted my best, full mouth, full tongue kiss on her. Her body literally flowed up against mine as she pressed herself into my kiss. She had one hand behind my head and the other behind my back as she pulled me in tight, smashing those gorgeous tits into my chest and grinding her pelvis against my now hard erection.

I pulled her in just as tight and took a half step forward, hitting the edge of the bed against the back of her knees so that they buckled beneath her. I kept my lips locked to hers as I slowly eased her backwards onto the bed. As she slowly relaxed back, I let my lips trail down her neck to the top of the soft pillows of her breasts, now freed even more by the letting loose of one of the buttons on her shirt that popped open under the strain.

Both of her hands were now tangled in my hair, pulling my lips down further into her cleavage. One of her legs was wrapped around the back of mine, pulling my full weight down onto her, as she pressed back up with the volcano that was her crotch.

I used my lips and teeth to pop another button on her blouse. More of her breasts came into view and again she pulled my hair repositioning my mouth over her left nipple, separated from my lips only by the thin fabric. As I put my lips over it and tenderly bit down, the moan that escaped from her was one of almost pure lust.

Taking that as my cue, I bared those two beautiful orbs and smothered them with kisses. My tongue traced around the areola’s until both nubs were as big as pencil erasers on those fat pencils that little kids use in kindergarten. I then clamped down on the left one and sucked like a baby thirsty for his first meal.

Her legs clamped like a vise around my waist and pulled me tight into her as she moaned even louder than before. Only about a quarter of the women I’d ever been with admitted to really liking having their tits sucked on, and I knew Chrissy was one of them as she pulled my head quickly to her other breast for the same treatment. Still dressed, I pressed my pelvis hard into hers, allowing her to feel how large it had grown from our amorous activity.

For the next five minutes, I alternated between licking, kissing, sucking, and nibbling on her delicious nipples. Chrissy squirmed beneath me throughout the onslaught, so much so that I could feel the heat radiating through the denim of her jeans onto my crotch.

Repositioning my legs, I started kissing down across her stomach, across her belly button. As my tongue explored the tiny crevice, I used my hand to unbutton her jeans and slide down the zipper. I let my hand trail down, adding pressure where the jeans pushed tightly against her hot pussy.

I felt pressure on the top of my head, obviously a sign that she wanted my tongue to explore lower. I let my lips trail down to the edge of the lacy panties covering her hot box. As I grabbed the sides of her jeans, she lifted her hips to allow me to pull them off. This I did willingly, leaving the panties in place so that she could feel as I pressed my mouth against her panty clad quim, which I began to nuzzle earnestly with my nose, lips, and chin.

As I pressed my tongue where I figured her clit would be, she let out a small squeal of delight. Sliding the edge of her panties to one side, I flattened my tongue across her entire pussy and gave a huge lick from her taint to her clit. Another slightly louder squeal escaped her lips. After doing this another half dozen times, I zeroed in on the tiny joy button and wrapped my lips around it and sucked hard.

No little squeak this time. Instead I got a shriek of pleasure as she grabbed my hair again and pressed her pussy up into my mouth. I have this little trick I can do with my tongue, fluttering it up and down rapidly. When I started in on her clit, she literally shrieked with passion.

At first I was afraid her roommate was going to interrupt us, but apparently Chrissy is very vocal when she’s in the throes of passion.

Deciding to take it up a notch, I promptly inserted a finger deep into her boiling hot hole. This got me a deep guttural moan, followed by more shrieks as my tongue kept up its attack on her swollen nub. I love eating pussy and can do it for as long as a willing woman will let me. She let me munch on her pussy as it got wetter and looser, accepting another and then another finger, until I had three fingers plunging in and out of her dripping cooze.

Moving back, I slid her panties all the way off, standing as I did so. It was getting quite warm in her room and the black clothes I was wearing did little to ease the heat. Standing at the foot of her bed, I slowly began unbuttoning my shirt, allowing her to watch as I removed my shirt and admire my lean frame.

Stepping around the side of the bed, I bent over her face and gave her a full tongue kiss, allowing her to taste herself on my lips. As our tongues entwined, I inserted my fingers back into her warm, wet pussy. Instead of stroking, I began twisting my fingers, stretching her out and bringing out more moans.

Leaning over her next to the bed with my tongue still in her mouth, I used my other hand to unfasten my belt and undo my pants. The pants slid to the floor, leaving me in only my black briefs, now slightly stained by the pre-cum dripping from my throbbing erection.

Finishing a long deep kiss, and with a slight twist of my fingers to encourage another moan, I looked her straight in the eyes and said, “Are you ready for this?” She looked me in the eyes for a moment before looking down at the head of my cock which was peeking out of the top band of my briefs. Withdrawing my fingers from her pussy, I used both hands to slowly peel off my underwear and watched her expression as my dick popped into view.

I smiled as her expression changed from shock to lust as her hands reached over and grabbed it, hard. She was able to wrap both hands around it, one over the other, and began playing with it, feeling the size and hardness. That only lasted about thirty seconds before she was pulling it towards her face. I had to get on my knees on the edge of the bed to get it close enough, but when I did, she promptly swallowed half of its length in one big slurp.

Her mouth was like a furnace and her tongue was as limber as a gymnast as she licked all around the head and sucked like it was her first lollipop. I was in heaven as she tongued the slit and began trying to stuff more and more of it into her mouth. I didn’t want her to cool off any, so as she kept licking and nibbling and sucking, I reached down and reinserted two fingers into her dripping pussy.

For the next five minutes, until my legs started to weaken, she happily feasted on my cock and squirmed against my probing fingers. Using my thumb, I put increasing pressure on her clit and felt her pussy muscles clench on my fingers over and over. Finally, she couldn’t take the foreplay any longer and looked me straight in the face.

“Are you ready to fuck me now?”

In less than ten seconds, I stripped off the rest of our clothes and moved onto the bed. She reached into a drawer next to her bed and pulled out a condom and handed it to me.

At our age, reproduction was no longer an issue, but in today’s world, disease is. I knew I didn’t have any STDs and she knew she didn’t, but we weren’t going to take any chances. There is one problem with regular condoms—they are made for guys who measure between five and seven inches. A condom barely squeezes over my thick eight and a half inches.

Kneeling between her legs, sitting up on my haunches, I aimed my cock for her dripping pussy. Lubrication would not be a problem; she was drooling so much. I positioned the head at the entrance and slowly pushed forward, feeling her cunt muscles ripple as my dick stretched her open.

It was so tight and hot, I got stalled halfway in. I leaned forward and pressed my lips against hers in a passionate kiss. As she responded, I pulled out a little bit and then shoved hard, burying it all in one stretching stroke. She squealed louder than before and wrapped her arms around me, pulling me tight to her tits and squeezing me hard inside her.

We continued to kiss for a minute while I let her get used to my size. Slowly I began to stroke in and out of her tight-as-a-vice pussy. I tried with each stroke to get right to the edge of pulling out before slamming it back in, making her grunt each time she was invaded. Soon we got into a steady rhythm of me pulling out, pushing back in and her pushing back, grinding her clit against my pubic bone.

She was making too much noise to continue to try and kiss, so I bent my back and lowered my lips to her nipples, licking and sucking on the pointy nubs. I was almost dizzy with the pleasure I was getting inside her ultra tight pussy, even with the dampening effect of the condom.

We kept at it for almost twenty minutes, grinding into each other. Our passion had increased to the point where she was steadily moaning and begging for me to fuck her harder.

Finally, with a series of long hard thrusts, I felt the cum boiling up from my balls and shooting out of the end in a series of spasms that shook my whole body. She screamed one good final scream as I buried myself deep inside her and she exploded with me.

We lay there for another minute as the spasms shook us and we devoured each other's mouths and tongues and massaged each others warm skin with our hands.

I was dismayed when I slowly pulled out and realized that between my size and her tight pussy, the condom had been squeezed off. Despite our precaution, she had a pussy full of my hot cum.

I assured her that I was clean, a regular blood and platelet donor, and hoped she’d been honest with me as well. She said she almost didn’t care, having been thoroughly fucked. She got up, threw on a robe, and dashed into the bathroom for a minute.

I barely had the energy to get up and move back to her computer chair. The defrag was only half done. We still had plenty of time before it would be finished and, believe me, I still had ideas for what we could do until it finished.

I have always had a high sex drive. The biggest failing of my two other wives had been the fact that when we finished, that was it. Once a night was plenty for them, whereas I love the idea of doing it multiple times.

So when Chrissy came back into the room, I was sitting in the chair with my dick still mostly hard, lying across my stomach. She looked pleased seeing me sitting there. She came over and sat in my lap again, being careful to make sure she didn’t sit on anything that would cause me pain.

We sat there for a little while, checking out the computer and smoking a cigarette. Our free hands were not being so innocent. My hands were traveling up her back and across her thighs. Her hand was on my leg and her forearm was brushing up again my semi stiff rod. Once we had completed our nicotine fix, we naturally continued with our kissing.

It quickly moved from soft kisses to full fledge making out. It was almost a competition, to see who could bury their tongue further into the others mouth. The front of her robe lazily fell open, displaying her heaving bosom. My hands were all over them. I played with them, feeling the heft of each in my palm. As I began pulling her nipples, she started moaning again.

Not having pants on, her hands were on my dick again. With each pull of a nipple, I could feel my cock being yanked. With each squeeze, her hand clamped down on my dick. This was not a tender, “let’s make love and say goodnight” type of woman. This was a woman starved for cock and wanting as much as I was able to give.

Breaking our kiss, Chrissy stood up in front of me and pulled my head to her tits, burying my face in her cleavage. Sticking out my tongue, I licked the sweat from her chest and laved my tongue all over them. I nuzzled them and sucked on the nipples for all I was worth. She knew I loved tits and gave me ample opportunity to explore them to my hearts content.

Her moaning was steady when she suddenly pulled away, popping one nipple from my puckered lips. Just as suddenly, she dropped to her knees if front of my chair and attacked my cock as ferociously as I had been sucking her nipples.

Her tongue licked up and down my shaft, devouring the moisture still remaining from the fucking she got earlier. When she was satisfied with the cleaning job, she started to concentrate on the head. Her tongue virtually wrapped around it, exciting all the sensitive skin as her hand wrapped tightly around the shaft. She worked her hand up the shaft, squeezing out the pre-cum to the tip where her tongue licked it off.

Before I could dissolve in ecstasy, she suddenly dropped her head, burying my dick deep into her mouth. I could feel the back of her throat as she started an up and down motion, fucking my throbbing dick with her mouth. Her full lips had created a suction that was trying to pull every drop of my man-goo from the deepest part of my balls. My dick was being treated to the kind of attention I had always dreamed of, but could never find in any other woman. She stopped sucking briefly, continuing the up and down motion with her hands.

“Let’s try this again,” she said as she reached into the pocket of her robe and pulled out another condom. Putting the edge of the wrapper in her teeth, she ripped the package open and put the rubber on me herself, rolling it as far down as she could. She bowed her head again and buried it back into her throat. She couldn’t quite take it all, but that wasn’t her goal. When her head came back up, the rubber was glistening with her saliva.

She then let me go and stood up, dropping the robe. “Come over here,” she said huskily, “I want you to do me like this.” She turned around and bent over the bed, crawling up on her knees. Staring back over her shoulder she watched as I stood and walked up behind her, my cock bobbing in front of me, leading me like a missile to her hot hole.

She was at the perfect height and I literally walked into her pussy. As I stepped forward, my dick buried deep into her without having to aim it. At the same time it started sliding in, she started jerked back into me, imbedding it deep inside her. I began to take long, full strokes, repeatedly pulling it out and sliding back into her. Grabbing onto her hips, I moved her forward and back along with me so that she could feel every inch.

Not that I doubted that she could feel it. With each thrust forward, she grunted, and with each withdrawal she moaned. Looking down I could see the lips of her pussy, squeezing on my cock exactly like her lips had done just minutes before.

It was then that I realized this woman was special. Her pussy hadn’t loosened up after the first furious fuck. If anything, it was tighter than before. Her tight muscles were squeezing and milking my cock with every stroke. Having cum once already, I knew I’d last a bit longer this time and decided she deserved the best I could give her.

I started quickening my pace. Instead of long slow strokes, I slowly started speeding up, going hard and deep. It almost became a struggle, trying to pull it out of the death grip her pussy had on it. Slamming it back in wasn’t as difficult, because of my need to feel her pussy squeeze me again.

Letting go of her hips, I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her, grabbing two handfuls of boob. With one in each hand, I used them to guide her back and forth on my pulsating prick. When I caught her nipples between my knuckles and squeezed them as I palmed the meaty flesh of her tits, she screamed and backed up into me hard. My dick, which had been out, was now buried deep inside her clamping pussy, with the head wedged tightly against her cervix.

And I came for the second time that night. My cock throbbed three times and emptied out into her quivering pussy. Neither of us moved. I don’t think we could. My dick was blowing up inside her and her pussy wasn’t going to let it go.

We both fell forward on the bed, still connected. She was panting hard and sweating, so I blew softly across her wet skin, cooling her and causing little goose pimples to form. I kissed the back of her neck and shoulder. Together we trembled with the aftershocks.

After a brief moment, I rolled away on the bed, pulling my softening cock from the suction of her volcanic cunt. And again, no condom. Her vice-like pussy had ripped that sucker right off. Being a gentleman, I promptly inserted two fingers deep into her pussy and squirmed them around, feeling for the lost rubber.

Startled briefly by the intrusion, she gasped. Just as quickly, her hips started rotating, trying to suck my long fingers in even further. I found the torn rubber quickly, but kept up the finger fucking for a while, drawing out all of our combined juices until her thigh was covered with our milky fluids.

“I think we need to get you some bigger condoms,” she cooed at me. “Or we can forget about them completely. You’ve already left two loads in there and if you or I have anything, we’ve already shared it.”

This time when she got up, she was a little wobbly. She steadied herself on her bureau with one hand and giggled at me. “I could get used to this.” Moving slower, she retrieved her robe and again left for the bathroom.

I wasn’t exactly quick getting up myself, but made it back to the computer chair to check on the defrag. It was just finishing. I was completing the program and rebooting the PC when she came back in, this time with a wash cloth so that I could clean up a little. I did a little sanitation, wiping off the dried on juices and slowly got dressed as I watched her move through the room.

She was like a dream, walking around the room, flashing me further glimpses of her gorgeous tits and briefer glimpses of her round ass, all the while talking about the computer, and our chats.

When finally I was finished dressing, she had been by the closet pulling something on. Here I was getting ready to leave and expected to see flannel pajamas. I completely forgot something that I already knew. The only stuff she wore was ‘silk, satin, or lace’ and the vision of black lace covering her luscious body will be burned in my memory forever.

It was a full length black lace negligee dress. Her massive tits were barely constrained in the tight top and the slit on the side went all the way up to her hip. She was a sight to behold, worthy of any porn mag I’ve ever looked in.

I don’t remember what she was talking about, but for some reason, she turned around to dig in the bottom of her closet for something. Bent over at the waist, I was presented with her ass and pussy barely covered with the lacy fabric.

My cock had taken all of thirty seconds to get hard again. I quickly moved up behind her, wedging my pants covered cock into the crack of her ass and reaching around her to pull her tight against me. She stood up, grinding back against me and reaching back with her hands to pull me in even tighter. Kissing her on the neck, my hands felt the lace covered tits like it was the first time that evening.

When she wiggled her butt on my cock again, I couldn’t stand it. I reached between us, undid my belt and dropped my pants again. One quick lift of the lace, and again I was buried deep into the hottest pussy it’s ever been my pleasure to be inside. Condoms were the furthest thing from my mind and nowhere near hers.

With each thrust forward, she thrust back at me equally hard. It was a little awkward with our height difference, but she took it even deeper than when we did it doggy style. She started stepping backwards until the back of my knees hit the edge of the bed. As I was forced to sit down, she stayed with me until she was sitting in my lap with my cock buried deep in her clenching pussy.

Once she was sure I was balanced, she started bouncing up and down, forward and back, riding me like I was a prized stallion. I think she was surprised that I could get it up again so soon, as much as I was surprised that she could take it again so quickly, especially with a pussy as tight as hers. She rode me for another fifteen minutes before her legs got tired and I lifted her off me.

She lay back on the bed, opening her thighs wide, showing me her puffy cunt lips and beet red clit. Crawling up between her legs, I reinserted my dick and lifted her legs a little giving me more leverage.

I started pumping. Not long strokes this time. I gave her that fastest, most furious fuck I’ve ever given to a woman in my life. Staccato bursts of my hips, my pelvic bone mashing up against her clit. It wasn’t just me thrusting either. Every thrust I gave her she gave back just as hard. Each grunt I uttered as I pounded into her battered pussy, she echoed back ten times as loud. Through it all, she kept up a wailing series of squeals and moans.

When I could hold out no longer, I gave her a last blast of staccato thrusts, pushed up on her legs, and buried my cock balls deep. I came hard, gushing every last drop of cum I had left into her as a series of muscle spasms in her silky pussy tried to cut off the flow. It was impossible to stop this geyser. It was one long flowing river that didn’t stop until there was nothing left to give.

All of my energy was drained and I could do nothing but lie on top of her and try to breathe. Apparently it was the same for her. All she was able to do was lie there, her legs splayed out beneath me, and her arms listless at her sides. Her breath was as heavy as mine, taken in deep labored gasps.

Finding the strength to lift my head, I kissed her tenderly on the mouth. She responded enthusiastically, her tongue searching out mine. We kissed slowly, enjoying the after glow. A cold chill down my spine gave me a quick spasm that caused me to grind my hips. Chrissy’s eyes seemed to grow in her face for a second and then a big smile broke through those luscious lips.

I finally disconnected from her and we chatted for a little while before I left. She was afraid that I’d think she was some kind of slut for fucking me three times on what wasn’t even really a first date. All I knew was that this woman was special and that this wouldn’t be the last time I saw her.

And it wasn’t.

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